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Pisces: Black Lives Matter

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Ah ya Virgo suns don’t like to feel like a burden to anyone including themselves. And the Capricorn moon means that you have a maturity and wisdom to your emotional response. You might overthink your emotions, it can take you a while before you release how you feel. Practice being vulnerable and asking for help. Opening your heart and think of doing that as a way to build your emotional expressions. To strengthen you as a whole, that will help your cap moon theorize this idea. Do you have any water or fire in your chart? 💚

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Sun: 2º Libra, Moon: 2º Aries


    The lunar cycle is the truth. At the New Moon, the Sun releases a wave of new energies that the Moon regulates during the month. You are straight feeling yourself during the New Moon. When the Full Moon comes around, you start seeing shit for what it really is - it’s a moment of clarity, new awareness and understanding that’s gonna spread until the next cycle begins. If the New Moon is a little baby seed, the Full Moon is a blossoming tree. Cute. The Full Moon always comes with a tangible opportunity, so listen up Astrology bitches.


    Astrology is low-key also Numerology. Whatever, it’s all language. The point is Venus is the third planet (including the Sun), so it holds the frequency of three. Venus is your perspective - what you personally value, what you find beautiful, how you experience the fucking radiance of the constant flow of love in your life. Yes, in the fucking shallows, sex and relationships can fall into those categories, but that shit misses the point.

Whenever we deal with threes - however the fuck they appear - we’re dealing with beauty, love, unity and harmony in some way or another. With Venus, the shit is personal. It’s all feeling, all you. With Jupiter (6), it’s public - how you gonna unify your own personal values with society’s values? With Neptune (9), it’s deep - a total metamorphosis of your values and perspective to align you with the realest shit.

All triangular patterns carry the three vibe - so yes, that means Kites, Grand Trines, Partial Grand Sextiles, yes, even you T-Squares, you’re all just fucking trines. All of these patterns are dealing with the harmony, synthesis, and goddamn fucking continuous flow of energy.

We’re going to talk about the T-Square. What do we even know about this gorgeous red pattern? It’s dynamic. What the fuck does that even mean? It means nothing. It’s jargon that little bitches use who underneath their “no aspect is bad” speech are scared as shit of squares. We’ve all been there. Let’s just release the good-bad trap and keep it pushing.

A T-Square is a trine, it’s dealing with the generation (1), concentration (2) and distribution (3) of energy - all for the sake of truth and beauty. Nice. T-Squares show up when something is coming into its own. They provide support for you to change your perspective and actions in times of crisis, so you can balance yourself and move onto a realer, deeper forms of self expression.


    At first this pattern looks twisted as shit, but it’s not so bad. All Full Moon charts are still a part of the New Moon cycle - so we’re still working with the themes of building emotional awareness and not acting like a fucking freak, letting go of bullshit patterns of behavior, and actively changing our values.

    Two T-Squares hold this pattern down.

We’re still rocking Uranus, Venus and Mars trine which, as already fucking stated, is helping us express (Mars) transformed (Uranus) values (Venus). But, where does balancing come in? Right here, right now. We feel Venus telling us “Hey, we gotta fix our relationships and make some improvements in our lives,” but Uranus is telling us at the same time, “Haha bitch how you gonna fix shit when I’m busy shaking up everything you know to be true.” This is where Mars comes in to clear everything up. The key to balancing constant change with a desire to make tangible improvements to your relationships is to manage yourself and your responses (Mars 4º Aquarius) - taking your ridiculously secure sense of self and undying commitment to stand by your beliefs and values into all your constantly changing interactions. Set the motherfucking tone. You don’t have a secure sense of self? That’s fine. This is a good time to practice.  

Now, we’re taking this shit a step further, so toughen up. The Full Moon its damn self is part of a T-Square with Saturn. This is significant. This particular Sun/Moon, Libra/Aries polarity is about centering and stabilizing yourself and from this stable center, seeing things objectively. In other words, you’re cool with yourself so you can stop projecting all your damn shit onto everyone else and be willing to recognize others’ lives and realities without taking every fucking thing personally. The polarity (Moon/Sun): how do you stay centered in yourself (Aries) and stay aware of others (Libra)? The answer (Saturn): by being true as fuck to you while constantly seeking out new experiences to express yourself and act in connection to others (Capricorn).

Both these T-Squares are backed up by that skinny blue triangle (yes, Partial Grand-Sextile to all the jargony bitches) with Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune. The outer planets blessing us with their presence to increase harmony (because it’s a triangle, yo) in our social interactions so we stop being the World’s Greatest Victim and practice expressing ourselves and listening to others. Together, these three are providing support to help us work on incorporating new social awareness (Jupiter), cooperating with others in a meaningful way (Pluto), and maturing our deep sense of commonality with others (Neptune). Dope. 


This Full Moon, shit is changing. Circumstances may seem uncertain and everything may feel like it’s falling apart. This is just residual Neptune effects from the New Moon, dissolving the bullshit in your life and putting your sense of self to the challenge. You have support over the next two weeks to continue coming into your own in a real way, and change your little bitch perspective from someone who is scared as shit of constant changes and little upsets to a full grown homie who can hold his/her own in any situation, meeting all these little changes with excitement and enjoyment because you fucking love life, you love being yourself, and you love seeing others be themselves too. Rock it out. Happy Full Moon all you little Astrology bitches.


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Funky Frank - Capricorn Sun, Pisces Rising

  • Collects mannequin legs from the dumpsters behind women’s department stores
  • Has a very defined and overt musk that seems to change every day
  • Isn’t shy about about his foot fetish
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