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The Sun Signs and what they need you to Become

(The Earth Signs)

In my previous posts about planets conjunct the Sun I explained that the Sun symbolizes our ideal self. The Sun in a masculine principle, an assertive energy that is concerned with individual actualization as opposed to social blending and merging. The Sun wants to be great, because it is – all of the planets in our solar system circle around it. It is the seed inside every person that is ever glowing, even if it’s light has been dimmed or covered over temporarily. Social closeness is a real threat to developing one’s Sun because people are born with different planetary placements and this creates a conflict of needs and wills. To say the least, it might be tempting to sacrifice one’s individual growth and potential for social approval and safety. This is to betray oneself and ultimately to develop resentment toward the self, other people or the totality of existence. It is not recommended.

It’s easier said than done in an atmosphere of social pressure to express one’s individuality. There are way too many contradictory messages out in the social wilderness of ideas and preferences. Should one blend in or be assertive, should one be humble or proud? Rather than venturing outside to look for guidance from others, it’s wise to try to connect to one’s inner light (the Sun), to take a look at the natal chart to get a grasp of what one might benefit from expressing more of. The Sun sign is the perfect starting point for self-knowledge as it describes in what way one will have to develop in terms of individual strength and definition.

Sun in Taurus (20 April -21 May)

When the Sun is in Taurus it behaves like it’s made of earth instead of fire. There isn’t much of a glow springing from it’s hot center, but it’s sure stays in it’s fixed place. It’s similar to the Sun in Leo as it is completely convinced of it’s position in the center, however, it doesn’t enliven and warm the other planets by radiating energy. A better analogy would be that it seeks to decrease the distance between itself and the planets surrounding it, creating physical proximity to the other planetary bodies. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Venus in her earthy expression can’t satisfy herself with intellectual ideals, she needs to know deeply that she is beautiful and worthy of all the goodies the material realm has offer. Another zodiac sign ruled by Venus is Libra, but Libra is an air sign and therefore related to the mental ideal of beauty as opposed to the actual sensation of pleasurable, tangible reality. Not unlike Libras, Taurus Suns are inherently self-serving. They serve themselves through securing comfort on a material level, putting down roots and settling into routines. While Libra Suns should be focused on imagery and mental concepts as a way relating to the outside world, Taureans relate to the outside world through possessing things, touching them, eating them, wearing them. They need to feel the physical proof of self-actualization before they can be mentally and emotionally content. Taureans have a great need for physical comfort and sensory impression. If something can’t be experienced through the senses it’s not completely real. That is why money, as a measurement of worth is linked to the sign of Taurus. Venus wants to feel like she has value, and on the earth plane she does this through physical objects.

It would benefit Taureans to find a sense of autonomy and capability as it relates to the manifest world. This can be done through earning their own money, working sensibly with determination and calmness, eating good food, grounding themselves and so on. Everything that relates to connecting to the body of themselves, the earth and other people would be ultimately fulfilling. It’s wise for Taurus Suns to keep in mind that some individuals don’t actualize themselves through the material/physical realm. I bring this up because Taurus as a sign tend to be very concrete in it’s interpretation if situations as previously mentioned. To only see value in what is achieved and possessed in terms of earthy matters might come off as very unevolved and judgemental to more watery, airy and fiery individuals. Taureans would do well to remember that they are striving toward something more concrete in their life than some people.

One can’t write about Taurus without connecting it to Venus, and the need for relationships. Venus in earth wants to be in a relationship because it’s in essence self-gratifying and flattering to be wanted and loved. It’s the same for Venus in air as it relates to Libra, but Taureans are a bit less idealistic and sophisticated than it’s airy counterpart. Relationship for Taureans could easily pass as intense possessiveness and ownership. This doesn’t have to take on a sinister expression, will-full and intensely loyal bonding is extremely desirable for some people. It’s not so much of a give and take and a constant balancing of the emotional climate with Taurus Sun relationships. It is more than enough for them to just have a constant presence of another person in their lives, even if there’s no profound mental connection. No earth sun is more loyal out of love (or resistance to change?) than Taurus Suns. They stick to things like glue, and won’t be separated unless they’re forced to. While some signs could part ways over a minor conflict of perspectives, Taurus Suns should cultivate patience and determination in everything they do. But they should never try to be forceful. Soft but will-full is the way of the bull.

Taurus Suns should settle into the mindset of never getting things done and try to enjoy the process of working for the sake of moving rather than getting somewhere. Taurus is a fixed sign and need to feel a fixed sense of value in themselves without living for a peak experience. Established routines are what these people should live for, not the crazy and wild roller coaster rides of life that is emotionally exciting but unfruitful and abstract when brought down to the manifest realm.

Virgo Sun (23 August – 22 September)

Like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind. In mythology, he is the god of messages, borders and boundaries and financial gain. When the Sun is in the sign of Virgo it has solid borders and a fascination for the nature of physical materia that makes up it’s own body and the other planetary bodies surrounding it. Virgo Sun would be preoccupied with making sure that it does it’s job right and that the planets stay in their proper orbit. Virgo is the most analytical earth sign, if not the most analytical sign all together. There’s a strong emphasis on understanding processes of a physical nature with these people, and a desire to optimize one’s way of life through knowledge.

While Taureans are satisfied with getting some stability and pleasure out of life, Virgo Suns need to have mental control over the physical sphere. They are a lot more serious and inclined to look for the proper way of doing things rather than sticking to the familiar and comfortable way. Virgos are a bit uptight in this sense to say the least, they have a harder time settling into a relaxed state because they’re processing all the time. They have a really hard time being ok with not knowing how things work in practice, whether it’s the stove or the car or the refrigerator or the sound system or the lawn mower… they don’t have the mindset that ”everything is going to work out”. Virgos are realists and they know that of no one is willing to do the job or figure out the technicalities, it’s never going to happen. All the earth signs are linked to physical labour and work – Virgos cover the reason and behind it all, the science and the step-by-step process that leads to the desired result. They are different from Taurus Suns in that they don’t just work for the sake of working – they think things through to a ridiculous degree. Geminis are Mercury ruled but are much more care free and trickster-like in their expression. Virgo Suns put their intellectual capacity to ”real” use so to speak. The real world is not diffuse and abstract, it is concrete and has a certain order, it’s just a matter of tapping into the right system of doing things. There’s a certain nervous tension to Virgos that is absent in the other earth signs. I would say that it stems from the desire to be on top of things all the time. Paranoia over not having all the information or all the details of life becomes incredibly stressful. The stress could also be attributed to a sense of being burdened by independence, a sense of being alone in one’s mental process. To put in a word of caution, I would advice Virgos to give themselves a mental break every now and then and tend to their precious nervous system. Their physical health is their achilles heal, since their body tends to carry a lot of their worries for them. They would do well to forgive themselves for not being sharp or perceptive enough in certain situations. Even though it may seem like it, not everything rests on their shoulders and their ability to get a grasp on things. It’s also appropriate to ask for help or lean on other people every now and then. Perfection is a noble goal, but it may turn out to ruin them in the process. Another thing that is worth mentioning is to tone it down on the intellectual one upmanship. This is something that the insecure and immature Virgos use to gain respect and self-esteem.

Virgos are supposed to be self-possessed, to be independent thinkers, to be well-informed, to know how to navigate their own way through life. This is what they should strive to actualize in themselves more than anything. They should cultivate humility and grace in their work by being composed and reasonable to the best of their ability. In their highest expression, Virgos are the the angels of physical life – modest, dedicated to the mystery of the earth plane and the order that can be found in it.

Capricorn Sun (December 22 – January 19)

When the Sun is is Capricorn it feels responsible for every other planet and a massive pressure to perform to the best of it’s ability. In Leo, the Sun identifies with it’s radiance as an expression of itself. For a Capricorn Sun, it feels as if the radiance could die off without sufficient work. This is the paranoia of the Capricorns. The harshness of reality is faced head on with this sign, as it’s ruled by Saturn – the planet of time, maturity and physical structure. The byproduct of this physical focus is the awareness of limits. Nothing lasts forever and the body is frail and life doesn’t treat anyone gently. What one acquires is a direct result of the effort one has put in. Capricorn Suns are in for a tough ride toward self-actualization, mainly because their goal is to create a rock solid character and a strong moral compass. Their goal is to face life in it’s most unromanticized form, void of magic and unrealistic fantasies. Capricorn Suns can’t be satisfied with anything but IT ALL. What “it all” is can vary, but it’s never the less a symbolic image of what self-actualization means to them. To get to this place they are willing to put in the work, because they feel like they’re already on bare ground in some sense. Nothing has showed up out of the blue through wishful thinking. Perhaps there’s a touch of resentment in their way of relating to the world for this reason. Faking or playing their way through life is not an option to them, a house that is made of cards can look pretty for a while but it’s an illusion of solidity. Cap people are much too mature and serious to value silly tricks and jump into things unprepared – this goes for physical things as well as basic inner support in the form of self-esteem. Without the physical proof of success that comes in the form of money, recognition and social standing, they can’t feel good about themselves. This is somewhat true for all the earth signs, but Capricorns take it to a whole other level. It’s not enough to be comfortable in one’s own life situation, one has to be recognized by society for one’s accomplishments and strengths. To aim low would be an insult to their character because they base their well-being on their capacity to become the most esteemed person in society. They undoubtedly feel like the need to do something that is admirable from an objective point of view.

Capricorn Suns are coming from a place of lack in their lives. This sounds somewhat depressing but I think it’s true. Without the feeling of lack on an inner level, they wouldn’t have the motivation and drive to be as ambitious as they attempt to be. There’s a positive and a negative side to everything, as duality dictates. Capricorns have the chance to move into life with of feeling of having nothing to lose, a lot to build and hunger for making it big. Of course once they’ve set the ball rolling they might have more and more things to lose. That is not the point – the point is the crystallizing of a character through the process of accomplishment. Whatever physical symbol they’ve attached to the emotional and mental state of success is not to be ignored but pursued as deliberately as possible. Other signs, like Sagittarius, might live on an inborn optimism with no need to work they’re butts off to feel happy. Capricorns can’t access happiness without putting the physical pieces into place of what constitutes their optimism. The tangible accomplishment must be present or they’ll feel like they’re kidding themselves trying to be happy without it. I would encourage Capricorns to keep on track toward their goals and be kind to themselves while working within the limits of set structures. Reaching a goal isn’t necessarily admirable in and of itself – it’s the nature of the means that was used in the process and the nature of the character that put in the work to get there. It’s not wise for Capricorns to take dishonest shortcuts, they need to cultivate a sense of responsibility and stick to the straight and narrow way of doing things. Self-respect and proper conduct should be high up on their list of priorities.

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Unconventional Signs (1 of 2)


Scorpio: A water sign that behaves like a fire sign (a stinger…really? and you call yourself a water sign? Yes, water scorpions are real BUT MOST ARE IN THE DESERT YOU IMPOSSIBLE CONTRARIANS)

Aquarius: An air sign that pretends to be a water sign but acts like an earth sign; unfathomable, unpredictable people but SAVAGE at military strategy/world domination but still came to the Evil Overlord meeting for the cookies: Unlikely Kings and Queens of the Water Signs

Capricorn: An earth sign that behaves like a water sign (tell me in what world being a goat mermaid makes ANY sense…oh right ours, I guess, thus your continued existence)

Leo: A fire sign that really wants to be a playful, friendly air sign but when a threat arises (typically against their nakama) goes from all talk, with a few occasional warning roars, to no talk and literally pwns every challenger in sight before immediately going back to their nap

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Hey love. Pm me for more info if you’d like too! As a virgo who has been with atleast 4 caps, it never really worked out well. They came to me, used me, got what they wanted and left me out in the cold. Currently still getting over one of them because he really did me that dirty 😆 But that’s just my personal experience. This relationship can have so much passion, I mean WOW. You can almost feel the energy between you two- mainly because of the earth sign energy. These two can become sooo devoted to eachother, although I find the cap can get easily distracted and find that they do not want to virgo anymore, maybe she’s too much work for the cap or he thinks he’s found better. These can be a great match or a disaster depending on other circumstances. Really hope I helped you, wishing you the best 🤍🤍 stay safe and take care of yourself 🌙🌙🌙

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capricorn sun + gemini moon + taurus ascendant + capricorn venus + pisces mars

~ witty, decisive, creative, affectionate, romantic ~

Ho Hey - The Lumineers | Bikes - Lucy Rose | My My My! - Troye Sivan

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Hey, hey! 💕

Your Capricorn Sun shows that you are very grounded and focused. You are a person that focuses feverishly on your finances, power, achievements, and societal status (thanks to Capricorn ruling the 10th house). You can be quite authoritative. On the flip side, you’re the life of the party and are willing to communicate with just about anyone. You may come across as nonchalant but you’re 1 of the most dependable sun signs and always take care of others. You are quite humorous and know how to have a good time. The stability in your charts shows you would be good in a science, political, or business field. At your very worst, you tend to lie when you don’t want to accept that you’re wrong about something. You are not an aggressive person but you become hostile when feeling attacked. An unevolved Cap Sun holds grudges but you slowly learn to let go when you become evolved. As much as you care about others, you tend to hurt their feelings sometimes. You have a cool confidence and people appreciate your presence. You’re a special kinda of Capricorn because at your core, you have Cap traits and you appear as such to others. With that being said, your Capricorn Ascendant represents deep emotions that may have been repressed and controlled in previous lifetimes. You appear to be confident but due to your Moon, you definitely worry deep down inside. Those with a Capricorn Ascendant are prone to depression and sometimes, aches and pains with their bodies. With your sun and ascendant, it’s clear that you can take on authority and are very ambitious which can lead to success if you play your cards right.

Your Taurus Moon makes it hard for you to forgive which is why you may hold onto things in your heart for a long time. Your Moon could be the reason why your Sun has not evolved into its best version. You don’t particularly like change and prefer routine and consistency instead. You often help people even if it’s just a word of advice. Taurus Moon helps with your practicality, which is awesome because Capricorn Suns are very logical in their own right. You seek security because it goes with the consistency and routine you adore but this often holds you back from seeking emotional and sensual pleasures.

There’s lots of earth in your charts so you’re very logical and grounded but it’s okay to listen to your emotions sometimes. This chart screams success materialistically but it’s also full of positive energy and spirituality once evolved.

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Cap sun with libra moon, the loyal and realistically mom-like friend but has a toughness, that gets along and wants to get along, and has a romantic daydreaming side compared to their usual down to earth yet closed off homely outershell. Cap suns are pretty hard determine of their traits, but most cap suns I k usually get along or have quite the friend circle due to their down to earth yet resolute realistic side like they seem to have everything together outwardly becuz of their natural groundness to reality and the choices to make. With your libra moon, most libra moons have a natural vibe? around them when they talk with ppl that others talk easily to them. I don’t think vibe is the right word, like just the way libra moons be themselves, be their natural peace-loving side, the side that charms others just for being themselves, the way they speak or move or laugh?

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hi! sun (ego, individuality, overall identity) in capricorn would manifest as a career/goal focused individual who is disciplined, self-motivated, and firm in their beliefs. the 11th house represents our friendships, involvement with organizations, and  long time pleasures. i would say that with this placement in the 11th house, not only are you able to make and keep friends easily, but your friendships (and other organizations, like clubs, teams, etc.) have a significant influence on your identity. since capricorn also rules over social status (think 10th house), friends that have good reputations or can potentially help your own social status are important for you to have. since this house is ruled by saturn, you might experience karmic friendships, meaning if you do someone dirty, you’ll eventually meet a friend who does similar to you (this works vice versa! treating your friends well will bring you friends who treat you the same). a good social status, money, and an enjoyable job can bring you life long pleasure and satisfaction. capricorn is also the disciplinary, so your friends might see you as bossy.

mars (sex, aggression, how you take action) in scorpio would manifest as someone who is very imaginative and has a strong creative drive. extremely private because they hate when other people project negative energy or doubts onto their actions or plans. the 9th house represents education, foreign travel, and mental exploration. imagine an expanded version of the 3rd house! with mars in 9th, you are drawn to travel and adventures in addition to finding new experiences to expand your knowledge on the world and different perspectives. can be very intense over philosophy, but prefer to keep their beliefs to themselves, and passionate about higher wisdom (learning more about the subconscious perhaps) and pursing a higher education. very curious about the world too. i feel like with this placement, you also might be able to prosper financially through higher education? whether that be you becoming a teacher or earning a degree that influentially assists your job performance (but this really depends on how mars aspects any planets in your 10th house and your north node, maybe even planets in the 6th). i’ve also noticed that this placement is successful in manifesting, mainly because they can become really obsessive over something. they think of it constantly, so it eventually comes true.

thank u for asking! i hope this helped :3

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Oh, it’s totally true ofc, and another sad thing is Capricorns have the biggest stamina from the signs which often makes their burnouts take a lot longer to happen. And this makes them postpone taking a break for a very long time and by the time they’re finally forced to do it they realize the other parts of their life are terribly undeveloped and basically left to rot.

It’s a very useful combination but also really dangerous if left unchecked - that whole “incredible endurance” + “ability to focus on a singular track” combination. And not just when it comes to work but for everything else too - like think about it, being able to endure a lot of stress and having difficulty quitting once you’ve set your mind on something is an awful recipe for staying stuck in toxic relationships. This is why it’s vital for Capricorns to acknowledge and develop their connection to matter, to be grounded and feel their bodies well - they need to trust what their bodies are telling them and to stop when the body says so.

Also…under capitalism i think that’s how most people feel, like if they’re not productive, they don’t deserve to live.

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