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Ever wonder why there are orange hairs on your tree? They are called Pistils and like the leaves in the fall, they turn orange to indicate that a plant is fully mature. It also indicates that the bud is in it’s prime. Get this electrifyingly orange haired strain on   

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There are a few things that are more relaxing than staying in on a rainy day. One of those things is the indica-leaning hybrid, Sherbert. Use this strain to relax your mind as the storm passes over the bay area. Available now on

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Tomorrow is a half day for me, so I’ll be packing this in my vape and head home to prep for Thanksgiving stuff. But for sure I’ll be lighting up with this stuff!!!! I’m so excited! I’ll be sure to report back my ride assessment with this lovely strain.

“Strawberry Cough is a classic and this particular grow delivers the right tunes, the buds are light green and packed completely dense. The smell envelops the nostril with a complete strawberry takeover that is only matched by the intense strawberry flavor.

The effect of this strain is so creative and cerebral but still allows the patient to remain stable in their verbal interaction, the perfect nug for going out and socializing or taking on a project from a new perspective.”
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