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#canon divergence
itafushiweek · an hour ago
Itafushi Drabble
Megumi held tightly to the gaping wound at his side. The blood loss making him dizzy, vision growing blurry, and body weakening by the minute. He smiled weakly at his friend. “Every day I see you, and I can't help but think about how lucky I am to have met you, Yuuji.”
“Stop talking like this is the end!” Yuuji spat back. “Y-You’re not dying on me here!”
“It’s over, Yuuji, and that’s okay. You helped me save my sister, and we’ve defeated everyone. I can go in peace…”
Yuuji grabbed hold of Megumi to keep the man from falling. “You stupid bastard! I didn’t do all this to lose you! I will find away! Sukuna!!” He screamed at the empty abyss, knowing the cursed spirit had been shed from his body. There had to be some way to harness Sukuna’s abilities. Hadn’t he been paying enough attention, absorbed something useful from their bond?!
As he watched Megumi’s eyes glazing over and strength leave his body, Yuuji reached down deep into his mind. He wasn’t the brightest when it came to life, but what he was good at was thinking in the moments of fight or flight, and this was the biggest fight of his life! Reverse cursed technique was his only chance and by Kami he would make it work for him! “Stay with me Megumi!” His voice cracked as he placed a hand over the man’s wound and pushed out with all the energy he could muster. “Stay with me…”
~~ Mod Yuuji
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the-witchs-word · 12 hours ago
Chapters: 12/12 Fandom: The Grisha Trilogy - Leigh Bardugo Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: The Darkling | Aleksander Morozova/Alina Starkov Characters: The Darkling | Aleksander Morozova, Alina Starkov, Mal Oretsev, Ivan (The Grisha Trilogy) Additional Tags: Animal Death, Angst and Feels, Eventual Smut, Some Plot, POV Multiple, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Did I say some plot?, i meant a lot, Teasing, Orgasm Delay/Denial, Dom/sub Play, Dirty Talk, Biting, Power Dynamics, Power Exchange, Mild Blood, Hair-pulling, Nipple Play, Grinding, Praise Kink, Held Down, Hurt/Comfort, Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms, Unhealthy Relationships, this was supposed to be porn without plot, now it's plot with porn, Vaginal Fingering, Anal Play, Hand Jobs, Riding, Topping from the Bottom, Light over stimulation, Cuddling & Snuggling, Daddy is mentioned, I don't know, it felt right, embarrassment ensues, So much angst, You've been warned Series: Part 2 of Grisha Trilogy Alternate Scenes Summary:
Mal and Alina have made it to Tsibeya. As they sit in the blizzard they discuss a few things. Meanwhile, The Darkling watches on from the treeline.
Another "What-if" that goes into what could have happened in risqué scenes.
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onwiings · 12 hours ago
4,000 words of (Ourea-inspired) MountainSpirit!Eren collab fic and we are not halfway there what the FUCK just get out Eren YeaGRRRRRRRR! 🏔😮‍💨
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I haven’t read The Fall of Gondolin yet so Tolkien Gateway is my friend in writing a particular fanfic
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grimjheir · 13 hours ago
just a psa that while leigh made the portrayal of hanne /ilya a little vague concerning pronouns, this blog will be referring to them with he/they pronouns. i will mostly be relying on they/them in an attempt to give some benefit of the doubt on whether or not they are more nonbinary or transmasc. however, in the guise of rasmus, you may see me use he/him more often than not as that is the role that they take on. i will never use she/her, even in threads that take place before the events of kos/row, as i'm not comfortable doing that.
that being said, if your character is unaware of mine's gender identity or pronouns ( which is likely, considering the circumstances ) it is perfectly okay to use whatever pronouns they see fit!!
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pandorabox82 · 15 hours ago
Erin and Alex start to have a long needed heart to heart as they wait for Aaron and the team to arrive and deal with John and David
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sian265 · 15 hours ago
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pandorabox82 · 15 hours ago
Erin and Jessica talk into the night about why she’s concerned about Emily’s sudden disappearance
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sweatersinthesummer · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
All your compliments and your cutting remarks are captured here in my quotation marks
by sweaters_in_the_summer on ao3
12k words | patrick/david | canon divergent 
David pulled the business card out of his pocket and ripped it into a dozen pieces, throwing them into the first garbage can he saw.
David follows an anonymous blog and also meets an infuriating jerk. Totally unrelated, of course.
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eunoiapaintficrecs · 16 hours ago
By skyestiel
Kuramochi is supposed to be a delinquent. He's supposed to be a rival, to be the kind of unpleasant person Kazuya can't stand to be around for more than an hour at a time. He's supposed to be spiteful and mean and foul-mouthed and, by no means whatsoever, is his appearance allowed to contradict his true character. A carefully concealed heart of gold goes against every single one of Kazuya's preconceived notions about Kuramochi.
He's more than just an 'interesting guy.'
Fandom: Ace of Diamond | Chapters: 1/1 | Words: 11,179 | Published: Jun 25, 2015 | Status: Complete
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missorgana · 17 hours ago
with you, i fall
characters: thor and loki
fandom: marvel cinematic universe
rating: general
word count: 1282
summary: Loki lives to be at Thor's side at the battle of Wakanda. Yet, his brother falls. (canon divergent infinity war angst)
(first episode of loki made me miss the brodinsons™️ 10 times more than i already did so i wrote some emo mess at 3am inspired by this stunning art i came across by @blenderx06 !! hope it’s readable or.. something. yeah)
read on ao3
Loki’s seen just about everything Asgard, the universe, and these puny humans have to offer, he’s convinced, but standing amongst  Avengers  wasn’t in his cards, no, not at all.
He’s fought alongside his brother over and over again, he was prepared to do so from their childhood years. Then he wasn’t. And now he was. He trusted…  trusts  Thor. Hell, he’d always trusted him with his life, even when he was sick of his face and his words and his selfishness and his love that he gave without himself even realising it.
Thor is so, so stupid. But he follows, why? Because they’re brothers, after all.
And he’s  good  . But what makes him believe in his brother, rather, might be that Thor believes in him.  Still  believes in him. For some reason. He hasn’t exactly been giving him many reasons to keep that belief, he’ll admit, yet, here Thor is, never wavering.
That’s what struck Loki on the elevator before they broke into the Grandmaster’s ship and had to fight their genocidal sister- gods, he thought he hated the universe, but that was child’s play compared to her. Good riddance.
And Thor does not waver on the battlefield.
He’s worthy,  of course , what else could he expect of him? His annoying perfection and worthiness and optimism, it was quite enough to make his blood boil.
So was the sight of Thanos, betrayal. Avengers, no trust in him. Who could blame them?
And Thor had stopped trusting him decades ago- and really, could anyone trust him, failure after failure, betrayal after betrayal? He can’t find it in himself to blame his brother, not really, deep down.
Then… why  is he here? 
Why does his brother look at him that way, as if Loki might just be the only thing he has left? He’s an Avenger, that thick-headed doofus. 
Thor and Loki, maybe they never worked. Maybe only in their adolescent years, before their differences tore them away from each other. It’s too late for them, he’s been thinking. They’re past redemption, past burying the hatchet and licking their wounds.
Yet, he asks himself those questions when he hears the snap of the titan’s fingers, and a silence settles upon Wakanda. Too quiet, too suspenseful, too… nothing. As if the entire world held their breaths at the same time.
And so, when they breathe out, collectively, it happens, and the moment that Loki shouldn’t care about, because, well, this was what he was supposed to help Thanos with. Not this, not the endgame, but he couldn’t care less what the titan did before, till now. 
Somewhere far away, one of those brute Avengers says something, then abruptly goes quiet again.
This is when the panic of the humans settles in.
For Loki, it’s rather a haze. At a distance, not close enough to touch him, he’s a God, he shouldn’t  care about these meaningless little lives. 
That is to say, it would be a lie. He rather feels particularly weak at this moment. Loki wonders, this sensation, as more words broken off into the wind can be heard, if this is what it feels like to be human. 
He can’t imagine the constant stress - to  care.
Thor told him, when Loki went against him, their father, a rebellion or rather a fight for the rightful throne, as he called it. Thor told him clearly, “Brother, I love you.”
And the exasperation, the desperation of his answer of, “You do? You did? Was it ever real?” They were both desperate. Thor has never been anything other than honest to his face, he’s quite aware. 
And since his brother had too many tears running down his face, visibly struggling to even get one word out, he braced himself, no, he assumed the worst,  “It wasn’t real. I'm not your brother.” 
Once again, a lie. Loki did it well. He does it well.
Tragically, that silly thing, caring, it only becomes tangible for himself enough to know, to see, to touch, when the sight of his brother is brought upon his eyes once more. His hand is clutching the titan, comically tiny, alike a human, until it isn’t.
This can’t be, surely not? Thor, he- he’s crumbling to dust. His hand disappears into a cloud of dust.
That feeling falls upon Loki as when the Bifrost was broken- loud and explosive and something much akin to pain. This pain, he has rarely felt one as sharp as this one.
Stinging, burning, sneaking up on him. He, the god of Mischief. What a pathetic joke.
Thor’s eyes meet his. This is rare, too, eye contact. They usually avoid silly talks of feelings, of acknowledging them, even. Yet another attribute of the Odinson bloodline, of their father. His father. He is like a stranger to him. To his brother, too, he discovered, not long ago.
Yet, despite the void of feelings, despite the lack of courage to bring them into the open, Loki finds himself doing that very thing -  feeling.
One long stride is all it takes him to get closer to his brother, and then, he notices, it falls upon him as well, how Thor looks at him the same way he’s looked at him before. Not in doubt, or betrayal, or disappointment.
In excruciating pain. But shockingly, simultaneously, trust. Utterly loud and clear trust.
Loki thinks he trusts too easily, that stupid brother of his. Only suitable explanation for him to trust Loki himself, after all.
Thor’s grabbed onto his arm, as opposed to the titan, whose plan is being followed to perfection. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Thor is a god. They’re gods. This can’t be.
This cannot be- it can’t.
Yet it seems real.
The void of Thor’s hand grows, taking his arm and shoulder with it, fading into nothingness, a black hole. 
“This isn’t real,” Loki can’t stop the words from leaving his mouth.
Another shock, because his brother laughs. Not his stupid happy one, a broken sound, of sorts, “You don’t think so?”
“Brother,” he retaliates, particles of dust rippling off Thor one by one, as if time had slowed down, “This cannot be real.”
In fact, it seems impossibly slow, this pain, and what’s happening in front of him. His brother even has time to look around at his fellow Avengers, disappearing into thin air. Oh, Loki realises. This pain, it comes with fear.
“It seems to be, brother,” Thor then says, righteous voice and all. “Seems to be the end.”
And Loki barely has any words left, in any realm, in any world, in any galaxy. He just feels. But yet his brother continues to crumble, it’s all his senses pick up on.
“Loki,” Thor’s voice shakes, no way fitting for a god, “Brother. I love you.”
What an absolutely unforgiving moment. What a forsaken imbecile of a brother he has. How overwhelmingly and stupidly and tragically right he is. He is no imbecile. He is trusting of everything, but most urgently, he is trusting of  him .
“Thor, what in the world-”
“Listen to me.”
A hole is rippling in his brother’s stomach, enlarging. The hand on Loki’s arm becomes lighter, and a speck of dust, a figment of his own brother’s being, wavers through the wind, brushes his cheek. Time seems to suddenly speed up.
Loki tries to get a grip on him, but he slips through his fingers. Is this some sort of poetic irony, really?
“I am listening, what is it-”
“I love you,” Thor repeats. Yet, it somehow seems necessary. It even feels necessary, feels needed. And it only adds more to that stinging pain somewhere in his chest and gut and fingers and throat, “For real.”
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I present to you
A Liz!!
Tumblr media
See I followed my boots headcanon. :)
I know in the book she's all passive and sweet and feminine but I think the entire fandom collectively agrees to ignore that. I do at least. She probably barely styles her hair.
The only thing I really kept from the book is the idea that she's conventionally pretty (for white people standards). Such as blonde hair and blue eyes and a smaller figure. Other than that she is a total nuisance and I love her
Oh, and we're really venturing away from realism now. This dress would never exist in Geneva in the 1700s. But it's called artistic freedom
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wonder-cole · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Square filled: Chef @acrosstheuniversebingo // @writethelifeyouwant Fabulous 500 Word Count: 3110 Warnings: I am not responsible for your social media consumption. Language, alcohol consumption, attempted bodily harm, canon level violence Credits: Header by me // img on google // divider by @firefly-graphics // beta by @padalelli  A/N: I really wanted to expand this a lot more but word counts are a thing and I didn't want to be too wordy on this when I have so many other projects just waiting for me to write them. {Set during 'Rock Never Dies'}
Tumblr media
“Sam, I look ridiculous,” Dean whined at his brother as he sat in the lobby of the Bellaqua hotel. Sam had dressed him in all back - skinny jeans, button up shirt actually buttoned, and a leather jacket with studs and quilting on the shoulders. Not to mention sunglasses indoors. “Man, no one could look cool in this.”
“Dean, just shut up, okay? We’re here for a case. This is how we get information,” Sam replied without lifting his head from his phone. The brothers were in Los Angeles tracking down Lucifer. The last bit they’d heard was that he was inhabiting the body of washed-up rock star Vince Vincente. 
Dean reached for a glass and filled it with the vegetable water that was sitting next to him for something to do, ignoring the glares from Sam. He lifted the glass to his lips and sipped at the same time that the elevator dinged open. He glanced up and nearly spit out the cucumber water in his mouth. 
Tumblr media
You were walking out of the Bellaqua hotel, texting your mom about your plans for the day when a tall man in a stupid black jacket was suddenly blocking your path.
“Hi,” he told you with a charming smile. You looked him up and down, taking in his outfit and those damn sunglasses he was wearing inside and raised your eyebrow.
“Uh, hi?” 
“I’m Dean.”
“Okay. Well, I’m late so I’m just gonna....” You stepped around him and continued walking on your path towards your meeting with a real estate agent. Dean watched you walk away from him in disbelief. He hasn’t ever had someone walk away from him that easily. He grumbled and stalked back to his seat. 
“Strike out, huh?” Sam poked as he continued to scroll endlessly on his phone.
“Shut up, Sam. It’s this ridiculous outfit. Have you seen me? I look like I belong in one of those boy bands,” Dean scoffed incredulously. 
“Those boy bands are very popular, Squirrel. You would be so lucky,”  Crowley commented, appearing behind the brothers soundlessly with Castiel at his side. Dean glared at the short man in the suit before turning to the angel.
“What did you find, Cas?” he grumbled.
“Well, it seems that Rowena attempted to banish Lucifer to the depths of the ocean but he was summoned back by a powerful occult object, something that gave him the power to restore his vessel.” The angel sighed heavily before continuing. “We also may have lost track of Vince Vincente. His agent can’t seem to find him either.”
“Oh, great. So, let me get this straight,” Dean growled. “Rowena failed at containing him, he’s got an object that makes him more powerful, you lost our target, and I’m dressed like Justin freaking Timberlake.”
Cas regarded him carefully before sharing a look with Sam, who just shrugged and set down his phone. “Dean, we do know that Vince has a concert tonight. But we don’t know where it is,” Cas informed the pair of brothers. Dean’s jaw clenched in irritation as his three companions discussed a plan.
Tumblr media
You were looking at expanding your restaurant to LA; you already had locations in 6 cities between 3 states and LA was your next target. The real estate agent you’d found was overjoyed as she was leading you through the third of five locations. None of them really felt right; it wasn’t even your idea to expand to LA. Your mother had a bright idea that you could make a name for yourself and your restaurant if you expanded here, despite the fact that this would be your 9th location.
“The floor to ceiling windows really let the natural light in,” the agent explained. You rolled your eyes at her obvious statement. Of course big windows let sunlight in. She glanced back at you and recognized the look on your face. “Next one it is, then,” she said cheerily, not letting any disappointment or frustration bleed through her business facade.
You stepped out of the building and waited for her to lock up the building. As you stood in the LA sun, you thought about why you were even there. Making a decision, you turned to your real estate agent. “I honestly don’t know that it’s the right city for my restaurant. I make comfort food with tons of carbs. It doesn’t seem like it would really do well here.” 
She smiled a relieved smile. “You know, I thought that when you first told me what you did and I just didn’t want to say anything to discourage you. There are several cities in California that would be great for you; Los Angeles is not one of them.”
“In that case, how about we sit for a cup of coffee and talk about these cities, then?” you offered. California was nice compared to your home state of Kansas. Maybe you could see yourself out here more often.
Tumblr media
“Look, we just need to know where to find Vince,” Sam told the publicist across the table. “It’s a matter of life and death.”
“Oh yeah? Whose?” she sassed without looking up from her phone.
The door chimed and Dean glanced up seeing you walk through the door with another woman. He glanced down at his outfit; he still looked ridiculous but he at least got another shot to talk to you. He jumped up from the table and headed your way, leaving Sam to talk to the publicist alone.
“It’s you,” he told you as you turned to face him. 
“It is.”
“Dean. From the hotel earlier?”
“Oh, right.” You looked at your real estate agent and silently begged her for help. She looked Dean up and down and shrugged, taking a seat at a little table still in earshot.
“I know, a strange guy coming up to you twice in one day, dressed like this, not ideal,” he admitted. “But you are absolutely gorgeous and you’ve enchanted me more than once now and I would hate to miss the opportunity to talk to you again.”
Your bristly demeanor dissolved at his sincerity. You smiled at him and reached for your phone. “I’m in the middle of a business meeting but if you want to talk that badly, put yourself in my phone and I’ll text you when I’m done?” He reached for your phone and put his number in quickly, handing it back to you with a smile. You shot him a text with your name and stepped back to the table where your agent was waiting. 
Dean watched you sit down with your meeting partner and headed back to the table where Sam was sitting alone. “Find out anything?” he asked when he pulled his chair out.
“Yeah. Vince left town. The show tonight is canceled,” Sam sighed dejectedly. 
Dean hummed in response as he opened his text messages. He clicked on the thread with your name and saved your contact information. On a second glance, he recognized the area code. “She’s from Kansas?” he questioned out loud to no one in particular. 
Tumblr media
Dean and Sam met Castiel and Crowley back at the hotel. They were sitting in the lobby quietly when you walked back in, engrossed in your phone. Dean jumped up and was by your side before you made it to the elevator, making all three of the men he was with look at him in surprise.
“Hey,” he greeted you with a wide smile. “How was the rest of your meeting?”
“Long. I need a drink. Meet me in the bar in five?” you offered.
“I’ll be there,” he answered with a wink.
You rushed up to your room to freshen up and set down your work bag before meeting Dean back in the bar. You ordered a double rum and Coke and sat at a booth in a dark corner to wait for your date. While you were scrolling through the social media mentions for your restaurant, Dean walked in the bar dressed in dark jeans and a brown and white plaid flannel over a dark green tee.
“Hi again,” he said as he slid into the booth next to you. You did a double take at his new outfit and smiled.
“Hi. You changed.” 
“Yeah that outfit this morning really isn’t my normal style. Something I had to do for work,” he explained as he rolled his eyes and took a drink of the beer in his hands. “I couldn’t help but notice you had a Kansas area code?” 
“I’m here on business. I fly back tomorrow,” you responded without going too far into detail. You still weren’t too sure about Dean and you didn’t want to divulge too much information too soon in case he was a creep or something.
“My brother and I are from Kansas, too. Here on business as well, but I’m pretty sure it’s a different business from you.”
“Yeah, it’s not often we chefs have to dress like members of a boy band. Except Guy Fieri maybe,” you joked.
“You’re a chef? That’s awesome!” Dean exclaimed. “Do I know where you work?”
“Maybe. I own Mama’s Place.”
Dean’s eyes got wide at your revelation. “Mama’s Place? In Wichita?”
“Yeah, it wasn’t my first location but Lawrence is only so big, y’know?” You shrugged and sipped your drink as you took in the surprise on Dean’s face.
“Lawrence? I was born there,” he confessed. “I’m in Lebanon now, though.”
“Small world. I’m guessing you don’t go back to Lawrence much, then.”
“No,” he admitted sadly. “My mom died in a house fire there years ago and my dad took us out. Lost him a few years back.” He sipped his beer as he looked anywhere but you.
“I’m sorry. That has to be hard,” you whispered as you toyed with your glass. 
“It’s not that bad. I still have my brother, Sammy. He’s actually here with me, family business and all,” he explained quietly. 
“What is it that you do?”
He chuckled and took a sip of his beer. “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. And I have to say that I’m enjoying the little time I’ve spent with you so far.”
“Smooth,” you giggled. You signaled the bartender for a refill and watched the man across from you peel the label on his bottle.
The evening passed pleasantly in his company, the two of you discussing everything from music to the proper ratio of burger to bun to toppings. He walked you back to your room and you pressed a soft kiss of thanks to his cheeks with the promise of tomorrow. As you closed your door, you couldn’t wait to text your friend Beth and tell her all about the mysterious Dean.
Tumblr media
Dean stepped into his hotel room with a spring in his step and a wide smile on his face. He pulled his phone out and checked the time; it was almost midnight. He couldn’t wait for the date to advance so he could text you when it was officially tomorrow.
“What the hell has you smiling like that?” Sam asked bitterly as he watched his brother get changed into more comfortable clothes.
“That girl from the lobby? She’s a chef, Sammy. And she lives in Kansas. You know Mama’s Place in Wichita? That’s hers. And every other location as well. She’s got 8 locations spread across 3 states.” His voice conveyed the excitement he felt at finding you in this big city. “She likes Zeppelin and Hendrix, can make movie and tv references to keep up with me, plus she’s got this little dimple on her left cheek when she laughs hard. It’s adorable,” he rambled before sitting on his bed and checking his phone again.
Sam looked at him skeptically. “Dean, you’ve never had this kind of reaction to a woman. Ever. You’re completely ignoring the case for this girl and you don’t even know her.”
“She’s different. There’s a connection there that’s never been there before. I can’t really explain it.”
“Sounds like you’re under a spell, Dean. Did you tell her what we do?” Sam pressed, irritation lacing his words with a bitterness he couldn’t contain.
“What do you think I am? An idiot? No, I didn’t tell her. And now, I really don’t want to talk about it any more.” Dean pulled out his phone again and, upon seeing it was after midnight, opened his text messages.
Tumblr media
Your phone dinged with messages twice in a row and you smiled as you read the name on notification. You giggled at the eagerness Dean was displaying; you had to admit that it felt pretty good to be wooed and pursued after such a short time together. But Dean seemed...different. There was a lot below the surface but he wore his heart on his sleeve. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You set your phone down to charge and snuggled under the covers. You fell asleep with a smile on your face and woke up excited when your alarm went off for the first time in weeks.
Tumblr media
Dean’s excitement had him awake and pacing at 5 AM. He made his way downstairs at 7:30, largely so that Sam would stop throwing pillows at him. He exited the building and saw you standing at the crosswalk. He called your name and you turned to face him. Something isn’t right, he thought.
You stepped into the street without looking and took slow steps in traffic, almost as if you wanted someone to hit you. Dean rushed out between cars and made his way to you as you were reaching the middle of the road. He saw tears falling down your face and your eyes held nothing but fear.
Dean scooped you up and carried you back across the road and into the hotel, not setting you down until he reached his room. “Sammy!” he yelled as he crossed the threshold, waking up the man sleeping in the other bed. “Something’s wrong.”
Sam slipped his jeans on before he stepped in front of you. He saw the tear stains on your cheeks and the terror in your eyes and he knew what was happening. “Dean. He didn’t leave. He’s still here.”
“What do you mean? Who’s still here?” he pressed before his logic caught up with him. “You mean...he  is responsible for this?”
“I suspect so, yes.”
You stood there, frozen and unable to move, the voice in your head screaming for help, begging to understand what was happening. Dean moved into your field of vision and took you by the shoulders, squatting to look into your eyes. 
“We’re going to fix this, Y/N. I promise you,” he said quietly, rage and concern floating in his eyes. The men startled when the door blew open, shards of wood from the broken door frame sailing past you. They stood in front of you in a protective manner to face whomever or whatever was at the door. 
“Winchesters,” a cruel voice sneered. You recognized the voice; it was the same as the voice in your head that was controlling your limbs. There was a deeper, nagging sense of recognition as well, almost like you’d heard the voice before.
“Let her go,” Dean growled at the intruder. “She’s not a part of this.”
“Au contraire. She’s a major part of this now. You, go to the window. Break it open,” he commanded. You turned and took the chair from the desk and dragged it to the window.
Dean turned at his brother’s insistence, seeing you raising the chair and attempting to smash it into the glass. He ran to you, wrestling the chair from your grasp as Sam tackled the man in the doorway. Dean finally got the chair down and wrapped his arms around you from behind, dodging kicks and headbutts in an attempt to have him free you.
Sam had the man on the ground and was raising a silver blade. He plunged the knife into the man’s chest and a blinding light filled the room. The voice disappeared from your head and you felt your body go limp. 
Dean released you cautiously and you stepped away from him, backing towards the beds. “What just happened?” you questioned frantically.
“Sit down, and we’ll explain everything,” Sam told you quietly. You did as you were told and the Winchester brothers told you all about the world of the supernatural, of heaven and hell, of angels and demons, and of magic and enchantment.
“It’s all real?” you whispered, “all the stories and legends? They’re real?”
“I’m afraid so, sweetheart,” Dean answered sympathetically. 
“And you two fight them?”
“We do,” Sam replied.
“And now that I know about I in danger?”
“Not any more than you have been from the start,” Dean told you. He’d taken a chair in front of you as you were sitting on the bed and was leaning forward with his forearms on his knees. “Although, now that Lucifer knows who you are, you might need a little protection. Just know that he can’t possess you if you say no.” He’d already guessed that you were going to ghost him after this; it didn’t look good that he hunted and murdered monsters.
You nodded your head as you tried to process the information that had been thrown at you in the last hour. All you knew was that you didn’t want to be alone for a while. “When are you guys leaving?”
The two men looked at one another, having a silent conversation. Dean begging Sam to be okay with you coming along, Sam questioning his brother’s sanity but begrudgingly nodding along. “Today. In about an hour. Lucifer is going to be on the hunt for a new vessel and it’s best that we start looking for it as soon as possible,” Dean explained.
“Can...can I come with you? I’ll switch my flight to yours and…”
“Oh sweetheart, I don’t fly,” Dean replied.
Tumblr media
An hour later, you were stretched across the back seat of Dean’s 1967 Chevy Impala rambling halfway across the country down back roads with two men you didn’t really know. It was going to be complicated from here on out, but you thought that you could see a future with them.
“You okay back there, sweetheart?” Dean asked as he checked his rear view mirror.
“Never better.” You weren’t lying, either. You’d never felt so free and relaxed, as if all the pieces had finally fallen into place. Who would have thought that being enchanted by the devil, literally, would lead you to the place you felt you were meant to be?
Tumblr media
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ereri-lost-and-found · 19 hours ago
Yooo any fics where Eren has a strength kink?
Try these~
Charmeur by chou_latte
(Rated E, 8,858 words, oneshot, complete)
Viridian eyes widened at Levi's unexpected use of French, hunger creeping into the turquoise irises that had retracted to a thin rim from the heavy dilation of Eren’s pupils. The low “Scheisse, seit wann ist Französisch so heiss?” that tumbled over those kissable lips, had Levi’s mouth curl into a victorious smirk.
Seemed like he had just unraveled a language kink for the brat, he mused.
The coffee shop was closing soon anyway, and he wouldn’t mind taking Eren back to his hotel room. Under normal circumstances he'd be shocked by his eagerness to lure the brunet into bed, but there was something about Eren that was different. Something that made him want to throw all his principles overboard.
The thought alone of the stunning brunet splayed out beneath him; honeyed skin on full display; his marks the only thing tarnishing the tanned glory, teal eyes blissed out in pleasure; writhing and moaning for more, desperately begging for his cock; for Levi to finally give it to him good, to fill him up nice and deep, was enough to make his dick twitch with interest.
Muscle Mania by joouheika
(Rated E, 3,235 words, oneshot, complete)
Eren soon discovers he isn't a fan of Levi only for his music. [No Name AU] (PWP)
Up against the Wall by the_original_n_chan
(Rated E, 2,586 words, oneshot, complete)
Levi is ridiculously strong. And Eren loves it.
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tangledinmdzs · 19 hours ago
Welcome Back! Can you make a headcanon where the reader is Song Lan's lover and she gives her eyes to him instead of XXC?
hi hi!
i’ve been having some writer’s block these days; the bane of my writing life. 
but your request though... angsty angsty
let’s give it a try
.・゜-: ✧ :-  -: ✧ :-゜・.
Song Lan’s breath stutters in between his lips, at the sight of you 
you were unharmed, 
you were alive
you were blind
Song Lan takes in a shakey breath, as he quietly watches you gather up the spilled ingredients from your basket
you feel a lot of the cobblestone street, more than the apples and turnips that you are supposed to be picking up
nobody else is helping you on the street, the most that they can spare is making some space for your hands or kicking an apple closer 
Song Lan stands about a minute of this, before he is in front of you, and helping you
he gathers everything with you to rearrange in your basket
all the while you both are quiet in the busy ambiance of the market backdrop
everything is gathered quicker with his help, and after your hands pat and count the vegetables that you have brought you stand up in front of him,
this close to him, Song Lan’s eyes take in your full appearance, after so many months of being apart
you hair still shining and smooth, but longer than the last time he had seen you
your robes, still kept and clean, but obviously more travel worn, with the way the sun-dried fabric sticks out awkwardly at some places,
your white cloth, clean, clear, wrapped around your head
“thank you,” your clear voice is still the same, still so soft, still you
Song Lan had traveled and looked for you all these months
turned the cultivation world upside down, inside out just to see you again
he has so much that he wants to say, to ask, to tell you
but the guilt for your blindness swallows up all the words that he had prepared for this reunion
Song Lan can’t help but reach out to you, his hand slowly moving up just on the cusp of cupping your face 
but because the silence after your answer had been long, you figured that your savior had left and turn away just before his hand reaches you
Song Lan is not hurt, as much as he is saddened
because it was not your fault that you could not see him, see the world 
it was all his
as Song Lan watches you grow smaller and smaller into the rest of the marketplace,
he lets a single, lonely, tear fall from his eyes
eyes that should have. been yours 
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lokiitama · 21 hours ago
Chapter 16: The Hospital
The aftermath of Stratford Tower.
Warnings: mentions of violence, major character injury
His body tensed up and he gasped awake.
A blurry face that he identified as Hank’s was hovering over him and he heard the man loudly breathe out in relief and telling him something which he didn't quite catch. Everything single one of his senses was in a haze.
The first thing that pierced through that haze was both sharp and numb pain that he felt around his upper chest, quickly followed by realizing how light-headed he felt.
He might have tried to say something, he wasn't even sure of what himself, but it clearly didn’t come out as he had intended, as Hank put a hand on his shoulder and shushed him. The Lieutenant then yelled at somebody that was behind him before peeling off some kind of white pads that were on his chest, in the areas that felt incredibly numb.
Click here to read the rest of the chapter on Ao3
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kanerallels · 22 hours ago
Kanej Week Day One: Soulmates
Rating: general (mention of the Menagerie, nothing explicit), 969 words
[this is my first fic on Tumblr, so here’s hoping I’m doing this right!]
“I can help you.”
No one ever snuck up on Kaz Brekker. It just didn’t happen. He always had a handle on who was where, on the people that were near him. It was impossible.
And yet, just as he was leaving the Menagerie, it happened. A soft voice behind him, completely unexpected. Her tone held a hint of fear, but also a strange confidence. The kind of confidence you wore when you had nothing else to keep you going.
He turned to look back, meeting the eyes of a short girl in Menagerie silks-- and then he saw it.
Kaz had heard stories, growing up, about what happened when you met your soulmate. How the moment you met eyes, you would see color for the first time, how the world would come to life and for a precious moment, it would be just you and them. That everything would change from that day.
He didn’t believe them. In a different life, before, he might have. But two people meant to be together? Love that was destined to come into being? That may be true for some people, but not him. Not Dirtyhands.
Yet here he was, meeting the eyes of a tiny Suli girl, and he could see it. The rich brown of her eyes that went slightly wide as they met his, her gaze flickering from him to the room around them and back again. The blue and pink and purple of the silks she wore. The gaudy green-and-gold wallpaper of the room around them. The black of her hair that somehow had more depth than before.
This was impossible. Soulmates, love that carried on even past death was not for him. He lived in a world of darkness, a world where color and love and light never came. He lived in a world where the greatest kindness was a quick death. This was not a world where soulmates lived.
So Kaz did the logical thing. He turned around and walked out of the Menagerie, not bothering to look back.
(that didn’t mean he didn’t want to. To see those colors again. To see her again. But he told himself he didn’t care.)
He would, however, be back. Anyone who could sneak up on him was a valuable asset. Definitely a worthy investment, Kaz thought, his mind turning over the concept in his mind. He had a plan by the time he was back at the Crow Club.
Yes, this Suli girl was a good investment. Desperate enough that she would accept the offer, and plenty stealthy. Kaz hadn’t heard a whisper as she moved up behind him. She was like a shadow, a ghost. A Wraith.
So he would return to the Menagerie for her. As an investment. Nothing more.
It didn’t matter to Kaz that she was the reason he could see the colors of the tourists dressed as the Komedie Brute going by, or the light from the street lanterns. Soulmates didn’t matter to him. They never would. 
Besides, he thought, lying to himself rather ruthlessly, color is something I can do without easily. And a soulmate.
~ ~ ~
“I can help you.”
Inej Ghafa wasn’t sure why she whispered the word to Kaz Brekker as he started on his way out of the Menagerie, nor why she’d snuck up behind him. Perhaps because the former was true, and she wanted to see if she could do the latter.
Apparently she could, because she knew she wasn’t imagining the look of faint surprise in his dark eyes as they met hers. And then Inej saw it. Out of the corner of her eye, the wallpaper flared to life with color.
Her mother had described colors to her long ago, told her how red looked like the feeling of sunlight on your back as you walked. How green looked like the smell of summer grass after a rain. How purple looked like the taste of thick grape juice. She’d been right. It was all that, and so much more.
But there was one thing that hadn't changed. The boy in front of her. His clothes were still stark black and white, his black hair slicked back impeccably, black gloves resting on a cane with a silver crow head on the top. He stood out, the only thing unchanged in the almost glowing area around her.
For a moment long, Kaz Brekker held her gaze. Then he turned and walked out of the Menagerie, leaving Inej behind.
Inej couldn’t move. It had happened, the moment she’d dreamed of as a little girl and begun to fear ever since she was taken captive. She’d met her soulmate.
Kaz Brekker. Dirtyhands. The one the other girls whispered dark rumors about. Could it be true? Could he be her soulmate? Or was it a sign that he’d been the only thing unchanged in an otherwise brightly colored world? Were the Saints warning her to stay out of his way? Inej wasn’t sure now.
She was only sure that the next day, when Kaz Brekker came back and offered her a chance to get out, a chance at freedom, she took it. Soulmate or no, she was leaving the Menagerie if she could. And so she did, and became someone else. Became the Wraith.
He never mentioned the soulmate incident, and neither did she. But she sometimes wondered if he’d seen what she had, if it was possible that it was a one-sided thing.
Maybe it wasn’t, though. And Inej would be lying if she said that wasn’t part of why she stayed at first.
But being soulmates could only get you so far. Inej and Kaz would have to do the rest of the work themselves. The question was, would she? Would he?
There was only one way to find out.
@kanejweek (I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to tag you guys at the end of this? If not feel free to correct me)
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haikyuu-library · a day ago
Sun Above Your Shoulders by longleggedgit
Completed | T | 26.4k
Hinata and Kageyama go to different high schools and meet again in Okinawa for the first time since middle school.
"Toss for me!"
The boy is grinning, already leading the way onto the court, walking backwards. Unthinkingly, Kageyama starts to follow him, then stops, annoyed at himself.
"I don't even know your name," he says.
"Hinata Shouyou." Hinata steps to the right side of the net and waits.
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