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#capricorn venus

aquarius sun + gemini moon + gemini ascendant + capricorn venus + aries mars + pisces mercury

~ charismatic, outspoken, mischievous, affectionate, impulsive ~

Life is a Tightrope - Enframe | Don’t Do It - Leikeli47 | Rearview - Bad Suns

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Virgo Rising Culture 👀💭

  • Being told that they look young
  • Surrounded by a lot of books in early years
  • Resting Bitch Face
  • Eye for details
  • Huge animal lovers ❤
  • Book heads. 📖
  • Intimidating
  • Love to scream in general
  • Surprisingly very extroverted
  • They don’t like being exposed to someone except they themselves telling .
  • It gives them ANXIETY for real if someone knows a lot about their personality without them telling !
  • Very very judgmental ( also in a bad way but they don’t realize or say I’m just analyzing stuff!!)
  • Gets stressed easily 😪
  • Overthinking 24/7
  • Perfectionists
  • Feel the need to fix things or maybe people.
  • Just need to realize that it’s not their responsibility to fix everyones problems!
  • Love helping people ❤
  • Look at the world through great coloured glasses ( I have some advice for you guys in the last please do read that 🖤)
  • Too critical of themselves and of others
  • Self-worth issues
  • Love to organize!
  • Talkative
  • Likes planning and structure
  • The friend who gets all the assignments done somehow!
  • Doesn’t like a lot of attention or ‘fame’
  • Sensitive
  • Intelligent af
  • Caring
  • Sharp and small features.
  • Pouty lips
  • Attract a lot of broken souls
  • Might have weird or creepy neighbors or neighborhood ( just my personal observation, comment of its true)
  • Loves being Protected
  • Might not say but are drawn to the color pink 😏
  • Curious look
  • Sparkling eyes specially visible when they are existed or aroused!
  • Pale colors browns and beiges might suit them
  • Might do great in academics if they give a shit and work hard
  • Also hardworking people ( they give their best in what they do )

So, I wanted to give some advice to guys. I think you really need to see beauty in yourself, then only you could see beauty in others. This might sound cliche but It’s True! You guys really need to love yourself 💙 I understand that your past experiences are the reason who you are. But you can change that. It’s just a matter of choice. And you ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. Some of you might say “ Oh! Ofcourse I love myself ” but your actions show the reality. I’m not telling you to change your analytical attitude but also try to take out the good equally. Don’t have prenotions about what a particular type of person should be like. I think that’s why you guys are so reserved and have high expectations. Accept people. Sending lots of love and positivity to you guys 💖

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Cancer Rising Culture 💝

  • Being obsessed with the aesthetic cozy pictures of bedrooms !
  • Obsessed with cute dresses
  • Anything furry pinky white things
  • Might like pastels too
  • The baby face 👼
  • Baby voices!!
  • The Polaroid culture was invented by them i bet!,
  • Ooo, I just realized actually it was invented by a Cancer Sun only, Selena Gomez, lol!
  • Big round eyes which have great depth
  • Like they look so innocent!!!
  • Motherly aura
  • Compassionate
  • CARING ❤
  • Shy
  • Sweethearts
  • Have a comforting aura that puts others at ease. I have a Cancer Rising friend and I feel at ease around her.
  • Also likes to be comforted
  • Love reading books, poetry
  • Moody
  • Will make you feel like a child 😚💝 ( my cancer moon loves it!!!)
  • Clingy
  • Makes great friends really. ( imo)
  • Expressive face
  • Guarded
  • Flexible
  • Funny when they are comfortable
  • Reserved
  • Cuddly face😍
  • Love looking at the moon 🌙
  • Generous
  • REALLY want deep connections
  • Foodies
  • Sensitive to others needs more than their own 🥺
  • Pastels, pinks, light colors might be preferable because they look good on them
  • Possessive
  • High EQ
  • Might have a interest in cooking or baking at some point
  • Literal unicorns 🦄
  • Cautious in marriage (7th house capricorn)
  • Might marry later in life
  • Or actually saying it’s hard to woo them lol 🤣
  • Large breasts
  • A slut to routines and habits like Taurus Rising
  • Children love them.😍
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Gemini Rising Culture 🥳

  • FUNNY!!!
  • Crackheads
  • Teen vibes no matter what age!
  • Cute 😍
  • Coy, breezing voices
  • Cute pixie like features
  • Literally an elf
  • Ruled by Mercury, so well defined features!
  • Best example: Priyanka Chopra
  • Talkative af
  • They never get tired!!
  • Thrive in chaos
  • Very childlike 🥺💕
  • Good with kids
  • Social Butterflies
  • Bookworms
  • Overthinkers
  • Needs to learn something new everyday
  • Also they love learning
  • Charming af!
  • May have breathing problems ( even Priyanka has asthma 😕)
  • This is because Geminis are Mutable Air and are overthinkers so it’s literally like they lose air.
  • Fashion Queens 👸
  • Sarcastic af
  • Savage af
  • Always fidgeting
  • Make great teachers because intellectuals and their way with words 👏
  • Sparkling eyes
  • Long arms
  • Bubbly
  • Looks great in yellow 💛
  • Like literally they resemble sun although leos are associated with it.
  • Always smiling 😃
  • Moody!
  • Really well liked 👌
  • Creative
  • Master Roasters
  • Good at learning foreign languages
  • Needs v a r i e t y.
  • Lucky in marriages 💑 as jupiter in the house of marriages
  • Very adaptable
  • Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever ” is the theme of their life .
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Astro notes: Ideal lovers of the MC/10th


Originally posted by forest-faerie-witch

People who have the same Sun sign as your 10th cusp along with either a Venus or mars conjunction to you, are likely to feel like your dream girl/guy. the ideal lover and may be celebrity crushes or that one person you consider your “hall pass”.

- People talk about 7th house as being the house of partnerships and ideal lovers. They say if someone has their Sun in your 7th they’re your ideal lover. I beg to differ. While they definitely inspire that side in you Sun in 7th can easily become a friend, an enemy, it can become platonic and ofc also romantic. This because the descendant is on the 7th cusp and that energy balances us but may also repel us. So sun in 7th is a wildcard for “ideal lover” but not ideal partner. As we grow and leave the descendant behind we travel towards our MC. Many childhood crushes and friends are in 7th and 4th. First boyfriend/gf etc.

Conclusion: Sun in 7th can be a good marriage indicator but if we’re talking about “ ideal lovers” (you dig?) Head to 10th, 8th and 5th.

Although 10th isn’t known to be a “romantic” synastry placement it is what we’re striving towards publicly and career wise, also who we want become as people by choice. If ascendant is the mask we wear/ our personality then MC is what the ascendant wants to develop into someday now that we are finally in control of our self expression.

The ideal lover: Synastry 10th house sun cusp conjunction makes them represent something you strive towards even if you don’t know what that is. Not in the plutonic way, cause Saturn creates an admiration and kind of an teacher/ student vibe metaphorically. They can seem untouchable or perfect but in the non-neptunian way because that can be illisuive but in an authentic, strong and powerful way that feels true to what you stand for.

It can feel as if being with them would make you feel secure or protected like they’d know what they were doing. If you’re a person who considers yourself controlling, somebody’s sun being in your 10th is something that would make you wanna submit in one way or the other. Even if you’re heavily plutonic it can give you that feeling of wanting to give away your reins. (At least for a while)

- obs!! : This alone won’t make them attractive to you. Saturn can make things cold and serious but having that placement with syn aspects such as Venus conj mars? Vice versa or Venus/Venus mars/mars. Venus in 8th or 5th?!Mars in 8th…🔥 hot stuff.

Gasps* they’ll seem like Demi-gods to you.

Sidenote: 10th house placements has a similar vibe to neptune, you see people with a lot of planets here as perfect but when they mess up that can hit you hard. Saturn unlike Neptune doesn’t know how to keep the fantasy going. Saturn makes you face things. However 10th H and Saturn placements tend to bounce back and own up to its mistakes even if it’s later rather than sooner. If someone’s sun is in your 10th you may never take them of that sexy piedistal no matter what they do bc they always come back stronger. You love their perfect imperfections.

Let me know who your ideal lovers are💕

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  • Being obsessed with the grain filter .
  • Being a foodie 😋
  • Loving autumn 🍂
  • Loving cozy sweaters 😍
  • Loving winter because of it .
  • Being lazy unless other aspects or placements in chart 🤔
  • Looking good without makeup 💄
  • Getting fat easily because we are lazy bears 🐻
  • Food Food Food!!!!!
  • Coming off as calm,collected and chill.
  • When in reality this may or may not be true.
  • Feeling safe around nature
  • Yes!! This is a real thing. Taurus risings really feel good and literally rejuvenated when they are around nature! Remember: Taurus related to mother earth and it is an earth sign. But more than any other earth signs Taureans feel at home around nature 🏡
  • Loving pajamas 💕
  • Wearing clothes that makes you feel comfortable is REALLY important!
  • Excuding STABILITY
  • Cute puppy dog eyes 🥺
  • Doe eyes
  • Charming af!
  • Loving brown color??
  • Pink too 💕
  • I’ve never met a Taurus rising whose favorite desert does not include chocolate.
  • There’s no Taurus rising that isn’t attractive. Obviously they are ruled by Venus so.
  • Beautiful smiles 😍
  • Sensual
  • Very touchy!
  • Intense when you get to know
  • Solid and sturdy body structure
  • Broad shoulders
  • Also they have bodies like bodyguards .lol (broad shoulders, strong and sturdy)
  • Have a subtle presence
  • When they smile, it feels like you are watching a beautiful scenery.
  • Love music.
  • SLOW
  • People who don’t know you may perceive you to be rich and classy.
  • Many people say that taurus risings prefer Quality over quantity but actually they prefer both Quality and quality lol 😂
  • Materialistic. They get turned on by the smell of money 💰 🤧
  • Stubborn af!
  • Hardworking when they have a goal in mind.
  • They have a determined gaze.
  • Sometimes very intimidating too!
  • Possessive but they won’t say!
  • Hate being pushed or pressureed at something
  • Many are insecure about their looks and body.🥺 Don’t be we all love you 💖
  • To sum up, they are a beautiful garden 😍 ❤

If you liked reading this please do share and tell what culture should I do next.

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capricorn sun + gemini moon + taurus ascendant + capricorn venus + pisces mars

~ witty, decisive, creative, affectionate, romantic ~

Ho Hey - The Lumineers | Bikes - Lucy Rose | My My My! - Troye Sivan

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~ inbox me ur crush’s or partner’s placements (sun, moon, rising most importantly but can include venus, mars, mercury as well!) & i’ll give you advice about wooing them based on their chart ~

Sagittarius Sun ☀️

Pisces Moon 🌙

Pisces Rising 💫

Sagittarius Mercury 🗣

Capricorn Venus ❤️

This person seems like the type to have many surface level crushes (that they usually keep to themselves, and then they fade away). He may be a confusing mix of both introverted & extroverted. The more extroverted he acts around you, the closer he feels to you. He is a sensitive softhearted person but he might try and mask it behind a sarcastic or humorous exterior. He may find it hard to get serious about anything. He absorbs the emotions of people around him, which may make him seem moody, flaky or always changing. When it comes to love, his heart is locked up tightly. He will not give himself completely to somebody until he is absolutely sure he can trust them. True emotional intimacy may be hard for him. He’s good at listening to you, your past, your issues, etc but is hesitant to share his own. He is turned on by a devoted and committed person. He needs to take things veryyyy slow in a relationship. If you do not have the patience or dedication for this, I suggest you move on! If you do manage to get the key to unlock his heart, always keep it safe. He can be very sensitive and sometimes lash out at you. He might also find it hard to apologize in a genuine way. As a partner, he would remain forever loyal & reliable.

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aquarius sun + scorpio moon + taurus ascendant + capricorn venus + pisces mars + aquarius mercury

~ persistent, well-mannered, classy, subtle, opinionated ~

female aesthetic

Aquarius - Tinashe | Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys | I Think I’m Normal - Carter Ace

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