sosuperawesome · a year ago
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Tulle Capes
Alice Corsets on Etsy
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lacetulle · a month ago
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Cucculelli Shaheen | Supernovae
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min-play · 2 months ago
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thatsbelievable · 5 months ago
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shapooda · a year ago
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Older fantasy AU bois uwu They're exhausted, they fell asleep even before All Might could meet up with them
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thepariahcontinuum · 24 days ago
Cursed thought....
Worm starts in 2011 but capes have been a thing since the 80s.
Capes tend to be young, or at the very least trigger and choose their new identity young, usually in their mid-teens or thereabouts.
I propose that there is absolutely a Cape out there somewhere, probably a hero on the cheesy, goofy side with Changer and Brute/Striker powers and a dinosaur theme.
With the name "Rawr"....It means I love you in Dinosaur.
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kekwcomics · 24 days ago
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easterneuropeancrafts · a month ago
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Hungarian szűr mantle. Late 19th century.
The szűr is a traditional garment worn by shepherds in the Carpathian mountains to provide protection against the elements. They were worn draped over the shoulders like a cape, and were heavily embroidered with designs specific to their locality.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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yubsie · a month ago
This is your periodic reminder that Bail Organa's idea of casualwear is "an everyday cape" and the rest of us can only dream of being on his level.
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dragonofthedepths · a month ago
Superheroes/villains AU
Because I just (re)watched Megamind again. Pokémon. Ingo & Emmet.
In this world, there are rare people born with the ability to fight like pokemon, hard to take down and wielding unbelievable power as an extension of themselves
They're few and far between, but across the populace of a city, nevertheless a region, that's enough.
Ingo and Emmet are villains
Their villain personas are not paired/matched black-and-white like their Subway uniforms because the do not want anyone to connect them to their civilian identities
They're still villains together though, just fire and lightning themed and designed to look like normal (albeit co-dependant) partners instead of matched-set twins
Elesa is a hero
She is one of the heroes who most commonly opposes the brothers actually, though no a full-out dedicated nemesis
Neither she nor the brothers are aware of this
Ingo is the fire (more specifically, volcano) themed one, emmet is the electric themed one
Elesa is also electric themed
Domino masks. Every single super in this world uses white-out domino masks (the type that completely obscure your eyes, batman style). Because I love them. They're /classic/
When Ingo disappears, Emmet does not handle it well.
His villain identity does not handle the disappearance if his partner well either, but they've done a good enough job hiding their identities that no-one in the public makes the connection.
This is how Elesa finds out about their identities though
She switches sides to join them in villainy and help look for Ingo
Day (331/100) of my #infinitedaysofwriting @the-wip-project
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sartorialadventure · 3 months ago
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Dilek Hanif, spring 2013 haute couture
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sleepdeprived-dumbass · a year ago
fashion trends we need to bring back:
1. togas 
2. long ass capes 
3. these pirate shirts with puffy sleeves 
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lacetulle · a month ago
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Paolo Sebastian | Gilded Wings
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deconsecratedgrave · 11 months ago
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alexis mabille fall ‘21 couture
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shapooda · a year ago
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Volatile demigods
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void-galaxy-shenanigans · 11 months ago
Okay but
¿why can’t we make cloaks & capes socially acceptable fashion again?
We could. No one is stopping us.
-Power swoosh
-Look cool when you move
-Blanket/snuggie that’s wearable! Can have blanket cloaks!
-Carryable pillow if needed!
-No need for a long coat, cloaks have your back (/met)
-Can be any colour or pattern you wanna make them
-Patchwork cloaks! Look amazing!
-Can easily repair with an old patch of cloth; lasts a long time
-An awesome heirloom/hand-me-down! Has your personality & identity written on it (/met)!
((Also useful to share because helps people/future generations have warmth & style ~))
-More room for pins that usually go on jackets
-They can be big enough to share! Don’t have to take off to wrap loved ones (family, friend, romantic partner) in warmth!
-Can hide when you get too anxious/nervous
-Peek-a-boo 2.0
-Can have cloaks & capes for different weather & events & social spaces
-Can have many cloaks/capes of varying lengths so you don’t have to lift them to not trip/not get dirt on them
-Generally cheap to mass produce low quality ones
-High quality ones are good profit makers
-Could stimulate the economy!
-Creates jobs! Cloak/cape tailors, repairpeople, & decorators are now viable jobs!
-It gives you multiple subtle stims (sway, grab and swish/fidget, pace)
-Weighted cloaks!! Can bring a weighted thing without holding!
-Has a hood so no need for jackets to have a hood too; more ability for fashionable clothes under cloak!
-So much customizability!! Can help people make a statement about who they are/wanna be 🥰
-Not safe in food industry specific (kitchen) work (around hot oil/cooking), so can’t have there
((at least not while at work, could put on after when you leave, but cooking stuff & hot oil & messy assembly lines & knives not safe for capes/cloaks))
-Not safe too close to a fire (but okay at a distance)
Like, ?? can we bring cloaks & capes back? Please?
((Disclaimer, unfortunately I am not a vampire 🥺 (/joking, lighthearted) but I am neurodivergent & love love love the power swoosh & extra ability to stim! 🥰))
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catsquishy · 22 days ago
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The Amazing Devil - The Horror and The Wild Stimboard for anon!
🎵 | 🎵 | 🎵 🎵 | 🎻 | 🎵 🎵 | 🎵 | 🎵
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lil-leviathan · a year ago
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Moth cape...
A new original design joins the Emperor Gum Moth Cape, based on North America’s largest moth Hyalophora cecropia.
Coming into the shop at noon CST on Halloween! There’s only one, so act fast!
Tumblr media
Joining this cape in the shop is the long-awaited Moth Cape Pattern!
I joined forces with @lavenderlaser-cosplay to create this printable pattern with 17 pages of step-by-step photo instructions to make your very own Emperor Gum Moth Cape.
The Cecropia Moth Cape and the Moth Cape Sewing Pattern will both arrive in the store at Noon CST tomorrow, on Halloween!
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thepariahcontinuum · a month ago
Okay random Worm/Parahumans thought.
I know that the UK capes scene isn't really touched on, there's some mention of the Kingsmen and the Suits who at least seem to be state sponsored, although not as prevalent as the Protectorate. I also know that it's largely a moot point given that the UK no longer exists (Also, as someone from Yorkshire having Scion meet someone a Londoner in York and wipe the UK of the map....Felt a touch disrespectful lol)
But I would love to see what the Earth Bet equivalent of UK Drill Rap and Gang culture would be like.....Gotham city could never.
I feel like it works on two levels, firstly the whole "Counting Coup" thing that Skitter and Tattletale use to explain the way Capes usually operate can be applied to the tradition of not just going to the Op Block and [Redacted] but then going and making a whole music video giving explicit details afterwards.
Secondly.....Masks are absolutely a thing here, see for example:
LD (67)
Tumblr media
Two Face
Tumblr media
Kwengface (Zone2)
Tumblr media
Lucii (Block6)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lamaery · a year ago
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This week is cosmere fashion week instigated by Edgebanter on instagram. So I thought broaden my own worldbuilding a little bit by having Adolin do a short guide through parts of the different fashion of roshar. Starting with my version of an ensemble a veden highprince might wear: striped jacket, takama and yes, a cape. (Because despite his own words... he CAN do cape!)
Tumblr media
After that came Thaylenah. This outfit was certainly lend to him by Queen Fen's son Kdralk... (the style of the gloves I got from old photographs of the Romanov family after I thought for the cooler southern climate I wanted to have a tidbit of Russian influence in there...)
Tumblr media
Bringing is my boy Sigzil to rock some fancy Azish robes (and hats) The cut of Adolin‘ open robe is a light nod towards the wide-sleeved robes worn by men in West Africa (although as I understand it, those are usually not open at the front and the sleeves are longer and/or folded over the shoulders... check out Nigerian wedding attire, it’s awesome). The Patterns are in part inspired by modern and historical Javanese and African prints
Tumblr media
some reshi fashion... Shallan, as we all, approves of open vests...
Tumblr media
And back in Alethkar sporting the lashes fashion style of the capital (before it got... well...). I don’t know how Adolin convinced Kaladin into wearing lighteyes fashion. Probably he was just overwhelmingly charming and Kal‘s defences broke down... Since I take some inspiration from sarees and indian fashion for the alethi version of the havah, i don’t see why that wouldn’t seep into men‘s fashion as well. Besides I just really like the achkan and sherwani stylewise... (just take a look at the designs of indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee, if you don’t know them! Those are freaking gorgeous!) There will probably two more pictures for the weekend. But those won't contain Adolin, sooo I'll post these separately. Have a great weekend!!
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