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Canoeing in a Line, One After the Other (Denali State Park) by Mark Stevens
Via Flickr:
A view looking across Byers Lake to the southeast while walking the Byers Lake Trail in Denali State Park. Composing the image was a matter of timing with those canoeing across Byers Lake as well as lining up and balancing the view with the mountain ridgeline and the reflection present.

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Don't️ try️ these️ at️ home

Or️ if️ you️ do,️ make️ sure️ you're️ adequately️ warmed️ up️ because️ WOW,️ they️ hurt!️

Weighted️ pull-ups️ are️ savage️ but️ they're️ essential️ to️ help️ build️ strong lats which is️ key️ to️ optimal️ performance️ on️ the️ water!️️️ Give️ it️ a️ go️ at️ your️ own️ peril️ and️ let️ me️ know️ how️ you️ get️ on!️️️

#pullup️ #chins #canoe️ #canoeing️ #gym️ #gymtraining️ #weighttraining️ (at Lee Valley White Water Centre)

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