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#canon compliant
wheredidhiseyebrowsgo · 2 days ago
hey, I've been searching for days now with very few options. do you know any fics where basically everything is the same, except that Stiles and Derek get together?
like fix-it fics, but without too many drastic changes, and without the massive hate against Scott that is so 2013
Sure thing, canon compliant but with new and improved Sterek.
Tumblr media
Begin Again by whenwordsmakesense
(1/1 I 747 I Teen)
Derek is finally ready to move on.
#24 He's Our Man! by stilinskihalefamily
(1/1 I 1,438 I General)
Stiles on the lacrosse field practicing for the first big game of the season. With all the good players, i.e. Jackson and Isaac, gone he has somehow made it to first line. And to say he’s nervous is understatement. So he’s practicing his ass off.
He’s been out on the field for an hour when he sees Derek trying to sneaky and hide behind a tree. Stiles lets him hide behind that tree for a few minutes but it’s unnerving feeling eyes on you but not seeing the person the eyes belong too. So he ends up saying, “Stop being such a creeper, Derek. Come help me practice.”
“I’m not a creeper.” Derek says, walking across the field to where Stiles is standing a few feet away from the goal.
Cross a Canyon (with a broken limb) by theroguesgambit
(1/1 I 18,010 I Teen)
“You never graduated,” Stiles says, just to say it. To test it out in the open air. That's... huh.
Stiles spends his senior year battling troll-gremlins, taking on an unexpected tutoring job, and definitely not falling for a certain sourwolf (even though everyone else seems to think he is).
Wildfire by No_One_Special_01289
(7/? I 21,075 I Explicit)
Stiles needs a way to get over Lydia Martin. He doesn't know how, until one lonely night he comes face to face with the last person he'd ever expect in his Jeep, and something he never ever expected begins.
Strange to Know Nothing, Never to be Sure by IDreamOnlyOfYou (lauren3210)
(6/6 I 26,221 I Mature)
Stiles finds himself working with Derek much more often than he'd like, or at least that's what he tells himself. And in all honesty, he would be totally fine with it, if only Derek could learn what personal space meant.
The fives times that Derek accidentally touches Stiles' ass, and the one time he does it totally on purpose.
will to follow through by owlpostagain
(2/2 I 42,411 I Teen)
“It depends entirely on how you look at it, I guess,” Stiles shrugs. “On the one hand, instant healing and the apparently inherited ability to pull off leather at all times. On the other, serious attitude problems and a suspicious disappearance of eyebrows.”
“Even Derek’s?” Danny snorts, “that’s a lot of eyebrow to lose.”
“I know,” Stiles agrees. “You should see, it’s so weird. Every time I want to ask him where they go, except he’d totally eat my face off.”
“There are worse ways to die.”
Running Up That Hill by maypoison
(32/32 I 139,488 I Explicit)
“Even before the pack joined together, Scott was trying to protect you. And he still is trying to protect you, even if it means leaving you out of all this.”
Stiles does roll his eyes at that. “Yeah, but it didn’t work did it. I was still involved, and so was my Dad. We were nearly killed by Matt, and then Gerard.”
“My point is, people change. Relationships aren’t always perfect. Scott's tried to kill me before."
Stiles raises an eyebrow. "So, you’re saying that someone trying to kill you is just a small flaw in a relationship?"
“We’re werewolves.” Derek answers with a shrug, as if that was a perfectly good explanation.
Doors Unlocked and Open by Imnotahero
(20/20 I 140,060 I Teen)
They say that when one door closes another one opens. That might be true elsewhere, but not in Beacon Hills. Danger lurks behind every door, and once they're ajar they stay like that - unlocked and open. Which is not good. Not at all. Stiles find things bad enough with Dread Doctors, Theo and his pack of Resurrected Chimeras, Lydia stuck in Eichen House and the foundation of his friendship with Scott unraveling fast. The surprising return of Derek might just be the counterbalance he needs. Especially if they could just close some of these damned doors...
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jikookao3recs · a day ago
canon compliant (part 2)
i can be your genie by KimchiNoona
Quarantine Christmas by Mesmerize (Alice_Novelland)
Carve Into My Hollow Chest by Carmenlire
shameless by googiesunbaenim
Lo-fi and Your Lips by wonce_km
zero hour by eaden
"Maybe You Need an Ice Pack" by Sitra_Ahra
on the edge by orphan_account
do me by minfics (orphan_account)
All the Love in the World by kittyganggang
Running Running (Just to Keep My Hands on You) by miss_begonia
Stolen Kisses Under the Sheets by Goldcnn
Should have kissed you when we were alone by papa_ya
the future is ours by namakemono
Vacancy by Tei_Chan
Time Well Spent (for the most part) by jimigukayo
With You by mimkoo
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pointyhatsam · 9 months ago
happy birthday, dean winchester <3
Dean knocks once and opens the door a little, only enough for him to stick his head through. At first sight, Cas is sitting at the edge of the bed, holding his phone. At second, he's smiling.
"Dean," Cas looks up, smile broadening. He's so beautiful. "Would you like to come —"
"Nah," Dean grins back. "Not right now. Heading to bed." He leans his head against the doorframe, and winks. "Kind of a long day."
It was Dean's birthday.
And the rest of the Winchesters had planned the hell out of it.
There'd been Winchester Supreme breakfasts (for everyone, which yes, meant that Sam had had a tiny aneurysm) a midday Scooby Doo marathon (venue: the Deancave) a party in the evening with balloons and actual birthday pie, and karaoke after dinner. Jack had gotten him one of those 3-in-1 boxed board games (Monopoly was the only thing on the cover he recognized), Sam and Eileen, a leather journal because "you can finally start writing your own story, chuck-free," and socks, and Cas had apparently been responsible for the (friggin' awesome) pie, and had then surprised even the other three with a ridiculously soft, green cardigan during gift giving.
Dean had not just gotten to spend time with all of his family — and he's talking Jody, Donna, the girls, Garth, Charlie, everyone — but actually gotten to see all of them hang out after so long, and be happy, and celebrate, under the same roof — it'd been so perfect, it feels like a dream even in hindsight.
There's really no way to describe it except as one of the best days of his life.
"I believe it was." Cas says, eyes twinkling. His eyes flit back to his phone, and Dean's follow — his breath hitching in his chest when he sees a picture of him in the pink, polka dotted birthday hat. (Garth's idea, though really, everyone's.)
Cas had been —
He'd been smiling at Dean.
"Yeah." Dean feels a little winded. "Awesome, though."
"Goodnight, Dean." Cas looks up again, wearing the same, happy smile. It does things to Dean, really.
Makes him feel the same kind of way Claire and Donna (and later, upon Claire's insistence and everyone else's cheering, Kaia) partnering up to sing a way too dramatic cover of Jingle Bells at him (in January) did. Or Eileen and Sam Night-Moves-ing him, giggly together on 'stage' in a way they'd definitely deny having been the next morning. It was the kind of feeling you get when you're really happy, and there's (finally, finally) no reasons not to be.
And all of it, reconjured by a single gummy smile.
It's sometimes kind of staggering how stupidly in love he is.
"'Night, Cas." Dean manages, a floaty feeling in his gut, and he closes the door. He stays right there, though, hands clenched into fists and breathing slow.
His head's a whirlwind of feelings, insides fluttering like they decided to pick up from the example of the butterflies that at this point, he's stopped trying to control around Cas.
It's like somehow, suddenly, he's been cut loose. All these years, all the repression — all the not-yet's, and he-can't's — all of it, it feels like it's fading. Cas makes him happy. Cas smiles at awful pictures of Dean, and then smiles up at the real Dean like he doesn't even have to hide it anymore (then why does Dean?) and bakes him pie, and saves his life, and buys him sweaters that match his eyes and proceeds to point it out — and makes him happier than he's ever been.
Cas is family, and Cas is home. And he's the love of Dean's life, and maybe he doesn't have to keep it in anymore — because he sure as hell can't.
Like he's floating on a cloud, and the chains binding him are rendered needless, and fall to the ground, it suddenly hits Dean.
Dean Winchester's free.
The enormity of it sinks, or tries to, as he licks his lips. Force of habit. There's still the faintest taste of sugar. And maybe he's just really drunk and can't tell, but there's really nothing holding him back anymore, is there?
(And it is his birthday, after all.)
Before he can second-guess himself — which usually happens right about now — he barges through the door again.
Cas is standing now, and his eyes widen when Dean scales the distance between them in a couple of fast, desperate steps. Puts a hand on his hip, the other cupping his face.
Tilts it up, and Dean's thumb trembles dangerously close to the corner of Cas's mouth.
What is he scared of?
It's Cas.
His voice is barely a whisper.
"Can I —"
Cas jerks his head in a stilted nod, and Dean closes the gap between the in a single movement, tilting his head the other way. Their lips meet, Dean's moist and Cas's soft, and Cas leans into it — leans into Dean, and oh, it's perfect — and Dean's other hand leaves Cas's waist to come up until he's holding Cas's face in both his hands, ignoring the tears pricking his eyes, as he squeezes his eyes closed and lets it fall, and kissing Cas harder.
It's years and years of buildup, but everything's worth it for the devastated sound Cas lets out when Dean pulls back, wide-eyed and gasping for breath, and Cas inadvertently chasing his lips even further into his personal space.
It's always been Cas.
"Dean." Cas breathes, chest heaving.
Only now does Dean notice his hands on Dean's waist, when a ghost of a touch sends a shiver up his spine.
He just kissed Cas.
"Hey, Cas." Dean bites his bottom lip, voice as shaken as his knees feel. Cas leans up a little, and Dean closes his eyes again when their foreheads touch. He can feel their breaths mingling, but it's the closeness that gets him. "It's my birthday today." He adds, something almost coy in his tone, for the sake of saying something, 'cause how can he not breathlessly ramble the silence away?
(Dean still can't believe he just kissed him, but hell, is he glad he did.)
"I love you." Cas returns.
"I'm pretty sure the saying goes, happy birthday." Dean tells him with a shit-eating grin, hooking his arms around Cas's neck. He's half expecting an eyeroll, more probably that patent reserved-for-Dean frown, but what he gets is another kiss. Less fleeting, less chaste.
Dean all but melts.
Always and forever, Cas.
"So be it." Cas mutters, looking up at Dean with a smile dancing in his eyes, but lips pursed. And it's about to be midnight again, so it's the last wish of Dean's entire forty second birthday when Cas says it.
"Happy birthday."
(Dean hears it loud and clear.)
"I love you."
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artofalassa · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just make it back alive, buddy. Promise me.
I always wondered whatever happened to this guy... Set some time around the Advent Children.
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imaghostoooo · 2 months ago
Guys,, Virgil's never seen Logan's big smile. He doesn't know Logan used to smile like so big, because he was scorned everytime he showed up. The smiles he's gotten from Logan (I'm p sure Logan smiles at him the most) has been small. Any other smile has been proud or a smirk.
As far as Virgil is aware, Logan has always smiled small, genuine smiles.
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bloody-bee-tea · 5 months ago
Have a fluffy thought for distraction: discussion conference at Cloud Recesses, sect leader Jiang has not returned to the talks after a break and no one can find him. Hours later someone goes to feed the bunnies and finds him in the meadow, covered in bunnies. Maybe he's asleep, maybe he's awake, either way he can't move because that would disturb the bunnies and you don't disturb animals that picked you as their seat :3 he lives in the meadow now.
A field of rabbits
Well it certainly distracted me into writing XD <3
When everyone files back into the conference room and Jiang Wanyin is nowhere to be seen, Nie Mingjue doesn’t immediately panic. 
This is the Cloud Recesses after all, and it’s highly unlikely that he got attacked or ran into some trouble here. After Wen Xu managed to burn the Cloud Recesses, they made sure that it’s one of the most fortified places right after the Unclean Realm and possibly Lotus Pier.
Jiang Wanyin might be a magnet for trouble, and he might look for fights more than anyone else Nie Mingjue knows except himelf, but the chances that he found either here are slim to none.
It’s much more likely that there was an emergency with his Sect that he has to deal with before he can come back to the conference. 
It happened before and it will happen again; after all, they are all Sect Leaders here and there are always issues the second in command can’t deal with on their own.
Nie Mingjue has the utmost understanding for that.
But when Lan Qiren steps into the room and frowns, before worry visibly clouds over his face that’s the moment unease makes itself known in Nie Mingjue’s belly.
If Jiang Wanyin had to deal with something else, then he would have notified Lan Qiren, there’s no doubt about that.
Jiang Wanyin has the utmost respect for Lan Qiren and he would never be late or miss a meeting intentionally, not without telling Lan Qiren or informing him otherwise.
But it doesn’t seem like Lan Qiren knows what happened to Jiang Wanyin either, and that’s cause to worry.
People are already starting to whisper about his absence and Nie Mingjue clenches his fist.
Jiang Wanyin has been leading his Sect for over three years now; bringing it back from the brink and restoring it to much of its former glory and still people are talking about him as if he’s a helpless teenager who doesn’t deserve their respect or fear.
Nie Mingjue hates it with every fibre of his being, because Jiang Wanyin has stepped up for his Sect in a way not many would have been able to and it itches him to snap at all of them.
It’s only Lan Qiren who catches his gaze that stops him.
“Sect Leader Jiang has been delayed by an important issue. He is requesting for Sect Leader Nie’s assistance, so if you would, please,” Lan Qiren says with a meaningful glance towards Nie Mingjue and Nie Mingjue nods his understanding.
Lan Qiren has no goddamn clue where Jiang Wanyin is and he wants him to look for him.
Nie Mingjue will more than gladly do that.
There is no real danger here that could have befallen Jiang Wanyin, but Nie Mingjue still worries.
He has never seen anyone with eye rings that deep or black, especially since Jiang Wanyin is otherwise almost deathly pale and the concern that he might have just dropped dead is a real one.
Jiang Wanyin is pushing himself far too hard.
Nie Mingjue asks every disciple he sees if they have seen Jiang Wanyin but he only gets vague answers in return.
It seems like Jiang Wanyin vanished like a shadow.
Nie Mingjue feels frustration rise in him when he makes his way through the entire Cloud Recesses with no sign of Jiang Wanyin.
“You think the rabbits will be mad that we didn’t feed them?” Nie Mingjue hears a disciple say suddenly and he frowns. 
“I think better the rabbits than Sect Leader Jiang,” another voice replies and before Nie Mingjue can inquire about what they mean, they are gone.
But he finally has a lead and so he follows the path that leads to the meadow with the rabbits.
He used to come here a lot with Lan Xichen when they were both younger and less burdened but ever since the Sunshot Campaign neither of them have the time for this anymore.
His feet still remember the path well though, and it’s not long before the first rabbits come into view.
The rabbits and a figure clad in purple.
Nie Mingjue breathes a little bit easier just for having found Jiang Wanyin but then it registers in his mind that Jiang Wanyin is splayed out on the ground, not moving or talking, and the worry comes back with a vengeance.
Nie Mingjue stealthily makes his way over to Jiang Wanyin, but as soon as he gets closer he realizes that Jiang Wanyin is breathing easily and deeply and he seems more relaxed than Nie Mingjue has ever seen him.
He just fell asleep then. That’s good.
Nie Mingjue has to bite back a smile when one of the startled rabbits makes its way back onto Jiang Wanyin’s stomach, where it promptly falls back asleep.
Nie Mingjue is unsure if the rabbits climbed on Jiang Wanyin and prevented him from leaving, causing him to fall asleep, or if Jiang Wanyin fell asleep and the rabbits claimed him as their bed, but it doesn’t really matter.
What matters is that Jiang Wanyin finally got some rest.
Nie Mingjue carefully sits down next to him, but of course Jiang Wanyin startles awake. It seems like the war and the stress are still too close.
“Relax,” Nie Mingjue lowly says, taking care not to startle the rabbits any more than Jiang Wanyin’s violent waking up did and Nie Mingjue watches fondly as the same rabbit as before makes its bed on Jiang Wanyin’s stomach yet again.
It seems to be a particularly good spot for sleeping.
“What are you doing here?” Jiang Wanyin asks him and his voice is rough enough to suggest that he at least slept for most of their break.
That’s good.
“Looking for you,” Nie Mingjue lowly gives back and puts a hand to Jiang Wanyin’s shoulder when he tries to get up. “Relax,” he says again and Jiang Wanyin does sink back into the grass, but there’s tension in his face now.
“The break is over,” he whispers, sounding horrified and Nie Mingjue nods.
“It is, but don’t worry. Lan Qiren has your back.”
“What did he say?” Jiang Wanyin asks as if he fears the answer.
“That there has been an important issue. You asked for my help, if you’re wondering,” Nie Mingjue says easily and then lays down on the grass as well. “And I like what you’re doing so I’ll join you.”
“Sect Leader Nie—” Jiang Wanyin starts but Nie Mingjue doesn’t let him speak.
“Mingjue. Nie Mingjue if you must,” he corrects him and then closes his eyes as the first curious rabbits start to explore him.
“I’m sorry,” Jiang Wanyin whispers after a long moment and Nie Mingjue blinks over to him.
“What for?”
“Missing the conference. Making you miss it, too. You can go back if you want to, and I’ll follow soon.”
Nie Mingjue eyes first the rabbit on his own stomach and then the numerous ones on Jiang Wanyin and raises an eyebrow at him.
“I don’t think either of us will. You don’t move if an animal has chosen you as their sleeping spot. It’s just not done. Believe me, I know. Huaisang has many birds who like to sit on me and you’re simply not allowed to disturb them. It’s an unwritten law,” Nie Mingjue tells him and reaches out for another rabbit to add it to the ones already on Jiang Wanyin.
“And would you look at that, another one chose you. You can leave even less now.”
Jiang Wanyin is staring at him with wide eyes and Nie Mingjue is absolutely unprepared to see tears well up in them.
It seems like Jiang Wanyin wasn’t prepared for that either if the panic in his eyes is any indication and Nie Mingjue does the only thing he can think of.
He plops a rabbit onto Jiang Wanyin’s face.
The rabbit doesn’t struggle like Nie Mingjue expected it to and instead stays on his face for long, long moments, and Jiang Wanyin doesn’t make a move to dislodge it either.
“I’m sorry,” Jiang Cheng finally croaks out again and Nie Mingjue sighs, before he crosses his arms behind his head.
“There is no need to be. You’re pushing yourself too hard. Lan Qiren and I worry. It’s good for you to take some time off and where better to do it than here. Lan Qiren will inform us if there’s anything important, but you should know how these things go by now. Sect Leader Yao will think he’s the most important man in the room until Jin Guangshan reminds him that he is in fact the most important man in the room and by then it will be evening. It’s not like we’re going to miss much.”
“True,” Jiang Wanyin says with a snort, which finally makes the rabbit move off his face.
There are no more tears in his eyes, but Jiang Wanyin seems bone-deep exhausted.
“Rest some more. I’ll make sure no one disturbs us,” Nie Mingjue lowly says and Jiang Wanyin closes his eyes with a sigh.
“I shouldn’t be this weak,” he mutters under his breath and Nie Mingjue rolls his eyes.
“You’re human,” he gives back. “And your body has needs. Sleep is one of them.”
“I don’t have time to sleep,” Jiang Wanyin whispers but he closes his eyes.
“You do now. So make the best of it,” Nie Mingjue advises him and he’s pretty sure Jiang Wanyin falls asleep before he even finishes talking.
Nie Mingjue stares at him for a moment longer—he didn’t quite realize that Jiang Wanyin was so tired that he would basically drift off in the middle of a conversation—but it’s not really a surprise, not with how exhausted he looks.
He watches Jiang Wanyin for a while, looking for any kind of movement, but he seems to be deep into sleep already and so Nie Mingjue turns his head back to look at the sky.
He’ll have to talk to Lan Qiren so they can figure out how to efficiently help Jiang Wanyin lessen the burden of leadership.
Jiang Wanyin is one of the good ones and it would be a shame to lose him to stress and sleep-deprivation this soon.
Nie Mingjue will make sure that he leads a healthier lifestyle than Lan Qiren and Nie Mingjue did back when they took over their respective Sects.
And the first step for that is to let Jiang Wanyin sleep in a field of rabbits. It seems like a good start.
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elizabeethan · 10 days ago
A brief look at Killian's POV after Emma comes out of the ice caves.
Rated G
~1000 words
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She’s in his arms at last, falling from the narrow tunnel towards her father, who helps her stand as she reaches for Killian. 
 She reaches for him. 
 Her skin is frozen as his hand finds her back, tugging down the thin shirt she wears beneath her jacket. The leather did almost nothing to keep her warm, a fact that’s obvious enough based on the blueish tint of her lips when he pulls away. He doesn’t want to, wants to feel the way her hands reach into his hair and pull him closer to her, but her father is here, and so is Elsa, and she needs to get home and warm up. 
 She stumbles, and all thoughts leave his mind as he hoists her into his arms, letting her curl her own around his neck, reveling in the feel of her frozen nose pressed against his throat.
 She sits heavily, groaning as Elsa and David wrap thick blankets around her shoulders and Henry offers her hot chocolate, and her shaky fingers move to adjust. He thinks she’ll pull away, expects her to release his hand, but her fingers spread, letting his own lace into hers so that her hand is in his. 
 He thought she would pull away, and he’s as frozen as she is at the feeling of her fingers squeezing tightly over his hand, his heart nearly stopping as she so plainly and openly lets him comfort her.
 When the lights flicker on, Killian doesn’t think before standing quickly, hurrying towards the bathroom and grabbing for the small gadget that can heat the room and pointing it towards her. She nods, praising him for his find. 
 He returns to her, letting his arm fall over her shoulder atop the blanket, hoping that the weight of it will warm her even more. He feels her shiver against him violently, unable to get warm, and he wants nothing more than to pull her into his lap, into his arms, and squeeze her against his chest until her shivering stops. 
 He keeps thinking she’ll shove him away, expecting her walls to shoot up quickly after her near-death experience and once the adrenaline fades, but she doesn’t. He feels her head fall heavily onto his collarbone, her chilled forehead meeting the skin of his neck and then lightly nuzzling closer, seeking the warmth of his flesh. He doesn’t think before pulling her closer in response, wanting nothing more than to warm her after almost losing her to the cold. He has to remind himself that she isn’t his to lose. 
 And despite that truth, he doesn't think before slipping his hand up and down along her blanket-covered back, hoping the friction will help, and she falls even more heavily into his arms. Her hand is on his hook, holding it tightly as if trying to ground herself. She doesn’t resist him as he pulls her even closer. When her mother returns to the apartment, it’s as if the focus is removed from her, and he feels her breathing becoming more even as she lets out a heavy sigh. The chattering in her jaw has stopped, and she falls more heavily into his hold, her face hiding in his chest and seeking the warmth between his open collar. He drops his mouth to the top of her head, pressing a soft, almost imperceptible kiss to her hair because he simply can’t stop himself. 
 It’s as if the rest of the room has melted away as her chill melts as well, no one here but the two of them as she settles finally in his grip and lets him kiss her hair again more boldly, lets him allow his hand to linger along her spine and her arm and into her hair. It feels as though hours have passed, and he knows she should get into her warm bed, remove her boots and her chilled leather jacket and allow herself to rest, but she never moves. Henry goes to visit Regina, David takes Elsa to Granny’s to get a room, Mary Margaret puts baby Neal to bed, and Emma and Killian stay put. She never lifts her head from his chest. 
 Finally, his feet begin to tingle under his weight as he kneels beside her, and he has to shift if he wants to keep his legs. She protests softly, seeming to think better of it as she straightens and clears her throat, and he offers her his hand. 
 “It seems to be time for bed, love,” he suggests quietly, being met with her heavy sigh. 
 “I can’t sleep,” she admits in an almost-whisper. “I usually stay up until I can’t keep my eyes open.” 
 “Ah,” he says in understanding, because he’s been there. The horrors of his own imagination are enough for him to avoid shutting his eyes from time to time, though it’s gotten better. “I see. Perhaps the couch would be more comfortable, then?” 
 The chair she’s been sat in couldn’t be that uncomfortable, but he can imagine that she would rather stretch her legs or lounge a bit more rather than sitting stiffly. She nods in silent agreement, slowly standing and groaning as she does, her hands landing on her lower back as she shakes her head. He guides her down, and just as he considers going towards the door and leaving her be, she grabs at his hand and squeezes. 
 “Stay for a little while?” she asks in a whisper, her eyes meeting his for a brief second before dropping to the floor just as she drops his hand. It’s as if she thinks he’ll say no, and he almost laughs. 
 “Of course, love,” he agrees, sitting beside her and barely waiting before opening his arms again and letting her fall to his chest. She sighs heavily, content as she seems to release the stress from her lungs. 
 “Thank you,” she whispers as he lets his hand dance up and down along her back some more, pulling at the blanket that they lie beneath and letting it drape over her shoulders. 
 He isn’t sure exactly what she means, but it doesn't matter as her cheek nuzzles into the skin above his collarbone, her hair tickling his neck, her fingers gripping the leather of his vest. He whispers, “Always,” but he isn’t even sure she hears him, her breathing becoming even and deep as she slips comfortably to sleep. 
Tag list: @courtorderedcake @kmomof4 @stahlop @klynn-stormz @laschatzi @emelizabeth88 @lfh1226-linda @kday426 @elisethewritingbeast @timeless-love-story @captain-emmajones @gingerpolyglot @ebcaver @ilovemesomekillianjones @teamhook @superchocovian @itsfabianadocarmo @tiganasummertree @gingerchangeling @jrob64 @onceratheart18 @xhookswenchx @winterbaby89 @swampmedusa @ultraluckycatnd @dancingnancyy @love-with-you-i-have-everything @shireness-says @snowbellewells @hollyethecurious @ouatpost @daxx04 @the-darkdragonfly @donteattheappleshook @therooksshiningknight @eeteeaytay @xsajx @itsfridaysomewhere @alexa-fangirl-forever @jonesfandomfanatic @wefoundloveunderthelight @qualitycoffeethings @rapunzelsghosts @spaceconveyor @badcats-andmice @batana54 @sailtoafarawayland @deckerstarblanche @zaharadessert @xarandomdreamx @pirateprincessofpizza @captainswan21 @hookedmom @lostintheskyfaraway @undercaffinatednightmare @strangestarlighttree
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Introducing The Three Broomsticks’ Yule Bash!
To get us in the festive spirit, this year the Three Broomsticks server, a community which celebrates canon compliant Harry Potter fanfiction, is inviting you to pull out your quills and write! We’re looking for stories that use the Christmassy prompts below. The rules are simple:
All submissions must be canon compliant, but can be from any HP time period, focused on any characters.
We ask that submissions be a minimum of 1000 words.
And that’s it!
Submit your post through our Tumblr blog, and if you wish you may add your story to our ao3 collection, TTB Yule Bash, too. Our FAQs are below the cut.
All submissions by the 28th November, please! We will then release them over the Christmas period for everyone’s enjoyment. You are welcome to submit multiple entries if you wish!
Christmas Fest Prompts
There was only one (sleigh) bed
[Character’s] first Weasley jumper
Snowed in
Secret Santa
I'll be home for Christmas
Advent calendar
Mulled wine
Paper chains and other homemade decorations
Hogwarts for Christmas
Last Christmas
A Christmas wish
Yule Ball
Festive date
Blue Christmas
Tropical Christmas
Someone receives a gift they absolutely hate.
It's not Christmas without a family argument
The night before Christmas
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
Hot chocolate
Flaming pudding
Fake Dating: Christmas edition
Boxing Day
New Years Eve
Four Christmases
What counts as canon compliant?
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sweeethinny · 6 months ago
Jily Fanfic Rec
I said I wanted to make a rec list, but as I read a lot of fanfic Hinny, a lot, I need more time, but in the meantime, here's an Jily Rec, because I love them..
so as not to get an excessively long list, I'll just put the ones shots that are in my bookmarks and that I love very much
Maybe I'll do another one, with Multi-Chapter, or more One Shot :)
ONE-SHOT (AU and Canon Compliant)
color theory - @clare-with-no-i
''Lily Evans learns about love: its hues, its tints, its shades. Some disappoint. Some dazzle.''
one of the last fanfics I've read, and it's beautiful, it's just adorable ho Lily learns what love is, and I love fanfics where Lily dates before James, I think those are the most real ones and the ones I like the most.
Reunion - @writtenbyfreckles
"Get your robes off." Lily started. Stared. "What?" Instead of responding, hands started to pull at her clothing. She batted them away. ''Oi. Hey! Are you in a time warp? This isn't high school. We don't do that anymore."
I don't usually read fanfic where James and Lily aren't together, but since I love whatever Freckles writes, I readed, and my god, it's just ... Damn.
It's so cute, to say the least, James's concern, Lily's insecurity... I don't know much to say, it's very good, I love it
Wildflowers - @YouBlitheringIdiot
“Hold still for a minute!” James is lying on his back, hands behind his head, the warm afternoon sunshine on his closed eyelids, a stupid grin on his face. He half opens an eye and blinks up at her. “Evans, what are you doing?” his voice heavy with Summer stupor. “Oxeye daisy,” she replies. Her hands thread through his hair, small fingers nimbly moving, wordless magic twisting the stem into place.
This fanfic broke my heart, with such cuteness, and with the end of it.
Read, that's all I can say.
Summer heat - @startanewdream
James is late and the summer heat always brings out Lily's emotions.
Okay, me again putting Mah on my lists.
I just wanted to choose one, but I recommend all of hers, but this one in particular has a place in my heart. I love how she writes Jily so well
And it was - @midnightelite
Lily is in love with her best friend who also happens to be her soulmate. It sucks that James isn't interested in her, but she is determined to get through this trip. She will figure out how to continue cohabitating together when they're back home.
I don't have a very good memory to remember just from the synopsis of the stories, but this one, when I read soumates and saw what I had written in the bookmark, I knew what it was.
I also don't read a lot of Soulmate fanfic - even if ironically I'm writing one - but this is one of my favorites, without a doubt
Nah, She Didn't - @jilythot
the seven times Sirius Black said "Nah, she didn't" about James and Lily.
This fanfic is on Sirius' POV, and I was trying not to post several fanfics here so it wouldn't get too big, but I can't let this one go, I think it was one of the first ones I read, along with another one that I will link to too, and I love this story
it's another story that I just read the name and already knew exactly what it was
The Most Brilliant Baby in the World - @magic-girl-in-a-muggle-world
“...and you’ll be a brilliant Quidditch player, even better than I was!”
If I'm not mistaken, this was one of the first Jily fanfic I read, and it was a fanfic that made me cry, and made me write for the first time about Jily.
This fanfic is beautiful, I was separating the links and I knew that this could not be missing, I remember talking to my friend about this story, and being totally emotional.
If I didn't convince you to read this story, I don't know what will.
james potter's #1 rule for primary school pick up - @goingmywaydoll
James has one rule for picking up Harry from school and he really doesn’t think it’s that hard to follow.
another great story, I love it when Jily lives and we can see them doing normal parenting things, and having dilemmas like this ahahahha
a great fanfic
Time Makes You Bolder - @jamespotterthefirst
Lily and James prepare for Harry's seventeenth birthday. Harry, meanwhile, prepares to bring his lovely girlfriend home to meet his parents.
I don't know what to say about this
I thought about saying how I felt when I read it, or how I like this fanfic, but it turns out, words are not enough.
I love this fanfic, I love that Jily lives, I love everything.
I apologize for not knowing what to say, but just remembering this story makes me ... speechless
chewy - @gryffindormischief
Harry is nine and wants to go trick or treating without his parents in Godrics Hollow because he's ~grown~
this was also another that I could not miss, again, I don’t have much to talk about besides how amazing this story is, and how it made me have a whirlwind of feelings while I read
hey ex-girlfriend - @ofmermaidsandmarauders
is your wife technically your ex-girlfriend
Last but not least, the one that always makes me laugh, I love this story, it’s that fanfic that will make you smile on shitty days, and that’s why I’m going to put it here
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constellationswh40kau · 17 days ago
Literally how Night Lord recruitment works;
Night Lord: (stalks predatorily)
Feral Child: (stares)
Night Lord: (stares menacingly)
Feral Child: (stabs with broken bottle)
Night Lord(bursts into Apothecarion holding Feral Child under arm): LOOK WHAT I FOUND!
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captainofmischief · 6 months ago
Tangled in Strings
Tumblr media
(click to read on A03)
Pairing: Zemo x f!Reader
Summary: [Multichapter / slow burn] Reader is an ex-SHIELD agent who is now close friends with Bucky. You accompany him and Sam on their mission to find the super soldier serum, which involves meeting up with an old adversary. Only Zemo isn’t anything like what you imagined. (Begins in Episode 3 of TFATWS)
Chapter 1 
Something is off. Bucky avoids your eyes as he emerges from Zemo’s cell and stalks down the prison corridor with an energetic stride. You and Sam exchange a curious glance before following close behind. “So?” Sam prods impatiently. Not here, you mouth, shaking your head in disapproval- partially over concern of having this conversation in public- but mostly because you want to give Bucky time to level his head. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier aren’t the most compatible comrades to begin with, and something tells you Bucky might be even less agreeable than usual after coming face to face with a piece of his traumatic past. 
Helmut Zemo. You’d never encountered the man personally, but you’d read up on him in great detail when his prison sentence was made public. And you’d heard enough from your friends to feel like you know him and the effect his presence might have on Bucky in particular. 
The three of you walk in silence until reaching the administration atrium. The security guard on staff nods, recognizing you as guests and punches in the code to open the door. A loud buzz makes your presence known to nearby staff as the industrial passage swings open for you to pass through. 
Sam takes it upon himself to sign out with the visitation clerk, leaving you and James standing off to one side of the moderately-sized room. Bucky paces a bit before leaning back against the wall with a stoic expression that you can’t quite place- and you prided yourself on being able to gauge his moods better than most. 
“You okay?” you ask in a casual whisper- placing a gentle hand on Bucky’s shoulder. Physical touch often helps ground him in the moment when he’s spiraling. But that isn’t what’s happening. 
“I’m fine,” he assures you. And you’d be inclined to believe him based on the even tone of his voice alone. However Bucky still refuses to meet your eyes, confirming your suspicions that something is off. 
The car ride isn’t nearly as long as it feels. Bucky shoots Sam down every time he tries to discuss what happened with Zemo, and as usual, you’re forced to mediate their incessant banter. 
“Can you at least tell us where in the hell we’re going?” Sam asks, growing increasingly frustrated.
Bucky grips the steering wheel tighter, and you can hear the leather of his gloves stretch as he tenses up. “Somewhere secure. I’ll tell you when we get there,” he answers vaguely. 
Sam shakes his head in exasperation and glances back at you from the front seat. “Wanna tell me again why you’re friends with this intolerable bionic man?” 
You roll your eyes playfully. “Bucky is perfectly tolerable if you know how to deal with him.” 
“See?” James emphasises amusedly as he drives. 
Sam just eyes the super soldier beside him incredulously. “Yeah, whatever man. If you ask me, Y/N deserves some kind of award for being able to put up with your shit.”
You glance up and coincidentally meet Bucky’s eyes in the rear view mirror, offering him a soft, reaffirming smile. He nods slightly in acknowledgement before turning his attention back to the road. 
It’s not long after that you pull into the winding driveway of what appears to be a large private residence. Bucky types in a code at the gate and enters without pause. What in the world are we doing here? you wonder, climbing out of the car with an anxious feeling stirring in your gut. The place looks utterly uninhabited, and yet the grounds are eerily well-manicured. 
“Bucky… what’s going on?” you ask, unable to hide your concern any longer. “Are you sure this place is secure?” 
“Pretty sure,” he exhales, wiping a thin veil of perspiration from his upper lip. He’s playing it remarkably cool, all things considered. 
“Well you’d better start talking,” Sam encourages plainly. 
The tension in the air grows with each passing second. Motioning for you to follow, Bucky guides the two of you towards some kind of large garage. “Zemo has a lead,” he finally admits.  
Sam seems genuinely surprised. Relief washes over you momentarily. That’s good. The mission was a success then, right? Given Bucky’s manner however, you sense a major caveat of some kind. 
“Is that why we’re at this spooky ass house?” Sam queries optimistically. “Is this our lead?” 
“Not exactly.” As you approach the side entrance, Bucky punches through the door with his left arm, reaches down and unlocks it from the inside. Clearly he’s been made aware of the resident security system, or else why not just kick the whole thing down? 
“Zemo has a contact who keeps tabs on this sort of thing,” Bucky continues, brushing debris off the arm of his jacket. “Only problem is… they’re untouchable. We can’t get to them without him.”
“So that’s it? It’s a dead end?” you ask disappointedly. 
Bucky glances at you sideways as he flips on his flashlight. It’s the first time he’s willingly looked at you since leaving the prison and there’s a glint in his eye that was absent earlier. “Yeah, I guess so,” he shrugs calmly. “Unless… we break him out.” And with that, he turns and disappears into the darkened garage, leaving you and Sam in a stunned silence. 
What? Surely he can’t be serious! Yet you can tell from the mysterious edge to his voice and the energized bounce in his step that Bucky is dead serious. What you still don’t know is why he brought you here. 
Sam nearly chokes as he tries to form words. “Woah, woah, woah. Slow down. What are you talking about- you wanna break Zemo out of jail? Where the hell are we, Buck? Have you lost your mind?!” 
Bucky finds the circuit breaker and flips on the lights as he attempts to explain himself. An impossible task, you think, knowing Sam will hold his ground- and rightly so. At least someone in the group hasn’t completely lost their mind. 
The garage smells distinctly of steel and oil, and even with the electricity on, the space is dimly bathed in a rather ominous green hue. You glance around, wondering how recently it’s been occupied.
As you analyze your surroundings, Bucky’s voice seemingly fades into the background. 
“Can I walk you through a hypothetical?”
There’s something strange about this place, and some primal instinct in the recesses of your mind refuses to let it go. Your own pulse gains volume, ringing in your ears. Focus!
From the exterior architecture alone, you know that the garage extends far beyond the modest room you’re all currently standing in. Walking the perimeter, you peer through the first door you come upon. It’s a small office of some sort. A bit disheveled- as if someone had hastily searched through the contents of the desk. You glance over your shoulder. Sam and Bucky are still talking. Something about the ratio of guards to prisoners. Jesus- they can’t actually be considering this, can they?! 
Slipping inside the adjacent room, you quickly rifle through the flurry of jumbled files that are so carelessly left sitting out. A handful of them are in Russian and appear to be redacted copies of classified documents. Not good. 
Hating that your instincts had been correct, you start to exit the room when you catch sight of an interior window offering up a view into the rest of the building. It’s dark, but you can just barely make out the silhouettes of nearly a dozen old cars. Pristine, classic models parked in rows more akin to that of a museum exhibit than a private collection. You swallow thickly as memories of your research come bubbling to the surface. 
Zemo collected old cars. Zemo spoke Russian. He also had a private estate just outside Berlin. 
You fly out of the office in shock and confusion. “James Barnes, what in the hell-?!” 
It’s too late. The soft echo of footsteps interrupts your frantic train of thought and Sam follows your horrified gaze toward an approaching shadow. Your stomach knots as the Falcon takes the next precious few seconds to put all the pieces together. 
“Woah- what are you doing here?!” he finally shouts when realization hits. Helmut Zemo materializes in the flesh- wearing the familiar uniform of a prison guard- and Bucky has to hold Sam back from physically attacking the newcomer. 
“I didn’t want to tell you because I knew you wouldn’t let this happen!” 
Oh my god, Bucky. Oh my god. What have you done!? Lightheaded, you run a hand over your forehead as you contemplate being implicated in the escape of one of the most dangerous men in the world. This is not going to be a good look on the three of you. 
“What’d you do?” 
“We need him, Sam.”
“You’re going back to prison!” 
“If I may-” Zemo tries to interrupt. But he’s promptly put in his place by both men aggressively shouting “NO!” 
The man’s eyes then flicker to where you’re standing quietly in the background and it suddenly feels as if your feet are bolted to the floor- unable to move under the weight of his gaze. You expect his presence to be aggressive or maniacal somehow. Instead, Zemo just seems remarkably level-headed, which is all the more terrifying. 
(Next Chapter)
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knightsofkenn · 3 months ago
Orion’s Belt(2)| Kylo Ren x Reader
Kylo Ren x sub!Reader Fic; Part 2 (2.33K)✨
Tumblr media
You mysteriously wake up on the Star Killer Base, with no recollection of your arrival. Subject to abuse, everything changes when Kylo Ren “rescues” you
Chapter Tags: Mute Reader, Reader wearing Kylo’s Clothes, Protective Kylo, KYLO BEING HORNY, Obsessed Kylo,TINY BIT OF ANGST, Sith Master! Kylo, Professor x Student Themes,Reader Uses the Force, Use of Sign Language, Kylo being Infatuated, SO MUCH SEXUAL TENSION
A/N: Hi everyone! Here’s Part 2 of Orion’s Belt! I am planning for this to be a longer Fic- so let the Slow Burn begin ;) I really hope you enjoy this one <3
You snuggled deeper into the scented fabric adorning your skin. He had kept his promise, and managed to change your unconscious body into one of his sweaters. He knew how cold the base could be, and couldn’t deal with the thought of you being uncomfortable as you slept.
His attraction to you wasn’t purely on a physical level. Of course, he had caught a few glimpses of your skin and how soft you looked, but he had also seen the purple and red bruises from your captor. He knew you were far from ready for intimacy after what you had experienced- and he was perfectly fine with it.
His patience was rare, yet when he committed to making you his, he knew he would have to wait. He would have to bite the bullet of his impulses and get you to trust him before the chance of anything developing between the two of you.
He sat in a chair across from his bed, staring at you as you slept. It was strange behavior, but he couldn’t shake it. You had been asleep for nearly fifteen hours, succumbing to the urge to rest.
Your body had been through so much trauma, and you hadn’t been able to sleep peacefully in a long time. Any chance you had at resting was thwarted by your fear of being attacked and beaten. You probably wouldn’t have been able to fall asleep if Kylo hadn’t shut off your mind, and willed you to relax.
Kylo’s staring continued, providing him with time to fantasize about your lives together. The idea of having you in his bed night after night was something he could get used to. He wanted to wake up to you and smell your skin. He wanted to show you off to his Knights, claiming She's Mine. He wanted to have you tied to him.
Sure it was a bit much and obsessive- but for some reason, he was utterly drawn to you. He had never felt so strongly about someone, about you. He felt the need to protect you and consume your innocence before it was too late. You were the center of his universe now, and even though it hit him like a truck, he couldn’t deny his feelings.
With his elbows now resting on his thighs, Kylo leaned forward. His head was bowed almost, his hair falling in front of his face. Using The Force, Kylo reached out to you, trying his best not to bother you and let you sleep. He let his energy explore your flesh- navigating you and getting comfortable with you. He moved from the ends of your toes up your hair, gaining familiarity. If the two of you were to become one as he wanted, he would need to get used to our presence- and you would eventually have do the same.
The Force brushed against your head, Kylo briefly wanting to assess your mental state. He pushed his energy in, being transported to the world of your dreams. He could see a few glimpses of the Storm Trooper torturing you, but it was as if you were watching the situation from afar, reflecting on the memory. Your energy was calm, but he could sense its strength lying dormant.
He wanted to make himself known, and reveal himself in your dreams- but he knew it would probably have a negative reaction. You would be afraid of him, and that was the last thing he wanted.
He watched you wander in your dream, your mind thinking of all you had been through and more specifically Kylo. You seemed to be stuck replaying the moment he told you to close your eyes. You replayed it over and over, seemingly analyzing why he had done it, and what he had to gain from it.
Kylo’s eyes widened as the dream changed; he was now holding you to his chest. Your flesh against his, the two of you distracted by lust. Holy hell. This might be easier than expected.
The lust intensified. Kylo found himself growing uncomfortable in his pants, watching the two of you fuck in your mind. He would get there soon enough, but until then he would make himself wait.
As he withdrew his energy from your body, he heard a few words that made his heart stop. They didn’t come from him or even you, they came from a much more annoying being.
“You two have destroyed the Galaxy!”
“You’re a fool Ren, to think she would care for you”
“You must kill h-“
You jumped awake, your eyes wide as you tried to see in the darkness. Sweat was running down the back of your neck, dampening the shirt you were in. You were afraid for some reason. You didn’t know what had caused you to be so frightened, and you also didn’t know where the hell you were.
You could remember Kylo killing the Storm Tropper, and him telling you to sleep, but that was it. You figured whatever he had done to get you to sleep was intense, as you looked to the clock beside you and noticed nearly 20 hours had passed.
Kylo was still staring at you, this time with caution as he reflected on the words he had heard. They came from Snoke, there was no doubt about it. But he couldn’t decipher if it was a premonition, or if you were so strung that your mind made up very interesting scenarios.
He watched you fumble around the bed, trying to find your way out of his vast covers. You pulled the hair off of your neck, lifting it so that it wouldn’t stick from your sweat. He would have to make an introduction sooner or later and decided the best way to do that was not in the dark.
You flinched, nearly falling off the bed as the lights came on. The white fluorescents revealed the last person you wanted to see. Kylo.
He stood at the edge of the bed, his eyes somewhat bloodshot. He looked tired, like he needed as much rest as you, but was stubborn about it.
You didn’t know what to do, or to think. Most people would be eagerly running into the arms of their savior, thanking them for all they had done. But your savior had done as much bad as your captor, and you couldn’t tell if you were in a safer situation yet.
Kylo watched you, expectantly waiting for you to speak. Not in an audible way of course, but for you to speak in your mind, so he could understand what you were feeling.
He figured you didn’t know that he could read your thoughts, so he spoke first. “I’m happy to see you're awake” Your body audibly shifted from his tone, your ears familiarizing with his voice. It wasn’t a complete contrast from the vocoder, but you wouldn’t have guessed he sounded like this. His voice was rich and deep, so low that you almost couldn’t hear him.
“I know you’ve been through a lot, but just know that man will never hurt you again.”
No one will ever hurt you.
You only stared at him, your eyes wide as you took in his presence. He was tall and overpowering. His body language screamed authority, and that he was the highest power- no, he was the only power. His lips were full, pink yet soft. And his eyes were a mix of hazel and brown, yet they held plenty of secrets.
“I know you don’t speak, but we can still communicate”
A confused look crossed your features. He’s just as insane as they say. Kylo chuckled, or what you assumed to be a laugh. It came and went so fast that you weren’t sure if you had imagined it.
“I can assure you I’m not insane, but maybe a little bit crazy”
Your heart dropped to your stomach. He could- he could understand. He had read your thoughts and responded as if nothing had happened.
It had been so long since you could effectively communicate, and you were willing to give him the cold shoulder- but this changed things.
On one hand, he could understand what you were saying, and could actively converse with you. But, on the other, he would always know what you were thinking, and you would never have any privacy.
“You’re right. I’ll always know how you’re feeling and what you’re trying to say, but there are ways to change that.” He was going out on a whim and would explain how to prevent him from having full access to your mind. He knew that if he kept himself in a position of power, you would never want him. So he would weaken himself, even if it wasn’t entirely truthful.
How? “Well it may take some time, but I could teach you how to use The Force, how to protect yourself”
You internally scoffed, rolling your eyes at his antics. People couldn’t just learn the force, that much you knew. They had to be Jedi, and train and learn for months. “You’re wrong. You don’t have to be a Jedi. You can be whatever you want, and under my instruction, you’ll be the best.”
He watched you shake your head in disbelief, obviously doubting his words. He could sense your energy; if he was drawn to you, compelled to you- then you had to feel the same. And part of being his other half was being a force user. He did not doubt that you would excel, even if you refused to wrap your mind around the idea.
“You don’t believe me?” He questioned, this time walking around the bed to your side. He towered over you, leaning down slightly so his body was closer to yours. Your breath hitched in your throat, your chest constricting from his proximity. He took all of the air from your body and stressed your mind.
You had never had this response towards anyone, and it was conflicting. He was a mass murderer, but holy hell he made you feel things. You flinched once more, your body electrified from his fingers pushing your hair behind your ear. “You feel that? The magnetic energy circling us. The way it’s pulling you closer and closer to me? Or the way it’s making you want me in ways you shouldn’t?
Kylo smirked watching you blush and lower your gaze. He held every belief that you would rule beside him; he would have to get you to utilize your force powers. And what better time than the present?
Out of nowhere, a spherical object came rushing towards you, leaving you with little time to duck. You flattened yourself on the bed, your chest heaving, and looked to Kylo. He had a smug look on his face and seemed to be amused.
“What the hell!” You signed, anxiously shielding your body from the next attack.
“You’re fine. Try and block the next one” He ordered, watching your eyes grow wide. In his mind, this was the fastest way to activate your energy. If you were in a dangerous situation- and had to escape then it should come out. It was similar to when he heard your calls on the ship. You were in a life or death situation, and you were able to use a little bit of The Force. While that was impressive, he needed you to learn how to manipulate it with ease.
This time Kylo didn’t try to hide his movements and sent a barrage of hardcover books in your direction. Each book zipped past your figure, flying at an impressive speed as you managed to dodge them. Kylo really was insane.
Only a maniac would practically assault you- with the hopes of you being able to use The Force.
“That was good. This time try attacking” Kylo spoke nonchalantly, taking a seat in the chair he sat in while you were asleep. He watched the flustered look of frustration cross your eyes and the look of uncertainty. If this was going to work, you would have to trust in yourself and trust that he would lead you well.
The next attack caught you by surprise, a black knife hurdled through the air, cutting you as it passed by your face. You barely had time to register the pain before Kylo sent at least twenty coming; one after the next.
You managed to bend and move away from the knives, but Kylo wasn’t letting you off that easily. “The objective isn’t to dodge- it's to attack”
Don’t you think I would attack if I could? You were once again covered in sweat, your chest rapidly rising and falling.
“You can, and you will”
Kylo had complete faith in you and would push you to your limits to prove his point. Starting again, he raised the knives from the ground and sent them towards you all at once.
Your blood ran cold. He wouldn’t? He wouldn’t actually let you get stabbed to death?
The questions passed through your mind with the same speed as the knives, forcing you into reality. There was a chance that he wouldn’t stab you, but there was an even bigger chance that he would.
Focusing your energy, you pushed as hard as you could, sending all of your will into the movement.
This time Kylo’s breath caught.
Each of the twenty knives he had sent for you were now broken fragments on the ground.
He had clearly underestimated your power and was pleasantly surprised.
He stood from the chair, walking up to your shaking form. He pulled your body flush to his, trying his best to calm you.
Your skin was hot- pulsing from the energy you had used. And from Kylo’s hands massaging you.
“Training starts tomorrow. But until then, take a shower and meet me for dinner”
He calmly exited the room, his posture tense. You had more strength than he could have ever imagined. It was enough to challenge him, and it was unnerving. He would train you to handle the best of them, even though the words from your premonition continued to ring out in his head.
<<<Part One
Next Part>>>>
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fireladybuckley · 28 days ago
It Isn’t in my Blood
Fandom: 9-1-1 Prompt:  Inspired by @kitkatpancakestack‘s “what if Buck finds the pamphlet“ post Pairing: Implied future Buddie - Evan Buckley (Buck) x Eddie Diaz Word Count: 2,330 Summary:    SPOILERS - A 5x01 missing scene - Buck finds the pamphlet on anxiety and panic attacks given to him by the cardiologist at the hospital and encourages Eddie to tell him what happened. Eddie breaks down and admits that maybe not everything is okay.
Beta’d by @firemedicdiaz​ Thank you babe <3
Read it on Ao3
Tumblr media
             “I’ll just be a minute, you staying here?”  Eddie asked, hopping out of the truck and looking over at Buck.
              “Sure, sounds good,” Buck said, yawning.  Eddie nodded and closed the door, hurrying up the sidewalk as Buck settled back in his seat.  It had been such a long, chaotic shift and Buck was exhausted; Eddie just had to drop off a form at Christopher’s school and then they were going for breakfast.  Buck figured he had time for a short nap and shut his eyes, but sleep wouldn’t come.
              After a while it became apparent that Eddie was going to be longer than he’d said, and Buck was getting restless.  He grew bored quite easily of late, so he began poking around Eddie’s truck - changing the radio station, fiddling with the air freshener.  Absently, Buck hit the button on the dashboard that opened the glove box in front of him and looked down into it, wondering if there were any travel brochures left in there from a previous road trip that he could look at.   Instead, he pulled out a very different kind of pamphlet that looked like it had been shoved in carelessly and as he read the front, his eyebrows contracted with a small frown.
              Understanding Anxiety and Panic Attacks - Recognize the Signs and Symptoms
              Underneath the pamphlet were a couple of folded sheets of paper.  Upon quick inspection, Buck saw that they were discharge papers from the hospital dated a few days earlier with Eddie’s name in the patient field.
              Buck’s heart squeezed painfully as he stared at the slightly crumpled papers and then back at the pamphlet, realizing what it must all mean.  Buck had been startled earlier in the shift when that doctor had called out to Eddie, but Eddie had been very resistant to talking about his trip to the hospital.  Buck had dropped it for the time being as they had been chaotically busy the entire shift, but he had always intended to grill Eddie about it later.  Now, he suddenly understood what must have happened.  He knew from experience how scary panic attacks could be, how they could feel like a heart attack, especially if a person had never had one before.  
              He remembered how uncomfortable Eddie had looked when Buck had tried to confront him.  Buck knew how much Eddie relied on everyone thinking he was this stoic, unmoving rock, because it allowed him to hide his feelings and keep everything bottled up.  Buck was well aware that he himself and Bobby were the only two people that Eddie ever opened up to, and it made Buck’s heart hurt as he considered how shaken up Eddie must have been by the whole incident to be so resistant to telling him about it.
              Buck sighed, wishing he had known, thinking about how he could try to help Eddie as he skimmed the pamphlet.  He wanted to help, hating the idea that Eddie could be going through this alone.  He distinctly remembered how Eddie had tried to drag Buck out of his horrible depression and anxiety after the fire truck had crushed his leg and he wanted to be there for Eddie in turn.  Buck knew that Eddie had Ana, but if Buck was right about their relationship, he suspected that Eddie would be uncomfortable talking to her about his emotions.  He’d always had the feeling that while Eddie clearly liked Ana and they got along well, their relationship wasn’t particularly deep and Buck knew that Eddie had to really trust someone before he would open up.
              Lost in his thoughts, Buck was still looking at the pamphlet in one hand, the discharge papers held loosely in the other, when Eddie returned.
              “Alright, that’s all done, let’s go t-- Buck, what the hell?”
              Buck jumped as the driver’s door opened and Eddie swung himself inside, only to freeze when he saw what Buck was holding and reading through.  Buck started to stammer as Eddie snatched the papers and pamphlet out of his hands and threw them back into the glove box, snapping it shut and staring straight ahead, his chest rising and falling quickly, his jaw set.
              “Eddie, I-I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to snoop, I just found that in the glove box and I couldn’t help looking at it…”
              “It’s fine.  It’s nothing.”  Eddie’s voice was clipped, and Buck could tell he felt vulnerable and was not pleased about it.  
              “I mean, it’s not nothing,” Buck replied cautiously in a coaxing tone.  He hadn’t been planning on talking to Eddie about this before breakfast, but then there was no time like the present.    “Is this why you were in the hospital the other day?”
              Eddie shot him an annoyed look, because it was obvious that Buck had seen the discharge papers so the question was redundant, but then he sighed and nodded.
              “Yeah.  I’m fine though.”
              “Eddie… you’ve been through so much.  There’s no shame in having a panic attack--” Buck began, but Eddie started the truck and cut through his words sharply.
              “I don’t panic.”
              Buck frowned as Eddie pulled away from the curb and began to drive without saying another word.  Deciding to give him some space for a few so he could collect his thoughts, Buck stayed silent as they moved through the streets.   To his surprise, Eddie pulled up in front of Buck’s apartment building and parked, still looking straight ahead.
              “I… thought we were going for breakfast?”  Buck asked slowly, not sure what to expect.  Eddie seemed to steel himself, then glanced towards the building and shut off the truck.
              “I know you’re not going to let this go, and I don’t want to do it in public.  Let’s go up to your loft.”  
              Eddie’s voice was gruff, but Buck was grimly pleased that he wasn’t resisting.  Buck knew that Eddie knew Buck would not let this slide, would not let it rest until he was sure that Eddie was okay.  Taking his lead, Buck agreed and hopped out of the truck, following Eddie up to his building and then leading the way into his apartment.
              “Let’s get this over with,” Eddie said in a resigned voice as he moved into the kitchen and leaned against the counter, Buck pulling himself up and sitting on the counter across from him.  “What do you want to know?”
              “What happened?” Buck asked simply.  “I know you went to the hospital, you were seen by a cardiologist, and now you have a pamphlet on panic attacks.  What actually happened?”
              Eddie gnawed the inside of his lip, still refusing to look at Buck as he mulled over what to say.  He was staring at the lower part of the counter in front of him, Buck’s shoe dangling in his line of sight, though he wasn’t seeing much.  All he could see in his mind was that damn suit store, the feeling of the tightness in his chest making him feel claustrophobic and deeply uncomfortable.
              “I don’t know.  We were trying on suits, and then I just… collapsed.  I thought I was having a heart attack,” Eddie summarized it as succinctly as he could, but he knew it wasn’t going to be enough for Buck.
              “Okay, but what triggered that?” Buck asked, his voice gently prodding.  “Did something upset you, or…?”
              Eddie shifted uncomfortably, and Buck’s lips curled in a small, sad smile.  
              “Eddie, it’s just me.  You can talk to me.  You know you can trust me.  Please tell me what happened.”
              For a brief moment, Eddie lifted his eyes and met Buck’s gaze.  Buck’s expression was earnest, concerned, and Eddie knew he was right.  If there was anyone in this world he could trust, it was Buck.  Still, he hated talking about his emotions, especially ones he felt like he couldn’t control.  And yet, he felt like if he didn’t share it with someone he may explode because he was starting to seriously wonder what was going on in his brain.
              “I… you know I’m not good at this,” Eddie muttered, and Buck nodded.
              “I know, but… you were there for me when everything with my parents was going on.  You told me it was okay to feel what I was feeling, and to share it.  I want that for you, too,”  Buck told him gently, and Eddie sighed.  He felt like a hypocrite; he had told Buck those things, and he had meant it.  But for some reason when it came to himself, he had different rules.
              “The last time Chris and I wore suits was at Shannon’s funeral,” Eddie said, averting his gaze once more as he began to speak.  “I guess that was already putting me on edge.  I couldn’t stop thinking about her death and everything that had happened right before she died.  I just wanted to get out of there.”
              Eddie paused but Buck didn’t say anything, not wanting to interrupt.  Buck had a feeling that if Eddie stopped talking he wouldn’t start again so he waited patiently, keeping his mouth shut.
              “I think Chris was feeling it, too, but I was too distracted to notice.  And then… then the sales guy called Ana Chris’s mom.”
              Buck tilted his head to the side, looking over at Eddie, slightly confused.  Eddie and Ana had been together for nearly six months, it was only natural that at some point she would be mistaken for Chris’s mom.  But Eddie seemed shaken and Buck wasn’t sure he was going to continue.
              “What happened then?” Buck asked quietly, trying to gently prompt Eddie to speak again without spooking him.  Eddie had gotten a somewhat haunted look in his eyes and Buck could tell he was getting upset.  He was tempted to tell Eddie to stop, not wanting him to be distraught, but he sensed Eddie really needed to get it out there, so Buck would do everything he could to coax it out.
              “I- I genuinely don’t know,” Eddie said, shaking his head.  “Hearing that, it just… it intensified my thoughts about Shannon, and thinking of Ana as Chris’s mom is just - just so far beyond where we are in our relationship, and I- I…”
              Eddie was starting to get visibly upset and Buck slipped off the counter, moving over to stand beside him in case he needed support.
              “It made me realize that m-maybe I don’t want-- maybe things aren’t going so great, or something.  I don’t know.”
              “And then?” Buck prompted gently, feeling his heart break as Eddie glanced at him, clearly upset.
              “And then… I don’t know.  I don’t panic,” Eddie said stubbornly, though as he thought back to what had happened, he let out a long, unhappy sigh.  “But… I guess I panicked.  I don’t know.  I felt overwhelmed, and my chest got tight and I couldn’t breathe… I got really dizzy and fell over, I thought I was having a heart attack.”
              “Panic attacks can be really scary,” Buck told him, trying to reassure him.  “They can definitely feel like heart attacks.”
              “I don’t panic,” Eddie repeated, scowling at the floor.  “I never panic.  Not in the military, not when Shannon died, not when you nearly died several times…”
              “Eddie, you’ve been through a lot,” Buck reasoned, trying to brush off the last part of the sentence, as though it wasn’t a big deal to him that his near-death experiences were one of the things Eddie considered most upsetting.  “Do you think the shooting could be part of this?  Or is it just your relationship?”
              Eddie shifted uncomfortably again, not responding, and as Buck watched him, he saw tears start to pool in Eddie’s eyes, despite Eddie continually refusing to make eye contact.  
              “Are you okay?” Buck asked quietly, reaching out and touching him, gripping Eddie’s forearm lightly in a gesture of support.   This one little touch seemed to have caused him to come undone, however, and Buck saw his expression contort, his lips pressed together tightly as he tried and failed to stop himself crying.
              “No,” Eddie finally blurted out, seemingly completely against his will.  “No, I’m not okay.”
              Buck’s heart broke and he immediately reached out to embrace Eddie, giving him a chance to pull away if he wanted.  When he didn’t, Buck wrapped his arms around him and held him as Eddie choked into his shoulder, trying desperately to stop himself from outright sobbing.  It was rare that Buck had seen Eddie cry - he hadn’t seen it since Shannon’s death - and Buck wished he could take Eddie’s pain away, wished he could make the world right for him again.  
              After a few moments Eddie squirmed in his arms and Buck got the message that he was uncomfortable so he pulled away, but he didn’t go far.  Eddie seemed determined to not meet his gaze, furiously wiping at his eyes, and Buck gently rubbed his back, sensing that he really wanted comfort but was trying to stop himself from allowing it.  They stood like that for a while, until Eddie’s attempts at stopping his tears dissolved and he took a shaky breath, letting them slip down his cheeks as he pulled himself together.
              “It’s okay to not be okay sometimes.  You’re going to get through this,” Buck told him, his hand stilling in the middle of Eddie’s back.  “And I’m gonna help you get through it, if that’s what you want.”
              Eddie swallowed, sniffing, as he listened to Buck speak.  He’d always gone through things alone.  He’d always thought that was the best way to do it.  But in that moment, standing there, knowing he had Buck’s full love and support behind him, Eddie started to wonder if maybe having Buck at his side would be a much better option than going it alone.   Eddie nodded slowly, glancing at Buck for a moment before looking away, nodding again.
              “Yeah,” Eddie took a shaky breath and looked over at Buck, feeling the tiniest flicker of hope in his heart.  “That’s what I want.”
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startanewdream · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Note: An weird attempt to make this scene in DH1 more canon compliant. Slight angst.
‘Stupid dress’.
It’s the annoying tone in her voice that makes Harry stop on the first floor landing on his way downstairs. He knows that tone; it’s the same one Ginny used when she would complain about a spell she couldn’t make work for Charms despite being her favourite class.
Harry remembers showering her face with small kisses (then neck, then shoulder) until she giggled and relaxed and picked up again her Charms textbook, resolved to get the spell right (‘You do give me the best incentive, Harry’, she would say, eyes sparkling, and Harry would gladly wait for the congratulations kiss when she would accomplish the spell).
That annoying tone fills him with longing.
Her door is slightly opened. He peeks inside before he can control himself and his breath is caught immediately. Ginny has her back to the door, already wearing the golden dress she will wear for the wedding - a long light dress that seems to highlight her curves in a way Harry is sure he never appreciated before -, but the dress is not closed yet. Harry should note her fingers trying to close the buttons, but his attention is fixed on the tone of her skin, on the freckles he didn’t know she had there, in the line of her spine and in the way he wants to trace her back, wants to see her shivering under his touch -
‘Are you going to just stand there or will you help me?’
He jumps, embarrassed, at the sound of Ginny's voice and tries to get his imagination away from the scene where, instead of closing her dress, Ginny is letting it slide down her hips and then -
He blinks again, finding Ginny looking at him through the full body mirror in the room he didn’t remember seeing there the day before - the day he had entered her room for the first time and she had kissed him as if there was no tomorrow…
Which could as well be his case. This thought washes him over like a cold rain.
‘Sure’, he says, more in control now. Nothing can happen between them; he promised Ron and he promised himself.
So he enters her room, taking the short steps until he is behind her, keeping his eyes on the buttons he is supposed to close. Closing them is easy; trying not to touch her skin while he does is a lot harder.
‘I thought you will be down already’, Ginny whispers.
‘On my way. I was about to drink my Polyjuice Potion when - when I saw you’.
‘Oh, ready to become cousin Barney?’, she asks, a teasing tone that he welcomes. ‘Well, I will miss Harry Potter’. His hands stop, and Harry wonders if he should say something, because he doesn’t really think she is talking just about his appearance. But then Ginny adds: ‘You know, there are already too many Weasleys in the world’.
‘And you are getting another today’, he replies, forcing his voice to sound steady.
‘Well, better more than less’, she shrugs. Harry finishes the last button but he doesn’t move, his fingers itching to touch her neck, her bare shoulders; his gaze finds hers in the mirror. ‘Doesn’t it feel weird? Marrying in the middle of a war?’
‘It may be now or never’, Harry says. Something flickers in her eyes.
‘Is that why they are together? Desperation?’
Harry doesn’t think about Bill and Fleur and neither does Ginny, he believes. ‘No. I think they just love each other and don’t want to be apart’.
‘It must be nice when things are that simple’.
‘It must’, he agrees, not minding to sound wistful.
Ginny sighs.
She turns and Harry takes a step back not because he doesn’t want to be near her, but because he wants to fully appreciate her in that golden dress. Ginny is beautiful as always, the flaming red in her hair complimenting the dress, her face with a soft makeup he didn’t saw often on her but it makes her eyes glow, impossible to not want to melt into them, and her lips are glistening with an invitation Harry doesn’t want to refuse.
But the sunlight reflects on her dress, making it sparkle softly and its gleam would be enough to demand his attention - then Harry’s eyes are drawn to the neckline of her dress. Under a thin layer of veil, he can see her cleavage, the top curve of her breast, and his mouth is dry. Months of dreaming with her come to his mind and Harry suddenly realizes reality may be better.
‘Ginny -’, he whispers, because the only right thing he could say is her name. He feels paralyzed not out of fear, but of indecision - there are so many things he wants to tell her and to do that he can’t choose one.
‘Harry’, she repeats in the same tone, but unlike him, Harry thinks Ginny knows exactly what she wants to do.
Ginny takes a step in his direction, and then she stops as a sound breaks the silence of the room. ‘Morning’.
Ginny looks away just as Harry turns around. There is George on the door, a bandage still covering his head.
‘Mum was asking for you upstairs, Ginny. Hope I wasn’t interrupting anything’, he says, a smirk in his lips that tells Harry that George knows exactly what he interrupted.
‘I will be going. Thanks for your help, Harry’, Ginny says, again sounding as if nothing happened between them. Harry envies her for that.
‘Yeah, thanks Harry for his help’.
‘Shut up, George’, she says, throwing her brother a look that makes him stop smiling.
George doesn’t move when Ginny vanishes in the stairs, so Harry is forced to pass by him to leave the room.
‘So -’, George begins, and Harry expects him to joke about, but George looks just thoughtful. ‘Is everything alright?’
Harry blinks, without answering, and drinks his Polyjuice Potion. Cousin Barney sounds a lot easier to be than Harry Potter at the moment.
Update: @sweeethinny wrote an amazing cute piece about Ginny in a golden dress, for another Weasley wedding, but this time there is nothing stopping Harry from fully enjoying Ginny in a beautiful dress. Read here!
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frogsmulder · a month ago
The Anchor that Floats
Three Words missing scene after Mulder returns to his apartment; 1.1k words; rated t; tagging @today-in-fic
As soon as the door clicked closed behind Scully, his apartment suddenly felt simultaneously very big and very small. Like the walls were closing in around him, but the room felt empty, too large for only his presence, and he could feel the walls reel away from him, swamping him in his insignificance. The push and the pull of the walls battled with every inhale and exhale he made, like reality was warping. The reality he knew was different. Things had changed without him and still they continued to change, leaving him behind in the dirt. He blinked, and as soon as he did, he knew it was a mistake. The world turned to black like drowning in a deep sea. And then he was back there again, on the ship bright light and drilling instruments his only company. And then he was back in the room but not really. And then he blinked. And then the darkness.
The room was moving because there was something missing to keep it steady.
It was barely ten seconds before he rushed out into the hallway, chasing after his constant in the chaos. Her familiar bob of red hair was like a beacon of light that shone through his nightmares even when he closed his eyes—especially when he closed his eyes. He held onto the idea of her through the storm, like through his unorthodox brain surgery, she was still his touchstone. He was sure of it. It was the only thing he was sure of.
She turned around at the sound of his voice, eyes wide and brow furrowed in concern. But of course she wasn’t constant. She had changed too. The Scully he knew and had pictured was not swollen with child. It was strange, knowing someone so well you could envision every little detail about them—even down to their laugh lines—and then be wrong.
His image of her shattered upon seeing her again; the truth claiming its throne over him. He was reminded of how much was different, of how much he had already lost. How much time swept past him, thick and curled about his wake like water he could never grasp. Time fell through his fingers as he tried to cling onto his surroundings. Time left him behind.
“Scully!” he shouted again, unsure if there was anything else he could say. Some things are instinct and the shape of her name on his lips was one that lived in him beyond ideas of thought, existing purely in the feeling of needing her badly.
He watched her rush back as quickly as she could, her gate awkward and unfamiliar. One hand supporting her unborn child, the other seeking out his cheek to hold, his hair to run through. Some things are instinctual like the feel of her hands caring for him. Some things are constants.
Maybe his Scully was still in there somewhere.
He felt selfish for melting into her touch, for needing her support. He looked down to where her belly protruded between them and began to sob; surely it was his job to support her and this child of hers.
“Mulder?” her voice was soft and gentle, laced with concern.
His chest heaved and his vision narrowed until he knew nothing of the world not even her. “I was wrong...” he gasped. “I don’t want... to be alone.”
The sound of her voice was muffled as if underwater, as if time was sweeping her away from him too. He reached out blindly to grab at her shoulders and she’s there for him as always.
Mulder, look at me. Look at me. You’re having a panic attack. I need you to focus on me. Can you focus on the sound of my voice?
He nodded, still feeling like he was spluttering and drowning.
I need you to breathe with me. Breathe in, Mulder. Hold one, two, three—
He gasped before she finished counting and another sob racked through his body.
Good that was good. Breathe in. Hold one, two, three, four, five. Breath out... Breathe in... Breathe out. “Are you with me, Mulder?”
Mulder nodded again, much calmer than before. Instinctively he bent down to place a kiss against her forehead, whispering, “Thank you,” against her skin.
Scully stiffened at the expression of affection and Mulder sensed her shock. Immediately, he stepped back unsure of himself.
“Was that not okay?”
She reached for his hand reassuringly and shook her head. “No, it’s more than okay...
“I’ve been alone for so long that I’ve forgotten what it was like.” She smiled up at him weakly but it did nothing to dampen the guilt blooming in his gut. “Come on, we should go inside.”
Inside his apartment, Scully fluttered about: making cups of tea, turning on the television, finding the unopened bag of sunflower seeds at the back of the cupboard. Mulder watched her and wondered how many times she had been here, keeping things clean for him whilst he was gone. He felt somewhat better that in his absence the apartment had been graced with her presence. It occurred to him that he should tell her to put her feet up and let him do all of this. If nothing else it would cure his need to fidget and feel useful.
So he did. He slipped up behind her whilst she’s reaching for the top shelf of an overhead cupboard and placed his hand to the small of her back.
“Let me.” He grabbed the biscuits he assumed she was reaching for; ones he never had before. Had she been staying here too?
“I swear this baby is crushing my spine,” she muttered and he didn’t know whether he should worry about that or not. There was a lot he didn’t know about.
He rubbed her back and handed her the biscuits. “Go and sit down. I’ll bring out the tea.”
She sighed, “Thank you,” and then stood up on her tiptoes. “Tell me if this is too much.”
She cupped his jaw and tenderly brushed her lips against his. Mulder was unsure how to react but as the kiss lingered, he relaxed and reciprocated, finding peace where once he worried that they would never be the same. Feeling something wet land on his cheek, he pulled away.
She was smiling through her tears, holding him fiercely. “You have no idea how glad I am to have you back...” She bit her lip. “How much it hurt when you said you needed space.”
“We’ll get through this,” he promised. “I’m just... It’s a lot... I feel like I’ve forgotten how to exist.” His laugh was a mirthless one.
“Stay with me tonight?”
She nodded, tears spilling over her rosy cheeks. “Always.”
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tokyo-fukushu · a month ago
Tumblr media
02:32, baji keisuke
he had known what was to happen to him.
delinquents always ended up heavily scolded, handcuffs on their wrists when they were caught in a scuffle.
baji keisuke knew what was to happen to him.
if normal fighting, scowling, delinquents would already get held in a cell for a few hours or so, even more to him. he who holds a knife in his hand, set on stabbing a bitch later that day.
keisuke had clean up this morning, all his old failed test papers were already thrown out for good along with little trinkets he will never get the chance to use. his books and notebooks were sorted out properly, clothes folded neatly in his closet. his bed was made, his floor clear of its usual mess.
the room was aired out and his table was a free space along with his usually cluttered desk.
there was still cat food, he hopes his mom or at least chifuyu would feed them to his usual visitors.
baji is on his bed, already noting to fix it again before he leaves. the pocket knife is heavy on his open palm but he only stares at the ceiling blankly.
there was no going back after this.
he was to turn himself in right after, hopefully with all of the problems resolved and kazutora back in toman when he goes. if he has good conduct, he could leave in two years or so. he’s sure that mikey would hit him before and after.
the thought makes baji smile and feel a little more light-hearted even with the situation.
he exits the room after making sure that the bed looked pristine once more, the unfamiliar valhalla jacket on. he stops by the doorway, looking over his shoulder. 
he hopes... no, he knows, chifuyu would take care of his mom while he’s gone.
until then.
Tumblr media
listened to mitski’s last words of a shooting star again so here we are. baji cleaning up before he leaves for the bloody halloween fight, not knowing that he wouldn’t get a chance to go home no matter how long.
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mrspeetamellark · 2 months ago
A Post Mockingjay One Shot
Tumblr media
"Katniss was happy with the way things between them were progressing, but one day she woke up with the realization that she was ready for more. She knew that the next step in the evolution of their relationship was to become intimate with one another, and she desperately wanted that, but she wasn’t sure how to go about bringing up the subject. She suddenly wanted much more than just the sweet, innocent kisses she and Peeta exchanged each day in the kitchen, or in her bed, or on the front porch. She wanted him to undress her, caress her naked body, and make love to her. She wanted to give him everything, and she wanted to do it as soon as possible. She only hoped that Peeta would be ready when she finally gathered the courage to make her intentions known."
Complete One Shot is posted on AO3 HERE
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spiders-in-the-city · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A more “canon-compliant” frenrey comic,, This took so long and i’m really happy with how it came out <3
Inspiration credit: link
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