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#canon hate
fictionkinfessions · a month ago
Ngl kinda really hate this whole trend on judging people based on their kintypes or kintype sources. It's so?? Dumb and pointless imo and it's just disheartening.
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Hey, I've got a fun idea! Just hear me out here. How about we *don't* abuse and harass people for being canon divergent, regardless of what their source was originally like?
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hey madoka here and homura sucks! i hate the fact that inevitably in canon im gonna forgive her because im not allowed to be a 3d character allowed to be angry and instead am just some always-passive uwu sweetheart. i try to be kind but what she did to me was horrible, selfish, and hurt so many people. maybe gen will write forgiveness, but i'll never forgive you, homura. rebellion gives me panic attacks, and ur the worst! thanks for caring about owning me as opposed to my actual wellbeing 🖕😎🖕
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castaell · 2 months ago
i cant fuckin believe cas is canonically a snarky gay dad that likes to read pottery barn magazines at night, lets his kid win at connect 4, regularly makes the love of his life coffee in the morning, likes to text with lots of emoticons and singlehandedly changed the fabric of his multiverse, by coming out
anyways does anyone have any weed
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sobsicles · 19 days ago
i don't know if any of you know this, but dean would absolutely go into full crisis mode if cas cried. like, im talking, the waterworks and trembling chin and not the happy kind of tears but the deep, achy ones that he can't hold back. after the initial frozen moment, dean would be a wreck instantly. a burst of motion and, "no, no, don't do that. please don't do that. come on, man, please don't cry," and half-panicking and half-soothing, or trying to. all reservations dean has would be swept away by cas' tears in a heartbeat. he'd throw it all out the window and touch cas all over, rubbing his shoulders, holding his hands, shamelessly begging cas to stop. he'd be so lost too, like dammit what do i do, who do i fight, how can i make sure this literally never happens again? he'd be like one of those husbands who can get into a screaming match with their spouses until their spouse breaks down into tears, and then the husband is like, ok ok ok i take it all back, you win, please stop, for the love of god please stop, do you want tea, hm? you wanna lay down and cuddle? im sorry, im awful, what do you want? you can have whatever you—
#so basically what im saying is if cas had literally cried in the midst of sorrow anywhere between s4-15 destiel woulda been canon sooner#like. not even necessarily out of manipulation reasons either.#dean would just see cas upset and crying and be like: hm. do not like this. will burn the world down to keep it from ever happening again#cas obviously isnt a huge crier. but just imagine for a second that he had actually broken down and started crying in one of their arguments#like he never would bc he's pissed more often than he's not and he's not an angry crier (like dean lowkey is)#but if he DID dean would have freaked the fuck out immediately#mans would have stumbled over himself so hard to make it stop#and he would have felt awful and shitty and hated himself more too obviously but like.#initially he'd be like: oh jesus christ cas. fuck im sorry. please don't do that. that's not fair please don't—#and dear god if someone ELSE made cas cry. Local Deranged Man Shoots Someone For Making His Spouse Cry—literal headline#im just saying that dean is like. he's a caretaker at the heart of himself. he soothes.#he tells jokes to his little brother to take the sting out of patching up his boo-boos. he tries to feed people he loves and make em laugh#like. he's a caretaker. he wants to be soothing. he wants to be warm and home and never cause pain (and hates himself for doing it so often)#so cas + tears would just send him into crisis mode immediately. he'd bend over backwards to make it better#i just think if cas had cried in like. s12 maybe. just randomly or whatever. dean would have been like#ok ok ok what's wrong come here what can i do what do you want you can have anything you want#like that man is WEAK for cas on a good day. on a day that cas cries??? ajaksks dean would hit his knees fuckin PLEADING for him to stop#he'd grip his hands and squeeze em and talk in a really high-pitched frantic voice and just flutter around trying to fix the problem#im saying that cas only getting to cry in joy in frony of dean—which is DIFFERENT—is a crime actually#gruff dean mindlessly rubbing his hands up and down cas' arms. kinda just holding him and cracking jokes to try and get him to laugh#or jesus. dont imagine cas crying during the divorce arc bc Angry Dean Winchester would have been...#oh he would have been soooo mad oh my god.#like: come the fuck on. cut that shit out. seriously cas just fucking—just stop it. just. cas just. goddAMMIT#or worse. cas crying when they like had their unofficial breakup and he was like. oh im gonna leave and dean was silent#you bet your sweet ass that dean would have opened his mouth then. probably out of anger still. but he would have still told him to stop#bc that man is weak and Cannot handle it#spn rewrite where cas is a crier. dean's whipped by his tears. they're still not dating but dean folds like a lawnchair every time cas cries#anyways. this may or may not be bc of a fic im writing. not very many ppl write cas crying and i know why. but it's founded this time#destiel#sobs says things
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
having multiple ppl say ur source or chara is problematic to kin is so... ????? yeah i KNOW ive heard it a million times, ur just regurgitating old news to me, say smthing new. theres so much other stuff to be worried abt than who i kin. like what are u gonna do?? stop me from kinning????? bully me out of kinning?? u think i control that shit? wild. just needed to vent, srry if this is a lot
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I feel like it's a very common kinnie sentiment to be like "fuck True Canon™ I was THERE" ✒️☺️📖
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wenofqishan · 2 months ago
okay here’s my top selling point for an au where wen zhuliu survives: the impeccable visuals of dark scary core melting hand who is legally obliged to hover protectively over sweet son boy lan sizhui, the last surviving member of the wen clan, at all times
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iamnmbr3 · a month ago
Harry in books 1-5: Pansy Parkinson? Oh yeah. She exists I guess.
Harry in book 6 after he saw Pansy stroke Draco’s hair and look like she might want to hold his hand: Pansy Parkinson? Oh, you mean the worst person to ever exist? Look at that smug look on her face. I bet she’s just thrilled to be stroking Draco’s hair. Disgusting. If I had a gun with 2 bullets and I was in a room with her and Voldemort I’d shoot her twice. 
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redrobin-detective · 3 months ago
Danny Phantom AU where he introduces himself to Amity Park as Phantom, no Danny. Phantom is popular around town, he’s the local hero after all. His chosen name is always on someone’s lips as they discuss battles and costumes and quips. It’s easy to make Phantom out to be a larger than life figure, someone who couldn’t be touched.
But then comes a crisis and someone, in the crowd, shouts Danny. And the ghost boy, their hero and savior, he turns as one does when their name is called. And suddenly he’s not an untouchable superhero with a cool codename. He’s just a kid doing his best to pretend that he can save others from the same fate that befell him.
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perlukafarinn · 6 months ago
It’s nearing midnight and they stop for fuel at some gas station in the middle of nowhere. 
Sam has been dozing in the backseat for the last fifteen miles and Cas, sitting shotgun, has started to nod off. Even Dean’s eyes are starting to itch and he knows he’ll have to stop for the night soon if he doesn’t wanna get into an accident.
But first, fuel. Dean inserts the gas pump and considers heading inside to pick up some snack to help keep himself awake for the last stretch of the day’s journey. He’s debating between red vines and mixed nuts when the door on the passenger side opens and Cas exits.
Dean looks him over as he stands and stretches, a familiar warmth blooming underneath his collar. He considers saying something to break the tension probably only he feels but decides against it; the night is too quiet and too lovely to be interrupted like that.
It rained earlier. The ground is still wet, small puddles gathered where the pavement is concave, reflecting the too-bright lights hanging above them. There's a faint smell of gasoline in the air but also that undefinable scent of the aftermath of rain, fresh and cool.
Cas finishes stretching and now he's the one looking at Dean, staring unashamedly. Dean stares right back, at Cas' hair sticking up where his head rested against the window, at the dark bruise forming on his cheek. His eyes have an almost eerie glow to them in this light and he’s so beautiful it makes Dean ache.
Dean should say something. Ask Cas if he wants something from the shop. Tell him they’ll be stopping for the night as soon as they come across a motel. Make small talk about the weather, even. 
He doesn’t. He keeps staring and Cas stares back and just when it seems that nothing can end this moment, Cas leans in.
Dean inhales sharply as Cas’ lips touch his, eyes closing on instinct. It’s barely a kiss, just a dry press of lips against lips that lasts for all of two seconds before Cas is pulling away, leaving Dean dizzy and wanting for more. It almost seems like it didn’t happen, the only hint in Cas’ expression the faint, pleased upturn of his lips.
"I'm going inside to buy beef jerky," he tells Dean.
Dean stares at him.
"Do you want anything?"
Dean wordlessly shakes his head.
Cas walks off and Dean watches him go, bewildered. He’s still standing in the same spot when Cas returns.
“I got you peanut M&Ms,” he says, handing Dean the bag and climbing back into his seat. 
Dean watches him for a beat, the turns back to the pump. It’s stopped, the tank long since full, and Dean puts it away on autopilot before getting in the car. He looks down at the bag of M&Ms in his hand, then at Cas, who looks back at him nonplussed.
“Thanks,” he finally croaks.
“You’re welcome,” Cas says.
Dean goes to turn the engine on. Then, considering, he looks over his shoulder to check on Sam - still out like a light. He turns back to Cas, something surging in his chest, giving him the courage to lean in and give him a quick peck on the cheek. It makes him feel strange and clumsy but Cas just gives him an unbearably gentle smile, eyes alight.
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alwerakoo · 6 months ago
Made my own dream smp members tier list. I take no criticism.
Tumblr media
This is about the characters, not the actual streamers!
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