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#canon rp
sadismancer · 3 months ago
⯈ Regarding “I don’t know that character well enough to interact”.
   You don’t know near enough anything about anybody’s muse, canon or not. Every single character out there is different, even canon ones. One person’s canon can be different to another person’s own. X from this series? Yea, person 1 has a different way of RPing them to person 2. You don’t know their muse at all, albeit it being a canon one.
   So why bother saying “I don’t know about this muse”? Instead, how about interacting with them? Reading their about and using logic, interacting, or even do research such as a wikipedia page, of which you will obviously not use IC. Because that would be metagaming! Don’t forget. Your muse doesn’t know everything about X canon char anyway.
   OCs and canon chars are the same. Each canon character is an OC. Because everybody has a different interpretation of a character. So you know nothing about their muse except a very basic basis from the game or anime or whatever. 
   So follow that muse, read their about, and get RPing. You may find it fun in the end. 
   Don’t use the excuse “I don’t know this character well enough / at all” because, as said, each canon muse or OC is highly different to the next. You know nothing at the start until you learn via interaction or reading headcanons etc. 
    Don’t avoid interaction because in the end you may make a great friend or just have great fun via interactions. Learn to learn about characters you don’t know about. Use some realism and logic. Have some fun.
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elegancefandoms · 3 months ago
“I didn’t ask for your help. I could have handled it myself.” Natasha told the other person, the annoyance clear in her voice. She hated when people thought that she needed them to take care of her. "So next time I suggest that you stay out of my way. I don’t need to worry about you getting hurt.” 
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noxtms · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
❝   WITH HOPE OF PROMOTING ( AND STRENGHTENING ) COMMUNITY SPIRIT, a small number of past & present members of the appleby arrows have joined forces with diagon alley businessowners and wix world volunteers to host the appleby autumnfest from october 6th to october 12th ! the 11th annual festival will take place just outside of the village of appleby, and will be protected, week long, by strong muggle repelling charms ! prior festivals have drawn thousands of wix and we are once again expecting a huge crowd to come out and enjoy the food and fun arranged for this year ! a number of exciting events have been arranged, including a blood drive and charity relay on the 10th, all in aid of st mungo’s hospital. come one, come all, and enjoy what autumnfest has to offer you !  ❞
the appleby autumnfest ( say that three times fast ) is a celebration of the spookest season endorsed by past & present members of the appleby arrows, located JUST outside of the sleepy little village the dismal quidditch team hails from. running from october 6th to october 12th, inclusive, it’s considered a family friendly precursor of sorts to the halloween celebrations along diagon alley, later in the month. 
ministry officials lend their hand to placing a few strong muggle repelling charms over the festival area, which includes three large fields kindly borrowed from their muggle owners for the duration of the event. of course there’s a pumpkin patch ( where you can take home a wheelbarrow of pumpkins made of all shapes and sizes for the tiny asking price of two galleons ), but there’s also an impressive maze made of maize that appears and takes form overnight, and that disappears in much the same fashion at event end. these fields sit either side of the main event area, where wooden boothes sell reasonable priced wares & friendly wix have volunteered to run an impressive number of autumnfest games. 
there’s fun for wix of all ages with classic games such as bobbing for crab apples, pin the tail on the thestral, a potato sack race, carved pumpkin golf and a ring toss that sees brave wix trying to loop a plastic hoop onto the many legs of a fake acromantula - and it wouldn’t be half as fun without the opportunity to win some cheap prizes ! when you’ve swung by every booth and given each game a shot, there’s plenty of booths serving the stickiest and sweetest autumnfest treats, so don’t miss the opportunity to wash down a caramel apple and funnel cake with a cup of homemade hot apple cider ! 
and that’s not all ! this year, the usual fun comes accompanying an opportunity to do good in the form of a spooky scary blood drive in aid of st mungo’s on the 10th, followed ( yes, followed - it’s really rather bad timing, on their behalf ) by a charity relay, with sign up fee and additional donations going straight to the hospital itself in its time of need. volunteers will be randomly paired up and magically tied to one another at the ankle, all the better to participate in several relay style games like a ~ faux ~ dragon egg & shovel race and a gruesome hand - in - pumpkin golden apple search that’ll all, eventually, lead one pair to victory ( and a tacky plastic trophy ) and the rest ... not to victory, anyway, but there’s a 50/50 shot of developing close friendship or seething hatred by the end of it ! 
another season, another festival in the spirit of said season ! the appleby autumnfest is one half of october’s lineup, and kicks off yet another opportunity to take part in the noxtms galleon system ! that is, of course, all well and good - but something that was quite important to me was working out a way to have another ‘sign up & get randomly partnered’ opportuntity since our last one was so long ago, and i really hope you guys get as much a kick out of the relay as i’ve had in imagining it ! there’ll be a channel on the discord to put forward names, and your partners will be up by sunday ! please remember, though, that as with all of these arrangements - you will be required to do at least one thread with your partner. 
this event officially begins today ( wednesday the 6th ) with the posting of this message ! 
it will last for two weeks, though you are not currently required to pause any current threads. you’ll be given a heads up if that’s going to change at any point ! 
all event starters should be tagged nox.event018, and the location is appleby ! don’t forget to keep the galleon system in mind for this event, as threads can earn you points ! 
if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to message the main with them ! please comment ‘boo’ on this post to show you’ve read it !
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thephoblographer · a month ago
Dirk Wustenhagen Photographs Moments of Solitude in a Blur
These beautiful frames will take you to another land!
We’re streaming daily on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, and Spotify! You can also listen to it right here on The Phoblographer. “Maybe I am emotionally too close to the moment of shooting them to appreciate their value,” says Dirk Wustenhagen of his blurry captures of lonesome scenes. He adds, “I appreciate these images more over time.” Wustenhagen is a photographer who…
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deltakris · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Hey there!
   This is an independent, canon-divergent and heavily headcanon based rp blog for Kris from Deltarune. Completed up to Chapter 2, and there is no player influence here! All choices matter, and SOULs are your own. If you’re interested, toss me a follow! Maaaybe give me a reblog to spread the word? Thaaank you!
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hellaofmuses · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
                                W𝓮'𝓻𝓮 A𝓵𝓵 K𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼 & Q𝓾𝓮𝓮𝓷𝓼
                                      O𝓷  T𝓱𝓲𝓼 S𝓱𝓲𝓽 S𝓱𝓸𝔀
Multimuse Multifandom Roleplay Blog OCs - Canons by SethSkelle I Private I Highly Selective I Mutuals Exclusive I 18+ Only                                   
Rules I Muses I Mobile Links 
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vigilantline · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
                       BE EVER VIGILANT. HOLD THE LINE.
Tumblr media
              indie Captain Martin Walker of Spec Ops: The Line
              ordered by Ken.
              crossover, OC friendly! semi-selective.
              will have very dark themes-- check blog itself for more info.
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counttwo-4 · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
  Kinsmen, brothers, our time of great power is over.          Our kingdom bleeds, the banner burns.                   Never, never, never, never again                           The time of freedom is over!
Tumblr media
indie Richard Wesley, stationed by Ken
crossover, oc friendly! semi-selective!
check blog for rules and info!
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niightcrawlcr · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
"I will never ask you to do anything that I wouldn't do myself."
Independent, canon divergent, semi selective and private roleplay blog for Lou Bloom from the movie Nightcrawler. Mun and Muse are 18+, 5+ years of experience! Please give a like or reblog if you happen to be interested to interacting with this stringer for the local news! Tampered by Almond!
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heapcfglory · a month ago
Tumblr media
                -  The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory.  -
                       independent multifandom multimuse blog. written by m.
                                   rules | muses | template credit
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elegancefandoms · 5 months ago
“Bloody hell, you scared me.” Dean said to the person who’d come up behind him. Even though the war was over now, Dean still found himself on high alert. He was used to hiding and fending for his life, so being safe again almost felt like a bit of a trap for him these days. “Can I help you with something?” 
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me-okay · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
My beautiful friend
This storm made the shoot perfection
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sadrna · a month ago
Yuri on ice is basically hannibal and will on skates ...
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thornstocutyouwith · 4 months ago
A Reminder of some of my sideblogs.
@notintheipswichboyband A singular character blog for the character Chase Collins from the movie The Covenant. This blog was one that was made before deciding to do multi’s with Movie characters. Featured Muse: Chase Collins
@wrongeddeadthenevermourned A blog full of canon muses I tamper with playing from various movies or tv shows. But don’t think they are popular enough or their fandom’s too small or dying to be a single blog. Featured Muses: Kai Parker, Michael Myers, Jeff Winger, Rick O'Connell, Sylar, Diego Hargreeves, Malcolm Bright, Jayne Cobb, The Master, Pennywise, Castiel, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Maul, Butters, Leo Davidson, Chris Halliwell, 
@onebadwinter A blog where I put all the superhero’s, villains, or other such kind of similar things. That I want to mess around playing. Featured Muses: The Joker, Bucky Barnes, Magneto, Baron Zemo, Jason Todd,
@bloodredrosesintheforest A blog for muses that I like from books. Many muses here that have characters on shows are more because I prefer their book versions over their tv/movie portrayals. Others are just characters that have never left their book formats. Featured Muse: Viserys Targaryen, 
@justoneneck This blog is historical based. Most muse, if not all will be loosely or mostly fictional from real life historical people. Or characters from period pieces that fit more with this kind of setting than my movie/tv show blog above. Featured Muses: Hvitserk, Ivar, Ragnar, Caligula, Achilles,
@notasliceoflife Where I roleplay anime/manga based canon characters. Features Muses: Ulquiorra, Bakugo, Neji, Dabi, Gaara, Sesshomaru, Sebastian Michaelis,  Hitsugaya, Aizen, Vegeta, Madara, L, Killua, Itachi, Sanji, APH America, APH Hong Kong, APH Iceland,
@graceandcruelty is where I roleplay a Jekyll and Hyde muse.
@caressedorcrushed is the main blog for where I roleplay a muse that has since been moved onto my main blog. Only will be used if I am just feeling like roleplaying that particular muse at the moment.
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deltakris · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
There’s a light inside your soul                     That’s still shining in the cold
RP blog for a canon-divergent Kris from Deltarune
                             Rules & About || Verses
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chufilm · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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redvsriot · a month ago
Hi there! My name is Red and I’m new to the Tumblr rp community, but I’ve been rping for 5+ years on various different platforms.
I’m currently looking for some new rp partners! I only have a few rules;
-Must be literate roleplayer. I can write upwards of 1k+ words, and while you don’t have to match that length I won’t rp with people who send one liners or aren’t descriptive enough to keep an rp going.
-I wont rp with anyone under the age of 18. I myself am 18 and rping with minors makes me very uncomfortable.
-Must be good at replying. I don’t mind a day or two of no response, I know life gets busy. But don’t be afraid to send me a message if you’ll be away! And never be afraid to shoot me a message if I haven’t answered in a while!
-I will not rp underage characters, they must be aged up if rp has NSFW elements. I like to write as a bottom.
Other than that, I’m pretty easy going! Currently I’m very fixated on Kiribaku (I prefer to write as Kirishima, but am fine with being Bakugou as well) and omegaverse dynamics! However I’m also a fan of university au’s, fantasy au’s, royalty au’s, and anything real angsty. Angst with happy endings is my best friend! Slowburn is also something I love!
Please feel free to shoot me a message if you’d like to rp! I’m also willing to give out my discord if you’d prefer to rp there!
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edgebled · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
first of all, welcome! this server was created by a group of friends looking to expand further than just group servers with a specific focus and create something that allows people a space to freely write in a multitude of fandoms and with different characters. essentially, it was made by people Done with tumblr rpc for the most part, who wanted to create a positive place for writers to come together and write and chat! a community.
below cut you will find a break down of what is in each of the servers and if you click the source link it’ll take you right to the first, the ooc server! 
SERVER NUMBER ONE: is this server right here and features all ooc channels! 
SERVER NUMBER TWO: this will be the mun and askbox server. in this server each writer will have their own individual categories and within these you will find askbox and replies channels, be able to add your own channels for things such as drabbles, sharing inspo posts, headcanons etc, but also having a list of characters you write. 
SERVER NUMBER THREE: a fandom specific server with open thread categories. this will specifically feature the fandoms: marvel, dc, star wars, harry potter & percy jackson. 
SERVER NUMBER FOUR: this server will not have any fandom specific categories but will instead have a bunch of open ones. 
SERVER NUMBER FIVE: this server works like a more specific 1x1 server. all you'd need to do is make a request in the »-requests channel and you will be allotted a named category where-- go mental ;) dive into a thousand au's with this person.
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