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#canon call
yacco · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Helooooooo Dot! This is a canon call in case you didn't notice.
Me and Wakkster have been looking for ya sis, miss you lots and lots.
If you remember a fluffy big bro, have more pronounced canines (like the two of us), used to be closer to Wakko (not saying we weren’t good pals, but we DID get into lots of petty fights!), a Dot kinnie/fictive, and are both an adult and looking for your siblings, me and Wakks are waiting for you!
Just shoot me a message, okay?
Mmmmmwah! Love you!
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wiltshire-editz · a month ago
i hope you all dont mind me doing a quick canon call for myself but ;
im charles eyler looking specifically for my vincent. anri would be nice as well but vincent is very important to me, we would stay up late and chitchat about life and writing. we were generally very close. im 16 so id wanna talk to people around my age ^^ thank you very much!
please only interact with this post if you'd like me to contact you and you are vincent/anri
Tumblr media
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stuff4stucks · a month ago
[Canon call] Hey, I’m a Dirk kin. I’m not looking for anyone specific but it would be cool to talk to any other Strilondes. (Davepeta, Roseprite, Hal, etc included). And any Crockers and Englishes. But anyone fine. I’m 23 so I’d prefer people who are 20+. Doubles are also fine. Thank you
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idratherhavecake · 23 days ago
Hey, I'm a fictive of Adrien Agreste and I'm looking for people from my universe. Particularly Ladybug and Nino, as I had a major crush on both of them. Nino never liked me back in my canon but, hey, if we were in love in your canon I'm 110% down for that. I'd also love to talk to Plagg if he's out there.
I don't have all of my memories back yet, it's mostly bits and pieces right now. I only formed recently and it's kind of jarring to not know French and not be around my friends. So anyways if you're from Miraculous Ladybug please send me a message.
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kh-talesofold-rpserver · 2 months ago
We are looking for canon Kingdom Hearts characters!
Here's our open characters:
Master of Masters
Nightmare Chirithy
(Young) Xehanort
(Young) Eraqus
Replica Riku
Ansem Seeker of Darkness
Ansem the Wise
And more!
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obscure-kin-center · a day ago
aaayo! my names vision, a vision quest fictive from psychonauts 2! would love t meet other people from the games! my source game's recent so i havent been able t meet anyone yet! - url's @ psychicsix!
Hope you find folks soon, Vision!
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pgshuichi · 3 months ago
Hey!! I’m Shuichi Saihara - More Specifically, PreGame! Though I do not Kin Myself, I’ll be Using some Kin Tags so it has more Reach and Stuff. Anyway - I’ll be Dumping Memories here in hopes to Find Kaito, Korekiyo, Kokichi, Maki and Gonta! Rantaro too - though I’m Pretty Split..Even Though I’ll Include Memories that are Safe to Say! 
I’ll be Putting Memories I’ve had with who in a Organized Manner - though be Aware if You’re not them but are from/Kin from the Source - PreGame! NDRV3 - I’d still Highly Encourage You to Interact!! All I Ask is for if You think You’re me, Please don’t Interact - Though if You Kin me, Ask before Interacting!
Kaito Momota.
- Firstly, I’d like to Say that we were Definitely Dating!!
- I Remember when I got into a Fight, You Cared Enough to take me to Your Place, Bandage me up and Comfort me. I Laid on Your Chest, Crying as You Rubbed My Back and Cuddled me. I Remember I Accidentally got Blood somehow on Your BedSheets, to which I Said Sorry for.
- We once went Bowling with Miu and Kiibo! Though they made Fun of me for Struggling to pick up the Ball. Though when they went too Far, I Remember You telling them to Shut up and Helped me out.
- Once You were Walking me Home and it was Raining and Dark. When a Car came Past, it Splashed us - You more so as You were Closest to the Road. After You had Tripped and fell into a Puddle, which Caused me to Giggle.
- I Remember being Really Clingy to You and Cried Many Times at the Thought of You Hating and Leaving me, Though I Believe I Never Told You about such.
- I Believe I was also the First to Confess. 
Korekiyo Shinguji.
- We went to the Shopping Mall Once and You Decided to Buy me My Hat! Which I Thank You for!! 
- We also Bought Snacks to Binge Watch some Movies with - which I believe was Mostly Comprised of Horror and Thriller Movies.
- We were Best Friends!! 
- We Mostly Talked about Danganronpa, as it was a Common Interest of Our’s. 
Maki Harukawa.
- I Remember You also Once Fell Asleep! You Told me to Wake You up when we got to Your Stop, on which I did!
- You were Also a Amazing Artist! I Remember You Showed me Drawings You did for Art Class and I Vocalized how Cool they were!
- I Only have one Memory of You and it was when we was Walking Home. You gave me a PiggyBack and I was really Sleepy! Though I Remember Your Hair was Braided with Flowers Intertwined. Kaito was with us - though I’m Uncertain if Korekiyo was with us too..
- The Only Time I Remember we ever Talked was on the SubWay.
Gonta Gokuhara.
Rantaro Amami.
- I remember You were Really Mean and Scary to me..
- I have more Memories of You, though the Only one I can really Talk about was when You, me and Korekiyo were all Studying Together.
- I also called You RanRan. I wanted to get on Your Good Side so I gave You the NickName!
- I Remember I was also Really Jumpy around You..Though I don’t know if You Noticed or not.
Kokichi Ouma
- We were Best Friends. I Even Considered You My Closest Friend!
- I Remember You Told Me that You were Your Class President and Student Council Leader and I Know I Responded with Concern of You OverWorking Yourself.
- I Remember We had a SleepOver Once!
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dreamsmp-kin-help · 23 days ago
i'm an alter in a system and i'm kin with george and i miss dream and sap a lot. im over 18 so if anybody is kin with either (and over 18) and looking for their george like this maybe? 😔😔
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where-are-my-wings · 4 months ago
if you are / know / have seen / also remember an angel who had antlers and beautiful emerald grass green eyes, please tell me or contact me. i know i was close with them, i just dont remember anything else.
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thealyssa4life · 4 months ago
Caleb here (kin)! If you kin/fictive/DA anyone from campaign 2, please DM me. We'll compare memories after that. I am 18, and I am alright with interacting with you as long as you are legal age to have an account. (13+)
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hskinniethings · 5 months ago
yknow what fuck it here’s a canon call. i was dave and i’m looking for my karkat and john. we were in a polyamorous relationship and i was dating both but i’m not sure if they were dating each other, relationship was very positive though. the kind of relationship that has a meme group chat and we teased each other a lot. if you remember any of this hit me up
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find-fictives · 27 days ago
Hey, my names Emira Blight, and I'm a fictive from the owl house. Yes, my brother is also with me, thank goodness. I think it would suck if he wasn't with me. Don't tell him I said that. The body is a minor in their teens, so its actually not to far off from us, cause we're sixteen. To contact us, just go on here to @imcrazierthanyouloosers which is just sort of used to do whatever. I know I'd like to meet other people from our source, and especially our sister, Amity (Not mom and dad though). Also, Edric is weirdly excited about meeting "other hims". Anyway, thanks I guess.
GO TO @imcrazierthanyouloosers TO RESPOND!!
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stuff4stucks · a month ago
[Canon call.] I'm Dirk Strider. I'm not lookin' for anyone in particular, though I would like to find my Hal sometime. We don't have to be canonmates to talk, and I don't follow the epilogues. I'm open to bein' friends. I'm an adult so be over 18. Like this post and I'll get back to you.
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canon-call · a month ago
hey im sam from sam and max. im looking for anyone but mainly my little buddy. :] im 22 so please be 18+. like this and ill message you, though id prefer to talk over discord just bc tumblrs messaging system hates me.
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crimson-wings-hero · a month ago
Hey, welcome to my roost!
Here’s some basic information about my canon(s)! Note; I’m taken but in a polyamorous open relationship! I’m engaged to my Dabi, and may know my Compress!
My carrd is severely outdated, but feel free to take a look! I go by Asher right now, or Hawks!
My Discord is Tranq.#1982 (I’m the core/host of a system!)
Dabi helped me escape with the League of Villains,
(By stealing my KFC and yeeting me through Kuriguri’s portal)
Dabi and I eventually became mates after the raid
We had to obviously work out a lot of trauma
Jin never died! 
Toga liked to paint everyone’s nails / talons
Toga also shared blood bags with me when I needed it
Speaking of, I ate raw meat
I had predatory bird/raptor instincts and more parts of my quirk
My hands had talons and my feet were bird feet up to my knees
Tomura let me in the League after they all found out what I had been forced through and forced to do
Spinner was a little nervous around me but we were friends
Twice was a great pal and offered a lot of advice 
Kurogiri was the best advice person and also monitored our alcohol intake
Dabi was a lot softer around me, especially just the two of us
Dabi was Touya Todoroki
Mr. Compress and I compared magic tricks together!
Dabi burned down the Commission
I often forget things due to the brainwashing by the Commission
I was severely tortured and brainwashed 
I did have ruts during Spring
Rumi was my best gal pal
We had game nights, movie nights, etc. at the LoV
That’s all for now! Thanks for stopping by!
Memories below the cut!
One time the League got stuck with Eri somehow and everyone was so nice to her!!! Kurogiri gave her apple juice, Shiggy even let her play video games! I had to stay out of sight since I was a hero, but Dabi made a pretty display of fire for her and I cried, and Spinner let her pet him and Mr. Compress showed her magic tricks! Toga painted her nails and they talked about school? She was safely delivered by me (posing as an intruder) and I ‘stole’ her back home.
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screw it im doing a canon call for myself
hi hello i amm a tommy kinnie. looking for literally anyone and everyone.
so, like.. this canon was kind of modern; l'manberg and all that were much bigger countries, and most of us lived in various parts of l'manberg.
uhhh.. i worked at a cafe, i was trans and uhh.. bb.. yeah--
other things:
- phil was in a qpr with techno
- me and wilbur were phils adopted kids, wilbur was transmasc nonbinary..
- wil was also in college for journalism
obviously i have. a lot of other memories + a memory doc and uh. yeah so. if that sounds familiar then, uh.. hmu here or ask in dms/off anon for our discord and ill give it so we can talk there if you want!!! - ghostbur
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holyself · 5 months ago
canon call: im bill denbrough and my friends and i are looking for mike hanlon from IT all canons. pls dm me if ure over 18yo and wanna hang out!!!! we miss u mike!!!!!
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hskinhome · 2 months ago
[ My kin blog is @juicy-dude ]
Canon calls!! I copy//pasted from Google Docs so some words might seem funky or the layout may be weird. ^^;
Karkat Vantas 1 - Earth C - Dave & John
I don't remember a lot from the meteor other than at one point I think Kanaya was drinking something and then laughed. It was a purple drink (probably faygo oof) and it came out of her nose. I know that Dave liked to fuck around with music and he had that Hella Jeff and Sweet Bro comic he used to do. Nepeta and Terezi vandalized almost the whole meteor with their scribbles but otherwise, I don't remember there being a lot to work within forms of art. As annoying as he was, John was probably my moirail. He was the only other person that bothered to even attempt to pretend he was listening when I went off on a tangent about what was frustrating me other than Dave. That and, when they weren't aimed at me, he'd include me in planning out all these crazy elaborate pranks. I have a couple of memories on Earth C where we went out into some of the woods. I know that Gamzee, Sollux, and John were with me. John kept jumping out of nowhere and Gamzee almost got fed up and bashed his head in with a tree branch. My least favorite memory is of John dying the first time because he was the only human I really talked to at that point. One time Crab Dad and I were sparring and I remember it turned into kind of an arm wrestle with my sickle vs. his claw. Eridan was very manipulative towards Feferi but otherwise, his ego was the size of Mt. Everest towards the rest of us. Dave almost threw hands with fish dick, from what he tells me. Nepeta, Tavros, Jade, and John had a big group roleplay thing going on I think.
Karkat 2 - Doomed - Eridan & Sollux
Anger issues that never got fixed. Big depression from fuck if I know what. Doomed timeline because I don’t remember Earth C from this one. Terezi wasn’t a very fair judge, to put it subtly. She didn’t really share my feelings much to begin with and Vriska used my feelings for Terezi to manipulate me a lot. Terezi knew about it and let it happen. I remember her telling me this herself later on at some point. Eridan and I watched tons of movies together and we talked to each other about Sollux a lot, me in a flushed way and him in more of a pitched light.
Mituna Captor - Dream Bubbles - Cronus & Kurloz
It's mostly memories from before "the accident" where Cronus was a pretty rad friend with whom I exchanged meaningless insults with and shit. It was mean and shit, yeah, but we knew we were just dicking around. Kurloz was my moirail for a long time and the three of us hung out a lot. The only reason Kurloz stopped liking Cronus after what happened was because of his reactions to what happened to me and the impact of the incident on my brain and how I didn't remember him the same way. Latula wasn't all that in the picture until right before the accident and she was a lot like Paige from Atypical (if you haven't watched that show on Netflix, I highly recommend you do) where she had a lot of rules and shit that she needed to work through. I don't know entirely when, but Kurloz eventually was able to get it through my dense, mashed potato brain after the incident that she wasn't all that great for me and, after hyperfocusing on what he'd pointed out for a little while, I found myself agreeing with him and eventually ended my matespritship with Latula. Kurloz and Meulin didn't work out for some reason can't remember, but I know he told me what happened and after a while, Kurloz and I got together as matesprits. I stumbled upon one of those memory bubbles and it happened to be one of Cronus's memories with me before my brain got fried. He caught me "snooping" through the memory and, after realizing what memory he had left laying around, we talked about it and I understood him better, like I did before the accident. It didn't take long for him to worm his way into my pale quadrant. I wore a sweater instead of that suit. It was yellow with black stripes, but still had the Gemini symbol on it. Other than that, I wore jeans and yellow converse-type shoes. I didn’t wear my helmet unless I was skateboarding. Cronus was my grape and Kurloz was my plum. I think I was their banana or something like that but that just came to me so.
Kankri Vantas - Dream Bubbles - Cronus
I took some time away from others to try and have one of those little “self-discovery” things. I don’t think anyone tried to stop me from leaving, but I remember being very close with Cronus. I don’t remember who it was or what exactly they said, but someone had threatened me, which was my final little push to just go. Everyone was sick of my constant talking, so I went on my own for a while. I had found myself a pretty secluded place that wasn’t too far from a salamander village, but it wasn’t too close, either. Their language was beyond what I could learn and so I had to go off gestures for communication, which helped me realize that I didn’t need to speak so much to talk to someone. I worked mostly on my writings and how I portrayed myself to my peers while separated. My writings shifted from mostly lectures to strictly poetry gradually. Cronus and I used to watch Grease very often before I left. It kind of started to change my usual attire too? I know that I didn’t wear just a straight up sweater or the leggings anymore. I wore dark red jeans and a black/red letterman over a thinner red turtleneck. The lettermen jacket had a red cancer symbol on the logo.
Mallek Adalov - Tegiri & Lanque
Tegiri and I were big nerds for ninja/martial arts type shit. We nerded out at convention type of things and he eventually became my moirail. Lanque started out as my kismesis but at some point we quad jumped and he ended up as my matesprit. He and I spent a lot of time on rooftops overlooking the city and talking about everything. I think that’s when we quad jumped. We moved in together at some point and we couldn’t decide on the color for the walls, so it ended up looking a lot like the dress from Sleeping Beauty. MC’s route with me was the one where they yeeted out of my car so I never really got to know them. Diemen was a close friend, but he shut me out of his more personal life a lot.
{Please let me know if this entire thing sent or not if you see this!}
Go message them if any of this sounds familiar! @juicy-dude
-Mod Nepeta
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dreamsmp-kin-help · a month ago
hello ranboo kinnie here I’m looking for a Nikki who remembers being siblings with me and remebers what we did ? Interact with this please thanks
I wish you luck Ranboo! 💞💥
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homestuck-kinhelp · 2 months ago
hi! ive got a da to aradia and this is a canon call to any of the other trolls !!! id prefer to find sollux, karkat, or feferi, but everyone else is okay too! things were (mostly) canon compliant, but also i am an adult !! (19) so i would prefer to not interact with anyone younger than 17 !! thats,, it, i think? im on anon currently but if you interact ill dm you my discord so we can talk !! VRISKA DNI
good luck, aradia!!
-Mod Hadithi (Front- Anonymous.)
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