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Diamonds Droog took the journal Rose wrote, and combined it with Grandpa Harley’s dog to make Bec. Jane took Jake’s journal and combined it with Jaspers to make GCAT. This happened in the Session’s Respective Frog Temples.

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O que será que estou aprontando? Quero ver vocês terça que vem na live as 21h…

Com @thaiskanada

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stars, or moons, or something

When Jungkook was a lot younger, and didn’t know how to wall himself off, or that his body was this inexplicable thing liable to betray him, Hoseok used to joke that he had a huge crush on Taehyung. He teased Jungkook for his crestfallen looks when Taehyung chose another team, when he wouldn’t come watch Jungkook play video games, when he had the chance to leave practice early and actually did. “Give the poor kid a break”, Yoongi broke in at one point. “He won’t always get one.” Jungkook is older now, much more experienced at self-censorship. Sometimes he even just exists for long periods of time, doesn’t consciously acknowledge how he’s always, always trying not to think too much about it. And then there are times like today in the recording booth, when he’s weak beneath it again. 


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just some backstory stuff me and my girlfriend made once I made this oc.. The one hugging the the poor small Lemon is just Lemon Mousse Cookie, the scientist who made Lemon right after her other son passed. 

waha uhm hope this looks good

oh and also, Happy Halloween! And to people who don’t celebrate, have a wonderful day!

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Happy Halloween!

We on the rewrite team wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween! May you have some spooky tricks and excellent treats!

Art by: @yang-diary

Here are everyone’s costumes:

Team RWBY: Sonic characters

Ruby: Shadow the Hedgehog 

Weiss: Silver the Hedgehog 

Blake: Blaze the Cat

Yang: Super Sonic the Hedgehog

Team JNPR: Comic Book characters

Jaune: Pre-serum Steve Rogers

Nora: Thor

Pyrrha: Wonder Woman

Ren: Kid Loki

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