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#capitalist hell
queer-ecopunk · 2 months ago
It's difficult to explain but the culture at the food pantry I work at is so different from any other job I've had. In a not for profit space, where many people are volunteering their time, there's so little stress and so much care for one another.
Dont get me wrong, this is the Most physically demanding job I've ever had, but there's always someone there if I need help. There are people who will remind me to drink water and ask if I need a ride home when its too hot to walk. We can afford downtime and breaks, not having to devote every second to productivity and profit.
The people are different too. Since the aid we provide (not just food) is the epitome of "handouts" which many conservatives despise, we tend to draw in more progressive and caring volunteers. I've spoken openly with coworkers and supervisors about my boyfriend and about my experiences as a trans man. I've met progressive town council members who want our input and joined in discussions on how to make spaces more inclusive for our diverse community. And it bleeds out into the rest of my life too! People we serve recognize me on the bus and are happy to see me, even those I've never had a conversation with due to a language barrier.
I spent last night making jam for my coworkers, any of whom I'd gladly see outside of work. Today, a man I've worked with only a handful of time gave me a book he thought I'd like. This job, devoid of capitalist greed, allows us to be a community that can care for one another.
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talkiermango502x · a year ago
I find this fascinating. My father didn’t get a college degree, got his GED, was given lots of money and support from his parents, and in his career, managed to raise himself up to some sort of regional manager for the whole coast in home mortgage.
When I first started my career as a lowly analyst, my father (who is a quintessential boomer) advised me to make sure I put in 110% effort and make sure to work extra hours unpaid per week—so 45-50 hours and not include the additional 5-10 hours on my time card. He instructed me to sacrifice my evenings and weekends to take on more work and expand my role—doing work above my pay grade for free. He said “if you give yourself to your company and sacrifice your time, you’ll rise through the company and the company will always take care of you.”
What a load of horseshit.
First of all, this is illegal.
Second of all, NEVER forget that you’re fucking dispensable in this capitalistic society. In corporate America, you can be replaced in 2 seconds flat.
I stupidly listened to my father. I worked myself to death. I put in free overtime and stayed later than all the other employees.
What did I get out of it?
A mental breakdown that almost cost me my life. I lost out on overtime—money I desperately needed as a 20 year old analyst. I didn’t earn any extra respect for those sacrifices. I gave up my weekends and evenings until I hated my job. I didn’t take lunch breaks or take walks throughout the day (for exercise and a break from my computer). My anxiety got so high I tried to kill myself and developed IBS. I didnt get enough exercise (being at the computer for 10 hours a day
On the other hand, one of my close friends had the same job. She came to work exactly at 8am and left exactly at 5pm. She took lunch breaks and if she was having trouble dealing with the day, she’d take a walk to calm down and center herself. The difference between our lives is striking. If she did work overtime, she made sure she got paid overtime and was able to save more money. She set boundaries and made sure to be home for dinner. Her mental state was bounds better than mine. And in the end, she got promoted over me because they felt she could handle the pressure better than I could, even though my work output was higher and I gave more to the company. Not that I was any more dedicated to my work than she was, but I sabotaged myself by listening to bad advice and it cost me an important promotion. My manager even talked to me about this and explained that while I was willing to work 15 hour days if I had to, it was too much strain on me and she worried that if she promoted me to a management position, I would work myself to death and not be able to cut it. Not because I can’t hack it, but because I didn’t have that balance and boundaries.
I admire my friend for her stalwart boundaries and integrity. She’s an amazing worker and does a great job. She handles the stress much better—partly because of her character, but also because she takes the time to listen to what she needs. I think this is important for us to understand. Corporations aren’t on your side. They will eat you up and spit you out.
One of my advisors even told me to stop working weekends because the company would take advantage of me. She said if you sacrifice even one weekend, you’re setting a precedent and the company will continue to exploit you. If they need it now now now, hire more people who can do the work without working until midnight and working weekends. Corporations have the money.
The cherry on top of this all is that my father lost almost everything when the economy crashed—and his company didn’t save him, didn’t even care. He managed to raise himself up again and he still holds the belief that this new company will protect him, even though evidence suggests otherwise.
I wish I had learned this sooner. I wish I had valued my own time and worth. It would have served me better in the long run.
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3am-nonsense · 2 months ago
A dystopian movie where a billionaire owns a corporation that is named after a forest and the logo is a smirking face , and while everyone working for him was struggling to pay the rent or survive in the midst of a pandemic that starved millions of people , he goes into a quick space trip to satisfy his ego and he goes on national TV thanking his workers because "they paid for his trip" and his evil smirk while saying that matches the smirk in the forsaken logo
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bae-guevara · 10 months ago
here's a list of things that are ACTUALLY a result of capitalism but people feel like they're not:
•global warming
•class war
•education inequality
•health insurance
•nature as a commodity
•concept of failure and success
•actual food lines
•destruction of the world
i can trace EVERY problem in the world back to capitalism. and now capitalism is very clearly failing in the middle of a pandemic & folks arent communist, socialist, or anarchist yet??? how y'all living?
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cobwebs-and-clutter · 3 days ago
Does anyone else remember reading Harry Potter as a kid and being deeply upset that wizards could duplicate food but didn’t feed the destitute? I thought, “If they had the resources to solve world hunger, why wouldn’t they do it?? There must be something wrong with their societal priorities!”
Anyway, this was never applicable again in any circumstance. Just a funny anecdote.
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vaguely-problematic · 18 days ago
this article was linked to in a post i just shared, but i thought it deserved its own post. wonderful read.
"we must create a world of everyday wonder, a world in which every last thing is a beautiful thing.
"If this sounds impossible, it isn’t; for thousands of years, nearly every buildings [sic] humans made was beautiful. It is simply a matter of recovering old habits.
"We should ask ourselves: why is it that we can’t build another Prague or Florence? Why can’t we build like the ancient mosques in Persia or the temples in India?
"Well, there’s no reason why we can’t. There’s nothing stopping us except the prison of our ideas and our horrible economic system. We must break out of the prison and destroy the economic system."
Tumblr media
[a hospital is the last place you need to convey the message: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here"]
Tumblr media
i liked this part especially:
"Every building should look like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. We need plants and water to be happy. One of the reasons tower blocks are so insidious is that they deprive people of access to gardens.
"Gardens should be integrated seamlessly into everything; there is a reason being banished from a garden was the most terrible fate God could think to inflict on humankind."
very solarpunk. i approve.
and the photos! (many more in the article)
Tumblr media
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nonbinarymlm · 6 months ago
Being trans is not a tradgedy. No one is doomed to be a tradgedy by virtue of being trans. All the trans women, trans men, and nonbinary people of all genders have amazing possible futures out there for them. You can have amazing possible futures out there ahead of you. Being trans can be so hard, with gender dysphoria and transphobia, but you are not trapped or doomed. You are not doomed to be loveless, career-less, or without community and support. If you want them it's possible for you to have any of those things.
I mean, we might all be doomed due to climate change and our crushing economic system, but if we work together we're not doomed because of those either. We're in this together. You are not alone.
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Tumblr media
Boss made a dollar
I made a dime,
That was a poem
From a simpler time.
Now boss makes a thousand
And gives us a cent
While he’s got employees 
Who can’t pay the rent.
So when boss makes a million
And the workers make jack
Then that’s when we riot
And take our lives back.
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bully rich people, they need fucking therapists for hoarding money, we can make them commit suicide or do it ourselves
we have there adresses and there social media, get em boys
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thespitefulmushroom · a month ago
I find it unfortunately ironic that Labor Day is Work Your Ass Raw Day for any food service or retail employees. We don’t have the day off. Instead, we are five times more busy because we are serving the crowds of white collar workers and their families on their day off.
Labor Day should be more inclusive. Our jobs are “real jobs”. We matter too.
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too-cool-for-facebook · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aw, you can't kick people out and put new tenants in for higher prices 😢
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jesus-was-an-anarchist · 10 months ago
🍄Just some cute capitalism things uwu🌸
(TW for food/starvation, wars, violence)
- The Iraq war
- The Vietnam war
- The Cuban war
- Slavery (still not abolished)
- Disabled people legally being paid $1 an hour
- Child labor
- Sweat shops
- World poverty and starvation
- Climate change
- Climate change denial
- Big pharma
- Drug addiction
- People dying in the US because they can’t afford healthcare
- Cults and mega churches
- Intergenerational trauma
- Native American erasure and genocide
- Concentration camps (even in the US)
- School shootings
- the COVID death toll
Let me know if I forgot anything 🌼
If any of the following users do not include my response in their re-blog, they are being intentionally dishonest :)
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3am-nonsense · 3 months ago
This is capitalism in one picture
Tumblr media
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nuancedcroissant · 7 months ago
I don't understand how anyone can justify rising prices of basic necessities by saying that people should just learn how to earn more. Or that they don't deserve certain things because they earn less.
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