#cant stop thinking about him yall Help
larriekingdom · 5 months ago
#story time bitches#yalls i didnt think i would be doing this again i thought i stopped it for good bc there are about two (2) people reading these#BUT i had an important announcement so here we are#so for about a year i've been thinking that there's something fundamentally wrong with my brain (im all good thanks) and its been-#-fucking with my ability to Do Stuff™ and like ive been thinking about getting professional help but i had no idea how to bring it up to-#-my extremely conservative desi parents (spoiler alert it went well) so like ig i was just looking for an opportunity to bring it up? idk#i didnt think about it that much bc i didnt think there was a world in which i would open up to my parents about my mental health#so the other day we had a ptm (and those make me so fucking anxious i was literally shaking) and i went w my dad and we spoke to three-#-teachers who all said basically the same thing they were like yeah shes a really good student and she has a lot of potential but she-#doesnt do any extra work and she doesnt wanna put in any effort its as if shes not interested#and my dad has been begging me to study for the love of god and on the way back from the ptm i kinda um broke down and told him that-#-i literally cannot focus on anything and i cannot open a book and study unless the panic of exams sets in and i physically cannot bring-#-myself to study bc i have 0 motivation and its not only related to studies i have 0 motivation generally to do absolutely anything#for example my physical health is also going down the drain i dont eat enough i have 0 exercise and if i do stuff that requires too much-#-energy i will literally pass out and i cant bring myself to do anything about it even though the few times i tried a little exercising-#-it had significantly improved my health but rn im just relying on pills👍#so yeah i told my dad all this on the way back and he was super open minded (thank you god) and when i got home i took a nap because-#-i was super stressed and i take naps to avoid thinking about stuff👍 and then i woke up at around 5 pm and i was kinda starving bc-#i woke up at twelve so i didnt have breakfast and we left for the meeting at 2 and i thought id have lunch after i came back but we came-#-back at 4 and i slept until 5 and by the time i had woken up my dad had told my mom everything so they came to my room to talk about it#and then i started crying again (yay🙄) and i told them i think theres actually something wrong with me and my parents were like-#-mmm i dont think so and i was like no bro fr im fucked in the head and my mom was saying stuff like dont think negatively and im like ???#like bro??? im addressing a serious problem over here im not ''thinking negatively'' and she was like okay say theres something wrong with-#-you but you gotta move on with life what can you do about it and i was like i wanna address it and my dad was like okay do you wanna-#-see a psychatrist and i was like idk (even though i was dying to say yes but i was kinda nervous🤡) but yeah eventually i told them that-#-i do wanna see a psychatrist and even though they think its unnecessary and they dont think its a real problem they're willing to-#-do that for me (im really grateful) and so they said they'd check out this hospital closeby and they went (i didnt go bc they just wanted-#-to find out stuff first) so they came back and i was like how'd it go and they were like it was closed🤠💅#so yeah theyre going again like today i think#but um i kinda think i have *whispers* adhd but like idk
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buntys · 10 months ago
really, i cant blame wwx for thinking that lwj hated him all up until his death with the way that he is
#when wwx was confused as to how to comfort him and he tells wwx to shut up and that hes awful THAT scene#mdzs#man my stomach fell to my ass#ofc hes upset but yalls life depends on each other rn cant you be a bit more... bearable holy shit#on the other hand i never realized that wwx had a fever i always thought the black sword had poisoned him#and then jiang cheng being bitter as usual he really is just like his mother#the moment madam yu showed up i closed the pdf lmfao#im bitter but madam yu makes me look like a forgiving saint#horrible just like my mommy <3 and every second of toxic of her too ahaaa#im only stopping now cause i dont have the heart to read how they die... also wen ning didnt show up at all???#the bow contest usually shows up at the beginning too i guess theyre gonna introduce his arc when he starts helping wwx and jc#all jokes but if i rly had a kin list... personality wise i am jc and his mother lol... but im most like wwx thats a horrible combination#nah but anyone that kins lxc can hit me up. if its lwj ill consider but yall are way too cold and i dont play that#it rly is no wonder wwx thought lwj hated him LOL i cant stop saying this but he was so cold#i wouldve cried and ghosted him#the nerd talks#i hope my tags dont scramble again i actually come back and read these when i finish my books sigh#even though i completely forgot about tagging these in my reading tag... ah#madam yu is so horrible i really cant stop thinking abt her my heart hurts every time she talks to jc#like bro thats ur kid ure feeding him so much hatred#healing from that is so hard man... i hate her shes so well written
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count-woe-laf · a year ago
breathes heavily dta cas
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stillbrights · a year ago
i just think that olivia crain’s storyline is perhaps the most heartbreaking part of the entirety of thohh,, that woman wanted nothing more than to live a beautiful, safe life with her husband and kids and move into the perfect home, but instead she had a haunted house/ghost/whatever u’d like to blame drive her to the point of such insanity that she not only was consistently seeing visions of her kids dead, but she wholeheartedly believed that if she didn’t “wake” them (by killing them), they would do nothing but suffer and perish in the most horrific ways. she thought she was saving them. and then she killed another family’s child in trying to help her, had a waking moment of understanding at the pure evil she’d just committed, and was suddenly completely alone. her family, gone. she didn’t know that she had almost killed her kids as well, she believed she was helping them. and all she could see was that they were gone forever, probably dead, and she had no way out but to “wake” herself. then even after she died, she was forced to live in that house completely alone for so many more years, fearing for her kids and not having any real way to protect them, as well as missing out on their entire lives and the opportunity to raise them further.
#i cant do this i can’t fuckign do this yall#she did everything she could see to help and protect and save her family and instead she was alone and afraid for so long#and like again i get that her methods were actually hurtful but SHE COULDNT SEE THAT#i can never stop thinking about those last few minutes of her life#after she realized she killed abigail and then seeing her family gone#and having that ghost lady telling her that her kids were going to die and that her husband was going to get them killed#and then just... being so completely alone when she died#not to mention after... waking up as a ghost seeing her body and how alone she still was#AND WATCHING HUGH FIND HER AND NOT BEING ABLE TO COMFORT HIM OR APOLOGIZE OR SAY GOODBYE OR ANYTHING NOT BEING ABLE TO REACH HIM AT ALL#AH#and then she just... had to live so so many of her days pretty much alone in that house missing her family and their lives#i mean she had the other ghosts in the house but somehow i doubt they ever really got close#and even if they did it wouldn’t have mattered too much bc i imagine the only people she would’ve cared about being there is her family#OH ALSO#having hurt nell like that !!?? i wonder if she was too far gone at that point to truly grasp and feel guilty about what she’d done there#i do think that she to some degree was still herself for sure bc we see it when she’s with high#hugh#and she she goes ‘i’ll be alone again’#and that whole thing about how journeys dont really end#i think that’s her#but i’m not sure if she was able to understand any longer what she’d done to nell and technically hugh#as well as almost the rest of her family#anyway! i rambled far too much sorry this show gives me brain rot#.txt#the haunting of hill house#thohh#hill house#olivia crain#i’m pretty sure nobody is gonna read any of this but take it anyway bc i cannot keep holding all these thots about olivia crain inside me#also
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letstalkaboutfandomsbaby · 11 days ago
CHUBBY CHASER USHIJIMA PLEASE SUNNY I CAN'T. He sees you out in public and approaches you with his serious face and intimidating frame just to say "you are very beautiful" and offer to pay for whatever it is you're buying. Or if you're friends and mention your ex not being able to pick you up he's like "it would be very easy for me to lift you. Would you like me to?" and he just carries you around for a while until you stop being flustered and ask for him to put you down. He tries not to be pervy about it because he's a respectable young man but he really does go crazy for thigh highs. He daydreams about kissing the tops of them where your thighs pudge up from the band and feeling them press against his ears while he makes you squeal with his tongue. Your tummy is his favorite thing though, he'll stand behind you while you're doing stuff and just rest his hands on your cute tummy and knead it like a cat. Or use it as a pillow while you snuggle and lazily place kisses on it. Wahhh :((( -rosie
NAURRRR NONONO IM CREAMINGGGG 😭 you got me out here thinkin things and writin things :(
CW: chubby fem reader, mentions of body insecurities, male masturbation, smut, this got way too long im sorry sksksk
Tumblr media
Omg b-but friend Ushijima 🥺 yall have known each other since high school when you were a manager for his volleyball team. He's always been blunt, telling you that your hair looks nice today or that you look very pretty in that dress, but you always brush it off bc that's just Wakatoshi! He's just bein nice, he's always such a gentleman :) you don't put much thought into his compliments bc he's your friend and you don't wanna ruin that. Besides, what would a big pro volleyball player like him want with a big gal like yourself? Regardless, you like Wakatoshi as a friend, you don't wanna ruin anything but trying to pursue a romantic relationship.
So you stay friends in college, hanging out when your schedules match, usually just chilling at your apartment. You play games or just watch tv, and you're so comfortable around him that you just wear whatever and don't think about the consequences bc it's just Ushi!! It's just your buddy, it's not weird if you walk around without a bra or underwear, wearing a tank top and itty bitty shorts in summer and thigh highs and big sweaters in the winter. You're just dressing comfy, aint nothin else to it
Oh. If only you knew. If only you knew how Ushijima felt and what those skimpy little casual outfits did to him :( he's a gentleman through and through, he was taught to respect women, but god does he wish he could be disrespectful with you :( sees you in the summer, watches your tits bounce as you walk, your ass peeking out from the bottom of your shorts, lewdly sucking a popsicle, not knowing how sexy you look :( then in winter when you where those goddamn thigh highs, the ones that look so soft and inviting, the ones he wants to slip his fingers under as he watches tv with you :( he has to put a pillow on his lap to hide his boner during those cold months :( oh god, but it's even worse when you steal his sweatshirts or hoodies and wear em, your chubby body still so tiny compared to his hulking frame, making you drown in the fabric. You look so cute and innocent, the sleeves falling past your hands, the hem of it stopping mid thigh, giving him the tiniest peek of your squished thighs in those pretty socks. He cant help but imagine you on your back, his old hoodie tucked over your breasts as he bucks into you, soft body jiggling with each thrust :( He may not be able to control himself, may have to sneak off to the bathroom and jerk off real quick so he doesn't do something wrong and push your boundaries :(
Oh no, but what if it all comes to a head when you break up with your boyfriend :( Ushi comes over to comfort you and listen to you rant about how awful he was and how he never put your feelings first and he couldn't even lift you up—
"I could lift you up. It would be very easy for me. Would you like me to show you?"
And you're nervous and try to dissuade him but he's already standing and helping you up from the couch and suddenly he's scooping you up in his arms and carrying you like a princess 🥺 he's not even breaking a sweat, he's not straining or shaking at all, you're like a bag of feathers to him 🥺 oh god but now you can't stop thinkin bout how big and strong he is and how he's always so nice to you and you can feel yourself getting wetter by the second :( gotta tell him to let you down quick or else you'll start moaning :(
It's not long after that when Ushijima asks you out and you're too infatuated with him to say no :( he treats you so much better than your ex, taking you to your favorite places, always putting your needs first, never pushing your boundaries :( such a gentleman, you just wanna thank him for always bein so sweet and takin care of you :( maybe it starts with just kisses but it quickly turns into heated makeout sessions and dry humping and shoving your hands down each other's pants to get each other off :( but he never pushes you to do anything you don't want. This relationship goes at your pace, the last thing he wants to do is rush you
Buuuut... you've never really considered yourself the patient type 👉👈 so you may go a bit fast and get him into bed as soo as possible and dear god, is he hung like a horse 💦 so long and thick, you didn't think you'd ever see such a big cock in real life. Wasn't this stuff reserved for porn and unrealistic dildos?? You're anxious to be filled but what if it's too big?? What if you can't even get the head in?? What if Ushijima is unsatisfied with you and leaves—
But all those worrisome thoughts leave your pretty head once he goes down on you, his head hidden under your skirt, hands squeezing at your sock covered thighs. He makes you cum twice on his tongue before he introduces his fingers, those thick digits scissoring inside you, helping your muscles expand and relax. You've soaked the sheets by the time he's done, and he hasn't even put his cock in you yet :( even with all that prepping, he still has to bully his cock inside, thumbing your clit to try and get you to relax so you stop squeezin him so hard, if you don't let up he's gonna cum with just a few thrusts :(
It takes some work but he finally gets his whole cock inside you 💦 he's so gentle, going slow, giving these long strokes, making sure you're ok :( god, you just want him to ruin you already!! You want him to fuck you like he means it!! You beg him sweetly to go faster, harder, you're a big girl you can take it, cmon 'toshi just let go and let me make you feel good 💕 you're such a vixen but he doesn't give in, keeping the same steady pace until you cum on his cock, forcing him over the edge as well.
And there's soooo much cum 😭 it can't even fit inside, spilling out as he's cumming. As he cleans you up, you wonder if it would stay inside better if your hips were tilted up... maybe with your legs back? A mating press perhaps?? Thoughts swirl through your head but it'll all have to wait till next time bc once Toshi has cleaned the two of you up and gets back in bed with you, he's out like a light sksksks
Tumblr media
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mrsswaino · 2 months ago
do for me.
mob!frank castle x f!reader
Tumblr media
warnings : 18+ only, smut, fingering, orgasm denial.
working on dialogue! also inspired by do for my by tank. maybe send in a mob frank ask with a prompt/kink?? i be asking for request and then take forever - im so sorry. anywayz hope yall like. (reblogs and comments appreciated :) )
your dress was just as refined as the meal you just ate. both of course being purchased by frank, but you’re sure neither made a dent in his overflowing pockets.
“ya’ have a nice night, darlin’?” frank questions, palm stroking your thigh.
“how could i not with you running ‘round spoiling me, frankie?” you question back, “did you?”
“how could i not when m’runnin’ ‘round spoilin’ ya’?” he quips back.
you think for a minute before questioning, “what can i do for you?”
“do for me?”
“yes, baby, do for you.” you state with a smirk, hand landing on his.
it didn’t take long for franks mind to wander. and he could tell yours already had when your hand landed on his thigh. the slight smirk, and his traveling hand tells you he may have something different in mind. frank hikes your dress up slightly before his fingers settle on the band of your panties.
“take these off.”
you’re quick to do so, and his finger is quick to meet your slit. with the slow flicks of his finger, you’re growing impatient.
“frankie - baby, please.”
frank hums in response, finger going to make lazy circles around your clit. and while not much more stimulation, its enough to get you to slightly hum back. but still, you find yourself unsatisfied and bucking your hips.
“problem, darlin’?”
“more, faster - something, please frank-” you cant even finish before you’re being abruptly cut off by two fingers entering your cunt.
instead of giving you a chance to ask for more, he’s thrusting his fingers briskly into you. you can feel him curling his fingers into you just right, and you cant help the whimper of his name that tumbles from your lips.
“that all ya’ need to stop complainin’, baby?”
you’re not even thinking about the fact he’s driving and probably cant see, but you’re furiously nodding your head at the question. still, you see a smirk land on his face and your hips can’t help but buck again.
and just as you start to feel the knot in your stomach becoming just a bit too much, you feel the car coming to a halt and fingers leaving your cunt.
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aquz · 2 months ago
idia, ruggie, and cater with a s/o that's similar to them
headcanons (≖ᴗ≖✿)
so... he wasn't the only lonely loser in nrc?
upon finding out, probably by the rare appearances he makes in class or the internet, that there was another gamer at the college, he is.. happy?
will he go out of his way to befriend you? nah, but he definitely wont pass up the opportunity...as per suggested by ortho.
after you both meet, you begin hanging out pretty regularly! texting each other after every class about some video game you both happen to play!
loves seeing you, even if he doesn't show it. he feels.. as if the gods of luck had struck him again, and this time NOT in a gacha game.
if you also happen to be a shut in, he'll ask to be on call with you all day while you both game or work on homework.
he definitely follows all your socials, has you friended on all games, the whole 9 yards. what? you're his..only friend? i mean, if you don't count his super cool robo-brother.
oh, you think ortho is an impressive feat? wait, idia has more to show you. PLEASE let him ramble about what he's made!!
oh, and if you ALSO make super high-tech stuff? LET HIM SEE. you both can talk forever about it, and you both can help each other if needed!! he thinks you are definitely super cool~~!
overall? having another video-game loving..possible shut in..who also probably loves tech? he is in heaven, he just befriended (and started dating, if you're into that) the coolest person ever!?
saw you one day in savanaclaw, a little confused considering he has never seen you around.
introduces himself and finds out you're a new student! he looks around, and ah- bingo! the hyena ears you possess! so cool!
you both are very playful, you love messing around and rough housing when possible!
do you also like to mess with people? this man will take you around school and you pull the craziest pranks on people! bonus points for him if he teaches you how to swipe things- assuming you don't already know!
leona sees his servant has a new buddy, and gets slightly annoyed. how is he supposed to nap with two loud ass hyenas around!? plus, hes STILL waiting on that sandwich, and is a little pissed to find out ruggie had stopped to talk to you on his way back.
though, he's also thinking, 'yes! another servant!'... but he would rather rely on ruggie completely..oh well. ruggie cleaning his room while you fetch him iced tea? bro is in HEAVEN.
ruggie hears about your life back home, and relates so, so much. living in a house that leona can only assume belongs to a dog,,, being possibly poor? man, it sucks, he knows.
honestly? if yall are dating, or at least super close, he wants to treat you to something nice. its just in his giving nature! if he cant offer quality time, because of classes or leona, he'll make it up to you by bringing you lunch, or buying something from sam's to gift you!
ruggie is so happy he met you! although he had leona and jack, he has someone who doesn't push him around,someone he can confide in!
met you on magicam, recognized you in class. that's that.
you both talk A LOT in class, always getting yelled at or separated during history because you two are gossiping.
cater loves taking pics with you! no matter how close you are, he loves you as a friend and wants something to post to show it! and if you're SUPPPPER close? he keeps some of those for himself. it took a lot, the lighting made him look flawless!...but he wanted the memory for himself.
he loves to talk to you. you both have the same speech habits, and are massive phone addicts. he invites you to the heartslabyul dorms unbirthday parties, too!
this means trey probably knows you well too. having two 'caters' around is a lot, but he would be lying if he said he didn't like it.
do you also have two older sisters, or at least one? cool! you two can bond over the experience, while you and cater give each other make-overs!
he invites you to his dorm to sleep over and do lots of fun self care and .. sleepover activities! documents it on his phone, and you just cant help just join in!
you both randomly send pics of each other taken odd guard just to see who can embarrass who first... very very fun until you're the one embarrassed!! ><
overall? cater loves having someone like him around! his clones can't compare to you! now, why don't you two go harass the adeuce duo? i bet they're expecting both of you right about now..!
definitely gonna make another part sometime soon, this was fun to write!!
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milexa2000 · 5 months ago
4 Town members headcanons🎨🏀🧢🎤🕊
Warnings: none just fluff (maybe a bit of sus stuff… idk)
A/n: Hey yall! So i watched Turning Red yesterday and i couldnt help but be obsessed with 4 Town. So i decided to make some headcanons for each 5 ! This is my first time doing this so plz don't make fun of me. If i missed any info for each 4 Town member! Thanks🥰
♥️❤️💜🖤🧡💛💚💙𝓣𝓸 𝓶𝓮, 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓪𝓻𝓮 𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓯𝓮𝓬𝓽. ♥️❤️💜🖤🧡💛💚💙♥️❤️💜🖤🧡
Tumblr media
Since he is the singer i feel like he would teach his s/O how to sing since hes so good at it!
Whenever you both are on a date, his team would just sit there and watch both of u guys, his team giving him thumbs up
He would teach you all of his songs and would be so proud of you and give you big hugs and kisses
I feel like the nicknames he would call you are "baby", "Mon amour" (which means "my love" in French". Anddd idk what else🥲
He lovess to dance with u
I imagine him twirling hie s/O around while dancing and giving them lots of kisses🥰
I bet he likes to cuddle too he is a big spoon tbh
Would whisper you "Bonne nuit mon amour." (it means "good night my love in French)
I feel like he would sing one of his songs to you to cheer you up
Tae Young🕊
Tumblr media
He would defidently show you his injured doves that he fostered
He would love to see you in the concert and watch him go
He LOVES giving you lots of kisses
He loves cheek kisses, probably neck kisses too😳
His nicknames for you would defidently be "Dove" like.. COME ON
He would also call you "baby" and "bunny". Thats all i could think of😅
he LOVES talking about animals with you. Even wild ones too
Aaron. T 🧢
Tumblr media
I feel like he likes to tell you A LOT of things
You cant help but laugh and stop him because of how fast he talks
I imagine him hugging you from behind (that would be so sweet🥰)
When you guys say goodbye to eachother, he would do that number 4 sighns and i star giggling and do it back to him which causes him to blush
He would give you neck kisses and lots on the Lips😳😏
He would even do it infront of his friends which makes them shocked and he would laugh at his friend's reaction
He would tell you lots of jokes since hes a comedian
He would try to make you laugh but it was impossible for him which makes him play fully whine
He would defidently showoff to his friends
If your having a bad, Aaron. T is always there for you
He would tell you jokes and try to make you laugh, which gladly worked. Then we will start giving you lots of hugs
Aaron. Z 🏀
Tumblr media
Since he is a basketball player, he would show you one of his cool tricks
He can be a bit shy sometimes when you ask him if he could teach you something of his tricks
He would cheer for you whenever you make the ball into the Hoop
He would blush feriously when he puts his hands around your waist and hold you steady
He gets super shy and embaressed when you kiss him infront of his friends, which causes them to laugh and him covering his face in embarassment
The nicknames he likes the most for you would be "babe" or "my love"
He LOVES giving yoy hugs. He's like a big warm teddy bear
When he's alone, he would miss you super much, he cant stop thinking about you
He loves going on walks with you, his arm around your shoulder and asks about your day
Jesse 🎨
Tumblr media
I feel like Jesse would show you all his artwork
He likes to show you all his progress
LOTS of neck kisses😳
Sometimes he can get a bit extra in front of his friends
Which caused you to tell him to stop while laughing, embarrassed
He doesn’t care if he does it infront of people, he just wants everyone to know who you belong to😳😏
He would teach you how to make pots out of clay
He puts his hands on your and controls them with the clay
You start blushing when he puts his head on your shoulder and tells you on how good your doing (ayo😳)
By comforting you, you both draw together to lighten the mood. You both make amazing ideas of what kinda art or drawing you guys are making
Is a hugger and a kisser🙄🤚🏽
He’ll blow you a kiss when he’s on stage and you watching him with awe
A/n: soooo yeah?? It wasn’t to good tbh. (Plz don’t make fun, it’s my first time). Anyway, let me know if I should make more head canons for the 4 town members!!
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kiqmono · a month ago
you're all i've ever wanted pt.3
A/N: helloooo, i have brought to you the last and final chapter of this story, also im sorry to leave yall with cliffhangers LMAOO, my creativity just kinda blocks out all the time so i tend to give myself some time to write the next part...anyways, here is the last part, enjoy!
summary: being inlove with Eddie Munson can be hard, mostly if he likes someone else.
warnings: mentions of drinking, not a happy ending, and heartbreak, again.
extra: the red texts is y/n speaking! i added that to be able to distinguish the dialouges!
That day was the last time you talked to Eddie. You've been blocking him out, ignoring him and his calls, and just talking to robin. You thought that give yourself some time would help, and it did, you started to heal, you felt yourself starting to become happy again, but not talking to Eddie was hard, skiping your usual late night talks on friday was hard, ignoring the notes he would pass onto you was hard.
So now late night friday movie marathon with Robin was usual, she often took you on picnics, you baked together, studied together, watched sunsets together, everything was better with her, she was the person who most comforted you.
It was your 10 minute break to go on to your next class, so you decided to meet Robin at her locker. "Hey!" "god, you scared me, y/n" "yeah, yeah, anyways what are you doing tonight?" "nothing why?" she answered confused, and you showed her a flyer of a party that night at 10 pm. "come onnnn, we should go!" "y/n..i dont go to parties, and neither do you!" "yes, but there is a first thing for everything!" "fine then. Ill meet you at your house at 9:40, go it?" "thank youu"
You were happy you finally convinced robin to go to a party together you thought while doodling in your notebook while the english teacher was explaining the importance of grammar. You were really happy, but one thing was worrying you, what if they were there?
It was 9:30, you had just finished showering after an exhausting day at school and a report from the principal, and you were picking out the clothes that determined your look tonight. While doing your makeup, you heard a knock from the door, to lead to you answering the door and meeting with Robin.
"hey robin!" "hey, you seem very excited.." "yeah, i am!" "y/n, have you considered the possibility of them being there?" she asked concerned. "who?" you responded trying to fake not knowing who she was talking about. "eddie and chrissy." you froze on the stop and suddenly it got quiet, after a few second you answered, "s-so what if they are there? fuck them. im over that." "if you say so, changing the subject..are you ready?" "yeah lets go"
You showed up at the house and the first thing you saw was tons of people drinking and going crazy on the front yard, while loud music could be heard from outside, it was wild. "im scared now." robin said "same." you answered "but come on, what could go worse?" you grab robins arm and pulled her into the house where you saw paople dancing, singing, drinking, making out. At first sight, you thought that Eddie and Chrissy wouldnt be here, Eddie wasnt the type of person to go to a party, right?
After some minutes, you and robin where dancing, badly but dancing, and also drinking. You finally felt like your worries just didnt exist, you were having so much fun, until someone grabbed your arm and dragged you to a quiet room. "what the fu-" "y/n, its me." shit, you thought, why tonight. "hi." you answered. "y/n..i know something's wrong. why arent you talking to me? whay do you keep ignoring me? i cant sleep at night just thinking about if i did something wrong, something to hurt you, please, tell me." you kept quiet, you decided to finally tell him the truth. "i like you." "what?.." "i liked you, a lot, and i found you with chrissy, the night we were supposed to hang out, and it hurt me, i was shocked, i thought i had a chance with you.." y/n.." "and i guess i didnt, and im so stupid for thinking that! god, why would someone like you even be with m-" "Y/N!" you finally decided to shut up and listen to him. "i liked you too, a lot, and i thought i had a chance with you, but one night i found myself thinking of how stupid i could be to think that we had a chance, so i started dating chrissy, to forget you, and it worked, im sorry." "oh. uh well, thats alright! i mean, its not like we were ever going to date!" you said lying with tears in your eyes, you felt like screaming. "anyways haha, i have to go bye!"
You ran out of there as quickly as possible, and went to robin, crying and with your mascara running. "robin, i have to go." "wait!" robin followed you to the front yard. "y/n wait!" she stopped you and tuned you around, you were sobbing, hurt again. "oh.." she hugged you tightly, as you cried on her shoulder, she seemed to understand what happened, you felt like you were bith the only people on earth on that moment. "dont worry, we'll get through this, together." she said softly.
tag list:
@gabriella-gfv @miawastakens @kellysimagines @tracymbcm @hanahisawizard
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gatorbites-imagines · 2 months ago
Anakin skywalker, Darth Vader, Obi wan Kenobi, Cody.
Overall Headcanons
Tumblr media
Back on my Star Wars bullshit, so heres some overall hcs about some of the characters I love, enjoy. Ft some x reader elements. Can yall tell which character ive been most obsessed with lately?
 Let me know if you guys are interested in more like this, as it’s a good way to get the writing juices flowing.
 Mild nsfw stuff under the cut, but it’s nothing wild.
Anakin Skywalker
-          Anger issues, but would never yell at you as it reminds him of his time as a slave
-          Gets nightmares about his time as a slave and his fears.
-          Wears black because it sets him away from the other jedi. They made him feel as if he didn’t belong, so he was gonna go his own way.
-          When he first joined the jedi he had a really hard time drinking or just using water in general since it was so sparce on Tatooine. Nowadays he enjoys to take long showers and baths.
-          Cant eat too strong tasting foods.
-          Has a real hard time talking about his emotions. Because of this, if he falls in love hed rather go around nursing a crush than actually confess.
-          He falls in love super easily, and gets kinda blinded by it.
-          Touch starved as hell, literally melts into your hands if you cradle his face in your palms.
-          Loves kissing, could spend hours with his lips on yours or just kissing you all over.
-          Oral fixation. Goes hand in hand with him loving to kiss so much. Watch out for your fingers.
-          Has a strong gag reflex, but doesn’t let it stop him.
-          This man is verse leaning towards submissive and you can’t convince me otherwise. Those anger issues make me think he just wants someone to love him and take care of him.
-          Loves you wearing his clothes or wearing your clothes.
Darth Vader (I know he’s also Anakin but whateves)
-          Still has real bad anger issues, but in a more subdued and controlled manner if that makes sense. Still won’t yell at you.
-          Very self-conscious about his body, and is scared of touching anything he cares about because he doesn’t want to accidentally destroy it.
-          Still has horrible nightmares but these are mainly about the purging of the jedi.
-          He secretly listens to recordings from before the fall of the jedi and the republic when he is feeling extra down.
-          Mourns how he can’t kiss anymore. Tries to breathe as quietly as possible when you cuddle because he thinks the noise disturbs you.
-          Secretly still sensitive so it would help you if affirm that you love him.
-          More touch starved than ever, wants you to touch what little accessed skin he has, all the time.
-          Doesn’t talk much anymore. This scares other people as he’s just a large silent scary shadow.
-          I don’t think he has much of a sex drive after becoming Darth Vader, mainly because I think his own body is too damaged, though he would be able to use his hands.
-          Though I think he would like to sit on his knees in front of you with his head in your lap, having you caress him.
Obi wan Kenobi
-          Insomniac to the fullest. He uses the force to keep going.
-          Loves tea more than anything, has a collection of teas from different planets he’s been too in his time as a jedi.
-          Touch starved, as I think all jedi are at this point.
-          Has nightmares and lasting trauma from the many things he went through even before he became a jedi knight like melida/daan and bandomeer.
-          Quite protective of those he cares about, though he doesn’t express it much with words.
-          Doesn’t cry much, so when he does, he just needs someone to hold him as he gets it out.
-          He sneaks out of the temple to eat at Dex´s diner all the time. He brings along Anakin, Ashoka and later multiple clones.
-          Isn’t as uptight as people think. He will bend or break rules regularly, he just isn’t caught.
-          I think he both tops or bottoms, whatever the mood is that day, though I see him as the type of person to refer to it as “lovemaking”.
-          Has had multiple partners in the past, a few being Quinlan, I believe they were casual and just did it to relieve stress and etc, Santine or even Siri Tachi.
-          He is quite confident with a partner, even if he isn’t sure what he’s doing.
-          Likes making his partner feel good, holds you close and maybe even clings on quite desperately at times.
-          A big cuddler, just wants to lay for hours and half sleep with you in his arms.
-          Would keep your relationship a secret for obvious reasons, but would be willing to leave the jedi for you If you got very serious and truly loved eachother.
-          Tries to keep serious at all times, but can be quite goofy and lovey-dovey behind closed doors.
-          Very protective over his fellow clones and the jedi he is assigned.
-          Used to follow orders as closely as possible, but after joining the 212th, has started to follow in Obi wans footsteps and bend rules to fit the situation.
-          Secretly struggles a lot with being a clone and not being seen as a living sentient being by most people.
-          Has issues with his self-esteem, please tell him he’s good enough.
-          Has very little knowledge about kids, the outside world of sex ed, as I don’t believe the kamonians thought it was something clones needed to know.
-          Sterile, as I believe most clones aren’t able to have children.
-          Likes to cuddle and be held close, hold him as tight as you can against your chest. Will listen to your heartbeat and fall asleep to it.
-          Likes it when his partner caresses his scar or holds his face in their palms. Please pepper kisses all over his voice.
-          I think he’s fine with whatever in the bedroom, but it will be kinda awkward or goofy the first couple of times as he figures out how it works.
-          Likes to go slow and take his time, take you in and really show you how much he loves you.
-          Doesn’t keep your relationship a huge secret, as in his squad and some jedi know but not the council or the republic as you could be forced to split up.
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thithesandofferings · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
::TITLE:: I like you like this 
::PAIRING:: Sephiroth x Reader 
::SYNOPSIS:: We’re blowing Seph under his desk. Thats it. 
::TAGS:: 18+ MDNI. Oral M!Recieving. Dirty Talk.  Throat fucking. Sephiroth appreciating us as he should. GN!Reader 
::AUTHORS NOTE:: I cant believe yall like my writing enough to follow me. Nasties. Let me give you everything and more. 
Tumblr media
Maybe surprising Sephiroth at his job wasnt the best idea. In guise of bringing him lunch in something rather revealing, you thought that it would cheer him up. You know that sometimes, Sephiroth forgets to eat when he's busy and you havent seen him in awhile.
What you weren't accounting for was the look of unchecked hunger he gave you while you prattled on about what you put in the soup today. He's barely listening. He's just watching. Seeing you lean over and with soft lips and fragrant skin. Times like this made you wonder if you actually had any self preservation.
Personally, you think this is your best idea yet.
"Keep your mouth on me and dont move."  With an inappropriately innocent kiss on the forehead, he pushes you slightly between his thighs and underneath his desk. Hissing as you immediately started to  mouthed his pants.
That very moment he realized, you’d planned all of this.   
God does he love you. 
"Get comfortable" Theres a itchiness in your throat that makes you wiggle a little. Feel your thighs already clenching at the timbre and the spark of evil in his green gaze.
"You'll be there for awhile"
You've lost time a long while ago. Jaw aching from misuse, knees burned into the carpet as you hold unto his waist as he thrusts evenly into your throat.
Sephiroth just wants to be selfish with you. He hasnt seen you in months and you walk in all pretty and wanting to take care of him- well what is he supposed to do. He only stops when someone comes in to give him a report or something, he cant really remember, not when your throat tightens in fear of getting caught. A few times, he’s had to muffle a groan with a cough. But as soon as they leave, his hands are back in your hair and hes directing you up and down his cock.
"Love feeling you clenching around my cock"
"Hm. So warm and tight in this throat"
“You’re doing so well, keep going”
"No" He whispered. Tightening his fist around your hair "You dont get to come- Not when you've teased me. I want to use you a little longer"
Its obscene. The wet gurgling noises your throat makes while you're under his hand. His pants are completely soaked just from the amount of pre and saliva youre drooling down his length, making it easy for him to hear the slick sounds and push you down just a little faster on his dick. He fucks into your gasping mouth until his legs shake and his cock is raw from milking himself with youre tight throat, it almost hurts how with how much he's spurting into you. You hum in encouragement, always so earnest, and he cant take it. Pulling you back only to watch you struggle to swallow another round of his come, making sure to stick out your tongue to show that nothing was left behind, has him absolutely twitching again.
Tear stained eyes look up at him and he cant really help when he sticks his thumb in your mouth, pleased as punch when your mouth early wraps around the digits. Nails digging into his thighs.  Begging silently.
And now that just wont do.
"Why are you so quiet hm?" Sephiroth grabs your jaw to open your mouth and pull at your tongue, earning a moan you wont admit to later.
"Want me to fill you up again? Give you a reason to be quiet?"
So maybe you should visit more often.
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threepointseven · 7 months ago
Could you please do Venti, Scaramouche, and Kaeya with an s/o that has ADHD? Listening to their s/o ramble about any hyperfixations they have, helping them out when they're having a bad day, just pure fluffy supportive partner content. :)
You Have ADHD
Tumblr media
Type- HC’s 🌷
Flowers included!🌼= venti x gn! Reader, scaramouche x gn! Reader, kaeya x gn! Reader
Note🍀=IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG AAAA ! FORGIVE ME PLSSS/// i really liked writing this though since i also have adhd! Hope u enjoy😋
Genshin masterlist
💐Your bouquet has been delivered <3💐
Tumblr media
- He completely gets it. He’s dealt with smth similar to adhd before so he completely gets the sudden spikes of energy, the 24/7 fidgeting, the being obsessed with 1 thing for like a month and then moving onto another thing to be obsessed with
- Yeah he gets it. When you first started dating he had already noticed those little quirks of yours, so when you confessed to him you did in fact have adhd he wasnt all that surprised
- he loves listening to your obsessions and you rambling about a trinket you got or a weird collection you have in your room
- He welcomes it all!! Whenever you get nervous he makes sure to try and calm you down and gives you something to distract yourself with, he lets you play with his hands his fingers, really anything to keep you calm and steady.
- He actually has sudden spikes of energy as well so yall are twins rlly-
- Whenever you have a sudden rise in energy he also has one too its like???
“Venti… venti!! Are you sleepy?? Cause im not!”
“Im not sleepy either?! What should we do??”
- He used to make fun of you-
- Childe is the one who has to tell him that he’s being a jerk and that its cause you have adhd 💀 FEELS VERY BAD AFTER.
- Instead of a sorry you get his undying support 😍 (indirect support hes too much of a drag to be a normal supportive boyf🙄)
- Despite his cold expression he listens to your random ass rambles all the way through. Making sure he remembers every single detail about it, be it a new hobby or your collection of weird trinkets
- He sees you get so panicky sometimes and you tend to go to the restroom to try and calm down so he discreetly puts things he knows will calm you down on your office table. Like a thing to play with to distract yourself or something to bite on that isnt your nails-
- during the moments when your depressed he cant comfort anyone that much but he tries his best for you. His skinship is a huge leap more than before and you notice how soft and gentle his voice is.
- Your sudden energy spikes annoys him a bunch but he tries his best not to burn the whole house down when you suddenly start movinf around on the bed because you cant sleep <3
- Doesnt understand it at first but pretends he does 💕💕
- During breaks he adores listening to your chatter with a smile on his face, he tends to ask questions too to prove he’s actually listening
- When you tell him you take meds for it he becomes completely responsible for reminding you to take them and keeping them. He’s worried you might forget and he knows that its a serious thing.
- If genuinely don’t want to take your meds he’ll ask you if your sure, if you say yes you’ll just stop taking meds😍
- He thinks its kinda adorable how you start hyper fixating on something random for over an hour than get distracted and forget what you were talking about-
- He tries to be as helpful as he can during his freetime. Buying you things to fidget with for when your nervous, helping you remember stuff, calming you down, really anything!
- during days where your incredibly depressed he drops everything for the sake of taking care of you. He’ll be extra flirty to try and cheer you up and he’ll get you sweets to chomp on when your crying
- It bugs him a bit when your suddenly super hyper in the middle of the night but he tries his best to cuddle you back to sleep when he’s literally barely awake
Tumblr media
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exoticr0ses · 4 days ago
Jealous sex with Jack or Urban? 👅
Jealousy, Jealousy
contains smut (18+ only)
unprotected sex
Tumblr media
You and Urban called it quits 3 months ago and ever since then Urban has been missing you more than ever.At this point he is desperate and needs to get a hold of you. It seems like you weren't missing him that much, going on vacations and having the time of your life.Urban’s jealousy got the best of him once he viewed your  story- it was a clip of you twerking on another guy at a club 
He needed to come up with a reason to talk to you so he texted you that he needed his sweater back - even though he could care less about it. Thankfully you answered.
I’m currently drinking wine in my living room with a hot guy I met at the club.His name is Travis. We danced for a bit and he’s quite fun.Everything was going well until we heard a knock at the door. It was Urban.Shit! I forgot he wanted his stupid sweater. 
“ Hey Y/N. Can we talk ? I actually don’t care about the sweater.”
I sigh, not wanting to deal with his shit right now. “ I should’ve known. Can we please do this later? “
“Please? Just a moment.Also who’s that ?”
Travis came to the door, curious as to who I was talking to.
Urban’s face changed once he saw Travis up close.He looked almost disgusted.
“So is this your new man now? Such a downgrade” Urban says arrogantly 
I shove him a lil for his snarky comment. “ Urban!” 
Travis laughs “No it’s okay Y/N .I’ll just bounce and talk to you later yeah?”
I let Urban in my house and then scold him immediately.
“You are a dickhead you know that ? “
“ Just looking out for you babe ” he says plopping himself down on my couch.
“ Dont call me babe. I’m not your babe. And why do you care anyways?”
“Have yall been fucking?”
I threw a pillow at him for that annoying question.“ Are you serious? Its none of your business about what I do. We arent even together !” 
“ Wow you can't even answer the question”. 
I sit down on the chair across the couch , frustrated from Urban just being in my presence.
After a moment of silence I decided to rile things up.
“What if I was having sex with him?” 
Urban looks up , surprised at my response “What?” 
“You heard me “.You say walking over to his spot on the couch. His facial expression was written with anger.Jealousy maybe.
“ What, You dont like that ? “ I whisper seductively and touch his crotch, earning a gasp from him “ You dont like the thought of Travis’ hands all over my body?”
I straddle Urban, his hands roaming my body while I nibble on his ear. 
“  I think someone is jealous and can't fathom to see me with another man besides himself.Cmon be honest Wyatt” 
“I’m not” 
“I know you’ve seen the videos of me grinding on him in the club” 
“Dont ever speak of it” 
I laugh and look into those pretty blue eyes. “ I miss this” 
 “Y/N I’m sorry for-” 
I crashed your lips on his for a hungry kiss , a kiss I’ve been longing for myself.
Urban’s plump lips return the passion. After a few minutes of making out, Urban stops to unzip his pants and free himself.
“ I need you to ride me” 
He helped me undress myself and I straddled his dick.
“ Jesus I love the way you stretch me out” 
I begin to ride him like there’s no tomorrow, staring intensely into his eyes. His moans turn me on even more. 
Unexpectedly he puts his hands around my neck, knowing that always drove me crazy and pulls me closer to him 
“Tell me that I’m the only one y/n” 
“Fuck- yes you are the only one Urban” 
He then rams himself into me, making me scream louder than before and smacks ,y ass. 
“ I bet Travis couldn't fuck you like this!” 
“He cant babe!Only you can- oh my god!"
“ I thought I wasn’t your babe” 
“ Shut up!” 
Before we both knew it , our orgasms washed over us and I collapsed on his chest feeling his load fill me up.
“Okay Urban .. “ I say breathlessly “I can be your babe again” 
He chuckles “ That’s what I thought”. 
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ktsukizu · 5 months ago
I really hope we'll get more scenes of Bakugou calling Izuku by his name and not "Deku" because Izuku really needs it for his own well being. People think its only use is for Bakugou to show respect to Izuku but that's not all. It helps Izuku with his sense of self worth.
Let me remind yall why he's so self sacrificial and went on a vigilante solo rampage: he thinks his only value as a person is being One For All's holder.
All his life, he's been treated like shit, called "useless" because he didn't have a quirk. Because of that, he thinks he has absolutely no worth so his death wouldn't matter at all.
In the story, people are only showing love and respect to the hero he is. To his dedication to save people. Ochaco always says she admires how dedicated Izuku is to his dream of becoming a hero, Iida started to respect him after he saw him punch the big robot at the entrance exam to save Ochaco, All might chose him as a successor and almost became a father figure to Izuku since he saw the boy run into danger to save Bakugou from the sludge villain, Aizawa started to treat him better when he saw his potential as a hero, Bakugou stopped looking down on him and their relationship became better after he learnt the whole OFA story. He even helped Izuku train with Blackwip. Not to mention everyone, Izuku just became popular ever since he entered the hero course, which is totally different from middle school where he was mocked and bullied.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
No wonder Izuku thinks people only love Deku, the hero, the OFA successor, the one who will save everyone, the strategic and smart hero with an awesome quirk. No wonder he's there and fights like the good hero he's supposed to be when society falls and he's given the weight of the world on his shoulders. No wonder he only responds "I'm strong" or "I'll get stronger" when people say they worry about him. Because if he's strong enough to win everytime why would anyone worry? Why would anyone worry about his mental health if he's being an awesome hero?
He doesn't know people also love Midoriya Izuku, for the human being he is. The "plain looking" socially awkward boy who mumbles all the time and will always stick to his red shoes. He doesn't know that. Or rather, he didn't know. Izuku was legitimately surprised when all class 1A came up in the 319th chapter, asking what even were they doing here because he didn't expect them to try to rescue him. He believed they'll just let him do hero stuff like the good hero he is. Izuku didn't imagine they'll worry for him.
So he almost cried when his classmates started to talk about memories they have with him and say they want him back for his own good. He really cries when Ochaco makes her speech saying Midoriya Izuku is just a high schooler, a kid who has a lot to learn and deserves to rest.
The fact that Bakugou calls him Izuku from now on could be very therapeutic in the long run.
"Izuku, we'll be there when you can't handle it all on your own." didn't only mean "Deku, 9th holder, we'll be there to back you up during difficult fights so you don't lose OFA". It also meant "Izuku, my friend, we'll extend you a hand to stand up when you fall and a shoulder to cry on when you're tired."
It means so much. Please may we see more of Bakugou calling our freckles boy by his name we all need it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(My own useless thoughts: Izuku is such a kind and precious person that I associates the name "Izuku" to kindness and softness, it just sounds so beautiful and full of love to me that I legit cry when Bakugou calls him Izuku it feels like a "I love you, precious" each time my heart cant do this anymore)
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whaterverthe · 11 months ago
girl help im in love with ceo diluc 😦
Tumblr media
Synopsis : Diluc stutters
Pairing :CEO!Diluc x Assistant!Reader
Cw : grinding?? Diluc is the only who gets off >:( , not dialogue filled because DUH its me, BAD GRAMMAR i think
Authors note lolz : reader is gn lol, but i didnt proof read so if reader ISNT or if theres any indication lmk pretty pls? , anyways here is yalls meal, i really hope its enough for rn. ( NOT PROOF READ IM GONNA DIE BUT I WROTE THIS AT 3 AM )
Tumblr media
Diluc stutters when he gets nervous : or more specifically when he wanted something. A trait he had picked up when he was younger.
Big bad CEO Diluc. His stare was intimidating, and his overall aura screamed “ professional”. Owning a Major corporation was no joke and the way he presented himself proved he took the job seriously.
But even then, he was so nervous around you. He might stumble on his words or mispronounce something, turning the same shade as his hair when you correct him.
Your aura rivaled his own in terms of professionalism and it was something that both he majorly respected and was nervous about. While you should intimidate him, he began to like you more and more, that he cant quite keep up the professional composure in front of you.
He cant tie a tie without almost choking himself and stutters when hes realized he has to ask you to help, your face is indifferent as your hands work around the tie like youve done many times before, he knows you can feel his ragged breaths as you pull the tie tighter then necessary.
He’s got a bit of a bad memory and sometimes forgets where he places personal items. He turns a shade of of Garnet red when you point out where it was, smiling a bit as he mutters curses in a language you cant understand before thanking you profusely.
He's sensitive, and stutters when asking you to touch him.
"H-here please?" hes hesitant as he guides your hand to his leaking erection, hes a bit disoriented and he can feel himself getting antsy, hes sweating and hes hot. His discarded tie is still in your hand and his shirt is unbottoned to the top.
He wines into your neck when you palm him through his tight fitting jeans, not stopping him from grinding into your hand to gain more friction. He mutters small praises of "feels good" and "Thank you"'s into your neck as he does so.
He knows hes acting less like Diluc Ragnvindr should and more like a dog but he just cant help it. And he knows you enjoy it judging by the small chuckles he hears and the way you kiss up his jaw and any place you can reach, rubbing his back with your free hand as you continue to palm him through his jeans.
He's not selfish, but he knows it wont be enough to get him off in time, and you probably wouldn't allow him to go to a meeting with a failed orgasm. But the thought of asking you for more makes him bury his head into your neck farther, whining again as you palm him particularly hard.
"Whats wrong?" Hes not sure how you noticed, you always do. Maybe because he was moving slower, or making less noise, he didnt know. But you did.
"Please" He pauses, reluctant on asking.
"Please what?, dont be afraid to ask"
Its a hard request to follow, hes afraid his voice will fail him.
He mutters some words against your shoulder as you lift his head up to meet his unfocused eyes. "What would you like Sir?"
You still insisted on calling him that, even when you were off the clock and even when he was coming undone on your lap.
He stutters on his words a couple times before he finally tells you what he wants, what he needs.
"I need, I need m-more" He tries to make eye contact and fails, face getting hotter on how lewd the sentence was in such a situation.
He inhales sharply when you unzip his jeans and take out his dick from its confines, getting straight to business.
"Like this?" you ask, you know its what he wants but judging by the glint of amusement in your eyes — you wanted to make it harder for him, despite your usual stoic appearance you always were a fan of teasing Diluc.
He moans out a form of yes before his head finds a place between your neck and shoulder, kissing your neck slightly. His body going slack in your lap as you jerk him off, helping him come undone.
He need not ask for more, for he knows despite your kindness, he shouldn't and couldn't afford to be greedy with you. You were good to Diluc, better then any one else and thats all he needed.
He grinded back into your lap, panting and letting out breathy moans and groans as you jerk him off faster, sensing his coming orgasm. Your free hand sliding up and down his back in a sense of reassurance.
He can let go, and he does.
He has trouble hiding the hickeys before the meeting, and stutters when asking if you could help him.
Tumblr media
send twitter links i am desperate
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letstalkaboutfandomsbaby · 12 months ago
Ma'am, Nanami Kento just fucking infatuated with chubby/fat reader, pls 🤲🏼
Just him fantasizing about how he wants to live between their thick soft thighs and lay his forehead on that FUPA and hold their belly while he eats them out or fucks them so hard that they are drooling and sobbing 😭
Pls Ma'am, just a few headcanons pls 🙏🏼
Imma do fem reader since you mentioned fupa :3 also gonna put this below a read more bc jesus its gonna be long skksks
Nanami Kento x chubby fem reader coming up 💕
CW: fluff and smut, thats pretty much it sksksk, creampies, oral (male and female receiving)
Ok lets get one thing straight right off the bat
Nanami is whipped for chubby ppl
Its not like Japan is crawling with fat people
And don't get him wrong, he's not a full blown chubby chaser
He's dated skinny/average sized ppl before and it was fine, but nothing extravagant or especially memorable
But once he sees you?
Oh shit, he is fucked
I imagine he meets you at a café
He's heard about this place before and its a bit out of the way but he'd like to try it
He walks in and hears a cheery "Hellooo~" from the counter and good god, his heart almost stops when he sees you
He doesn't mean to stare, honest
Your wide hips, your waist cinched by your apron, your tits pressing firmly against it and peeking out the sides, jesus he hasn't even seen your thighs yet but he just knows he wants to live between them-
Oh shit you're talking to him
You're asking him how he's doing today and oh god you have the cutest smile spread across your round face
He just wants to cup your plump cheeks while he kisses you
He's here for coffee and these pastries Gojo has been babbling about for days
He struggles to look straight at you (bc he knows he'll just get distracted again), and he stumbles over his words a bit but you're so patient and sweet and shit he's never believed in love at first sight but this is pretty fucking close
He really wants to stay and enjoy his food while he stares at you across the room, but sadly he has to leave
He hates that he has to leave god damn it why the fuck does he have to work why tf does capitalism exist work is shit
But then he comes back on a Saturday and sits with a book while he enjoys his meal and steals glances at you from across the room
He becomes a regular, showing up every Saturday around 10am for a coffee and a pastry, taking a seat near the back, giving him the perfect view into the little coffee shop kiosk where you work
He's ashamed of it, but he cant stop looking at you
You are literally so pretty and you're not even trying! Wtf!
He loves watching you make drinks and take orders and bend over, giving him the perfect view of your ass jesus christ-
You two get to know each other a bit better and he is definitely falling for you 🥺
Like yes you're the most gorgeous person he's ever seen but you're? So nice? And compassionate? And sweet? Like all he wants to do is scoop you up and whisk you away someplace so he can treat you like the queen you are 💕
And then one day he sees you squat behind the counter and take a bite out of a sandwich you snuck in
You pop back up, covering your mouth as you chew but then realize you've been caught and you start giggling, putting a finger to your lips, silently asking him to keep it a secret
His heart is literally pounding in his chest but he mirrors your action, his index finger resting against his lips and he swears he can see you blush before you give him your signature sweet smile
Okay that's it, if he doesn't ask you out its gonna haunt him for the rest of his life
He ends up asking you out to dinner, and he almost passes out when you agree
He keeps it well hidden behind his stoic façade but inside he's SCREAMING
Takes you to one of his favorite restaurants (which is also hella fancy bc god damnit you fucking deserve it)
He insists on picking you up bc you're a queen and he wants to treat you like one
When he sees you in a flirty short dress, he gets half hard skksks
He cant help it! Your thighs just look so delectable peeking out from the bottom of the dress and the low cut makes your tits look so good and holy fuck the way the short sleeves squeeze around the fat of your arms has him practically drooling
Does he show any of this? Of course not, he's too professional for that.
"You look lovely," he'll say with a smile, hoping that you wont notice the slight tent forming in his pants
You go to the restaurant and feel a little out of place (you're a little underdressed and everyone looks so good and you just feel kinda :/ about the whole thing), but that thought quickly fades when Nanami places a hand on your waist and brings you a bit closer
"Our table is over here."
Of course he reserved a fucking table the smooth bastard
Tbh Nanami is using this date as a bit of a test
Yes, he is mesmerized by your body and he thinks you're so so sweet
But are you a foodie like him? Are you restrictive with your diet or do you indulge yourself the way he thinks you should (bc honestly you're incredible and you shouldn't hold yourself back from enjoying yourself just bc you're insecure about your weight)
Once he sees your adorable chipmunk cheeks and the hearts in your eyes as you mumble through chewing "'s sho good!", he knows you're the one
He pays for dinner (don't you dare try to pay, he'll hold your purse above his head so you can't get to your wallet, he doesn't care) and takes you home
Although he would love to kiss you on the lips, he wants to be a gentleman
Proceeds to grab your hand in his large one holy shit your hands are so soft and press a kiss to the back of it
He loves how flustered you get from it
"I'd love to do this again sometime, if that's something you're agreeable to."
Soon enough yall are going steady and Nanami has never been happier
Most dates are revolved around food (going to restaurants, cafes, picnics with charcuterie boards that he made for you, etc.) bc it's honestly his love language and also who doesn't like food dates?
But he also likes taking you to bookstores and museums and he tries to focus on the place you're at but you always wear the cutest outfits and he can't help but stare at you more than the thing you came there for
His favorite dates are when you stay in and cook dinner together and just relax in your casual clothes
There's just something so soft and domestic about it that makes him want to wife you up and take care of you
Lowkey the biggest simp you will ever meet but honestly who wouldn't simp for a goddess like you? It's what you deserve 😌💕
He doesn't rush anything; he'll go at whatever pace you want bc he's just so grateful to have you in his life
It is kinda hard to hold himself back when you wear revealing clothing, but he's a strong-willed individual and gets through it
So what if he jerks off later on when he's alone, thinking about the short-shorts you were wearing and how you bent over right in front of him-
BASICALLY perfect boyfriend material
He buys a few XXL shirts and sweaters for himself so you can steal them from him
He usually wears them once or twice around you and sprays plenty of his cologne on them before you sneak into his closet and take em
He likes seeing you in his clothes and having you smell like him
He might've also asked what perfume you wear so he can spray it on his pillow but he will never admit to it
Just a big ole simp who would do anything for his sweet chubby girlfriend 💕
But lately you've been dropping hints that you want to go a bit further...
You've started sitting on his lap more during movie nights, pushing your body against his when you don't really need to be so close, moaning a bit louder when the two of you make out
He's trying to be a respectful boyfriend, really he is
He doesn't want to make the first move and accidentally make you uncomfortable bc that would be shitty and that's the last thing he wants to do
But jesus christ it's hard to hold back when you are literally so fucking perfect and sweet and he just wants to worship you-
So he suffers in silence for a bit sksksk
But then one day you're like "so when are you gonna dick me down?"
And all composure just flies out the window
This man legitimately drags you to his bedroom (or yours, depending on where you are)
Get ready for the heaviest petting while you two make out on his bed
No seriously, those big ass hands are gonna go everywhere he's wanted to touch
Tits, belly, ass, thighs: any place that he's avoided touching is now fair game to him (as long as you're comfortable with it)
He gets you out of the baggy shirt you were wearing, groaning when he sees that you weren't wearing a bra (of course you were planning for this)
Literally buries himself in your chest
Face in your cleavage, a hand on each titty, just groaning into your skin as he fondles you
He'll give your tits plenty of attention: massaging, licking, sucking, pinching, biting
You are covered in love bites once he's done, and he looks so fucking proud of himself
He'll urge you to lie down on the bed, kissing down to your stomach, marveling at how soft and plush it is
Sure, he's touched you lightly there before, but he never imagined how warm and soft you'd be against his calloused hands
Palms at your fat, leaving sweet kisses over your skin, nibbling at it gently
He is literally so smitten with you jesus christ-
Next are your pants and underwear which are both pulled down at the same time
When i tell you this man is awestruck by your pussy, i mean that he legit stares at it for a full minute, drool pooling around his mouth
He loves the way your pussy looks
No, seriously, he's never seen a prettier pussy in his life
Your FUPA is so soft? Like that little extra pudge with your pubic hair is just so squishy and pleasant against his palm and he cant help but squeezing it before he pushes your legs further apart
YOUR PUSSY LIPS, don't even get him started-
He loves how chubby your outer lips are and how they practically engulf your labia and keep it hidden
He hooks his thumbs over your lips and pulls them apart so he can see you clearly and good god he's never been so turned on by such a simple action
He doesn't know why he finds it so hot, but just having to open you up so he can see you is so satisfying
It's like opening a present, it's so exciting and invigorating for him
This cheeky bastard makes you hold your legs back so he can hold your lips open and eat you out
And he goes to town
No fr, he acts like he's parched and you're the only source of water for 30 miles
Loves sucking your lips into his mouth and tugging them with him as he pulls back and loves the moans that come with the action
This man straight up latches his mouth onto your clit for an hour, at least 2 fingers pumping into you and pushing against your g-spot the whole time
His free hand would go exploring, squeezing and palming at every inch of you he could reach
His favorite place to hold onto is your tummy bc he loves feeling it shake beneath his hand while you struggle to stay still
Close second is your thighs bc good lord they are delicious and he would not be upset if you cracked his head open with them-
He moans so fucking loud when you grab a fistful of his hair and pull him closer to you
Having you mess up his neat hair and forcing him into you makes him so horny
Like 'yes fuck please smother me with your pussy good god thats all i want-'
He is so fucking turned on from eating you out that he actually cums in his pants 😳
He's a bit embarrassed by it but that feeling goes away the minute you tell him that you think it's hot that he's so aroused by you
And that just gets him hard again and he just goes back to eating you out
Will not stop until he gets that creamy white cum to drip out of you, and he drinks it up gladly
Finally comes up, wiping the cum on the side of his mouth and sucking it off, eyes dark
Oh, he is gonna beat your pussy up
He undresses so fast and just kicks his clothes somewhere, doesn't matter where since he's gonna be too busy diving into your cunt to care
He rushes to put the condom on and ends up snapping the elastic on him which fucking hurts, but you pull him down to you and give him kisses so he feels all better 🥰
And baby, when I tell you this man thinks he died and went to heaven once he slips his cock into your cunt
Jesus CHRIST you feel good
He's not a gynecologist, he doesn't know shit about vaginas, but he's certain that your pussy feels so much better than others bc you're chubby
Like he thinks your vagina is chubbier too which makes it softer thats not how science works bby but whatever makes you feel better
Oh, and if you were overwhelmed when he was eating you out?
Just get ready for when he finally fucks you
This man goes fucking feral
No, seriously, just turns into a wild animal
He'll be grabbing onto your hips and thighs so hard that the indents turn into bruises the next day
"Holy shit, Y/N, you feel so fucking good"
He's trying to be gentle, truly he is, but you're just so soft and warm and tight jesus christ he's never felt this good with any of his previous partners wtf-
He can't stop staring at your cute tummy and those gorgeous tits or your fucked out expression
LOVES seeing your body jiggle with each thrust, it's just so sexy and cute and it just makes him want to fuck you for longer bc he's so mesmerized by the movement
Will not hesitate to hook your knees over his shoulders and fold you in half, pressing himself against you as he just full on rails that pretty little cunt of yours
Oh, you thought Nanami was stoic 24/7? You thought he'd be quiet in the bedroom?
Guess again bitch
"Holy shit, Y/N, you feel so fucking good"
"Jesus Christ, you're tight"
"God, you're so soft, how are you so soft, what the fuck?"
"That's it baby, you're taking my cock so well, such a good girl for me"
"Oh my god, you're perfect, you're so fucking good, jesus fuck I love you"
The praise falls from his lips so easily that you wonder if he's the same person you started dating
Makes you cum at least two more times on his cock
One was bc he wanted to know how it would feel and the second was bc he was so mesmerized by how you looked and felt that he just had to experience it again
He doesn't last very long once he's inside you; he's just really good at overstimming his partner and making them cum quick
He lasted a max of 5 minutes in your pussy during your first time sksksk
What can he say? You just felt so good that he couldn't help himself 🤷‍♀️
And afterwards?
He just collapses onto you (doesn't put his full weight on you bc he doesn't wanna crush you), sinking into your body and practically melting
He's never had sex that was that good
Would legit consider asking you to marry him at that moment bc he knows for damn sure that no one else will live up to you also he doesnt want anyone else to have you, he's a selfish bastard at heart
He is the KING of aftercare tho
Hands smoothing over your sore muscles, kissing over your neck and face whispering sweet nothings to you
"That was amazing"
"You were so good, Y/N"
"Thank you so much"
Of course he's the kinda bastard to thank you for letting him fuck you but its lowkey super cute and sweet
Do you want a shower/bath? Or something to eat? Do you just want to go to bed? Just say the word and he'll do whatever you want
Oh yeah, you've definitely got yourself a keeper 💕
He's a lot handsier with you after that
Not so much in public bc he isnt too big on pda, but at home?
Babe, you're gonna have to pry him off with a crowbar bc he will not let you go
You're cooking? He's behind you, arms around your waist, face tucked into your neck while he rubs your tummy
You're on the couch just minding your business? His hand is on your thigh, massaging the inside and squeezing occasionally while he reads
Cuddle time? If he's the big spoon, you're on his lap, his body engulfing you as he holds you firmly against his own
Little spoon? He's either lying down facing you, head on your stomach or chest, arms wrapped around you, or he's resting the back of his head on your fupa, your thighs on either side on his face, his hands squeezing them lazily as he watches tv
Regardless of how you cuddle, he is definitely pressing himself into your pudgy bits and enjoying every second of it
He likes going shopping with you 🥰
He knows it can be tough to find clothes that fit just right, so he's there to scout out the best stores with the best styles and the best prices
Is actually really good at finding quality clothes that you like, and he doesn't even break a sweat while doing it
He does insist on being in the dressing room with you so he can help you get the tighter ones on and off and also to give you his opinion and maybe his hands linger for a bit too long and kissing turns into groping which turns into a quickie in the dressing room but really who's paying attention to all that
He also insists on buying you said clothes
He doesn't care if you can afford it or feel bad: he's the one who will enjoy the clothes the most and your happiness is one of the only things he lives for so he's gonna fucking do it
Has a habit of buying you lingerie without asking you
He'll keep it in his closet and wait for the right moment to bring it up to you
He asks very seriously and politely if you'll model them for him
And of course you do bc you love him and he's just a big ole goober and he deserves a little show every once in a while
It takes everything in his power not to grab you when you come out wearing the first piece
Like he just wants to fuck you in it so badly
But there's like 3 more for you to try on so he's gotta be patient
He's got this serious look on his face and his hands are folded and hiding his mouth, his eyes are burning into your soul jesus dude calm tf down-
He's not really showing how he feels so you're a little worried that he doesn't like how you look :(
But then you see the big ass erection poking out of his slacks and you're like "ok he likes it 🥰"
At the end you have him choose his favorite one and you give him a blowjob while wearing it 💕
Imma be real wit you: this man is absolute putty in your hands
You say jump and he doesn't even ask how high he'll just fuckin do it
And having you down on your knees in front of him wearing the skimpiest baby blue lingerie he could find just makes him weak
He cant even form words when you start sucking him off, he's just so in love with you jesus christ
If your hair gets in your face he'll hold it back for you 🥺💕
He likes rubbing his hands over your puffed out cheeks, savoring the softness of them while you shove his cock down your throat
He never lasts long like this
You look so fucking good in that lingerie, like your tits are delicious and your ass is stunning and when you arch your back just a bit and push your ass out and look up at him with those pretty doe eyes he just can't take it anymore and cums in your mouth with little warning
He doesn't mind if you swallow, but he prefers when you stick your tongue out and let his cum drip down onto your tits, your eyes hooded and fucked out already
It just makes him hard all over again
Proceeds to lick his cum off of your tits and your tongue before he lifts you up and takes you to the bedroom 😈
Has a habit of pushing your limits during sex bc he wants to see every part of you
Like when you're a little hesitant to sit on his face bc of your weight he's just plain irritated
"But what if I hurt you? :("
"Im stronger than you, Y/N, there's no way you can hurt me"
"But what if i suffocate you? :("
"That's the whole reason why i want you on my face jesus christ what is not clicking here?"
He'll end up holding you up and fucking you while he stands just to prove that he's strong enough and can handle your pretty pussy smothering his face
And when you finally relent and sit on him?
Wraps his arms around your thighs, large hands squeezing them as he holds you down onto his mouth
He is fucking relentless dude
He doesn't stop after you cum, he just keep overstimming you over and over until you're crying and begging for a break
But even then he just keeps going, gripping your cute tummy and pretty tits and fat ass while he goes for "just one more"
Bitch dont fucking lie, its always more than one 🙄
He easily cums from this and doesnt even need to fuck you bc he's beyond satisfied after drowning in your pussy for a couple hours
Will apologize for pushing you too far but doesn't promise he won't do it again bc he sure as hell will and he won't feel sorry about it
Nanami is v straight forward and doesn't beat around the bush, so if you're ever insecure he's a bit too blunt
"Why are you insecure about x? There's nothing wrong with you, you are the most perfect person I've ever met and if you can't see that then i don't know what to tell you."
If you're still insecure he'll just hold you down and devour your pussy until you apologize and say you believe him and say all your positive affirmations for the day
Truly the best boyfriend around 😌
He rarely asks anything of you, he's very accommodating, but there is one thing that he wants more than anything
He would never do it if you don't want to but he's already taken an std test to prove he's clean and he's more than willing to pay for birth control and-
You have to stop him bc you're worried he'll pass out
To say he's excited when you agree is the biggest understatement of the century
He is so fucking ecstatic when you agree that he literally starts shaking with excitement
He looks like a lil bomb about to go off
You decide to help him chill out and fuck him asap
This man moans so fucking loud when he pushes into your cunt without a condom
He thought you were incredible before, but this? Your plush, sweltering, dripping, achingly tight cunt in direct contact with his cock?
He's yours point blank period, whatever you want he'll give it to you, shit he'll cut off his arm just to fuck you like this every single time-
Chill tf out Ken
You dont gotta do that sksksk
This pussy is yours whenever you want it 😌💕
He is such a sucker for creampies, especially with you
Has always liked cumming inside and seeing his cum leak out of his partner, but seeing it stick to your chubby lips and get stuck, forcing him to peel them back so he can see all the thick white cum coating your precious pussy?
He gets hard just from looking at it
Ends up pushing his cum back into you with his fingers before fucking you again and again and again until he's shooting blanks and you're unable to speak
He treasures you so fucking much it is insane
He wants to spend the rest of his life with you and take care of you and make you happy
Please be gentle with him bc you are his whole world and if he can't make your life better it will shatter him
You are his saving grace, his reason to get up and go to a shitty job, his darling dearest
He would do anything for you, and he won't have to think twice about it 💕
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flypaw · a year ago
Eret, Niki and Fundy's underrated Lore during the Election and Manberg vs Pogtopia arc
When people talk about the Manberg arc, they tend to focus on Tommy, Tubbo, Schlatt, Wilbur, Techno, etc
So I'm here to talk about some POVs that are equally exciting to me (well. As someone who watched the L'Manberg squad and Eret religiously back then)
It's a common misconception that Coconut2020 appeared out of nowhere, but it didnt. Coconut2020 was created during the Pet War, c!Niki and c!Fundy's relationship was growing strong and they were consistently helping eachother and teaming together. Fundy had a whole duel to bring justice for Niki and the pets that were killed, the two were quite close. The election arc started late September as the Pet War was still ongoing, so nearing the end of the Pet War Fundy asked Niki to be VP alongside him if he ran for president. Fundy had been increasingly more doubting of Wilbur and the debate between Pog and Swag was what made him finally decide L'Manberg was corrupt, and when he finally made a decision to start his own party. He didnt believe Pog2020 or Swag2020 would be good for L'Manberg
Coconut2020 was created when Tommy and Sapnap made fun of Fundy. Sapnap had been Fundy's enemy for weeks during the Pet War, so this made Fundy suspicious of Tommy. Fundy told Niki this and this is when Niki decided to run for VP with him, creating the name Coconut2020 from their shared love of Coconut Oil
We get the Election. Neither Fundy nor Niki were streaming this but they had their moments. Fundy and Niki lost, but guess who cheered for them anyway? Eret!
I wanna talk about Eret. Eret is known for his betrayal but nothing that came after. He was a character that was always like "I dont regret doing this" "it was the best option" and was proud of his position as king, poking fun at the L'Manbergians a lot. Despite this he did stay friends with them, kinda. Tommy would mess around with him in lighthearted ways, along w Tubbo. Fundy and Eret's relationship stayed the same, always pranking and messing with eachother. Niki would hang out w Eret a lot. Eret, Niki and Fundy were friends. Eret was supportive of Coconut2020. Eret's mindset of "I dont regret betraying L'Manberg >:)" was flipped on its head when Schlatt was elected
When Wilbur and Tommy were exiled, Eret realized that he cant just do nothing, he had to make it up to them, he had to have a redemption of some sort. Wilbur was NOT happy with Eret of all people attempting to help them, so Eret had to help from the shadows. Eret tells Schlatt he could start a Second War, refused to let him take down the L'Manberg walls, protested against anything he said, and nearly stabbed him once I think. He says as King of the SMP, it's his responsibility to help everyone, he wont stand for tyranny and he has to help Tommy and Wilbur. He burns down the Podium that Schlatt was elected on to show he wont stand for what he does.
Tumblr media
Meanwhile Fundy cheered for Schlatt, Fundy helped take down the walls without hesitation, even when Niki was protesting and asking him what he's doing. The thing is, we didnt get to see what Fundy was thinking here as he wasnt streaming, but he reveals his thoughts to Eret, who he trusts.
Fundy tells Eret he's going to be a spy, he's going to act like he's on Schlatt's side and he's going to gather information to take Schlatt down from the inside. He's going to do things that arent pretty.
And he burns the L'Manberg flag as Niki screams "NO!" and Why, Fundy?"
Tumblr media
Niki was the one who built that flag, and she had no clue of Fundy's plans. She's hurt, she believes Fundy betrayed her and L'Manberg, after all theyve been through.
Niki during the election day is iconic. Verbally protesting against Schlatt, telling him and Quackity "I hope you starve", being locked up on Jack Manifold's balcony. She was NOT having what Schlatt was doing. She may not have been a founder but she joined days after L'Manberg gained its independence, she cared for everyone there, it was her home, she built the flag and wore the uniform proudly.
Eret's POV of the election is here.
So we got Fundy on Schlatt's side, Niki not knowing what to do bc Wilbur wont come for her, and Eret also not knowing what to do but attempting to be on Pogtopia's side (and failing).
Niki genuinely believes Fundy betrayed her. Niki is upset about Tommy and Wilbur being exiled, saying she misses both of them and they have to get them back. Fundy and Niki argue a lot.
Fundy starts a book, A Spy's Diary. Yall know the book revealed to Wilbur before Fundy joined Pogtopia? That had been being written during every Fundy stream from after the election to that time.
Fundy builds a Manberg flag because Schlatt ordered him to. Tommy burns down the flag. Fundy builds the flag again. Niki burns down the flag
Schlatt continues to tax Niki and not treat her nicely and she continues to hate his guts. She ends up escaping and living in Tommy's summer house. While she's there she promises Henry that she will take him back to Tommy. She vents to Henry that she has no idea who's on her side and she doesnt know what to do.
Tumblr media
Funny thing is, Eret had promised the same thing about Henry. Unfortunately nobody saved his VODs. Eret and Niki also made a plan at one point to blow up the White House. This didnt happen for obvious reasons (glances at Wilbur)
Fundy is being constantly promoted by Schlatt, who appears to trust him and not realize he's a spy. He builds a huge Manberg flag out of obsidian and Magma Blocks.
Tumblr media
Then the Festival is announced. Wilbur does his whole let's be the bad guys thing n stuff. Schlatt asks Fundy what his relation to Wilbur is and he says he was born inside the walls, and Wilbur is a founder and nothing else.
Wilbur n Fundy's relationship had been strained since the election arc. With Fundy creating Coconut2020 and Wilbur gradually becoming less happy with him, saying to Tommy at one point "he's dead to me". While Fundy had been becoming more disappointed in Wilbur and how corrupt L'Manberg seemed to be. Fundy saying this to Schlatt, whether he meant it or not, was the last straw for Wilbur who was already spiralling.
Fundy helps with the Festival decorations. He makes the Podium for Schlatt, and has a speech about how Schlatt made the country better, how he's done more for it than Wilbur and Tommy. In his Spy's Diary he writes that he's questioning his own stand and if he's on the right side. He seems to genuinely start believing in Schlatt. Schlatt would praise him a lot and seemed proud of him. All he wants is someone to he proud of him
Tumblr media
The Festival is a shitfest, we all know this. After the Festival, Fundy runs to Pogtopia, saying "I was wrong." He realizes that Schlatt wasnt good at all, he was just a tyrant, writing "Schlatt needs to go down." In his diary.
Meanwhile Niki was with Tubbo and Tommy. She had been horrified at the festival, she had been in the crowd begging for Techno to stop. She had been one of the people shot when Techno had shot at the crowd. She was horrified upon finding out Wilbur's plans to blow up L'Manberg, and she has a moment where she sits with Tommy and Tubbo and tells them "we need L'Manberg back."
During all of this Eret was pretty much just vibing, he was attempting to help with not much success, he even tried making a big potato farm for Techno that went unnoticed. He started his Museum during this time
10 days before the war, Fundy joins Pogtopia. He shows Wilbur his diary, everything he's been working on, and is told "I despise you."
November 16th. Dream threatens Eret's kingship, warning him not to help Pogtopia and stay neutral. Eret is conflicted, his Kingship is what gives him power, power he can use to help the people he cares about. But on the other hand, he wants to help Pogtopia. Eret is dethroned and cast out of his own castle, to which Pogtopia welcomes him with open arms.
Schlatt has an argument with Fundy, Fundy is hurt and upset, Schlatt had a dream and he followed it, but he ruined the dream. Schlatt thought Fundy was the last person on his side, he was not. Fundy watches Schlatt die before his eyes, and later watches Wilbur die before his eyes.
Niki, Fundy and Eret. All 3 hadnt been in Pogtopia for long at all, didnt know much about the plans or what was happening, werent involved in the government making process, and were part of Techno's wrath anyway. Eret had said "you hate governments, Techno?" as he literally just didnt know lol
They watched as L'Manberg was blown up in front of them, the place Fundy and Eret had helped found, the place Niki had loved and cared for. They were fighting to take down Schlatt and reclaim L'Manberg that day. Fundy POV, Niki POV, Eret POV (2nd part here his stream crashed)
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