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• Gif Credits - @giorno-plays-piano

Summary: You and Steve walk the red carpet together at a big show.

Word Count: 0.6k

Warning(s): None, this is just fluffy.


As an Avenger, you always had to face publicity. Persistent reporters, eager photographers and constant invitations to events and premieres. Even after attending so many over the years, you would still get nervous right before stepping out infront of an audience. You’d even tried to blow off a few, pretending you were sick or simply getting someone else to go for you. But Tony wouldn’t let you skip out on any more, so Steve offered to go as your plus one.

“Do you think it looks okay?” Standing in front of your bedroom mirror, you observed the dress hugging your figure. It was floor length, glittering black in colour, a slit cutting all the way down your right leg. “Do I think? You look amazing, I don’t understand why you try to get out of these all the time,” Nat said from behind you, her hoodie and jeans looking washed out compared to your attire. It wasn’t that you didn’t think you looked good - you were nervous about what Steve would think. Even though he was your superior, you’d developed what you could call a completely huge ‘moderate’ crush on him.

And speak of the devil, there he stood in the towers foyer, all suited up and ready to leave. You had to admit he looked classy, even if he was a thousand years old.


You began slowly walking down the steps to approach him, stopping the man dead in his tracks. His mouth was agape - you looked stunning. “Doll, you look absolutely gorgeous,” he grinned at you, holding out his arm for you to take hold of. Your hand snaked around it willingly before making your way out of the compound, into one of Tony’s limos, and off to the event ahead of you.


While seated in the overly cushy limousine, you quickly began to grow restless. The car was almost at its destination and you couldn’t seem control the swarm of butterflies in your stomach. Steve picked up on your unease and took your trembling hand into his own. “It’s alright to be nervous,” he reassured you. “I’ll be by your side the whole night.” You interlocked your fingers together, and though that further added to your nerves, Steve managed to calm you nonetheless. The car halted and even through tinted windows, the lights were almost blinding. Steve got up and subsequently brought you with him, taking you out into the pack of paparazzi. You made your way slowly down the red carpet, grasping onto Steve like he was a life line. Together you posed for countless photos, spoke in interviews and signed autographs until finally you reached the end, where a camera crew and journalist were waiting for you.

“So (Y/N), Steve, we’ve been hearing a lot of rumours lately about you two being in a relationship - is that true?” She held the mic up to Steve’s lips, where he began to speak. “Well, we’re not, unfortunately, but I hope I can make a change to that soon,” he said, flashing a smirk towards the camera. Your heart fluttered at the sound of his hopeful words, but you managed to produce a small grin at the reporter before walking in to the venue.

As soon as the two of you were inside the building, you tugged Steve to the side, hiding behind a tall, marble pillar. “Is everything you said out there true?” You questioned him, eagerly, causing his unsure expression to fade away. “Of course it is, Doll. Why do you think I asked Bucky if I could take over your training?” He looked down at you with a smile, earning an identical grin from you in return. Tugging lightly on his silk tie, you pulled him down to a more familiar height and into an elated kiss.

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Okeey so I realized, after reading a lot of fanfics, that I could forgive Steve for everything he did in Civil War (betraying Tony, for example) if he had admitted he was in love of Bucky, because I can understand that if he had to choose between his friend and his lover, he would choose his boyfriend. I totally get it.

I mean, if Tony would have had to choose Pepper or Steve, he would not even doubt it.

But do all the shit he did just for a “friend”… fuck you Rogers.

(I can’t stop of imagine what Tony felt when he saw the video of his parents, for God sakes, imagine you seeing your parents being killed and having their killer in front of you).

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*The Avengers chilling in the common room*

Tony : I’m bored

Cap, Bucky & Sam : Same

Peter : We could play a game ?

Y/N : How about hangman ?

Natasha : That’s an excellent idea, babe ! I’ll go get what we need ! *rushes off, excitedly*

The Others : …

Y/N : Please tell me she’s getting papers and pencils.

Tony : That sounds like a ‘you’ problem.

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Omg yes! They definitely would have an insta. The pranks between Chris and his brother make me think of Nat pranking Steve and posting it! You know they’d have a doggie like Dodger 🥺.


Originally posted by midnxghtsunwrites

2 notes

Natasha : I need a new signature move.

Steve : Why ?

Natasha : Y/N says she’s the only one who’s allowed to die between my thighs.

The rest of the avengers : …

Steve : wanna try that answer again ?

Natasha : …

Natasha : Because it’s getting predictable ?

Steve : Much better.

24 notes

Y/N : Natasha is so cute

Clint : Natasha who ?!?

Steve : Romanoff ???

Y/N : Yeah, she’s like a cute little golden retriever

Tony : The Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow who kills people with her thighs ?? The Assassin ???

Y/N : …

Y/N : We all have our faults

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Pairing: Steve x Reader
Warnings: foul language, no editing, I’m drinking, aggressive Steve, Bratty reader, sexual innuendos,


Originally posted by pterparkers

There had been just a moment between the two of you. Hell if you call it that. It was really just a shared glance that you completely fucked up. The Captain America, Steve Fucking Rogers had blocked a car from crushing you in New York when all you could do was give him a devilish grin. 

It obviously worked, but not like you’d thought. He only came around when it was convenient and was very verbal about that fact. You grew into a brat really early on and despite the rage that grew in both your hearts he couldn’t help but see that annoyance grow in your eyes as he arousal grew. 

“Could you stop trying to plan these elaborate date weekends? I don’t ever have a weekend let alone a full twenty four hours to do the basics of living in this century.” he crossed his leg over his knee as he brought his beer to his lips.

You clenched your jaw and crossed your arms as the rage in your heart grew. You weren’t asking for much, just for him to see if he had the time available and was already shutting it down without a second thought.

“All I did was ask you to check! Fuck! If all you’re going to do is sit around and drink beer today then leave.” 
“No you asked me to come over. I’m here. I had these plans even if you didn’t ask. Be glad I’m here and didn’t think it would be an issue.” 
“Steve. Don’t test me right now.” 
“Or what? You going to yell at me some more? I thought you were upset.” 
“WELL NOW I’M PISSED!” as you screamed he got to his feet and was in front of you glaring down at you.

You gulped and avoided his eyes knowing you had crossed that final line for the night. You could feel his anger radiating and as you built up the courage to look into his eyes his hand was pulling your chin up squeezing a little too tight for comfort. You gulped again and searched for a kind expression in his eyes that wasn’t going to show itself for a few hours. 

“Steve.” it was inaudible and after taking a deep breath his lips were on yours and your back was being forced into the wall.

“Fuck. Steve. Ow.” you whimpered into his mouth while accepting this aggressive arousal he was giving. 

He pulled his lips off yours and rested his forehead on yours as his hands caressed every inch of your upper body. You let moans escape and moved to give him the tender kiss he was needing to calm down. He didn’t kiss back he simply pulled his weight off you and allowed you to move from the wall and have a moment of control. When you moved to hug him with your face in his chest he let out that breath that you were waiting for. 

“I’ll see about staying tonight into tomorrow before my next mission. How does that sound?” you nodded and squeezed him as he chuckled and kissed your hair. 

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It should be illegal the things this man puts me through…..

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