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That paragraph has me wondering: how young does Nef look? In a physical facial sense I mean. Does he look like a 40-year-old trying to buy Valkyrie a drink, or a 30-year-old, or what?

I think Nef should look like he’s in his 30s as Landy has stated multiple times that most characters should look around that age.





And I think most characters in the book are the same age unless stated otherwise. So, if Skulduggery and China look like they’re in their 30s, so should the Dead Man, the Diablerie and, of course, Nefarian (among other characters).

No idea why Nef looks so damn old in the official art? He looks around 50. Welp, at least he looks hot on the white book 1 cover. But if he would look 50 in canon he would have to be A LOT older than the other characters and he doesn’t really give me that vibe. And given his rivalry with Skul it just feels more right that those two should be the about same age instead of Skul picking a fight with an old fart while Nef is screeching at him to get off his lawn.

On a side note, Nef seems to have a habit of offering people drinks and to just generally hang around alcohol. Remember, he had offered Mr.Bliss a drink too in the first book (tbh I can’t say offering someone a drink in the morning is a classy move, Nef you alcoholic!). Whether it’s bc he’s an alcoholic, trying to get laid or just trying to get the other person drunk so they are easier to manipulate, I do not know. Probably a mix of that, depending on who he is talking to.

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Mountain peaks beyond the trees under a blue sky.

9-22-19, from Many Parks Curve in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Canon 7D F/10 33mm 1/1600s ISO-1000

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hcs for itaru + banri with a just-as-nerdy, gaming reader? could be platonic or poly, up to you ^^

Poly ships are fine by me!!! o3o So this is for a romantic relationship~


-Itaru, for the most part, feels like he’s met his perfect match. You actually understand his hobby– even encourage it, and for once, he doesn’t feel like he has to keep up the “perfect prince” act for even a moment. You two nerd-out together, have countless all-night gaming sessions, and probably wind up ignoring responsibilities when you get caught up in things. The part where he has to share you bothers him a little bit at first, but it winds up working out a lot better than he would have expected. 

-Banri, meanwhile, just plain finds you cute. You’re probably not much competition to him, but he enjoys having someone that he can share a hobby with… and get cuddles from. He likes teaching you how to play better (especially when that means kicking Itaru’s ass in the process), and is just fine with having you in his lap while he cruises through levels. The part about sharing you doesn’t really bother him either; you can do what you want, and if anything, he finds the whole situation kind of entertaining. 

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Canon Ultra-Wide 17mm F4 S.C.C. High Resolution Prime Lens. Rare, compact, fantastic lens in absolutely perfect condition. for just $380.00
Considering its spectacular angle of view and overall performance, this FD lens is a very attractive Ultra-Wide lens for super wide-angle photography. It is ideally suited to a wide variety of applications, such as architecture, fashion or journalism. With the incorporation of the Canon Floating System, image quality should be improved even at close focusing distance. The super wide-angle 17mm allows us to see the world with a more encompassing view. It’s a lens that can be used close up for a subjective view of the world around us or at longer focusing distances to get a more objective view. There can be a danger of overusing its abilities thereby reducing its true potential for creative photography. Because the super wide-angle lens can encompass so much, there is a need to compose selectively. Because the various wavelengths of light are refracted at different rates, lateral chromatic aberration can diminish image quality. Two groups of cemented convex and concave lenses located behind the diaphragm serve to control this aberration. In the last convex lens, the use of special glass with a higher index of refraction and lower dispersion quality results in very high resolution and contrast. One of the strong points of a 17mm focal length lens is its rectilinear lens design that produces straight lines as straight lines without distortion. It is, therefore, a perfect choice for photographing in tight quarters with a restricted camera-to-subject distance. Buildings with many straight lines are natural subjects for this FD 17rnm lens. Photographing a building from a direct angle with the camera held level will result in a natural looking, undistorted image. The Canon FD 17mm f/4 is not a lens intended just for outdoor photography. You may also find it indispensable for indoor photography, particularly where the subject - an interior, for example - is large and the working distance is severely limited. You may also use the deep depth-of-field inherent in this lens for scenes that may require high shutter speeds but still yields vast amount of sharper zones to your advantage. For example, by setting the lens distance scale at ten feet, everything from about five feet to infinity will look relatively sharp on film. This means that precise focusing is not always imperative, so this lens is particularly helpful when there’s little time to focus, such as when photographing fast action. The CANON FD 17mm F4 S.C.C. ultra-wide lens is in immaculate condition, with no flaws at all. A big photo gallery of images taken with Canon FD 17mm F4 lens you can see here:

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