#cant help but think back to every gentle touch and loving smile and the casual affection and the endless perfect days
roughentumble · a year ago
I've had this fic idea for the longest time and your post about illusions reminded me of it, basically it's a total ripoff of djinns in spn showing ppl what they want most, very land of the lotus eaters
Jaskier's stuck in this idyllic illusion where he and Geralt are together and everything's perfect, they travel and fight monsters and Jaskier sings songs but Geralt never gets hurt and Jaskier doesn't sleep around, they're together and in love and it's wonderful
And then Jaskier gets ripped out of it, finds out it was all an illusion and he's devastated bc now he's had what he wants most and thinks he'll never have it again, not really, and it's driving him crazy
Geralt eventually takes him to Yen to see if she can help, thinking maybe there's lingering effects of being trapped in whatever illusion Jaskier was put in, and Yen's prodding trying to figure out what he saw in the illusion, what was so wonderful he nearly wants to be put back into it, and Jaskier finally snaps, "He loved me back!"
ohhhhh shit i dig this!!!
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comfyswitcherblanketfort · 11 months ago
What about Geralt discovering how awesome and safe it feels to be the little spoon? Any pairing is good, but I do have a weakness for Jaskier/Dandelion helping Geralt learn how to let himself be taken care of.
what about me projecting so hard im not even sure if this makes any sense? more likely than you think.
Warnings: i went with geraskier, idk why this is a warning but im rolling with it, biiiiiig self depreciation on Geralt's part, jask goading geralt into asking for things he wants/needs, snuggles? idk. i should just start using ao3 tags here lol
Geralt hadn’t realized just how much Jaskier held back in his presence until he saw the bard with a lover for the first time. Not in a libido sort of way, though Geralt could smell that well enough, but in his affinity for touching and holding.
Jaskier would cradle his love of the week and stroke their cheek and run his fingers through their hair every second he could. And what confused Geralt even more, was how the object of his affections preened under his attention, even when said attention was absent-minded and automatic. He’d known this particular fling to be rather standoffish, very much the gritted teeth and harsh glaring type when people attempted flirting or any sort of casual touching.
When Geralt asked them about it after Jaskier had made his dramatic exit, they smiled wistfully and shook their head, “Ask him. I’m sure he’d be more than happy to explain it to you of all people…”
That, of course, meant shit all to Geralt, but after weeks of biting his nails and working up the courage, he asked Jaskier how he managed to get so close, so intimate with people.
He just received a confused look in return, “Well… the same as with you?”
Geralt could only frown and sit down on a stump across the fire from his bard, his silent request for an explanation. He was never close with other people. The most intimate he got outside of some meaningless sex here and there was letting Jaskier tend his wounds.
“Trust. And respect I guess… why do you ask?”
“No reason…” Geralt muttered, staring into the flames as an embarrassed blush crept up his neck. The self-consciousness that had delayed him asking for so long rushed back over him and he began to regret saying anything. Come to think of it, Jaskier had probably just misunderstood him. Considering he’d insinuated Geralt had ever been intimate with… oh. His frown deepening, Geralt stared even harder into the fire as he came to the first realization of the night. Jaskier had meant ‘the same way I’m intimate with you’.
The bard was at his side without making a sound, joining him on a stump with their thighs just barely touching, “Ask me,” he whispered, pausing to give Geralt a chance to do so before adding a soft, “Please?”
“It’s not the same, is it? You don’t- ...you don’t hold me like that…” Geralt wasn’t sure his voice could come out any smaller if he tried, and he was certainly trying to sound casual. He hadn’t realized he was jealous. Hadn’t realized the reason he ached wasn’t that he was tired or dehydrated, but because he yearned to be treated so gently.
“No, it’s not,” Jaskier confirmed. The hand resting on his thigh right next to Geralt’s twitched in indecision before Jaskier hooked his pinky around Geralt’s where it rested on his knee, “I’m far more careful with the people I couldn’t stand to lose.”
The subtle but intentional touch had Geralt’s heart racing as he stared at where their fingers were interlocked. He’d gone over reason after possible reason in his head that Jaskier would keep his distance, but the truth was almost incomprehensible. Of all the things Geralt had been to people over the years, irreplaceable wasn’t one of them. He may have been special to the mages at Kaer Morhen, but to be treated with such care that he didn’t even realize he was being protected and kept close? It almost made him dizzy.
“If you asked,” Jaskier whispered, his own puls racing almost in double time with Geralt’s, “I would hold you closest and dearest. I’d give you everything I have.”
Slowly, so as not to send the wrong message, Geralt turned his hand over and laced his fingers between Jaskier’s, “I’d- I think I’d like that…”
As Jaskier pulled him over to a bedroll and laid so Geralt was pressed with his back against Jaskier’s chest, the witcher thought he’d never been so selfish in his life. When Jaskier cradled his head in the crook of his arm and hooked the other arm over Geralt’s waist to hold him impossibly closer he started to feel guilty. He was warm and comfortable and he’d never felt safer with someone at his back, but he couldn’t help feeling like he was taking something that wasn’t meant for him.
Almost in answer to his thoughts, Jaskier murmured into his hair, soothing and gentle, “I’d hold you for hours and hours if it made you believe you were worth the love I have for you.”
It took longer than he’d like to admit for Geralt to realize why his breathing was ragged and his face felt wet, “I’m- I’m not sure that’s fair of me to ask of you.”
“Then don’t ask. I’ll give it freely if you’ll take it,” Jaskier hummed, brushing Geralt’s hair back from his cheek so he could place a light kiss there, “I want to make you feel safe and loved.”
Geralt grit his teeth and fought the fresh well of guilt bubbling up in his chest. Here his bard confessed his love, practically pledged to heal his crumbled heart, and all Geralt could do was cry. Even when he tried, he couldn’t make the words he longed to say pass his lips.
“I cant- Jask I can’t say it-”
“Shhhh,” Jaskier squeezed him tight as he placed another kiss at the back of Geralt’s jaw, “You don’t have to. We’ll get there… This is enough. You are enough.”
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aizawaskittenwhore · a year ago
𝘩𝘰𝘸 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘺 𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘭𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘢𝘵𝘵𝘪𝘵𝘶𝘥𝘦.
𝘧𝘵. 𝘪𝘻𝘶𝘬𝘶, 𝘣𝘢𝘬𝘶𝘨𝘰, 𝘥𝘢𝘣𝘪 (+𝘩𝘢𝘸𝘬𝘴), 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘢𝘪𝘻𝘢𝘸𝘢.
𝘨𝘦𝘯𝘳𝘦: 18+ 𝘴𝘮𝘶𝘵. 𝘦𝘹𝘱𝘭𝘪𝘤𝘪𝘵 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘯𝘵.
𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘥𝘴: 1.5𝘬
𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴: 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘷𝘺 𝘥𝘦𝘨𝘳𝘢𝘥𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯, 𝘵𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘨, 𝘵𝘰𝘺𝘴/𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘶𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯, 𝘣𝘳𝘶𝘪𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘨/𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨, 𝘶𝘯𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘵𝘦𝘤𝘵𝘦𝘥 𝘴𝘦𝘹, 𝘪𝘮𝘱𝘢𝘤𝘵 𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺, 𝘵𝘩𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘴𝘰𝘮𝘦, 𝘤𝘩𝘰𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨, 𝘥𝘢𝘤𝘳𝘺𝘱𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘪𝘢, 𝘤𝘶𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺/𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨, 𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘥 𝘦𝘹𝘩𝘪𝘣𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯, 𝘧𝘦𝘮!𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳
𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘱𝘰𝘳𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘺𝘦𝘥 𝘵𝘰 𝘣𝘦 𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘳 18. 𝘯𝘰 𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘵, 𝘴𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘭𝘰𝘤𝘬. 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘬𝘴 𝘴𝘰 𝘮𝘶𝘤𝘩 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘭𝘺, 𝘪 𝘢𝘥𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘦𝘢𝘤𝘩 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺 𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘰𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘸𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘦𝘴. 𝘦𝘯𝘫𝘰𝘺. 𝘮𝘸𝘢𝘩.
“man, fuck you, the horse you rode in on, and your weak ass dick! just leave me the fuck alone.” you spit, arms crossed as you shoot the man in front of you a glare hot like jet fuel.
izuku midoriya is one of the sweetest people to grace the earth
there’s no doubt about it.
but know he is not afraid to put yo ass in a fucking headlock and pound his way into you, voice thick and raspy as he asks you just who the fuck you think you’re talking to.
he’s grown up quite a bit since high school
and refuses to get bitched by anyone, especially his own girlfriend.
a saccharine smile inches across peony pink lips, spreading over porcelain teeth
“you uh... you wanna repeat that, honey?”
you know you’ve made a mistake
he’s got that look in his eye, ravenous and wicked
“look...izuku, baby, i’m sorry. i didn’t mean to snap like that—“
“that’s not what i asked. i asked you...if you wanna repeat that.”
would definitely strap your ankles to a spreader bar, reveling in the way you continue to writhe against it
only to cry out in desperation once you realize that the more you struggle, the wider your legs go
or he’ll make you cry as you struggle to form a coherent apology, words choppy from the the remote controlled vibe is sending shockwaves through your heavily sensitive clit
he’d kneel above you, smile wide and innocent as he turns it up to the second most powerful setting, hard-on growing at the sight of your head lolling back while you try to appease him with sorry after sorry
“i-izuku—fuck, fuck! mmh— it’s too much....please, please, ‘m sorry! i didn’t mean it, ’m too sensitive—please just let me make it up to you baby—“
“all you gotta do is say the magic words sweetheart, and i’ll give you what you need.”
yeah, he’s one of those motherfuckers.
“remind me who’s pussy this is, and this’ll all be over with.”
“god, fine!! it’s yours okay! nobody else’s..now please, please fuck me izuku, i need you—“
doesn’t hold back for a second when he’s staking his claim all over your body, a calloused thumb roving over your clit gently, mindful of your sensitivity but edging you closer and closer to a fifth orgasm
happily smears strings of thick, sticky cum all over your stomach to mark you as his
and doesn’t hesitate to lick it off the supple, soft skin of your torso, the milky white substance congealing with transparent slippery saliva
he grasps your face firmly, fingers pushing your cheeks inwards and causing your spit slicked lips to jut out in a pretty little pout
“open.” he mutters before dripping the salty concoction onto your awaiting tongue, a throaty groan rumbling in his chest as he watches you happily swallow every last drop
“good girl.”
the aftercare is immaculate, izuku taking his time to wipe you clean so tenderly, lips pressing against each and every bruise, your body pliant as he whispers sweet reassurances into your sweat soaked skin
“much better now, right?”
you nod, eyes heavy as you sink into the warmth of his chest, hands clinging to him like he could disappear at any moment
“happy i could help you relieve some of that tension honey.”
“but talk to me like that again, and i promise you that’ll be the last time you call anything about me weak, especially how i fuck you. got it?”
prepare to be not only throughly sore the next day, but to have to conceal fingerprint shaped bruises on your hips and thighs
takes pictures of your fucked out face to have for future incidents where you decide you wanna talk like you have zero home training
and isn’t afraid to flash katsuki one or two whenever he gets to talking about how he could take you from him.
“so that’s how you wanna act, hm? if you needed some dick you should’ve just fuckin’ said so instead of always runnin’ your damn mouth.”
he whirls you around, pelvis pressing into the small of your back, rivulets of sweat beading at the base of your neck from his close proximity
he’s such a glutton for putting little bitches like you in their place.
blade sharp canines dragging against the curve of your neck, pathetic attempts to maintain your resolve falling from unsteady lips
“the hell’s wrong with you—you already know i’m with izuku...i’m not doing this shit to him again—”
but you were already gone when his lips slotted against yours, body throbbing at the contact
now izuku was a good lover, a giver, a pleaser at heart
always putting your enjoyment above his
but eventually one grows tired of slick tongues and curved fingers, pretty whines and gentle kisses
you wanted “fuck you”s, spit flying along sick expletives hurled at your bowed, desperate figure, sweet sticky semen coating your throat after it was abused and stroked as though you were a piece of plastic.
and as luck may have it, katsuki was more than willing to provide.
yet today you’d had enough, his subtle touches when you passed one another had garnered izuku’s attention; you’d reassured the male that it was nothing to bother with, that the two of you were just coworkers.
at least when his balls aren’t in your slutty fucking mouth, thick bubbled spit dripping onto your home screen as you text izuku that you’ll be home late for “stir-friday” once again.
the best sex was on days like today, when you got just a little too reckless at the mouth
when you needed a not so gentle reminder of who’s leaving you breathless all hours of the night
takes his time with you, fingers teeming with a slight brine as they’re sloppily thrust into your mouth with a “shut the fuck up talking to me like you don’t know who the fuck i am.”
degradation? baby, you’ve met the man.
“wanna act like a bitch, that’s fine. just don’t complain when i leave you limping like one, got it?”
you’re shoved atop a desk, it’s contents forgotten as katsuki latches onto a tit and proceeds to leave mark after mark, striving to rid any trace of your lover
panties tugged to the side, fingerpads waltzing up the length of your—no, his pussy
kisses down your sternum and the plush skin of your stomach, flipping you opposite him before snaking his tongue between your southernmost lips, devouring you like a man starved
but doesn’t let you cum, not yet anyway
“katsuki—please, i need it, don’t fucking tease..”
hates when you whine because it chips at his hard exterior, he’d give anything to pull another cry from you
“beg for it then. you had so much to say earlier, eh? go ahead and put your mouth to better use, fuckin’ slut.”
spanks you while he eats it from the back cause he can
and don’t even get me started on his size kink
lives for making you feel small against his large stature and even larger ego
“damn, you’re tight...thought deku would’ve broken you in a bit more for me by now—”
his pace is angry and unforgiving like his mouth, leaving you no mercy when he finally takes his place between your thighs
“that’s it...take that shit. don’t run...come on, tell me who’s dick you go dumb for, say it—“
“yours! j-just yours, never ‘zuku. fuck! m’ so fucking close please, please—“
cant fill you up like he wants, but settles for painting your body with splotches of white, watching them mix with your now-purpling bruises
and when izuku calls your phone on the hour to ask when you’ll be home, that cocky fuck answers
“relax. your little girlfriend and i are at the office with some reports, she’s so damn uptight...been on my dick this entire time. “
“should probably loosen her up more, maybe she’d be less annoying.”
he secretly loves it when you get like this
while dabi loves the rush of tossing around some brainless slut with a thing for fucking mass murderers
pussy was much better when it came with a little resistance, a little push back before he got what he wanted
“dabi come on..let her be. i’m sorry sweetness, this guy botherin’ you?”
his counterpart, keigo, was a top tier scumbag with grade-A looks, words mingling with a dulcet voice that could turn water into wine if he pleased
sienna wings bristled against his shoulder blades as he leaned down, an arm coming across your chest casually, bent over the back of the couch
“don’t call me that shit. actually, both of you are bothering me.” you grit, a hand swatting away tanned nimble fingers that were slowly making their way towards a breast
“see what i mean kei? she’s being a fucking brat. can’t stand bitches like her, always thinking they’re too good for guys like us.”
dabi takes a seat to your left, cyan eyes raking over the curve of your hips ravenously, staples gleaming in the bar’s gentle yellow glow
he was going to have so much fun breaking you in.
“ i think i know what her problem is....somebody just wants a little attention, right? hell, look at how she’s dressed...”
keigo’s eyes have taken on a darker energy, a hand winding around the width of your neck and squeezing lightly
“i don’t want anything from either of you assholes—wait, the hell are you trying to—ah!”
taking advantage of your pliant state, dabi’s hands begin to roam over exposed skin, a scarred set of hands slithering up your top
his abrasive fingers tweak your nipples roughly, rolling them between a forefinger and thumb with a lustful glare
“come on...don’t you want us to make you feel good? tell us you don’t want us to cream you like a fuckin’ twinkie, and we’ll leave your bitchy ass high and fucking dry, just like this.”
you hate them, the last thing you want is for either of these douchebags to be what gets you off
but god do keigo’s lips feel like heaven on earth when they’re against your pulse point like that, and dabi’s profuse experience shows in the way he manipulates your body to make you sigh in ecstasy, fingers slipping past drenched lace with ease to tease your sensitive clit...
“we—we shouldn’t do this out here, someone might see...s-shit, ah fuck—”
“so what? don’t want everyone to see how much you like getting double teamed?” keigo taunts, tongue darting out to soothe the harsh bruise he’d finished sucking into the skin beneath your ear
“nah, i think we’ll take you right here. besides, it’s just us and the boss man tonight. ‘should let him watch though, maybe he’d learn a thing or two about what a good fuck really looks like instead of that hentai shit.”
“so...you in or not? my hand’s starting to cramp.”
you nod, the motion serving at the catalyst for a number of debaucherous things that would soon happen to your body
marking is an absolute must
keigo’s practically feral once he knows you’re his to play with, love bites littering the expanse of your tits, neck, even the inside of your thighs
dabi marks you too, but he’s not nearly as nice as keigo, leaving handprints all over your ass, each one accompanied by a harsh yet tolerable burn
you can thank his quirk for that
they’re sloppy and they know it, dabi’s spit creating web-like strings connecting your pussy lips together, the metal barbell wedged between tongue muscle retreating from beneath your trembling thighs
meanwhile keigo’s reveling in the way your spit coats his dick in an effortless gloss, a hand keeping your head steady as he drives into your throat with reckless abandon
the saliva making its way down through the valley of your breasts while you struggle to breathe, eyes watering in both panic and pleasure as the two use you like a toy
they take turns, metal and heady sweat flood your tastebuds when dabi takes on keigo’s previous stance
dabi certainly makes sure you give his balls special attention. it doesnt enhance his pleasure, he just likes seeing you get so nasty for him.
not so high and mighty when you’re gargling the dick of one of japan’s most wanted, are you?
keigo’s dick reaches depths you didn’t think possible, tip prodding your innermost spots and making you sputter pathetically around dabi’s length, eyes burning as you try to control the heat in your lungs
“nah nah nah, don’t get all teary eyed now—thought it was “fuck us and our weak ass dick”? hm? well this weak ass dick’s makin’ you choke like a two dollar whore, and keigo’s about to pump that sloppy cunt full of cum...still think you’re better than us?”
you’re tossed between the two men like a ragdoll, until your body’s spent and you’re bred so good that you drip with their mix of fluids every time you shift a little
the men don’t hesitate to compliment your endurance, praising you for being “such a good little fucktoy”.
which in dabi’s words, is the closest you’ll ever get to a “sorry for bothering you”.
let me tell you a thing or two about shota.
he has no time, or tolerance, for bullshit.
between his atrocious sleep schedule, nightly patrols, and his day job as a high school teacher, he doesn’t have the capacity for mind games
so when you’d snapped on him like that, he did what he felt like was the most logical thing
he left you alone. he wasn’t about to get into some childish argument all because he didn’t give you the reaction you’d wanted over a dress
aizawa’s not a reactive man by nature
so when you’d purchased the sultry number, seams tight and neckline waivering on indecent
he’d merely hummed at the article of clothing in approval, committing the sight to memory before going back to finish reviewing his lesson plans for next week
which to you, wasn’t good enough. you wanted him to exhibit some sort of lust, something that made you feel like you still had him in the palm of your hand
it wasn’t like the two of you weren’t having sex, no not at all. but you wanted to feel like he wasn’t just attracted to you, but craved, desired, was desperate for your touch every now and again
and when he’d given his...lackluster feedback, you exploded, the two of you briefly exchanging words before you’d said that. shota was in no mood to argue, so he excused himself from the room to continue his work
“sorry if i actually want to, you know, feel desired by my own boyfriend? god, it’s like you don’t even look at me anymore.”
that comment stung, even recalling your wounded tone made his heart ache
was he really not paying attention to you?
but, unsurprisingly, the feelings of anger didn’t abate. just what made you think you could play these games with him, the two of you were grown, you knew if you wanted something all you had to do was ask—it made no sense
steel pen tip digging into the hurried scrawl of kaminari’s essay....if you could even call it that, he rose from his desk, relieved his tense neck from the presence of hair by knotting it into a high ponytail
beginning to strip as he made his way toward your shower
you wanted him to look at you? alright. he’d do exactly that, and then some. just remember, be careful what you wish for.
“shota? look... i’m sorry for how i acted earlier. i should’ve just communicated how i felt instead of blowing up on you like that, i just get frustrated with how much you work and how we never see each other, and it makes it hard for me to—mmph!”
he meets your lips with a subdued roughness, hands splayed across your hips, water trickling across stiffened knuckles while he fumbled and scoured for any piece of you he could manage to grasp
“you said you feel like i don’t look at you anymore.”
“lets fix that. i have a proposition for you. if you manage to hold eye contact with me for however long it takes for you to cum, my body’s yours to do whatever you want with.”
“however...look away for even a second, and i’ll have no problem reminding you just how much you can take before you’re begging for me to fuck you. you know how...efficient i can be. sound fair?”
now something he’d alluded to, but never said about this little agreement? there was no way for you to win.
on days where his exhaustion levels weren’t at an all time low, he’d find himself lapping at the slightly acidic, rich nectar between your thighs for hours and hours on end
so what made you think you even had the resolve to maintain eye contact the entire time?
you lose, though that was to be expected
and shota couldn’t be happier about it
now while it’s practically canon that he’s into bondage, let’s switch things up a bit
honestly, he’s the type to love proving a point.
he’ll make you ride his dick, not letting you stop for a second even though he’s practically in your stomach at this point
bad at it? he doesn’t care. your knees are giving out? not his problem.
“sho-please, i can’t, ‘s too big...fuck—“
“damn, and to think i had ‘weak ass dick’ before. now you can’t take it? pick a side sweetheart, your desperation is showing.”
he’s not incredibly vocal in the bedroom as that’s just not who he is
but makes an exception when it comes to making fun of you
“come on, you can swallow more than that, right? tch. you’ve gotten lazy.”
is another one of those “take a photo for future reference” type of people. but he’s respectful of not only your privacy but his own, and keeps it in the hidden photos folder of his camera roll like a sane adult.
he had to learn the hard way about the importance of concealing scandalous materials that one time hizashi was using screen sharing to suggest a new learning course during a staff meeting
only for the blonde to scroll and several pairs of eyes in the room to be blessed (or cursed) with the sight of a rather ecstatic looking woman bent in a position that would make a gymnast blush
also likes to give you sloppy, shallow half strokes to drive you to the point of insanity before spreading your ass cheeks and molding your body to the bed beneath you
“you wanna know what i was thinking about when you walked out with that dress on? hm? i wondered... ‘how long it would take before we used it as a cumrag after i was done with you?’ i thought about doing this.”
oh, and by the way, there’s a mirror above your bed for a reason. but we’ll get into that some other time, won’t we?
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obey-me-stuffs · a year ago
Headcanon- Obey me Brothers + Undateables when Mc comes out to them! GnMc! Requested
Request: How about a head-canon where MC comes out to the brothers and side characters -anon
I didn't know if you wanted coming out for gender or sexuality, so I just did general headcanons! Enjoy Simps!
Really? You want to come out to the avatar of pride first? Alright its you life...
Coming out to Lucifer can be a very intimidating thing to do.
Lucifer has strong opinions on things, and isn't exactly the most welcoming presence.
However once you grow closer his will be more open to new ideas, and things you like.
When you do end up coming out to him hes surprisingly... comforting???
He will go on a little rant about how your the same person and no matter who you love or what pronouns you use he will respect you the same.
If you want he will happily tell the others for you so that you don’t have to go through the stress of it, but if not he will respect your decision.
Aggressively corrects your pronouns, and if its intentional he will be blunt in his threats.
He will try to not make a huge deal out of it, but will fail in the end.
“Mc I will support you no matter what title you hold. Besides your accomplishments are still yours.”
Mammon is probably one of the best choices to come out to first.
He’s not quick to judge people, and he’s understanding if you want him to keep this a secret.
When you come out to him he’ll really do his best to read the room.
If you don’t want him to make a big deal out of it then he wont, if you need some encouraging words then he will supply.
He feels really touched that you trust him enough to tell him these things, and will adjust to nay new name/pronouns that you want to use.
He’ll try to sway you into telling his brothers, but wont force you to do anything.
Mammon might have to force himself to deadname you prior to you coming out though.
Mammon will buy you merch with your pride flag/s on it to show his support, and will wear his own pride clothes when you both go out so that you wont get glares.
“Hey I’ll love ya either way! Your still my human, and nothin’s gonna change that!”
A safe choice, Levi is very good at keeping other peoples secrets, but isn’t the best at verbal confrontation.
You’ll probably want to tell him when your in his room gaming, and for a moment it’ll seem like he didn’t hear you.
Then he’ll completely freeze up once he processes what you said.
He’s shocked, not because your Lgbtq+ but because you told Him first.
You really trust him that much!? Does his room really make you comfortable enough to say that!? Him!? His room!?
Once he comes back to reality he’ll stutter over his words before eventually starting an anime inspired speech on how he values you as his friend.
Levi will treat you the same, but might purposely slip in your name and pronouns more than usual to validate you.
He wont tell anyone else, and will allow you to come out at your own pace.
“O-Of course I support you! The lord of shadows wouldn’t betray Henry no matter what, and this is no exception!”
Satan is also a pretty safe choice.
He’s curious by nature, and enjoys learning new things no matter what they be.
However when you do come out to him you surprised to receive no questions.
That would be because Satan already knows a lot about gender and sexuality.
The devildom is much more accepting of these things than the human world, and Satan has done his research on the topic.
He will ask you a few basic questions, but then he will simply return to reading his book again.
Satan will use your new name and pronouns, but not excessively.
Over all he will act as though its no big deal and would treat it as casually as you  telling him your favorite color.
However that attitude is thrown out the window if someone purposefully misgenders, or mocks you.
“I see absolutely no problem with that Mc. Let me know if anyone causes you problems because of this.”
You uh... you sure about that..?
This bitch is dramatic, so anything like this that you tell him could result in a screech waking up the whole house.
Asmo himself his 100% Pansexual, so he will support you... maybe even too much.
If you decide to tell Asmo first you best be prepared to tell everyone else soon after, because as much as he tries Asmo will not be able to keep this a secret for long.
He refuses to deadname you, even in a situation with people who you haven't come out to.
Goes all out painting your nails after you flag/s and buying you clothes that fit the flags color schemes.
“Really!? Doll why didn't you tell me sooner! Am I the first person you’ve told!? Oh I cant wait to tell everyone else!”
Beel is a very good choice.
He loves his family no matter what, and that includes you.
You could tell Beel that you burned an orphanage and murdered 20 people and he’d still love you.
You’ll probably come out to him while he snacking in the kitchen.
He’ll stop eating for a minute and smile at you, then he’ll ruffle your hair before going back to eating.
Beel will struggle a bit with your new name/pronouns, but will try his best, and eventually he’ll get used to it.
Unless you tell him to keep it a secret, he’ll probably end up telling Belphie.
But if you tell him not to he will respect your wishes.
If anyone intentionally misgenders or mocks you Beel will correct them passively, but will grow more aggressive the more they do so.
By the end you might have to stop him from just eating them.
“That’s okay. Your still my Mc, and I still love you.”
Not the best choice, but at least he wont tell anyone...probably...
Belphie will probably be half asleep when you tell him, and end up saying something like “Fine whatever now let me sleep.”
You might think he will forget because he was so tired, but no.
He wont tell you per say, but he will make it painfully obvious.
He will use you proper pronouns while in public then correct himself while looking at you.
He’ll also say your deadname whilst looking into your eyes knowingly.
It might seem rude, but his intention is really just to get you to come out to everyone else.
He doesn’t want to out you, but he also doesn’t want you to keep going by a title you don’t like.
If it goes on for too long he might end up telling Beel to help ‘Encourage’ you.
Once you do come out he will be more genuine and tell you that he actually does care, and that he loves you the same.
“Doesn’t matter much to me, but if it makes you happy then I support it.”
Wow talk about pressure, sure lets come out the the leader of all of hell first, sounds perfect.
Diavolo will be very supportive... a bit too supportive... he will execute someone for deadnaming you...
When you come out to him he’s going to be a bit confused.
In the devildom it is much more accepted to be Lgbtq+ but you seem to be very nervous about coming out.
He’ll question you and eventually you’ll tell him that humans are a bit less accepting in this way.
Diavolo will be shocked.
Your saying you can actually be hurt for liking the same gender!? Why!?
Diavolo will make it his job to make you behold validated in the devildom.
“You may not be as welcomed in the human world, but I promise to make you feel welcome here.”
Barbatos is a wonderful choice.
He will start using your new name and pronouns so fast its dizzying, and he will not tell anyone unless you specifically ask him to.
No matter when you come out to Barbatos he will give you a gentle smile and tell you that you will fully accepted by the brothers and Diavolo himself.
Barbatos will ask you how you want him to refer to you around the others, and will follow your requests to the word.
Other than that He will treat you exactly the same, he doesn’t want you to think that he views you differently now, because he doesn’t.
“Of course. I shall start using you new titles right away.”
...Really? Of all the people you could have chose from...
Solomon will most defiantly tease you about this.
Unless you are very persistent when telling him to keep this private, he isn't going to try to keep this a secret at all.
Even your sexuality which is much easier to hide.
He’ll find a way to slip it into a conversation just to mess with you.
Within a week he’s come out to almost everyone for you, so your welcome.
Solomon does actually care about you though, and if anyone dares to make fun of you for your gender or sexuality they will pay.
“I don’t see the issue. If that’s what you prefer then the others should know right away.”
Once again a wonderful choice.
Simeon loves you for you personality, and fully supports your decisions.
He will give you a heartfelt talk when you come out, making sure that you understand how welcome and loved you are.
You’ll both probably end up crying by the end of it.
Simeon will ask you what you want him to refer to you by in public, but will try to convince you to tell the others.
Simeon might struggle to use your old titles around others just because he wants to validate you as much as possible.
10/10 very supportive boy.
“I accept every part of you Mc. No matter what I will always be here to support you.”
Of course I support you! Wait what is that again?
Luke has the spirit, but he’s a little confused, you’ll probably have to explain it to him for him to understand.
It will be easier for Luke to understand sexuality because he has seen a few Homosexual couples.
He will still try to understand your gender though.
Gets really upset at himself if he misgenders you, and will apologize so many times.
Gets really angry if other people make fun of you, and will go chihuahua mode.
“I might not understand it... But I’ll do my best Mc!”
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forever-rogue · a year ago
request: some christmassy idea where marcus moreno brings presents he bought for missy to the shop to get wrapped up bc he cant wrap for shit. And he wants to flirt with reader whos the one whos gonna wrap the presents but for the love of the above he cant. hes stuttering and hes flustered and its cute. And reader is like okay mister "i can use the force", heres my number, call me so we can shedule a date. And hes so shocked about it 😄😭😭😭 thank u patricia! 🌟
Tumblr media
I see it's time to write for Mr. Moreno? Excellent 😌 Enjoy!
Marcus Moreno x Fem!Reader; no warnings
Pedro Characters Masterlist
»»————- ♡ ————-««
A heavy sigh escaped his lips as he reluctantly returned to the store, the bag of presents in his hand a sign of defeat. How hard it could possibly have been to wrap a few presents? Apparently too hard for someone like Marcus Moreno. It wasn’t that he hadn’t tried, oh no, he’d spent several hours the previous evening after Missy had gone to bed attempting to wrap the clothes and other oddly shaped boxes perfectly. But instead of success, all he gained was frustration. 
Instead of another vain attempt at the wrapping, he gave up and threw everything back into the bag and made his mind that he would go back to the small department store and ask...beg if you required it, for you to wrap the gifts. 
He might have been able to save the world on several occasions, but apparently his talents ended at Christmas gift wrapping. Well, he huffed to himself as he pulled open the door, the soft twinkling of bells meeting his ears, everyone had a limit. His just happened to be a little more pathetic than others. 
Super Hero, he reminded himself with each step, he was a fudgin’ super hero for fuck’s sake. But alas, when it came to more domestic things, such as cooking, and wrapping apparently, he was far from super. He was working on it though - spending time each day to make sure he was learning - doing enough - to be the father Missy needed. For her, and himself. Things weren’t always easy, but they were always getting better. 
Although tired from a long day at the office, throwing swords around, as Missy had dubbed it, his face instantly lit up when he spied you behind the counter, an almost bored expression on your face. The last of the Christmas rush was almost over, which meant business had slowed down, which was both a blessing and a curse at the same time. Marcus would have been a liar if he said he didn’t have an ulterior motive for coming back; sure - he wanted the presents wrapped, but let’s be honest, the man was smitten with you. Any excuse to come back and chat with you, even if it was just five minutes was good enough for him. 
He’d known you, casually, for a few years now. You had been Missy’s teacher at school last year, and he knew that you worked the summers and holidays at your parent’s store to give them a hand with the rushes. Sometimes, being the sneaky Heroic he was, he’d made up excuses in the past to come into your classroom to spend a few minutes here and there talking to you. It was hard to believe that anyone could make him nervous, to make his heart flutter and beat like a nervous schoolboy, but there you were. Managing to do it every time. 
But he’d never act on it. No, no, no. That would be downright outrageous. After all, why on earth would you be interested in Marcus Moreno? He couldn’t even wrap a present.
Almost as if you sensed his presence, you looked up from the counter you were organized and offered him a dazzling smile, accompanied by a small wave. He was positive his heart stopped at the sight as he had to remind himself to breath. After a quick inhale and exhale, he marched over to you, ready to be firm, and hell, maybe today he’d finally ask if you wanted to get dinner sometime. Why not, after all? But then he took a good look at your eyes, those soft eyes and that gentle smile and he came undone.
“Hi Marcus,” you beamed at him as he did his best to give you a normal smile in response, “what a pleasure to see a friendly face. How are you?”
“Hi,” he managed to choke out as he calmed himself. How did you have this effect on him? He was a grown man, a man with plenty of experience in dating and love, and yet this one he couldn’t seem to nail down, “I’m fine  - you know what, why lie? I’m tired and I can’t wrap presents for shit. I hate to ask, but could you help me out? I’ve seen you do it for other people and I’m afraid if I try again, it’ll be worse than the first time. It’s been awful - oh my God, I’m so rude. I’m rambling - you look pretty - nice - how are you?”
“Marcus,” you giggled at him, watching as a nervous tinge of pink flushed his cheeks. You put your hand on his, effectively getting him to calm down and shut up, “slow down. It’s okay - I’ve got you covered. I assume work is busy?”
“That’s one way to put it,” he was instantly relieved as you took the presents from and grabbed some wrapping paper to display to him. He nodded at your choice and watching in awe as you made quick work of grabbing the first present and getting to work, “I was about ready to just leave him in the bag and give them to Missy like that.”
“Ahh, it’s not a big deal,” you shot him a quick wink, “it’s easy once you get the hang of it. But then again, I’ve been helping my parents with this stuff for years. Maybe sometime I’ll show you how.”
“You’re a lifesaver,” he exhaled as he leaned against the counter and tried to pay it cool. His heart was thumping in his chest so rapidly, he was sure you were able to hear it as well. If you noticed anything out of place, you didn’t show it, “I’ll pay you - whatever you want.”
“Marcus,” you waved him off, “there’s no need. Besides, what are friends for?”
“Friends,” he almost choked on the word as he grinned at the delicate look of concentration on your face. Your brow was furrowed, your tongue peeking out from between your lips as you made sure to get all the measurements just right, “how’s everything been? It’s been a while…”
“I know,” you agreed as you started some ribbon to start curling it, “I miss you coming into my classroom all the time, I miss Missy - it’s not quite the same without the Morenos.”
How much could hint at it before he finally got the bait? You’d harbored a crush on the man for years now, even before you became Missy's teacher. He was a Heroic after all - handsome, funny, smart, and kind. Who wouldn't fall in love with him? You'd hinted at your feelings a number of times and you thought he reciprocated a few times, but you could never be quite sure. And neither of you ever seemed to make a move. You'd come close a few times, but somehow just hadn't...quite gotten there.
“I miss it too,” he agreed quietly, turning his attention to his hands, “Missy doesn’t like her teacher as much this year.”
“That’s because I’m pretty cool,” you teased gently, “you look nice too, by the way. The all black thing - pretty sexy.”
Marcus was sure his heart stopped at your words; you couldn’t seriously have said what he thought you said. Right? Right. He looked at you with wide eyes as you refused to look up from what you were doing in case you had completely overstepped any remaining boundaries. 
“I, umm…” he paused for a moment, chuckling at his own nerves as he moved to stand in front of you, “I’m shit at this. But I, umm...I like you.”
“Marcus,” you stopped what you were doing and set the scissors down to meet his soft brown eyes. He had a small smile on his face, nervous as he watched your expression to try and get a read on the situation. Honestly? He’d rather have taken down another horde of aliens than wait for your response, “it’s about time you said something. I was beginning to think you never would.”
“Oh,” he let a nervous chuckle as your words set in, “oh. Oh?”
“I like you too, Marcus,” you admitted as a warmth flushed over you, “I just...I didn’t know how to say it. I was…”
“Nervous,” you both blurted out at the same time as you both laughed. At least you were on the same page. 
“I haven’t done this in a long time,” he confessed as you nodded in understanding, “I feel like an old fool more than anything...but I’d like to take you out. On a date. A real date. Like you know not just...this, and I’m sorry if this is awkward. Missy’s been telling me to ask you forever and I just feel like -”
“Marcus,” you grinned at him as you reached up and held up a finger to his lips, “you’re rambling again, silly. I’d love to. I’d love to go out with you.”
“Seriously?” his eyebrows raised in surprise as you just nodded. Needless to say, he was not expecting this - any of it. 
“Seriously,” you confirmed, “come on, Mr. Force Hands, give me your phone and I’ll give you my number.”
“Okay,” he looked at you with nothing but soft hope in his eyes as he fished out his phone from his pocket and handed it to you. You let your hand brush over his as you took it and quickly saved your number for him, “I...yeah. I’m looking forward to it.”
“Me too,” you agreed, “but don’t actually forget to text me.”
“I wouldn’t dream of it,” he breathed out easily, “besides, I owe Missy twenty bucks now and she’ll never forget it. We made a bet - she said I’ve never get the nerve to ask.”
“What a pleasant surprise,” you grinned at him, “now come on. Come around the counter and I’ll show you how to wrap properly.”
Marcus shuffled around the counter and you pointed to the spot you had previously occupied. Moving behind him, you paused for a moment before reaching around him to put your hands over his and help guide him. He swallowed thickly at your tender touch, trying to keep himself composed. 
“Now,” you said softly, “do it like this.”
It was definitely not what Marcus had expected to come out of this evening - but he was so glad it did. Finally. 
Maybe not being able to wrap presents wasn’t such a bad thing after all.
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sweater-daddiesdumbdork · a year ago
Summary- 1.9k Frank Adler x You. Frank wakes you up at the ungodly hour of 3:30 am and will not even tell you why. Written for @stargazingfangirl18​ 5k challenge
Warnings- like... barely there mention hint of smut? But just barely? I cant even count it as a warning to be honest. 
A/N- so yes this is written for a soft!dark challenge, but dark writing just isn't happening. I went with just soft and with the prompt of lazy make out session.I really wanted to make sure I was giving something to Siri’s challenge because she works so hard on providing us wonderful fics to enjoy, is incredibly supportive and honestly she deserves it. Much love always babes and thank you for all you do.  
A/N 2- Can be read as a one shot. It is in the same verse as Oppressive. Also trying out a new site to make moodboards. I kinda like it? what do you all think? And I know the Fort Myers pier is made from concrete, not wood, but I wanted wood. So I went with wood. I always appreciate your thoughts on a fic. Alright, Much Love, Happy Reading! 🌊
Tumblr media
“Baby wake up.” You heard a husky whisper in your ear as well as a rough scrape against your shoulder from Franks cheek as he pressed in close to your back, the soft hairs of his chest pressed into your sleepy warm skin and you muttered a no into your pillow as you hid your face into the cotton covers. 
He must be out of his ever loving mind to think you were going to wake up at… a quick peek at the old 80’s looking radio clock Frank loved sitting on his night stand. The red numbers were unfocused at first, but blurry sharpened to three thirty am. Yes, your man was crazy to think you were up for anything at all, and the way he was pressed into your ass cheeks, you suspected he woke up early for sex. 
That was going to be a hell no. “Frank go back to sleep. I will fuck you later.” You promised as you shifted back into your warm safe hollow. He chuckled gruffly and his hands slid on your hips to twist you to fast him, causing you to sigh and blink up at him. In the dark of the room, his eyes were a dull blue shining down at you amused. You though were no in that same mood as you blinked up at him, pushing a hand against his chest. “Come on Frank, I'm not in the mood. I was sleeping so good.” 
“You would think I would wake you up just for sex.” Frank scoffed.
“It wouldn't be the first time.” 
“Probably won't be the last either, but that's not what this is about. Come on Sweetheart, get up. I have a surprise.” He tapped your ass and pulled away as you were groaning, knowing sleep simply wasn't going to happen. 
“Adler, I swear to all that is holy, this better be good.” You grumbled as you sat up and tried to wake up. Frank came back out with some clothing for you, a pair of capris, tee shirt and undergarments. You looked at the casual clothing and arched your brows. “Where are you dragging me?” 
“Its a surprise, trust me, those are appropriate.” He started as he dressed in some old faded blue jeans and grey tee. Wherever he was taking you wasn't going to require dressing up too much, so you just pulled your hair back into a tie, and didn't bother with makeup. He kept glancing at his watch, and by three fifty he had you out the door and to his pickup truck. He tossed a bag in the back and when you went to question it, he shook his head firmly in a no while ushering you into the passenger side. “Part of it, just trust me.” 
“I trust you to have something up your sleeve Adler, considering you know I love my sleep in on Saturday Morning.” You grumbled under your breath. Typically you and Frank slept late Saturdays. Mary would go to Roberta’s Friday night for her weekly sleepover that both woman and child insisted on, you and Frank would go to the local bar for a night of cold drinks, games of pool and the occasional dancing when you could get Frank drunk enough to go on the small dance floor. Simple, but you always had a good time. Saturday was recovery day. 
So why was he dragging you out of bed on recovery day? 
“So a hint?” You decide to pester a bit, sliding closer on the bench seat till you were against his side, his arm circling around your shoulder to tuck you in closer and press a kiss to your temple. You could feel his lips upturned to a smirk against the side of your head. 
“You want a hint… It has to be done early in the morning.” 
You rolled your eyes at him with a huff, dropping your hand to dance your fingers against a jean clad thigh, making his eyes dart down to your hand. “I want better then that.” 
“You are not gonna get it Baby, but you can try your best.” 
He really was being serious this time, because he caught your hand from wandering up to far and brought it to his mouth, pressing a gentle kiss to your knuckles. 
“Alright Adler, keep your secrets then.” You let your head rest on his shoulder and eyes close. Frank was stubborn, always had been. You knew when you just had to let it go. You drifted in and out as he sped along the interstate. Soon he was turning off, but you weren't quick enough to catch what the exit was, so still had no idea. 
“Are we there?” 
“Close, you don't know where we are?” He asked with a slight laugh in his voice. You shrug a bit as you two are driving down the main drag of the area, passing all night gas stations, fast food chain restaurants, outlet stores and parking lots. 
“No clue, every place in Florida has this Frank.” 
He hummed a bit, slowing to an intersection and flicking on his blinker. “True, but you will soon see.” He winked as he made the turn, pulling away from the city-like area and moving towards the beach strip. Where million dollar homes, hotels, and beach side tourist traps laid quiet in the barely morning hours. It was starting to lighten though, you could see the black blue of the night sky make way for lighter purples and pinks. 
So you remained patient, waiting for wherever Frank was taking you. The terrain started to get sandier, the crack of the window took on a breezy salty scent and you could taste the hint of surf and sand in the air. Your lips turned upwards, just that scent alone reminded you of a couple years ago, and it all clicked right where you were. 
Your first overnight away from home with Frank was to Fort Myers, a small rundown motel on the beach. The room was iffy, the Ac barely worked, neither of you dared to use the pool. At the time it was all you two could afford. And it was all perfect. 
Because that morning, before sunrise, you two escaped to the beach, arm in arm and sat in the dunes to watch the sunrise over the crashing ocean, and all was perfect in the world with each other. 
Frank glanced over to see the knowing look on your face, and his own softened in a smile, his hand coming to grasp the inside of your thigh gently, squeezing. “Now you know?” He pulled into an almost deserted parking lot. At the other end were a group of people, unstrapping their boards to get ready to go into the surf. 
“Of course Frankie.” You said with a touch of sentiment in your tone as you leaned over to peck his lips and nip at him playfully. “How can I forget?” You pull away suddenly and jump out of the car, yanking off your shoes to ditch in the truck. Frank followed, doing the same with his own boots. 
You had already taken off into the sand, making your way towards the surf to dig your feet into the wet sand happily. Now it was getting lighter, those dark purples and pinks made way for the reds and oranges as the barest hint of the sun kissed the horizon. 
Frank came up behind, having managed to yank his jeans up partially around his calves and pressed you two to walk out a bit further into the surf, the salt water spritzing you both in a fine cooling mist, clinging to your skin, in your hair, on your clothes. It all brought back the sensations of that first trip together. You fall back into his chest while he dips his head to mouth kisses into your neck, enjoying the quiet of the moment with you in a more physical way for a moment. Making you tilt your head to the side while the sun finally broke. 
From the nearby pier, heavy pelicans lined the side to swoop down, skimming over the water in lines, giving the two of you a show all for yourselves, among the surf the small sandpipers chased after the tiny ghost crabs trying to escape back into the surf, all of it made you smile. This felt like home to you, right here with Frank. 
“It feels like forever since we have visited.” You finally say as you turn to face Frank, the two of you stepping out of the surf, and hand in hand making your way along the beach's edge towards the pier, the sandpipers running away as fast as they could, a few taking to wing to fly several yards ahead of you to start there search in the surf retreating back from the edge once more. 
“Been a couple years at least. I was looking at the calendar and realized an anniversary of ours was coming up.” He mentioned while you two stepped under the pier. A small private world for you two at the moment as far above you people made their way towards the end stretching out over the water, ready to drip lines for fishing in the surf. Here though, underneath it all, was just for you and Frank. 
Nothing but water crashing to the shore, wood above your heads and the morning bringing back fond memories. Memories of shared kisses against one of the ageless logs helping to hold the deck yards above them steady, the way your legs wrapped around his hips as he pinned you in place and loved you so freely out in the open where they could be caught. How afterwards Frank said those words that he never uttered to anyone else in the way he said it to you. 
Fuck I think I love you. 
You thought then you loved him to. Now you knew you did. Your fingers looped in his belt loops and you walked backwards, till your back pressed once more against that sand and salt aged wood, looking up at him in the now very present dawn. 
“You know Frank, I think I love you.” 
“You know what Y/N, I think I love you too.” He winked, sliding in closer till he was pressed against you, his hands cupping the side of your face and tilting up to meet him, his tongue sliding past soft lips to the sweet heat of your mouth and tangling his tongue with yours. It elicited a soft moan from the back of your throat. 
Warming salty air really agreed with Frank, mixing the tastes on your tongue, you curled your arms around his body, clutching at his back as you now clung to him, thoroughly enjoying the way this kiss made you feel. 
The sensations of love and passion curling in your belly and your heart thud against your breast bone, absorbing into Frank as he pressed into your body, trying to daze you from rational thoughts, away from the everyday thoughts. 
Frank had a talent at making you appreciate the here and now. 
And right here, with sand covering your feet, your shirt and pants clinging to you from the ocean spray and your man completely pressing every ounce of his affection into you, you could do nothing but appreciate being in the moment. 
“Scratch that, I don't think, I know I love you Frank Adler.” You managed to break out of his kiss for half a second. 
“I know you do.” He assured you as he grasped the back of your thighs and lifted you enough to fold your legs around his waist. “I plan on showing you just how I feel.” He promised, the glint in his ocean blue eyes turning mischievously playful under that pier.
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mammons-tax-returns · a year ago
The brothers with an MC that's obsessed with their hips HCs please! Like constantly touching their waist and cant help but looking if they're wearing a tight shirt
sheeeesh, id be too :).
this post is just “the brothers getting the appreciation they deserve and forgetting about their self hatred for a sec”
Tumblr media
Unsurprisingly, he catches on pretty quickly.
At first, it kind of catches him off guard. His waist/hips aren’t normally the thing people tend to flatter him for. But it’s not like he hates it. He actually loves it.
He’s literally a goth mom that stays wearin his corset vests. MC deffo has a field day when he wears his fancy getup.
If MC is too scared to put their hands on him but wants to, he’ll most definitely notice, and encourage it when they’re alone.
He’s not one to dress FOR someone else, but it’s worth wearing a tight-fitted shirt if that means he gets a reaction out of MC.
Every time he catches their stare, he smirks and pushes his massive coat aside oh-so-casually. Just enough to give them what they want.
Tumblr media
He notices the staring, but thinks nothing of it. After all, he’s not a model for nothing, right?
One day, MC lets a comment about it slip, intentionally or not.
Mammon is reduced to ash. That is the end of him. RIP.
He’s never the same.
Before, the attention from modeling was just a side effect of being naturally handsome. A downside of it, even.
But now, his favorite human EVER has a FAVORITE part of him that they love? Because they pay attention to him that much?
And to him, that’s the best feeling in the world. If they like that part of him, he feels proud of having it. And proud that he wears a thin shirt and cropped jacket everyday.
One time, he brought them to one of his shirtless photoshoots.
Bad idea. The entire time, he was slightly flushed and shaky from their adorable reaction to seeing him.
Tumblr media
It all started with that damned photo of him in a towel. We know the one.
Levi is very aware of everyone’s eyes on him.
So he gets super flustered when MC watches him for a prolonged amount of time.
But because of that big jacket of his, they have to eventually ask, “Have you ever considered just wearing a t-shirt? Maybe a long sleeved shirt?”
He’s confused, but changes into a slim fit long sleeve.
When MC continues to stare at him intently, he can feel himself shrink a little in embarrassment.
“Y-You’re silently judging me, aren’t you? Ahhh, forget it! This is exactly why Iive in the comfort of my jacket...”
It takes lots of encouragement, but he finally understands that MC does NOT feel revolted just by looking at him.
While he won’t give up wearing his jacket, he takes it off when the two are alone and playing video games.
His favorite thing in the world is allowing them to wrap their arms around his waist while he plays his video games.
Just like Mammon, it gives him butterflies thinking that someone loves his body when he can’t do it himself.
Tumblr media
Satan also notices the stares, but writes it off as nothing important similarly to Mammon.
He’s a bookworm. He could care less about his appearance when he’s immersed in the tragic downfall of history’s greatest knights.
But he finds it a bit... Cute? Endearing? Just the thought that something so irrelevant to himself is so captivating to this human nowhere near his power level.
In his mind chock-full of thousands of years of book reading, he envisions it as a rabbit falling in love with a wolf for its triangular ears.
He’s a little off put by the idea of them touching them in such a place, but in the moment, he understands it completely.
MC’s touch is gentle but firm— loving, is what it is.
Being the avatar of wrath has many downsides. Including being avoided at all costs by so many people, even by his own brothers at some points.
So it feels great to just feel absolutely adored by someone.
Tumblr media
We been knew.
He’s the embodiment of want. So he knows all about it. ‘It’ being the way MC discreetly sneaks glances at him from across the room.
And he goes wild for it.
He brings it up casually. Almost too casually.
“Look at how close we’re sitting MC~ I’m practically on top of you. But be careful, who knows what I’d do if you kept staring like that...”
Asmo is just waiting for the moment MC makes a move. He wants to see what it looks like for them to finally stop holding back. The mere thought of it gets his adrenaline pumping.
And as the two are posing for a selfie together, their hands instinctively go to his sides.
MC doesn’t even realize that they haven’t moved their hands even after the photo. They only realize when Asmo puts his hands over their own, smiling innocently.
“You’re too cute, MC...”
One thing that Asmo starts suggesting is slow dancing. Just the two of them, in his room swaying to the sound of his slow song playlist.
Simply enjoying each other to the tune of vintage ballroom rythms never seemed so beautiful.
Tumblr media
Beel has a body that many would go great lengths for. It doesn’t quite resonate with him, because eating well and exercising is just his thing. They’re hobbies.
While he gets lots of compliments about it (particularly from Asmo), he doesn’t think about the curves and edges of his frame very much. He only thinks about what muscles require what stretches and workouts.
And unfortunately, he doesn’t notice any of MC’s affection for his hips.
The prolonged hugs, the staring and flushed complexion. To him, it’s all part of their friendship.
Even if they outright say, “Beel. Ur thiccness is very good.”
It doesn’t hit him very hard. He’s like yea? And? 😌🤚
However, he does have a bit of internalized insecurities about his looks. It’s not necessarily his body, but how others react to... Him.
How many times has he met someone and they didn’t look the slightest bit intimidated? Exactly. He has a resting bitch face on an athlete’s body when he’s one of the sweetest demons alive.
So yes. He is insecure. But when MC finds even the most insignificant things about him to be endearing, it reminds him that, even for a second, he can be loved in his own skin.
Tumblr media
Just like his twin, he doesn’t particularly care for the way his body looks. Especially to others.
He couldn’t care less of what negative things anyone had to say about him, anyways. Been there, done that.
But he can’t help but notice the electricity buzzing through his tired limbs when MC keeps a lingering hand around his sides.
It’s a little odd, he notes. That such a small gesture causes his body to react like that. But it’s pleasant, he’ll admit.
And then he notices just how often it happens. Even when they’re not cuddling. MC will have a hand on his waist, for even a moment.
“MC, do you like touching me there? You don’t do it to anyone else, I’ve noticed.”
They are embarrassed— mostly because they never really realized they were doing it. As soon as they go to apologize, Belphie lets out his sweet giggle.
“It’s okay. I actually like it... It’s cute that you do it so absentmindedly.”
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saturnsstufff · a year ago
Awsamdude- Loneliness
Warnings: None that i can think of?
Tumblr media
   You didn't know why you were crying. It just seemed that the tears wouldn't stop. No matter how tightly you gripped to that pillow, how tight you held it to you, the comfort just never came to surface.
   It wasn't a scene from a movie. the perfect story of two lovers meeting and embracing each other into their arms, before long even marrying. No rather instead it was you gripping to your pillow and silently sobbing at the empty feeling in your heart.
   Because the truth was, you were lonely.
   It’s hard to walk around and see everyone with someone. Karl with Sapnap, and Quackity, Wilbur having had a son with a Mystical woman, and even Phil loving Death herself. It would get even harder when they would come to you with questions and a need for advice.
   "I just don't know what to do, I want to confront him about it softly and not hurt him you know?"
   "I don't, but maybe..."
   "Sally and I want to see each other again, but I'm not sure how to bring her out of the water you. I just miss her so much, you know?"
   "I don't... but we'll find a way"
"You know I do miss her sometimes. She had such gentle hands, I’d give everything up to just hold them again"
   ". . ."
   All you could do was bury your head into the pillow within your arms and sob. Sob because you know, deep down, that as much as you want to shout it all out. Scream until your throat is raw, your eyes too watery to even make anything remotely out, and grip to your sides until your bruised... you wouldn't. You would sit and sob. Sob in silence, you being your only company, the only one to hear the lonely howls you dare let escape. Then, as always by morning be ok enough to wonder through the day. Smile warmly and greet others with love. Find those you held close, those dear friends of yours. Joyfully tell them how much you adore and love them. Because deep down, you never wanted them to feel that lonely. You wanted to guarantee that they would always feel loved. It may be platonic, but at least it was enough fuel to get through the heavy blizzard. As long as they didn't have to feel completely alone.
Tumblr media
   Its narcissistic to only think of yourself, but sometimes you cant help but crave it. Crave to have the spotlight on you, but then something draws you back. Whether it be thoughts of others having it worse, the idea that it will get better, or even that others wouldn't care about your situation enough to even hear your first sentence. Whatever drew you back from uttering words. It held you there, it held tight with a grip much stronger than bare Iron.
   Of course that feeling of loneliness wouldn't come every night, there are nights where the emptiness was that of nothing. Just a simple scratch on a world of glass, but sometimes that scratch would just hit that one spot, and the whole world suddenly cracked and shattered.
   Like tonight.
   With tight arms around the pillow, you just laid your head. You let the tears flow wherever they pleased. Down your red cheeks, your neck, onto your soft pillow. Wherever they landed it didn't matter. They would just go where they pleased anyway, no sense in stopping them. It was fair to say no one truly cried prettily, if they said they did, they were lying. Puffy red eyes that looked like pure glass for how glazed over they were, stuffy noses that sniffled softly, wet faces from where the tears ran down... That's how you looked now.
   That's how you planned to stay if someone hadn't knocked on the door. At first you didn't believe the knock even, it was late, much later than someone should have been up. But by the second knock you were convinced it was real, so with soft hands you pushed yourself up from the mattress.
   Slowly trudging to the front of your house with a blanket tightly wrapped around your body. Without a second thought you opened the door, Sam standing in front of it still in his warden attire.
   "Sam? What are you doing? Its almost 2am..." your voice was soft and laced with more concern than he truly expected.
   "I uhm... I worked late at the Prison tonight... I was going to head home... But I'm so tired... I know a while ago you offered your house to me to stay in if I needed... I didn't need it then... but if I could trouble you tonight..." his voice sounded shameful, like you should be scolding him for waking you up. Only if he knew he didn't wake you.
   "Of course Sam... Please your more than welcome inside..." you stepped aside to let the towering hybrid in. Well he ducked his head to avoid the door frame, his heavy boots thudded as he walked. Partially showing off how drained he was. "I can get the guest room set up in one moment-" you started well closing the door for the night.
   "Please... Don't bother... I'll be ok with the couch..." He trailed off as the lights hit your face, showing every silent sob you had within the past hour.
   "(Y/n)... Have you been... Crying?" He asked softly. As tired as he was, he was now much more concerned with whether or not you were ok.
   Lying to him would be about useless, he was practically trained with how to deal with liars, manipulators and so on. So you just came clean... I mean it wasn't going to hurt anything anyway. Just maybe your pride a bit.
   "A bit... Hard night you know?" You casually said, sitting on the plush couch.
   "I do know... Did... Did you maybe want to talk about it?..." he asked, only he truly sounded genuine. His worry shown across his face, his normal beautiful eyes now casted with sadness and worry.
   "We don't have to Sam- It's late and your tired you should just rest. Don't worry yourself over me-" you started before he easily cut you off.
   "(Y/n)... You're more important than sleep right now... what's wrong?" He said softly.
   The glass world within you shattered at the scratch of his kindness.
Tumblr media
   Though the long night, the much longer night then you had planned, you carefully explained to Sam the withering feeling of loneliness you faced at night. The feeling you were too familiar of facing alone. Instead of loosing interest, he just sat in silence, his eyes glued to you as you explained how you truly felt.
   At some point you let him shed off his armor. Him taking a much more comfortable spot on your couch by you. But even that didn't last. With the explanation of your feelings, you couldn't help bit sob more due to how genuinely deep the pain ran. But without the blink of a eye, Sam had pulled you into his arms. His head softly resting on top of yours well his arms firmly, and protectively wrapped around you. Giving into the moment you completely melted into the long wished for embrace. The sob that left your throat hurt him more than he cared to admit. Truth be told he would do anything to keep you from sobbing like that again, even if it meant holding you like this for the end of time.
   Sitting up didn't last long, seeing as Sam had laid down and pulled you onto him. Letting your sobs die into soft shallow sniffs. Your head without much of a thought, easily found comfort with laying itself on his chest. The soft rhythm of his heart slowly calming your rather haywire nerves. His arm firmly kept around you, wanting you to feel like he wasn't going to leave you at the drop of a hat.
   When your breathing evened out again, he gently adjusted the blanket that you held tightly. Moving it so it freely covered you both, opening your arms to grasp or hug onto something else. Which in the end. You just hugged onto him, soaking in the long wanted tender touch.
   "Please don't ever hold that much in again..." Sam said softly. His hand rubbing gentle circles into your back, with the soft movements you were honestly almost asleep. No longer plagued by the thoughts of loneliness. Truthfully, you were happy you told him. Happy you didn't have to carry the baggage around anymore.
   "I wont... Thank you Sam..." you said softly, sleep threating your tone much more now.
   "Of course... anything for you (y/n)..."
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negandarylsatisfaction · a year ago
Tumblr media
[SUMMARY: Freya and Freddy are a married couple who are new to the sanctuary. Negan cant help himself as he becomes obsessed with wanting Freya to be his and makes her become his wife.]
[Obviously not a healthy relationship but it was a requested fan fic, enjoy.]
Negan and Freya.
Today was the day you would meet Negan. A man named Simon found your husband, Freddy and yourself with a few others. You were told you would all be used to help run the sanctuary in return for shelter and food. Not having anywhere else to stay, your husband thought this would be the perfect place. The two of you stood hand in hand as a man entered the room that you figured to be Negan. He held a barbed wired bat as he made his way in. Introducing himself in a very arrogant manner, it wasnt hard to tell why he ran things here. He began expressing what he expected from all of you, his eyes roaming through the seven people before him until he saw you. The sight of you instantly making him stumble over his own words.
"Well excuse me." He slowly made his way towards you, the look in his eye making you nervous. What was going through his mind? Freddy tightened his grip on your hand as Negan was face to face with you.
"I dont think I caught your pretty little name."
"Freya." You responded confidently, his eyes devoured you, it was obvious he liked what he was looking at. Indeed he did, until he noticed you held hands with the man beside you.
"Aw, you must be the boyfriend huh?" You could hear the sarcasm in his tone and did not like it.
"My husband." You corrected him making him look back at you before turning back to Freddy with a smile.
"Mm...I dont blame you one bit. Got yourself a nice piece of ass." He could tell Freddy did not like what was being said and chuckled.
"Would you mind if I borrowed her for just a moment?"
"I actually do-"
"Ah. You must not remember the number one rule I made here. Do not go against me or there will be a price to pay." He looked Freddy straight in the eye in a very serious manner. Freddy knew there was nothing he could really do. You squeezed your husbands hand letting him know it was alright.
"I just want to give your wife a personal tour." He taunted him with a wink before turning to you.
"Shall we?"
Slowly you let go of your husbands hand and walked away with Negan as you continued to look back at Freddy. He knew why you were doing this, he knew you were only trying to prevent this man from becoming angry. You were trying to protect him.
Negan guided you to where he stayed. Entering the room you remained by the door as he walked to his desk. Negan casually sighed placing the bat on his desk before turning back to you.
"Why so far away, sweetheart."
"I'm fine here." You responded as he rubbed his chin slowly. He took off his leather jacket as he proceeded to make his way back to you making you much more anxious. What was his plan?
"Let me ask you something, doll." He stopped right before you, his eyes focused on yours. His voice smooth yet deep, you stood without moving a muscle.
"You love that man?"
"Of course I do." You responded rather quickly.
"You sure about that"? He moved closer as his eyes roamed down your body and back up to your lips. Distracted with the way he was looking at you, you didn't respond.
"What would you do if I just kissed those sweet lips right now?" He whispered, his tongue softly glided over his top lip before you looked away.
"Stop it."
"I wont tell him if you wont." He teased.
"I want to go back to my husband." You insisted making him frown. He leaned his face close to yours, you could feel his warm breath on your skin when he simply smiled.
"Oh I'll take you back to your husband."
Nervously, you swallowed attempting to hold your ground before he led you back outside. The last thing you wanted to show this man was fear.
Instantly rushing into your husband's arms, Negan stood behind and sucked his teeth. Negan was a man that went after what he wanted regardless the obstacle. The man was attracted to you in a way he had never found himself to be attracted to another woman. The next few days at the sanctuary you went about your business helping the women cook. Negan stood aside watching as Freddy walked by you and gave you a quick kiss on the lips. He had seen how gentle you treated your husband, he couldnt keep his eyes off of you. After a long day of Freddy working around the sanctuary, he was ready to come spend time with you. Negan watched as he headed towards you and decided to interfere in the moment.
"Freddy, my boy." He spoke with a touch of humor, you sighed wondering what Negan wanted now. You felt his eyes on you before he turned to your husband and requested a favor.
"I need you to go with Simon on a run-"
"Negan he just finished from working all-"
"Ah ah ah, sweetheart. What did I say about that." Negan turned to you waving his gloved hand as you crossed your arms.
"Negan, I dont like to leave Freya alone at night. Please." Freddy spoke politely not wanting to get on Negans bad side. Negans response was an arrogant smirk.
"Oh she wont be alone."
Freddy looked at you knowing he couldnt get out of this task. You nodded as you understood and wrapped your arms around him for a kiss before he left. Quietly you followed Freddy to the entrance to see him off with Simon, Negan stood right beside you.
"Please becareful, Freddy."
"I will, Freya. I wont be gone long." He smiled at you and got in the car.
"Dont worry, she'll be in good hands." Negan yelled out to him with a slick tone. You knew exactly what he was doing, hell this wasnt the first time Negan sent Freddy off so he could have you to himself. The pattern was quiet obvious with Negan. As soon as they drove off you turned away heading straight to your room.
"Woah woah woah, where are you in rush to go, sweetheart?" You could hear him following right behind you.
"I'm making dinner." You sighed as Negan followed you inside. Placing his bat gently on the table, he sat back, legs open as he took in the sight of you from behind. Feeling his eyes on you, you turned around to him biting his bottom lip. Trying to hold yourself together, you reminded yourself to not upset this man.
"Can I do something for you, Negan?" The tone in your voice showing a bit of irritation.
"Oh, I'm glad you asked." Negan stood up and slowly began to make his way to you.
"Tell me something, Freya." He stopped right before you, towering over you, you could smell his scent close to you.
"What do I have to do to get your mind off that husband of yours?"
"You will never get that chance." You responded confidently making him laugh quietly.
"I dont know about that..." he spoke with sarcasm.
"I think I have my way of making women not able to resist me."
"Well then go find those women. I'm a married woman."
"I bet I could make you forget that with just one touch." Negans tone was provocative, he was making it hard for you to keep your composure. Who did he think he was? He was a persistent man, especially with a woman that caught his eye. He leaned his hands on either side of you on the counter, closing you in against it.
"Go ahead, tell me to stop. If you want me to I will but those eyes....mm those eyes say otherwise."
Before you could respond he suddenly picked you up and sat you right on the counter making you gasp.
"Yeah I bet he never takes you by surprise like this huh?" He teased before you suddenly pushed him away and jumped down.
"Dont ever touch me again!" You yelled not caring if Negan had the power of authority at the Sanctuary. He chuckled as you yelled at him, not being able to help himself but like how you attempted to act superior to him. Not even the men had the balls to ever stand up to him the way you did, he liked your courage. He liked your confidence.
"Easy, darling. I wont touch you." He lifted his hands up as his eyes continued to undress you. Remaining silent you crossed your arms and sighed.
"I'll be waiting for my husband in my room." You walked out quickly not being able to get your mind off the way he touched you, or how him touching you made you feel. The look in his eyes as he spoke to you, you had never seen in Freddy. Shaking your head and laying in bed you waited for your husbands return.
Negan sat at his desk and closed his eyes, slowly licking his lips thinking of how close your body was to him today. The man couldnt get his mind off you no matter what he did. He wished you weren't married, if it wasnt for your husband he was sure he would've had you by now. Slowly rubbing his crotch area he felt himself rock hard. Every encounter with you left his cock craving more of you.
"Shit..." he muttered to himself picturing what he wanted to do to you until a knock on his door interrupted him.
"Fucking shit, what?!" He cleared his throat only to hear Simon had returned and he returned with your husband. Negan walked out and saw Freddy entering where you were. A sting of jealousy hit him knowing this was the man you kept turning him away for.
The next few days went by and you kept your distance from Negan but always knew he was watching. He sent off Freddy once again out of the sanctuary as you helped organize the storage room with two other women. He appeared leaning on the doorway as you organized some supplies in a box. The two women beside you instantly getting nervous with his presence. His boots clicked loudly with the ground as he made his way into the room. Taking a deep breath you ignored him acting like his presence didnt phase you.
"Ladies. You're free to go." Knowing damn well he didnt mean you, you played dumb and began to leave the room with the other two ladies.
"Except for you, Miss Freya." Rolling your eyes with a sigh you turned back into the room and continued packing the boxes. Ignoring his movement around you, you felt him stop right behind you.
"This too close for you, darling?" His voice was seductive and husky, it sent a shiver down your spine.
"Wheres Freddy?" Negan smirked as you felt him breathe close to your ear.
"Afraid I'm going to do something, sweetheart or are you afraid you're going to like it?"
"No." You responded very sure of yourself as you continued to go through the supplies before Negan suddenly put his hand over yours. You froze feeling his skin against yours, he gently moved where your hand moved as you placed the item in the box.
"I wont do anything you dont want me to do." He spoke slowly yet you could hear him begin to lose control of his breathing. The feel of your heart began to speed up, you couldn't understand why. That's when you suddenly felt him slowly press himself against your backside, purposely pressing his erection against you.
"Negan..." you gasped.
"Feel that, darling..." He spoke breathlessly in your ear. What scared you most was you almost felt like you were beginning to enjoy it.
"No!" You suddenly turned pushing him away.
"I am a happily married woman, I love my husband deeply. Respect that." You paced out of the room leaving Negan with an ache he only wished you could fix.
Slamming the door to your bedroom you sighed in disbelief with yourself. You loved Freddy, you truly did. This had gone too far and you knew you couldnt continue living this way. The only solution to this problem was to leave. Freddy returned and right away you expressed to him what had happened earlier in the day. What he wanted to do was put his hands on him, but he knew he couldnt risk your safety. There was too many of his men. What you hadn't been completely honest to Freddy about was how exactly you felt about what he did, you couldn't.
"Tomorrow night we leave." Freddy spoke with eagerness unaware that Simon was outside your door. Simon immediately informed Negan of your plan. Furiously he slammed his bat on his desk, he was not going to allow Freddy to get his way.
"Do you want me to take care of it?" Simon asked as Negan frowned.
"No. Let them think they're going to get away with it. I'll take care of it." Negan remained in his room in silence waiting for the sun to go down. Knowing exaclty when you would both attempt to leave, he picked up his bat and made his way to your room.
Freddy finished packing some of the bags as you took some extra canned foods. Rushing quickly before Negan would awake, you both prepared for the risky journey.
"Ready to go?" Freddy looked over at you as you nodded. Just as he opened the door the two of you were taken by surprise with a gasp at the sight of Negan standing on the other end.
"Going somewhere?" His bat lay comfortably on his shoulder as he grasped it tightly.
"Negan...I-" you began to speak suddenly unable to think, his eyes were dark with a threatening glare. He let himself in making you and Freddy back away.
"You know, I thought we were all great friends." A touch of sarcasm in his tone as he closed the door behind him.
"I have to say, I'm a little disappointed." He placed his hand over his heart. Neither of you could speak, Freddys hand holding on tightly to yours.
"Freddy, I kept your wife safe." He walked towards the both of you, before his eyes turned to you.
"Freya....I thought we had something special going on."
"Negan I can explain." You spoke anxiously as he frowned.
"Explain?" He grabbed the bag out of your hands and emptied it beside you.
"Explain what? How I gave you food and shelter and you wanted to sneaky away with more of it. That's a little fucking ungrateful."
"Dont speak!" He roared making you jump.
"You think you can get past me?!" Negan stared down at you in fury before he suddenly grabbed Freddy and forced him to fall to his knees.
"Negan wait!" You screamed as he began to wave his bat, you knew what was coming next.
"Please wait-" You ran up to him placing your hands on his arm.
"I'll do whatever you want just dont kill him. Please." Negan smirked, slowly bringing his bat down. Scratching his chin he leaned in closer to you, his eyes falling directly onto your lips.
"You want him alive?" Negan spoke coldly.
"Yes." You whispered, swallowing nervously.
"Tell him you're mine."
His words left you speechless, what was he trying to do?
"What....Negan I-"
"You want him alive dont you? Then tell him you belong to me."
The look in his eyes showed he wasnt playing any games. Taking a deep breath you turned to your husband who didnt utter a word. What could he say? Freddy was aware how dangerous Negan could be.
"Freddy...." you began to speak as you felt Negan hoving over your shoulder staring down at your husband with a grin.
"I....I belong to....Negan now," you could hear Negan laugh low by your ear.
"Matter of fact, tell him you're now my wife." You squeezed your eyes shut knowing this was hard for Freddy to hear. He felt so helpless as he looked up at you before him.
"I am...Negans wife now."
"Atta girl. Now I dont appreciate being lied to or taken for a fool. After all I have given you, you wanted to sneak away with more things. Well now, you can only get what you need as my wife, do you understand?" Negan spoke loudly in your ear, your back still to him.
"From now on whatever you two had is done. You do not speak to each other or see each other and you-" Negan turned you to face him directly.
"You definitely do not cheat on me. Understood?" You nodded your head in silence before he looked over at Freddy.
"It didnt have to be this way but you've left me no choice. Dont try to cross me again."
Freddy remained silent as you kept your head down, you didnt have the heart to look over at your husband.
"Shall we....wife." Negan motioned for you to walk ahead of him and he followed with an arrogant walk.
In disbelief with what had just occured you found yourself being led to Negans room. There was no way out of this but to simply comply with what he wanted. At least Freddy was alive is what you would tell yourself, but at what cost? The cost of him suffering and watching you be with another man. Negan closed the door behind him as you looked around his room and your eyes stopped on his bed. A king size bed with black silk sheets, everything in his room was black.
"Like what you see?" He watched as you observed eveything in the room but focused on his bed with a look of concern.
"Oh you're worried about that huh?" He whispered behind you.
"I tell you what, how about you have the bed to yourself until your comfortable in you know...sharing it with me...your husband." Still, you remained silent.
"Lighten up, sweetheart. Make yourself comfortable." Negan walked past you taking off his leather jacket and throwing it on the couch. Hesitantly you inched up to his bed without looking back at him. Without saying a word, you climbed in and covered yourself with your back to him. This was your new life now, might as well get used to it.
The next few weeks past at the sanctuary. It was hard walking past Freddy and not being able to speak to him. You wondered what was going through his mind, Negan watched as you became distracted many times staring off at your husband. It was something you could not help. Doing as he asked you sat with him and had dinner every right. Tonight, Negan stayed staring at you curiously, you could feel how much he observed you as you stood up and began to wash the dishes.
"Freya...darling." He leaned back as you turned to him. Slowly he stood up and with an intimidating look walked to you. He stopped right before you looking down at you with intensity, Negan had not touched you yet but he wanted to. He yearned to feel you.
"Who do you belong to?" He asked in a seductive manner.
"To you." You responded softly, your voice sending a shiver through his body.
"Then show me." His words made your lips part not knowing exaclty how to respond. He pressed his pelvis against you as he stared down at you. It wasnt hard to tell the man wanted to kiss you. Slowly leaning forward, you closed your eyes and gently placed your lips on his. He groaned feeling your tongue part his lips and unexpectedly pulled you in tightly against him. One arm wrapped around your waist while his other hand slid to the back of your neck. You slowly felt yourself easing into him, liking the way he held you a moan escaped your lips. He felt your body relax against his, something you couldnt deny was you found yourself enjoying this. The two of you were lost in each others touch before being interrupted by a knock at the door. Instantly you pulled away making him sigh before he turned to walk to the door.
"What?" He spoke rudely as he opened to find Simon on the other end with Freddy. Negans lips matched yours, pink from how much you both sucked on each other. Realizing Freddy was at the door you gasped and turned your face, Negan liked the look of pain in Freddys eyes.
"Freddy, my man. I was just here with..my lovely wife." Negan turned to you with a grin.
"Oh wife-" he motioned for you to come stand beside him. Hesitantly you walked to him, Negan placed his hand around your waist pulling you in close.
"Now what is it?" Just as Freddy began to speak, Negan purposely interrupted him.
"Hold that thought." Negan spoke sarcastically before he turned to you and unexpectedly began to slowly kiss your lips. Lifting a finger up to Freddy, Negan taunted the man motioning for him to give him a moment as he kissed you. You could feel your heart slipping a beat, the rush between excitement and guilt, Negan pulled away and looked back at Freddy with a smile.
"You were saying."
Freddy froze for a moment as you looked away, suddenly forgetting anything he had to say.
"Freddy here is accompanying me on a supply run," Simon finished for him.
"Ah, great. Have fun." Negan slammed the door in their face before turning back to you and noticing the expression you had.
"Dont tell me you feel bad now, sweetheart," Negan frowned looking down at you. Truth was, you didnt feel as bad as you thought you would. Negan was making you feel something you were not sure how to explain but it felt good.
"I tell you what, your husband is going to go take care of a few things around the sanctuary then I'll come right back to you."
"Okay." You caught yourself smiling at him and he indeed liked that.
Words couldnt explain the mixed emotions you felt for Negan. Never had you been in a situation like this before. How was he having this much control over you? Hours went by and he had not returned, you began to feel restless. Day turned to night when you finally heard him at the door and ran to greet him.
"Where were you?" You asked making him look up with a puzzled expression.
"I told you I had to take care of a few things, doll."
"I didnt know you were going to take that long. I-I was worried." Negan raised a brow as a smile slowly appeared on his face.
"Oh yeah?" He began to take off his jacket as he closed the distance between the two of you. Once he reached you, he caressed your face with his hands and kissed you. He could feel how much you yearned for him.
"You've been a good girl today?" Negan asked huskily as he parted his lips from yours.
"Yes," you felt him begin to trace over your lips with his thumb before slowly putting his finger in your mouth. Erotically sucking his finger the two of you didnt break eye contact with each other. The feel of your lips closed around his finger aroused him, he could feel his cock wanting to burst out of his pants.
"Tell me what you want, darling." He whispered as he pulled his wet finger out and continued to trace your lips.
"I want you, Negan." He closed his eyes in satisfaction, something he had been wanting to hear for so long. It was true, as time went on you found yourself looking at Negan in ways you never thought you would. Many nights Negan awoke rock hard with you beside him, him unable to do a thing about it but picture what he wanted to do to you.
Suddenly he roughly turned you over pulling you back aggressively by your hair, the sudden pull making you scream. Negan pushed you down face first on the bed and pushed himself up against you. The way he moved you and touched you created a pool of wetness in your underwear. Without letting go of the grip he had on your hair in one hand, he pulled your pants down just enough to stop at your calves. Roughly he unbuckled his pants, you could hear his erratic breathing, you squealed as he continued to pull your hair. Allowing him to do what he wanted to you, you felt him slowly enter you from behind. Negan let out a satisfied moan at the feel of your warmth. The girth of his cock making you feel full inside, you moaned in pleasure. Without wasting any time Negan sped up his movement, slamming into you fast and hard.
"Is this what you wanted?" He asked breathlessly, just when you went to moan he yanked on your hair harder.
"Like this? This how you want it?"
"Yes Negan....like that.." you moaned motivating him to move faster.
"Tell me you're mine. Fucking say it-"
"I'm yours, Negan. I'm yours." You screamed as he bounced you off the bed. The controlling sound in his voice turned you on in a way you could not explain. For some reason you had no problem being submissive to this man. The pain he caused pulling your hair was satisfying and you didnt want him to leg go. Negan grunted as he continued, you could tell he was about to finish. Noticing his reflection in the mirror on the wall, you watched as his eyes never left the sight of your ass. With one last thrust you felt him pull out and felt him release himself all over your ass. He moaned loudly as he jerked off every last drop on you. Releasing your hair, you could hear him panting as he sat back on his chair. Out of breath yourself you stood up and fixed yourself up as you watched Negan light a cigarette. Barely able to speak he smiled at you as he blew out smoke.
"You're something else, Freya."
The feeling was mutual, you smiled at him in return not realizing how much you'd enjoy having sex with Negan. He stood up and began to got dressed before making his way to you. With you sitting on the bed, he stopped before you and made you tilt your head up at him.
"You'll forget about him eventually."
Truth was, you weren't forgetting about him but you were okay with what was happening. Negan sat back on the couch, taking a deep breath feeling relaxed. Closing his eyes he didnt notice as you stood up and quietly walked to him. Without a warning you slowly straddled him making him open his eyes with surprise.
"I'm doing just fine without my ex husband." Negan smiled as he placed his hands on your hips. The words you spoke were true, you found yourself beginning to have deeper feelings for Negan. In your mind the only husband you had was, Negan. There was no question about it, this is not how you expected things to turn out to be but, you were accepting of it.
Negan kept you safe and gave you anything you needed, he was the only man you wanted.
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jessefandomunited · a year ago
Visiting hours  (part 1)
Spencer Reid X Reader
You can’t believe Spencer got thrown in prison and when your forced to take sick leave you have to go to see him.
Tumblr media
I’ve been numb ever since Reid was put in that damn prison, and it showed in my work. For a while Penelope put me on the night shift on paperwork duty because I was no help, but even that wasn’t working. Emily cleared her throat behind me , “ hey, my office , please.” I slowly got up and cracked my fingers, I glanced at the phone and my heart stopped, I had started my shift at 3pm, it was about 5am now. I swallowed and slowly made my way into Emilys office. “ Please sit,” She said looking at me with intense pity. “Listen I ...I didn’t realize what time it was,” I began to explain but she held a hand up to silence me, “ I know , I know that this has been hard on you, you two were very close, and because of how you’ve been lately, I'm putting you on medical leave.” I stood up, “ what!? I’ve been doing my job, what more do you want!? I'm not sick!” “ Mentally you are,” Emily said firmly , then she softened, “ Listen, take the time off, visit him a few times, heal.” “ How...if i’m not working, if i’m not doing anything it won’t help him at all,” I stuttered holding back tears. “ Please, just a couple weeks at least,” She urged. I bit my lip and nodded. I got up and left the office.
As I was driving home I realized that I couldn’t go home. I looked down at what I was wearing a old fashion peter pan collared blouse with a coffee stain and my longer pleated skirt. Not the thing one usually wears to visit a prisoner but  it would have to do, I couldn’t put off seeing him anymore.
The visitations didn’t start till 10 so when I got there at about 9 they made me wait . The guards inspected me and made snide comments. I ended up putting on my glasses to hide how dark the circles under my eyes have gotten. I couldn’t sleep, any time I closed my eyes I just could imagine what they were doing to him and id end up looking through the web for anything to do with Scratch. Then Penelope moved me to the night shift, so I didn’t sleep at night or during the day. “ Come on,” A guard yelled breaking me out of my trance. I hugged my bag close to me and took a note out before handing it over. They led us into a surprisingly open room that had rows of desks with a small piece of plexiglass in between. I awkwardly sat swinging my legs till the door opened. My head popped up and I watched the inmates walk in. A few of the guys eyed me up and down and there were a few wolf whistles but I didn’t care once I locked eyes with Spencer. A weary smile tugged at his lips and I stood up trying not to cry as he walked over. I went for a hug but a guard yelled, “ NO TOUCHING!” there were a few snickers from other inmates but I ignored them. “ I’m not going to ask how you are, but honestly I don’t know what to even say that will make you feel better I know this sucks I should be out doing something anything ,” I rambled rubbing at my eyes. He looked bad, unshaven unruly hair and he didn’t look like he was sleeping well. “ What are you doing here,” He asked, “ i’m, glad to see you but they usually send people on Monday right?” I rubbed my neck nervously and locked eyes with him before saying, “ Emily...has put me on medical leave. I’ve been working the night shift , on paperwork, and I tend to stay there a bit longer than I'm supposed to and ...” I stopped because he looked distressed, “You’re not sleeping...are you?” “ Not in the strictest seance of the word,” I almost whispered. “ I’m so glad to see you, but i’m...scared for you, it’s not safe and the men here,” He said trying to grab the right words. “ Spencer I can’t just sit at home and do nothing,  I wont ‘heal’ at home, and they wont let me back at work so I want to be here with you , as often as I can , I want to make sure you’re alright. And it drives me mad that I cant do anything because I ,” My words trailed off , I was going to say I loved him , here of all places. I bit my lip, my hands were shaking with rage and I felt hot tears in my eyes, “ It’s not fair.” “ No,” He said simply and I wiped my eyes feeling stupid, “ Sorry, this isn’t what you need to see from the outside world. I uh… wrote you a note, They wont let me give it to you but I know you’re a fast reader.” I held it up. It was me just rambling about things Penelope had said and how we have a big party planned when this is all over and how much we are all working to get him out of here. He nodded his eyes red , “ thankyou, that was really sweet.” “ Look at that little mama with Mr. Reid,” Someone jeered. I saw Spencer stiffen, “ you really shouldn’t be here, really it isn’t safe.” “ Spence I don’t give a fuck,” I whispered so the guard wouldn’t snap at me, “ you’re in here and I will be here as long as it takes to remind you that we haven't given up on you and you shouldn’t either! As for all the guys in here I couldn’t care less what they say, they’re mostly talk.” I winced a bit then added, “ well maybe not for you, but I really doubt they can hurt me out there.” He looked around nervously and swallowed, “ please just be careful.” “ I will I promise,” I said with the first real smile I could muster, “ now what is the one thing you’d want most in the world once you get out, it can be anything.” He seemed to relax a bit with my casual tone, like he’d just be getting off a shift at work, “ maybe a bath, and a few good books.” I smiled brightly and winked , “ that wont be a problem at all.” He tried to hide his blush and I quickly changed the subject to a book he had recommended to me a while ago, and it felt like we were talking back at the office till , “ VISITING HOURS ARE OVER!” We both blinked a couple times like we were pulling ourselves back into reality. “ Bye...Spence,” I said sadly , “ I’ll be here tomorrow.” He visibly became a bit more distant and cold and just slightly nodded. “ Miss i’m going to need you to leave now,” One of the guards insisted . “ Yes… sorry,” I said a little absent minded. I spun around and left without looking back, I couldn’t look back
I was sitting outside by myself when they approached me , “ Hey Reid, cute little mama you got there hu?” I really did not want to talk to them in general but especially not about her. I got up and started to walk away but two of the guys grabbed me roughly and turned me to face the other. “ You didn’t answer now thats just rude,” He said in a sickly sweet voice, “ Now I feel like my boys here need to teach you a lesson on respect.” I forced my face to stay stoic, this was just any other usub looking for a weakness to strike at. “ Now,” He continued, “ that lovely lady that came in, she got a name.” “None of your business,” I replied instantly causing one of the guys to punch me in the stomach. I gasped and tried to wriggle out but they held fast. “ Now that’s strike two,” He said shaking his head, “ You know i’ve got some contacts on the outside, one that could turn her world upside down, in fact maybe the next time I see her, i’ll just jump her myself, what are they going to do , put me in solitary?” “ You won’t lay a finger on her,” I snapped . He laughed, “ okay okay, I won’t, but you have to tell her, to her face, that you don’t want to see her again, and if you tell her why, i’ll still jump her, got it?” “ I don’t think you can do that,” I hissed through gritted teeth. The guy punched me again then threw me to the ground, “ I guess you’ll have to find out.” I didn’t want to take that chance but I hated the thought of her not coming, that was the first time in a while I remember smiling or felt like a real person. I shook my head, I was being selfish, this was her life at stake. I took a deep breath and started thinking of a plan.
I was able to sleep a little that night, I think physically seeing that Spencer was still Spencer was a big relief even if he did seem more tense. I read a bit of another book he recommended to me the next morning so that i’d have something new to talk about, then it was back in the car driving to the Prison. I had almost forgotten to change before I left, I pretty much collapsed when I got back yesterday and just starred at the ceiling. Today I chose a more neutral outfit , high waisted brown corduroy shorts and an oversize green turtleneck sweater tucked into them. It was a bit more casual that I usually dress in fact I don’t think I have ever dressed this casual with Spencer before, even when we went out to the movies or the planetarium or some other random thing none of the others wanted to go to, I always dressed up for him. I wanted him to feel important but I realized that it didn’t matter what I wore more that I was there, so I decided to test my theory today. I tapped nervously on my backpack as I waited for them to call me in. My palms were sweaty and I felt a lump in my throat, I thought i’d be excited but being surrounded by dangerous men made me anxious. They called us in and I went. I sat at the same table waiting anxiously. I felt like I was going to cry again but I shook that thought out of my head. The door opened and I noticed almost every inmate looked at me as they went to their seats. I felt suddenly very exposed. I heard someone whisper very softly, “ she came baaackkk.” I felt a bit faint, I was definitely in some sort of danger. “ Hey,” I jumped at the sound of Spencer's gentle voice but then relaxed, “ Sorry...I...” I looked around and leaned in, “ i’m….in trouble aren't I ?” Spencer placed his hand firmly on the glass  making me jump again. I saw the words “, you’re in danger, sorry.” “ Spence I,” I started but he snapped loud enough for the others to head, “ listen now and listen good, I do not want to see your face here ever again, is that understood.” The guards walked over to us. “ Understood,” he said darkly. I felt my heart crack a bit and I nodded quickly. I stood up and I heard one inmate say, “ bye bye pretty girl.” I whipped around and kicked the table he was act and fixed him with a cold glare, and then I was drug out of the room. It wasn’t necessary but I had just gotten my best friend taken away from me again and there was literally nothing I could do about it.
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whumpqin · a year ago
Day 21: Chronic Pain (Whumptober 2020)
This one..... got a little out of hand..... Hope yall enjoy ;u;
Characters: Quinn (POV), Caleb, Omri
Taglist: @faewhump​ @galaxywhump​ @castielamigos-whump-side-blog​ @insanitywishes​ @burtlederp​ @whumpasaurus101​ @whump-only​
CW: Chronic pain, pain brought about by weather, vaguely referenced past abuse, whumpee denying help, mentioned fantasy racism, consensual kissing, consensual touching, referenced broken bones, and perhaps more! let me know if something is missing.
Word Count: 1,891
It was a bad day today - he’d known as soon as he woke up and attempted to move and his entire torso flared with aches that hadn’t been bothersome in months. Quinn blamed the weather, of course, considering that it was going to be Fall soon and there had been a cold flash this past weekend. Real annoying for him, considering he had meetings today.
With a groan he moved his head to the side, rolling his eyes over to his phone. It was still on the charger and laid upon the nightstand from the night before, but right now it seemed like miles away.
Quinn forced only his hand to move, feeling the pains from phantom knives curling up his arms as he did so. Normally this would be really nice to have, but considering his grogginess and the annoyance that he had other things to deal with, it wasn’t like he had time to enjoy himself. Soon his hands drifted across his phone, and he drug it back like a lazy predator with its prey, too bothered to move beyond a snail’s pace.
He clicked open his phone to notice several messages. It was late in the morning, so several people seemed to be contacting him. Quinn noticed a couple phonecalls too, one from Caleb, and the other from his fairy friend.
He sighed and clicked open the messaging app with a lazy thumb, starting with Omri.
> Good morning!
> I just thought you should know, Caleb  might be coming over. I wasn’t sure if he  would remember to message you, so I  went ahead and did it too.
> Hello? You there Quinn?  ( O o O)?
> Caleb said he couldn’t get a hold of  you. Is everything alright?
> ...Hello?
You missed a call from OmOms.
> Ok… I guess you’re pretty busy. I hope you’re ok! Please message me or Caleb so we know you’re alright when you finally get this. Take care! : )
Quinn blinked. Then he hit the back button. Might as well get the whole story before he said anything.
As he pulled the phone closer to him, his chest sent shards of pain down him. He groaned at the feeling, using his free hand to feel and poke around, pressing on the healed ribs. Quinn could vaguely recall the boot that had collided in his spot, breaking his bones in a couple different places that were an absolute bitch to deal with. After that he promised himself not to work with that particular dude again, even if he was nice sometimes.
There was a small crack that he felt, providing a sharp pang of more pain that blossomed outwards before it brought relief. Using that, he pressed a bit on his shoulder as well, allowing himself to shift to his side to be able to read more messages.
He clicked on Caleb’s, next, completely avoiding the texts he had gotten from unknown.
> hey
> might b coming over i dont know i havent gotten that far
> Ree said i wouldnt remember to tell u again so im saying it now to specifically spite him
> please dont tell him i said that i dont wanna get in trouble :(
> u there?
> k well im gonna keep talking until u respond to me bc ive got fuck all else to do otherwise
Quinn sighed as he noted the amount of other messages. Caleb always liked to write short little novels about every fucking thing he saw outside.
God he loved him.
> so like i hope whatever the hell ur doing is like getting u a lot of money or whatever
> but also i hope ur weirdo employer asshats dont mind ur phone beeping basically constnatky texting u
> *consantly
> *constantl yjesus
> HAHA ok so theres this woman beside me on the crosswalk right
> im trying to type out this stupid word and im getting annoyed so my piece of shit tail is doing its thing tattling on me
> she literally took a couple steps away from me and gave me like /that/ kind of side eye u know what im talking about
> and im like
> internally of course bc i can’t fucking  speak
> lady
> my good bitch
> ive got a fucking muzzle on what do u think im gonna do push u Into traffic????
> like i mean i was staring at my phone so i dunno what u think that i was gonna do but i mean now im DEFINITELY thinking abou
> CAT 
Cay <3 sent you a picture.
Quinn squinted at a slightly blurry picture, noticing a white and ginger cat off in the distance. It was staring back at him like it had noticed Caleb, the one who had taken the picture. He couldn’t help a smile.
> CAT!!!!
> ok it ran away but its my friend now
> Quinn idk if ur in a meeting or whatever the hell ur doing but u gotta just take a little peek at ur phone to look at that new friend of ours
You missed a call from Cay <3.
> Damn you.
Quinn scrolled down all the way to the bottom. He might as well respond before Caleb got the idea to send him paragraphs of text that would make a marathon runner start sweating. He shifted, hitching his breath a bit as he uncomfortably curled in his bed. God, he was gonna have to get some pain reliever, if he could get out of his bed.
Slowly but surely he plucked away at the keys on his phone.
Hey sorry I was literally fucking < asleep
I was tired babe :(                      <
That is a cute cat tho, I will        < agree
As he was typing, Caleb immediately began to respond.
> oh u were asleep
> r u ok uve never slept this late before
> i was gonna wait to see if ur busy but i can come over if ur  having problems
No Im fine                                    <
Just didnt sleep until late last      < night, no worries.
> r u bullshitting me
> just checking this is ur only chance for me to come rescue u
> im very good at arson
Caleb                                             <
> so like if some bullshit happens i could probably burn it to the  ground
CALEB IM OK                                <
> ……………………..
> im coming over u cant stop me
Cay.                                                  <
Babe.                                                <
Im fine.                                              <
> nope all ur credibility is lost bc u yelled at me
> u officially cant tell me what to do
> also i remember being called a Good heat lamp vaguely so u have that going for u
I don’t want to know where  you     < actually heard that from
> probly not
> still coming over
> I am unstoppable. :)
Quinn groaned, hitting his head against the side of his phone. It really wasn’t that big of an issue… it seemed like a bother that Caleb was really going out of his way to help him like this.
He lifted his phone back up. Maybe he could bring out someone a bit more influential.
Ommyyyyyy                                     <
Om send help                                  <
Caleb wont listen to me when I       < tell him that Im ok and I dont want to be a bother :(
> Are you okay?
Yes Im FINE                                     <
> Well, I mean… he was planning on coming over anyway, Quinn.
> Sorry! I think you’re stuck. Guess you’re just going to have to accept the fate the Gods gave to you! ( O u O)
Are you                                            <
Are you actually fucking kidding      < me
No help? At all?                               <
Omri youre failing me here I            <  thought  you were one of the  good fairies. I trusted you!
> Didn’t your parents ever teach you  not to trust fairies?
> Again, sorry Quinn! I guess you’re  just resigned to being taken care of  by your loving boyfriend.
> I can only pray that the Fates will  be kind ( u  _ u)
Unable to do anything else, all Quinn was left to do was to lay still and wait for his boyfriend to find his hotel room.
When the knock came from his door, he muttered a simple groan. If it was Caleb, he’d have the card key needed to get into the room. And, sure enough, the door opened just a short moment later, and his boyfriend walked into the room.
“You look like shit,” he commented, drawing off his large, fluffy coat and hanging it by the door. “W-what’s wrong?”
Quinn sighed. “I already told you, I’m fine. I just stayed up a lil’ late last night.”
“Bullshit.” Caleb strode over to Quinn, casually trying to appear like he wasn’t limping himself as he walked over. Quinn knew that his leg wasn’t the same after some sort of incident, though he felt a bit of shame in not remembering it until just now. “Tell me. Pl-please.”
The ‘please’ was set at a lower tone, like a verbal tick of Caleb’s.
“Caleb, have you been walkin’ around on that leg all day? How the hell did Omri let you walk ‘round on that?” It was obvious he was trying to change the subject to anything else. Quinn didn’t want to bother Caleb with his own problems, considering the other Cambion had so many of his own.
And, from the looks of how Caleb’s eyes furrowed, Quinn had still managed to press on those said problems. God, he felt like such an asshole.
“Y-you, you know he can’t… he can’t fucking tell me wh-what to do.” His stutter was getting worse. He was getting more nervous, probably because of what Quinn’s big fucking mouth said. Still, Caleb leaned forward, clacking their horns together gently. “Pl-please, Quinn.”
Quinn allowed his one arm to move, wincing at the feeling itself, snaking it around until his hand rested on Caleb’s face. He breathed in the earthy smell that wafted from the other, relishing in the gentle comfort he offered.
“My everythin’ hurts,” he finally said. “I don’t wanna be a uh, a bother, Cay.”
“You’re not bother-bothering me. I w-want to be here.” Caleb’s eyes lowered into a loose glare, the one he gave when he was annoyed but not outright angry. “Qu-Quinn, if you-you don’t let me fucking help I’m just g-gonna st-start calling y-you cute. You fucking want that?”
“Oh god, not the verbal affection,” he said, pretending to look horrified. “Anythin’ but that!”
“Then l-let me take care of you. Less embarrassin’ isn’t it?” Caleb said, putting on Quinn’s accent with a grin that showed his fangs. “Where’s your, your drugs?”
Quinn let his thumb trail across his boyfriend’s cheekbone, huffing a small sigh of defeat. “Bathroom,” he muttered.
“Okay.” Caleb leaned forward, pressing his lips to Quinn’s in the brush of a gentle kiss. If he weren’t in pain every time he moved he might have teased a little more, but for now he simply breathed in the softness that radiated from Caleb. “Let’s… let’s take it easy for, for today, yeah? We’ll uh, get some room s-service and lounge in bed.”
Quinn finally smiled, the echo of defeat warming into a gentle comfort. As much as he hated to admit it, it was nice to be doted on for a little bit. Though he still felt a bit guilty that it was his harrowed boyfriend that was doing all of the caring, inwardly somewhere Quinn knew that he probably wouldn’t feel put to ease with most anyone else.
“That sounds great, love.”
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heyitsyn · 2 years ago
Manager!Seijoh Part 4
(i originally planned to write the other schools for the manager scenario like theyre already in my drafts with plans and partly written out but like seijoh is my TOP PRIORITY (sorry pls dont hate me) BC THEY ARE MY BOIS)
also, most of my ask box is all for a kyoken ending and kyoken fluff and aoba johsai fluff and im quaking bc this is spurring me to create more aoba johsai imagines and my love for the other schools is just like being overshadowed by our little plant babies :’)
for more seijoh content, check this masterlist out!
anon request: Im the anon who mentioned the chaos about the dating and can I say I love it!!! 🙏🙏 i kinda have this hc for the boys that they fight whenever they go on bus rides, just because they want yn to sit next to them. But she usually sits next to the calmer members?? The reason the boys fight?? She may or may not have fallen asleep a few times, her head on kyo/iwa shoulder. 🥺🥺
(bruh im so soft for iwa and kyo like my best bois and i must write them out IMMEDIATELY bc theyre so uggghhhhhh!!!!!!!)
Tumblr media
oh dear
bus rides,,,,, yep here we go
the team is usually peaceful and civil w each other (minus iwa literally beating oiks up but thats irrelevant information)
like they dont really have fights or have any arguments bc they meet up every saturday to talk about the week and if anybody had any concerns or anything they were mad about since it was like a family meeting
but boy oh boy
when you entered this family,,, arguments and misunderstandings happened once a week
‘no! y/n-chan said she was going to go shopping with me!’
‘um, she already agreed to go to to the arcade w me’
‘wait, she told me we were going to go visit that cafe!’
yes you agreed to do those things w them but you never assigned a date
your attention was something that these boys were always wanting since they only see you during club hours and practices
their jealousy gets really ugly sometimes and the two first years actually get all smug about it 
‘hm, y/n, we still up for studying later?’
you ruffled his hair and smiled up at him
‘yep! we need to set an alarm though or else i’d end up staying after 1 in the morning again’
‘great. cant wait’
kunimi rarely shows any emotion towards his senpais but they couldnt miss the smug smirk that made oikawa grip the volleyball and mattsun holding him back
god hes such a little shite
everyone knows that the first years have a upperhand than them bc of your same grade so the upperclassmen were much more sensitive to spending time with you outside of practice
and they liked to spend that time wisely
when the time for away games come, you weren’t that worried about it
i mean,, why would you when boarding the bus is going to be so early in the morning at like 4 in the morning and theyd be sleeping the whole time so you get peace and quiet
in fact, you were looking forward!
but nope!
jesus took the wheel and said no
instead, you were watching the team members shouting and yelling at each other at the asscrack of dawn
say sike rn
the 2 coaches were actually not there yet so they werent able to help you and whip the boys to order so here you were, bleary eyed and clearly still tired, sighing and rolling your eyes at the fight
now you might be asking me, ‘author-chan, why are they fighting so hard for something as simple as a bus ride?’
well, my young grasshoppers, this is not just a simple bus ride
you are infamous in the team to be a sleeper
no matter what form of transportation, bus, car, any surface, you found yourself in dream land
yall i wish i was like that
the sleep paralysis demon beside my bed says otherwise
they freak out and fight over even a simple touch of affection from you, do you really think they wouldnt fight tooth and nail to being your pillow and freely watching your adorable sleeping face?
these men are fighting as if they were fighting something serious like a world war
lmao with how intensely theyre fighting, it practically is
but there were two players who actually didnt care either way since they only wanted you to be the most comfortable and they werent exactly the most squishiest members
in fact, they were basically all muscle and probably not the most comfortable
totally not my bias talking or anything
so it was no surprise when they didnt get themselves involved
iwa was already done w them and goes in the bus because mom deserves a nap
naturally, kyo follows the leader and boards the bus after him, leaving the others to fight it out in the school parking lot
you were happy that they were too distracted that they wouldnt notice you sneaking away into the bus and you were slightly disappointed that out of all the seats, kyo had to sit in the one-seater by the front
so you immediately went over to the other person, who was iwa-san, and he was just settling in, pulling out his teal blanket
you blinked at him when he caught you stare but he gently smiled before opening the blanket
‘i was never a fan of window seats anyways’
you happily bounced over to him and you placed your bag at the overhead compartment bc seijoh is bougee and can afford everything before you climbed over him to the seat next to the window
iwaizumi tried to make you as comfortable as he can so he kept the seat divider thing yanno what im talking about? between you
but his eyes widened when you casually pulled it up and snuggled closer to him
youve done this before so he opened his right arm for you to cuddle closer but he was still surprised 
you just closed your eyes with a smile as you pulled the blanket to your chin and practically glomped yourself to iwa
ugh im so jealous of you!!!!!!!!!!
‘hmmmm, youre so warm iwa-san. youre like,,,,, jacob from twilight’
his eyebrow quirked and he smiled, wrapping his arm around you and tightly holding you close
‘oh? the werewolf?’
he felt your head nod
‘mhm. so warm, and strong, yet so gentle and soft’
by now, both your legs were already swung over his lap and head on his chest as you sat sideways
his fingers traced circles around your middle as his other hand was fiddling with your fingers
‘didnt he like mark a little girl?’
‘iwa-san dont talk about that!’
his laugh grumbled his chest and you giggled, trying to become even closer towards his naturally warm chest and inhale his scent
lavender mixed with peppermint
it was such an odd combination from the people you knew and you were immediately drawn to it
thats why you usually wore his jacket rather than your own
he always gets confused as to where it is but you steal it and watch him look for it
you didnt hear that from me though
it didnt take a long time for you to fall asleep and by the time the 2 coaches finally arrived and yelled at the players, they were already late
‘oikawa, i thought youd handle this properly!’
oiks whimpered from the coach’s scolding but apologized then pushed everyone in
the sight in front of them made them both boil in jealousy and squeal in uwus
you, the softest and sweetest and kindest little flower human being, being cuddled up to iwaizumi, the brute and bara arms and the ultra macho strong man, who had his head on top of you
even though they knew you were a heavy sleeper and iwa slept like a rock, they still quieted down and silently walked over to their seats, hissing and shushing at anyone who even made the slightest bit of noise
rustle of the bags?
seat creaking as they sit down?
they only let this slide bc your sleeping face was just so cute and they didnt have the heart to wake you up
and also face the wrath of titan iwa and be thrown into the atlantic ocean like oikawa did one time
when you finally arrived at the stadium, they waited for a rough 10 minutes just to figure out how to wake you up
they didnt want to wake up iwa first and have him yell at them but they didnt want to wake you up first either
but kyo didnt understand the dilemma and instead just goes to the back where yall were at and he goes to the seat behind you so he could reach you easily and tickles your cheek
the team is just like 👁️👄👁️
your nose scrunches at this tingling sensation until it continues so you open your eyes and finds kyo just smiling down at you
oiks is literally shaking bc he could see the smallest smile on kyo’s face
‘wake up’
with his gruff voice, it sounded like he was ordering you around but you knew he couldnt help it and blinked tiredly at him, giving him a smile of your own
‘hm, hi kyo-san’
you winced at the sudden appearance of the sunlight and that made you fully wake up before flinched at the eyes of the other players
‘hello, everyone’
you said slowly and you sat up, noticing iwa still sleeping
oiks held his breath bc hes been friends w iwa since he was still a baby and he knows that its like waking up a sleeping dragon
‘wait y/n-chan-’
but you didnt listen and poked his nose
‘iwa-san? iwa-san, we’re here’
you cooed and the poking made his eyes flutter open and with his head still tilted to the side, he swore he saw an angel by the way the sunlight hit the back of your head giving you a smiling angel effect
hm, i could get used to seeing this when i wake up
you grinned and when he finally stretched, you sat up stright, waiting for iwa to get up so you could slide out
but kyo was an impatient little bean and just hoisted you out of there and towards him behind the seat
‘come on. i got your bag’
he mumbled and you nodded, letting him hold your hand
lmao wait i forgot the time this is set
this is set during the 2nd inter-high okay? okay
oiks was still complaining at kyo and iwa hogging you but you didnt listen and continued walking towards the entrance, glancing around at the other teams
as usual, oiks and iwa were walking to the front bc yanno, captain and vice-captain, while you and kyo walked at the back, mainly bc you didnt want any player to stray off like kindaichi did last time and look for him for hours
kyo gripped your hand and you turned your head to look at him to see his eyes glaring at anything
you chuckled which made him look down at you, the glare slowly disappearing
‘hm, kyo-san, you should really invest in contacts. it doesnt matter if wearing glasses makes you feel like a nerd bc you still need it to see’
he scrunched his nose when you scolded him and he was about to retort when him and the team caught the whisperings of the nearby teams
‘oh my god, seijoh and the beautiful manager’
‘how old is she? i hope shes at least a second year’
‘ngh id tap that’
‘is he her boyfriend? if so, the competition isnt that hard then’
kyo growled and was about to lunge at the yellow jacketed boy but you held him back, also worriedly looking at your boys
‘seijoh, down’
you ordered and they shrunk back, opting to just glaring heatedly at the other teams
you could still feel kyo shaking at rage to them sexualizing you but your hands squeezing him and the other hand rubbing his arm helped him control it
‘dont make a scene, kyo-san. its your first competition since your suspension, right? and you love volleyball so please keep it in. i can protect myself’
you whispered but he let go of your hand and wrapped his arm around your shoulder, pulling you close and continuing to glare at everyone as if he was asserting dominance
‘if they touch you-’
‘ill kick them between the legs, i know. you told me already’
you teased and he hummed in agreement
when they played, they were at ease bc the two coaches were there and they were also protective of you like their own so they wouldnt have to worry about someone to go after you
as they were warming up for the second game, you had to quickly fill up their water bottles bc they were already tired and dehydrated so you needed to fill them up
and they were all busy and you didnt want to bother them and you were going to be quick anyways so you just took the case of bottles and ran to the nearby water fountain
you were hurriedly filling them up and at your last bottle, you were about to cap it when you felt a presence behind you
he stood close and his arms snaked around your waist but you hurriedly tightened the lid and whacked him at the head with the heavy bottle
you continuously hit him and kicked him between the legs before hitting him again
you shouted and iwa and kyo were watching from the end of the hallway, panting from running so fast since they heard your shouts
okay a little flashback,
kyo was watching you from his perepharal vision and when he went up to spike, he took his eyes off of you for ONE DAMN SECOND and you nyoomed out of there
when he didnt see you anywhere, he wildly looked around and this caught the attention of the vice-captain
‘oi! kyotani! whats wrong?’
‘y/n. where is she?’
they took off running and the team was just like what
then they heard shouts and kyo knew it was you
his mad dog senses
hehe get it
he as about to tackle the guy but he saw you beat him with a water bottle and eventually taking another bottle and kicking him and hitting him with the two waters
the player cowered and scrambled to get away bc wow this girl was psycho
um no sir, she was protecting herself from hormonal testosterone filled children like you
maybe it was because the last time you were touched without consent was when you got bullied but you were definitely fighting harder and more aggressive at protecting yourself
you turned around and the rage from your eyes disappeared when you saw the two boys there
‘hey iwa-san! kyo-san! sorry, i needed to fill the water bottles!’
you grinned and placed the bottles back to the case before lugging it up
my god their eyes were shining
yep, thats my girl
when their games were over for the day, they made their way to the exit where the bus was at and you and kyo stayed behind again
you caught the eye of the guy and his team and you and kyo glared at him, both wearing a sadistic smile
kyo even went up to him and the team shrunk leaving the guy standing there in fear at the look on his face
‘listen, i dont like it when my baby girl gets touched by filthy shite like you. so do it again, and ill chop those damn fingers of yours, got it?’
lmao he’ll come for your ankles
the guy just nodded in fear while his team were cowering at the back
you chuckled and pulled kyo to go bc as much as you liked watching this, you needed to go to the bus to go home
‘cmon, kyo, i want to go. im getting a headache from the smell of garbage’
he shifted his gaze to you and sent you a soft smile
‘okay. lets go’
hah you thought it ends there?
kyo is a dramatic little shite so he made a show of grabbing your waist and kissing your temple before flashing them a finger
oiks was tapping his foot impatiently at the bus and when you and kyo emerged from the entrace, he was about to snatch you up but kyo stood in front of you
he said and didnt say anything else as he pulled you to the bus and into a two seater where you sat at the window again and he sat on the outside
‘hah? you want to sit next to me, kyo-san?’
you teased but he flushed red, hurriedly hiding in your neck
you laughed and brought a hand up to caress his nape
he mumbled and you pursed your lips to hide the squeal
‘youre so cute, kyo-san’
‘not cute’
‘very cute’
kyoken got away from your neck and went to hit the captain 
oikawa screamed
a/n: my first week of school was so weird bc we only have like 2 days and the other days are just free days bc we havent really done anything except talk about our classes but im just hating this system like ugh i actually want to go to school bc ya girl is going to a tech school and this 2-day a week is not the vibe
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