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she was little red riding hood and she was also the wolf; a fullmoon hunt, your heart eaten out of your chest; a mouth of sharp teeth but always smiling, smiling.

- @inkskinned

Day 8 - teeth

Day 23 - rip

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his one I really wanted to take my time on. I redid the lines a few times and wanted to make sure the shading had nice, even color.

I’m still trying to figure out how to get a good fur texture. I’m not sure what it is that makes it hard for me to draw it right. There is probably a brush I should use but all the ones I’ve tried don’t seem to come out right.

Anyways, I feel good about this piece. My uploads are going to be sparse for the next few weeks because I’m trying to get the fundamentals down. Trust me, most of it is not interesting to look at.                                            

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Inktober Day 24

Another piece of Lorrion’s future reference sheet, his may take some time because I will make two versions of it and I want to submit them together. They will reflect the extreme changes he undergoes throughout his experiences… so enjoy this happy bright eyed fellow while you can… 

Please Like/Reblog but do NOT Repost and do not remove my description. Thank you.

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