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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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#cannibalism mention

Jevin, peacefully having a snack: sqüeeshy…mmm…

Iskall, checking his slime shop at 1am cause he heard a weird noise: what the fu -

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Armie Hammer: I like to eat people

Stans: OmGGG 😍😍 PLEASE EAT ME 🥰😋 I’m tasty!!🤩🥵 Omg yas 🥳 If you don’t agree 🙅‍♂️ with wanting to be eaten🥩🥤By our King👑then you’re wrong 😑 And we’ll send you creepy asks 😤😡

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ok normally twitch chats are annoying as hell but ranboos chat are pretending they’re passengers on a road trip and i may be passing away

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 considering  everything  going  on  regarding  one  h*rmie  amm*er?  i  cannot  help  but  feel  like  writing  venom  these  days  is  …    kind  of  bad  timing,  you  know?  primarily  due  to  this  𝗛𝗘𝗔𝗗𝗖𝗔𝗡𝗢𝗡  (tw!cannibalism).  i  wrote  that  headcanon  like  3  months  ago  and  while  it  hasn’t  really  been  mentioned  since,  i  feel  like  i  should  still  place  a  big  fat  warning  on  a  pinned  post  on  my  blog  or  something.    so  do  i  make  a  warning  post  about  it?  do  people  care?  or  do  i  just  tag  it  appropriately  and  that’s  it?

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Making the abuse women have suffered into a joke because “ha ha cannibalism” isn’t as good of a look as you think it is

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Not @ ppl making Hannibal x CMBYN edits because of cannibal Armie Hammer scandal 😭😭😭

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Armie Hammer, son of oil tycoon Armand Hammer, is a cannibal who also likes to torture animals, drink blood, and groom women into extremely abusive relationships.  The guy who played J. Edgar Hoover.  Y’know, the director of the FBI that had secret files on Nixon, Truman and JFK, as they all openly courted dismissing him, but did not fear of reprisal.


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the “ethical cannibal” lady who worked for cartoon network has me blocked on twitter even tho ive never interacted w her in my life and i just think thats so funny

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Hannibal brain rot warning

Okay but I’ve been listening to Killer Queen by Queen and I can’t stop thinking about an AU where Hannibal does drag and is a famous queen and Will is the loyal boyfriend who goes to all shows and yes they’re a happy cannibal couple

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That’s the fourth time this week you’ve brought up cannibalizing me. Should I be worried?
Do you WANNA be worried?
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Kinning Jonny D’Ville by endorsing cannibalism everywhere I go

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Oi, you, grief-cannibal. 

You want to be a crow or a doctor or both, 

you want to eat up the trauma and shit out meaning, 

you want a room in The Big Metaphor 

that’s not a ward. You want a nest of your own hair 

in a branch of your own bones, teeth fed by self-flesh 

ceviched in acrid memory. 

You’ll never see shrimp colors!! No no. 


You were built a little inside-out, 

ingrown hair, 

weren’t you, boi? 

All the empty space you were supposed to take up 

was put inside of you instead. 

And everywhere else is full up, full up! 

Outside of you the terrible terrible terror 

grows thick and fast and right up to your skin 

like a thickthicket of thorns, 

like you’re in sleeping beauty, 

but you’re not the prince, nono

not sleeping either, couldn’t sleep for a hundred years, 

not you. Can barely sleep at all, 

dreamdream sweat snot snore.


You want to be a crow-doctor-

raven-metaphor nevermore 


so you can eat the grief,

because anything else makes your stomach 

not feel like your stomach anymore;

you want to autocannibalize your own emotion 

like suchfolks eat their fingernails, 

so you don’t have to rely on anyone 

to feed you, not the rain or the trees 

or the (apples&worms& yum!) 


Hero’s journey seems long, steep, 

boring, fell asleep in class, drooled ink. 

Doctorcrow onestop, 

doctorcrow metaphor, 

metaphorcrow don’t bleed, hm? 


Doesn’t need a doctor or anybody. 

Apple a day apple a yum! 

But seelookhere: 


Crows have bad fathers too. 

Crows have dead father sometimes 

dead brother always 

and always dying violent. 




so much blood, tiny shards of last words 

thin as splinters. 

Crows don’t get a storyend, 

don’t get a storyafter. 

Still, Crows eat more than grief. 

(Apple&worm&rain yum yum!)

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grapes are easy to acquire and easy to eat. rasisins are like eating your grandma

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