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#captain America
color-me-surprised765 · 20 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I hope we're getting this on Friday, I am counting the seconds until it comes.
Like my heart. Is like- ✨✨✨✨✨
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jacquessouvenier · 21 minutes ago
The Captain America trio is basically ZNMD. Steve is Kabir aka the mediator and Sam and Bucky are Arjun and Imran aka the men-children who keep bickering 24/7 for no reason whatsoever.
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color-me-surprised765 · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I hope we're getting this on Friday, I am counting the seconds until it comes.
Like my heart. Is like- ✨✨✨✨✨
Bc Anthony mackie as the actor deserves this.
And Sam Wilson as his character deserves it
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awkwardwithapause23 · 25 minutes ago
Call me ignorant on the topic of white privilege because I’ve never seen my skin tone as a privilege, but if Steve and Isaiah were switched would Steve still be promoted and praised and Isaiah still be jailed and experimented on. Or does boil down to people and circumstance. Were Steve’s and Isaiah’s superiors of the same ideology or different because I know their circumstance weren’t the same. Steve’s superior didn’t want the men to die Isaiah’s did. If Steve saved Isaiah’s men and Isaiah saved Steve’s would Isaiah still be jailed and experimented on and Steve still be promoted and praised. I don’t think so.
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mejacinta · 38 minutes ago
John Waker antis.
These are the kind of John Walker anti posts I just need to respond to:
“I didn’t even know there could be people actively defending that piece of shit but just for argument’s sake: he did get a slap on the hand?
Walker literally killed an innocent man in cold blood on foreign soil and mind you he didn’t do it in self defence or even during a fight, no he ran after the first guy he saw, took him down and decapitated him in front of a crowd and then left like nothing happened. May I remind you of the hateful treatment we (and by we I mean predominantly white countries) reserve to any person of colour who even dares to think something even remotely “submersive”? Yeah.
So yes, that white garbage fire got away with a slap on his hand because instead of being put on trial for slaughtering a man, he’s just sent home with dishonor or whatever cuz he’s the epitome of entitlement and privilege. Call that justice will you.”
Duuuuuuuuuude!!! Here’s just a little something I’ve obsereved about these types of individuals and their fake SJW Playbook.
1. They’ll identify with morally questionable characters a.k.a criminals who mess up their own circumstances in heated situations, then blame it entirely on a party *outside* of themselves and their poor choices. Nico, mind you, wasn't entirely innocent. He was an accomplice to Lemar's murder. And he can't say he didn't sign up for war when he chose to fight beside Karli. John was high on the serum and took the wrong stance, to be fair. But to pretend that Nico was a saint who had no idea what he was messing up with is something else entirely. And clearly, he admitted he had messed up when crazed up John was standing over him.
2. They’ll remind people, especially black people, how 'privileged' as white people they are, and how them coming down to 'advocate' for black people makes them 'better' white people. This is what I hate most about such so-called fans. They treat black people as objects to gain golden societal points from, as they ironically state over and over again, how ‘privileged’ they are to be born a certain skin color. With all due respect, I find any 'fan' or person that talks such shit to me, as if I ever asked for their help or ever saw myself as a 'helpless, poor little black person in need of a savior' the BIGGEST racist ever!!!
3. These fans think they earn points by calling people of their skin color, 'white garbage fire'. Dude, have you no respect for yourself at the least?? It's not virtuous to insult someone for the color of their skin, it's actually deranged and evil. And many of these John antis are in fact very deranged and small-brained. They can’t see beyond their unhealthy hatred for how someone looks or talks.
4. Making everything about race... Gee, where do I even start. The Falcon & The Winter Soldier has served heavy facts about how the government uses people to pass their sinister agendas. They experimented on Isaiah. Another shadow government organization kidnapped, tortured and brainwashed Bucky. John Walker and Lemar Hoskins were programmed to believe they were serving their nation abroad when all that brought was death and destruction to foreign countries. Biggest takeaway from here is that the government WILL use you fools. 
And what's the latest method Western governments are using to pass outrageous, tyrannical laws?? The excuse of 'racism'. Mass disarmament of nation's because 'racism'. Mass censorship of freethinkers and people that question government/try to hold it accountable because 'racism'. Black people must be inoculated first with an experimental vaccine because 'racism'. Open borders, mass child trafficking, sexual exploitation, pedophilia and dangerous notorious gangs getting in because it would be 'racist' to strengthen border protection. Oh, and black people shouldn't pass in Math because how could they when Math is 'racist' and black people can't and shouldn't compete equally with others in a subject that even African students ( Math is compulsory here in Africa) are really good at and consequentially pursue meaningful and empowering careers that take them as far as actress Lupita Nyong’o, writer Wole Soyinka , actor Eddie Gathegi or American surgeon Ben Carson????
It's ironic, and beyond me, that these SJW John antis don't see they are the ones that are government/establishment props.
Now the question is: is John Walker, a character that’s a war veteran, programmed/conditioned into the role of Captain America and had a (black) best friend and has a beautiful, loving (black) wife a 'racist' simply because Sam wasn't ready to take up the Shield and voluntarily gave it up to the Establishment????? (Thankfully, he’s come around now).
John Walker is now liberated from government control and wants to do things his way, and he's bad for that?? He's literally what all of you 'SJW' fans aim to be right? A rebel breaking free from government control and exacting justice the way they see fit?
This is the big irony with John antis. Tell me you're petty without telling me you're petty, I guess.
Tumblr media
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lets-talk-about-x-bay-bey · 54 minutes ago
Bucky: You made me cry
Sam: Baby
Bucky: Now isn't the time for petnames!
Sam: No, you misunderstood. I'm calling you a baby. I'm insulting you
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kaunis-sielu · an hour ago
Your hands are sweating. You hate this, just knowing that you had to get a shot was enough to send you into a panic. You can see the line in front of you getting smaller and you feel your heart pounding. Tears threaten to spill over and you blink rapidly to make sure that you don’t start crying. You focus on your phone until your name is called by a male voice.
“Hi,” he says with a wide smile as you make your way up to him, “I’m Peter I’ll be giving you your vaccine today.”
“Hi.” You say quickly, you don’t want to seem rude but you’re stressing.
“So I am required to tell you that I’m in nursing school and this is part of my final round of clinicals.”
“Okay.” You say as you sit down on the chair that’s provided.
“We’ll have another nurse in the room, but he’s there to make sure I’m doing everything right. He’s just getting the vaccine and stuff.”
“Sounds good. So, I just wanted to let you know I hate shots and get super freaked out when I have to get them so if I cry it’s not your fault.” There’s a soft tap on the door and a second man comes into the room with a small silver tray.
“Thanks Steve.” Peter says and the older man nods.
“Hey, Peter explain everything to you?” He asks and you nod. “Perfect, why don’t we get this over with?”
“Please.” You say not looking at the shot on the tray that he sets down next to Peter.
“Can you roll up your sleeve for me?” He says pulling on a pair of gloves. You do and he opens an alcohol swab. Steve holds a hand out to you with a small smile and you take it gratefully.
“This one’s real easy and Peter has been killing it today. It’ll be over before you know it.” He says calmly and you nod.
“I just get so stressed.”
“You’re not the only one okay? Just look at me.” You look over at him as Peter wipes your arm.
“I’m gonna count down.”
“Please don’t. Just do it.” You tell him still looking at Steve.
“Oh, okay.” Peter says and Steve presses his mouth to yours just as you feel the sting of the needle. “Um, what the hell?” Peter says putting the bandaid on your arm and Steve pulls away with a laugh.
“Peter, I’d like to introduce you to my wife.”
“Your- wait, what?”
“My wife.”
“They always make sure that Steve can come distract me because shots are honestly my worst nightmare.” You tell his very confused nursing student. “I thought he would’ve told you.”
“Where’s the fun in that?” Steve asks and you give him a little swat with the back of your hand in the stomach and he laughs again. “I wish I would’ve seen his face though.” Steve says as you stand and he takes your hand. “I’ll be right back Peter. Move on okay?”
“Yea okay.” Peter says before giving you a smile, “it was nice meeting you. Good job.”
“You too, hardly felt a thing.” You tell him following Steve out of the room.
“Wasn’t too bad?” He asks walking with you back toward the exit to the waiting room.
“No, but now I have to do it again.”
“I know, the second is even more painless though.”
“You’re still bringing home Maximov’s for dinner right?”
“Yea, a deals a deal.” Steve tells you pushing the door to the waiting room open.
“Okay, see you in a couple weeks.” You tease and he laughs before kissing you again.
“See ya then.” He says and you walk through the waiting room.
“I want him to give me my shot.” An older woman says and it takes everything in you to not laugh, instead you look back at Steve over your shoulder and throw him a wink.
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borkybawnes · an hour ago
If Sebastian Stan delete his Instagram because people body shame him IM GONNA THROW A fucking TANTRUMENSKSJDBSJSN!!!!
STOP BODY SHAMING ANYONE OMG!!!! If you have nothing nice to say... you should just shut up
Im so disappointed
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sun-bae · an hour ago
Walker: Sam
Sam: Walker
Bucky: Bucky
Sam: Okay, you just said your own name
Bucky: It was the only one left
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skyedoeswrite · an hour ago
I've cropped marvel characters onto pride flags feel fred to save them and use as you please
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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redsong · an hour ago
I wonder what Steve Rogers kill count is.
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paperowl · an hour ago
As a former gymnast I still can’t get over all the energy Steve, and now Sam, are wasting on tumbling passes because they look ✨dramatic✨ in a fight.
Yeah it looks cool, but that stuff takes energy. We use a springed floor for a reason, doing it on solid ground makes things doubly more difficult in terms of effort. And don’t even get me started on their poor joints. Also, Sam is in for something broken by doing zero training on actual gym equipment - especially in the early stages. 
I love the ambition, but pals, hold off on the fancy flips, they’re gonna do nothing but drain your energy really quickly.
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annabeth707 · an hour ago
Howard Stark made two of the greatest shields to ever exist. The Capitan America shield and S.H.I.E.L.D.
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ohheyalex · 2 hours ago
Watching Sam’s Captain America training montage:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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So I try to avoid Twitter since there’s too many people on there giving out bad takes Some dude really tried to discredit the scene where Isaiah Bradley says the USA will never accept a black Captain America by comparing the Cap Iron Patriot.
Even as a blatantly racist argument, it fails as a geeky argument since Iron Patriot serves a completely different function as a character. Captain America is a symbol, a mantle that represents America and its values. Iron Patriot was a fucking PR stunt for the military that was forgotten quickly. It baffles me that these people claim to be Marvel fans.
EDIT: Also, another thing. All you saw of Iron Patriot was the suit, so it didn’t even matter that Rhodey was the user. No one would know a black man was piloting the suit, so the comparison still fails. 
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I never realized how many MCU trilogies were about the main characters relationship with one other person. The Cap movies: all about Steve and Bucky's friendship. Thor movies: all about the rocky relationship between Thor and Loki. Ant-Man movies: all about father-daughter relationships. Scott and Cassie, Hank and Hope, Bill and Ava. Guardians movies are more than one person but its still all about familial relationships: Baby Groot and everyone, Gamora and Nebula, Peter and Yondu vs Peter and Ego, Mantis and Drax, Rocket and Peter, etc.
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