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European red fox (Vulpes vulpes crucigera)
Wierzchosławice, Małopolska, Poland  

by Łukasz Drobot

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I’m going to the Yum Zone fren, you want anything?

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Fun Fact of the Week: A new study revealed that “Dire Wolves” weren’t actually wolves at all and belonged to their own genus known as “Aenocyon Dirus” rather than “Canis Dirus.”

art by Mauricio Anton

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Yo, canids are cool and all, but can they do this?

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Me: *walking outside to get to my car*

Coyote: *howls*


More Coyotes plus some dogs: *start a choir*

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When the Pommy Puff drops, the New Year is here! Happy New Year from WebCanids, fren!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from WebCanids! 

 - Red, Stuart, Finn, Rupert, Arli, Frost, Harold, Ringo, Jackie, Dr. Kit, Sheebie, Webster, Pommy Puff, and Mitch 

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I’m behind on Wild October but here’s a maned wolf doin a stretch so they look even more silly

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What did the message say? Type “The message said” and finish the rest using the middle suggestion on your keyboard!

I wanted to try a post like this after seeing something similar a long time ago in a meme group haha.

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Wild dholes / Indian wild dogs (Cuon alpinus), Nagarahole Tiger Reserve

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Drew this for Haroah on dA!

They made a post about wanting their big floofer drawn in others’ styles, so I gave it a shot! Not only did this boy get some love, but I was also able to practice my backgrounds!

I also happened to livestream this piece earlier!

Character belongs to Haroah on dA

Tokotas is a closed species

Art made by yours truly, SapphireWolf100

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