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musesatim · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
When Aki and Kai were younger, you’d rarely find them apart. They were like two peas in a pod, never too far away from eachother. Aki protected his little sister from the world as best he could and she admired him for it, even when he got hurt defending her from something far stronger than he. As they grew, she began developing the crippling mental instability that plagues her now and began taking her anger and fear out on the one who had vowed to protect her- the one who, in her eyes, had failed to protect her from her own mind.
Aki still cares deeply for his sister as an older brother does, still quietly protecting her even if she never knows it. Protecting her from physical blows, mental attacks and emotional manipulation- he does everything he can to make sure she never feels the way he does. He doesn’t want her to feel pain and sorrow, he wants her to grow and thrive but knows that he has failed her at such a fundamental level. 
Kai has no knowledge of what sacrifices her brother has made for her, just how much he puts himself through each day to make sure that she never has to lift a finger to defend herself. She continues to be- to this day- the biggest source of pain and suffering for her brother, though he never once tells her so and bears it all because he loves her.
It’s toxic and in no way normal, but it’s all Aki can do for her because he loves her. If she ever obtained a fatal injury, he’d do everything in his limited power to make sure she lives and their parents can see her wake up the next day, the next week and for years to come- even at the cost of his own life. His duty as an older brother is never ending and always weighing him down but he’d never stop doing what he does for fear that if he did, she’d die because of him.
He used to protect her from the imaginary monsters in her closet, letting her hide with him in his bed even if he was so exhausted he could barely speak. Now, he protects her from the very real monsters in the world, shielding her and holding her when she cries- protecting her from even herself sometimes. 
Such is the duty of an older brother- to protect and to love unconditionally. 
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relaxxattack · 4 minutes ago
(Warning abt tubbo's execution since last anon made me think abt it)
I saw a headcanon on twitter about how fireworks don't explode the instant they're fired. And how c!Tubbo probably scrambled with the first firework as he panicked before he got bombarded...and then it happened a second time.
The mental image of it is horrifying, to say the least...
everything about c!tubbo is sad. i just want someone to give him a hug
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dracoangel · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Trinity Head Canon Dress and Casual Wear Options
I really hate the dress that is Fem!Shep’s only option in ME3. So I went and found something I liked and would still work great for her dance with Garrus.
The dress has a paneled bottom to easy free movement. Perfect for those long reaches and flexibility required dances 😉
I gave a couple options for casual wear. One of which (the white and black option) is something she could also go clubbing in. The other two are more sensible and can allow for easier running in case a gun fight erupts.
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rebcrnmiko · 9 minutes ago
"It looks..." Sesshomaru stares at the pup he is begrudgingly holding. A black tuft of hair, features that are a strange mixture of the young priestess and Inuyasha, small, frail, pitiful creature. “Human,” he concludes as the pup laughs, showing a toothless cavern, slobber trickling down the side of its chin as the sole attestation of their dog demon heritage, and he finds himself quick to hand the infant back. "How fitting." //gimme an au where Sesshomaru gets to be an uncle please!!!
UNPROMPTED ASKS | accepting!!!!!!!!!!!
Kagome took Moroha from Sesshomaru when he handed her back fairly quickly. "She only has a quarter inu yokai blood. Of course she's going to look human, Sesshomaru." she told him tiredly. She was dealing the with reprecussions of not getting enough sleep at night at the moment. But hopefully soon she'd sleep all night long.
She knew that the brothers TOLERATED each other. But that was at a bare minimum. The miko nuzzled her baby girl and smiled at her. "She likes you, you know. And she's already fearless, just like her father. All in all what do you think of your baby niece?" she asked him.
Tumblr media
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chaggle · 11 minutes ago
y EA
If there's lore at the start im gonna explode
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bridgefourisgayrights · 12 minutes ago
Raboniel 💜
oooooo yessss the milf herself <3
looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY
oh my god. sanderson finally described a woman and she's incredibly hot. like why did he make it so clear that she has BROAD SHOULDERS (hot) and like LOOKS REALLY GOOD WITH THEM????? like specifically thru navani's pov!!!! like oh my god!!!!
she's just a liiiilllll too crab to like. fully do it for me. like the singers inherently arent my thing. but raboniel.... she's special
can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me
i'm not a war criminal, so that deducts a lot of points, and i unfortunately have never had the opportunity to make art with my first true peer in my arduous lifetime... so no, but not like a 'we will never relate,' but in a 'no </3' sense
would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t kno
uhhh idk? she doesn't really seem like she walks around with a cohort of friends. like she and navani have a pretty special thing which makes it SO GOOD so im saying no. save her for navani <3
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weneedtotalkaboutfic · 13 minutes ago
I still can’t believe kent parson did a ‘group costume’ with his cat
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tobias-hankel · 14 minutes ago
Okay but the Maeve arc but all of it was in Spencer's head and the team as to break it to Spencer that Maeve Donovan is just an hallucination and he has developed schizophrenia.
Add on the fact that the book Spencer was going to give to Maeve was the same book Maeve gave to him, so really he gave the book to himself.
And that he started seeing Maeve as a patient for his mysterious migraines, in which he was already having some hallucinations with.
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alkalinefrog · 14 minutes ago
Heya! Ok that tumblr likes to act up with asks so I hope you get this!
In the actor AU, when Matsui shoots Raito, was it improv or was it scripte?
Yay it went through!! Thanks for popping by!!
It would have had to be scripted so that they could plan out the special effects for the gunshot and Light's bloody hand! But I think Matsui's tears would have been improvised! The scene would have originally had Matsuda in a blind rage, but Matsui really dug deep into his understanding of his character and leaned into the betrayal he was feeling. It added a really human layer and they ultimately decided to keep that take! The part where Matsuda falls to his knees after the rest of the task force stops him was also a creative choice by Matsui. He played the heartbreak perfectly!
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erreversible · 15 minutes ago
pairing: seungkwan/jeonghan  rating: G tags: canon, band fic, character study
Jeonghan thought Seungkwan looked clean and pretty, like a perfectly smooth rock that you’d find at the bottom of a babbling creek.
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gokustibbies · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I love how goku is singing a shampoo ad while he shampoos that’s so cute
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funktechnisch · 18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
wip but we all need a lil zag titty in our lives
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galarianace · 19 minutes ago
hc ;; Champion Title
Tumblr media
There are quite a few people who never imagined that Kira would actually win the championship -- Kira included.
Hop dragging her to the stadium had kept her rather busy before the match, so she can’t say she was feeling particularly nervous about what was to come. In fact, the Leon!shirt she’d been wearing when arriving to the stadium drew the attention of a little girl who’d happily proclaimed that Leon was the best! And Kira agreed, because he was. Not a single doubt in her mind.
It’s only after changing into her challenger outfit and making her way to the pit that her stomach started to sink. When she saw Leon waiting there for her, without anything getting in the way. 
The fight was off to a rough start. She didn’t even want to be Champion, why was she, out of everyone else, fighting the Champion match? It had been her best friend’s dream to face off in the finals, what was she doing here...?
In the end, it was Leon who encouraged her not to think about unnecessary things. To simply focus on having a good time, together with her Pokémon. Because just like him, she loved battling. So she should just let go and focus only on that. Not just for herself, but for her partners and the people who have been supporting her, too.
This is what snapped her back into gear, and got the match started properly. It was intense, it was messy-- and she decimated him.
The crowd was silent a good few moments after the match had come to its conclusion, and it’s only after Leon announced her as a champion that people seemed to realize what just happened and the cheers picked up from there. Kira herself didn’t even realize what happened. Didn’t realize when the award ceremony proceeded ( “CHAMPION KIRA! WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON HAVING BEATEN THE UNBEATABLE LEON!?!?” “y... es.” ), in fact : the next thing Kira remembers is waking up in her bed the next morning. She just completely blanked out. 
She’d never expected to win and it was painfully obvious.
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goldfishiescribbles · 19 minutes ago
You tell Nicky he hasn’t used enough salt? Oh, oh! Jail for Booker! Jail for Booker for a thousand years!
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