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#canoning issue
fictionkinfessionsa month ago
This post is a support group for everyone with chronologically fucked up canons. Time loops? Unreality? Temporal tantrums? Multiverses within multiverses? Been there, did that, just like you all have. I hope this life is a little more smoother. #馃挄
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fictionkinfessions23 days ago
kinning a protagonist: so many canonmantes, everyone who kins from that source loves you, always respected with triggers related to kin canons, find cute and comforting things wherever you go
kinning an antagonist: don't want to meet canonmates because they'd hate you, literally get told you're abusive/a bad person, you can never try to ask for trigger warnings out of fear of being yelled at by others, blocking tags because every post about you makes you want to kill yourself, always having people act like they know you better than you do and that you were the awful person they said you were in that canon, hating your kins with extreme passion, never feeling at home in your kin community, wishing you had never kinned in the first place, being compared to exaggerated stereotypes of bad people, your abuse in that timeline is always brushed off since you were a bad person, you can never talk about your own canon without fear of being hated for "ignoring" the bad parts, constant self hatred, etc
if this isn't on anon or not to the kin confessions blog please delete it
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fictionkinfessionsa month ago
can we as a fictionkin community stop feeling the need to share "yeah i know this character has been revealed as gay/bi/trans/whatever but i WASN'T in my timeline" with people who did not ask and are just trying to be happy about the representation
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fictionkinfessions24 days ago
If you're confused as to why or how you got here, I totally understand. I hope this life isn't too bad, and that you have some fun while you're around. And you know what? I'm glad you're here! It's incredibly great fortune that we all ended up in the same time and place in this universe! I feel lucky to share it with you! Even if we never meet, I'm glad to be here with you! #馃挄
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fictionkinfessions2 months ago
my experiences SHOULD be universal. my kin memories Should be canon so i can see content of me Out of my head. thank you very much
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fictionkinfessions26 days ago
Stop. STOP trying to insist we're canonmates, we aren't. We aren't and it's really pushing my boundaries that you keep insisting on it. Why can't we just be sourcemates? What's so wrong with that? You want a relationship with me, build it from scratch.
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fictionkinfessions25 days ago
Hi hello you, yes you, I love your canons! I love your memories! Even the vague mooshy memories that are more ambiguous sensations than distinct imagery! I think the more divergent are some of the coolest canons!! Like wow, small details, big variations, all extremely fascinating! Please never feel ashamed or regretful if you're not an exact match to whatever we know is the source canon! #馃挄
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fictionkinfessions11 days ago
Wish people would start taking non-canon fictionkins seriously. I'm not trying to make self self insert rp here- no, that was who i was. That's who I am!
I can't explain to you how I would prefer being a canon character!! It would be so much easier- all I would have to figure out was if and how my canon was different from my sources canon!
I would have content of myself made by my sources fandom, I would be able to read stories where everything turned out okay-
But I'm not, and there isn't. Please don't take being a canon character, but also help and support your distant non-canon family. We have it just as difficult as you, and sometimes more.
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fictionkinfessions14 days ago
That oddly validating Feel when people notice the care I put into my analysis of my canon
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fictionkinfessions6 days ago
I hate my canon. I love my canon. I'm canon compliant. I'm canon divergent. There's just a few things that are different. It's almost unrecognizable. I don't want to talk about it. I want to be so open that people know who I am just by seeing me. I want to find everyone. I don't want to bother them if they've moved on. All of this is true about the same exact canon and I don't know if it's just being kin or because of how big an expansive this source is. - Luigi (#馃挌馃挋)
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fictionkinfessions2 months ago
Say it with me now! Canons are different from the source material!
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fictionkinfessions4 months ago
does anyone else read kinfessions here from source material u haven鈥檛 explored and think 鈥渓mao what if I read/watched/played that and turned out to kin from it and be from this persons canon鈥.... like sometimes I wonder if I would find out new kins by getting into some of these things and hhhhhhh it kinda scares me LMAOOOOOOOO
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fictionkinfessions3 months ago
shoutout to my kinnies with d.i.d/osdd its weird kinning as the host and your alter kinning their paired character (i kin eugene, host kins rapunzel, i kin karkat, she kins jade,) like. we arent from the same timelines but its fun and an adventure in loving us as a whole
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fictionkinfessionsa month ago
[me dumping a bunch of angst on an oc] [me kinning the oc] [me getting super upset over my past] well if it isn't the consequences of my own actions
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fictionkinfessions4 months ago
*headcanon gets confirmed by author* Am I *gasp* canon- compliant?!
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fictionkinfessionsa month ago
this goes out to all the people who had dark periods in their timeline that they never recovered from鈥 even when it doesn't feel like it, you've turned a new leaf. you were deserving of love, recovery, and redemption then, and you are deserving of it now. no matter what you did or went through, you have hope now, and you deserve to have hope. please take care. #馃寫鈽侊笍
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fictionkinfessions21 days ago
The traveler has said it. I have said it. Many others have said it.
The traveler is an adult. Stop saying they are a minor and demonizing fictives for having relationships with adult characters like Xiao. (As an example). The traveler is an adult; it has been stated so many times in canon that I truly do not understand how people disregard that. The traveler is thousands of years old.
Even if characters have commented how they are "too young to drink", that is due to appearance. I am very sure that you all have seen minors who look like adults and vice versa. That is not the traveler's fault.
To any traveler fictives and possibly kins; I am sorry you have to put up with this.
- Albedo (fictive).
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fictionkinfessions16 hours ago
The SOUL was me. I know it was. It just felt like a dissociative autopilot, but I was still in control. I never really did what I didnt want to do to some degree. Im so sure of that, its all I remember
And thats exactly why Snowgrave terrifies me.
Even if the route very clearly seperates me and the SOUL, is very explicit in saying I am not the one manipulating Noelle. It still scares me because, for me, the SOUL is me too!!
I know I wasnt the best person, the moments Im in control in the game show that well enough, but would I have really pushed Noelle to /kill/?? I hated Berdly a lot, but would I ever suggest murder?
I dont know if Snwgrave was my tl or not, I certainly hope it wasnt. But considering how much it fucks with my head... Im scared...
So a pre-emptive/just in case apology to any Noelles who had to go through Snowgrave. None of you deserved that.
~Kris 馃暞鈾
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fictionkinfessions25 days ago
me when im a guy and kin a canon lesbian and know i cant talk about it because i'll be seen as fetishizing and feel out of line for kinning her at all
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fictionkinfessions4 months ago
being my canonmate is not a free pass on being a shitty person. if you鈥檙e repeatedly rude to me or my friends, you can apologize or fuck off. seriously. 鈥渂ut...but we鈥檙e CANONMATES?!鈥 means nothing to me at the end of the day. I can be your canonmate without ever speaking to you. I鈥檒l live.
(also isn鈥檛 it so amusing how many ex-canonmates can move on and find their 鈥渞eal鈥 canonmate..........more than once? I鈥檓 sensing a pattern.)
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