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#captain america
idy-ll-ique · 17 hours ago
steve: *accidentally messes something up*
y/n, who has seen all his PSA videos courtesy of Peter: you got detention.
bucky: what?
y/n: you screwed up.
y/n: you know what you did was wrong.
steve: Y/N SHUT UP—
y/n: the question is, how are you gonna make things right?
sam, dying in the background:
bucky, confused: what is going on?
sam: i gotta show you something real quick—
steve: SAM NO—
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bisexual-chupacabra · 14 hours ago
*Natasha walks into the room laughing and talking to Steve*
Y/N: *gasp* oh my god
Peter: Are you okay?
Y/N: I think I'm having a heart attack.
Peter: Symptoms quick!
Y/N: tight chest, sweaty palms, nausea
Peter: Do you smell burnt toast?
*Natasha looks at Y/N and smiles*
Y/N: *disoriented noises*
Peter: and slurred speech. WebMD says you're either having a stroke or you're in love.
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awitchandwriter · 13 hours ago
It’s the fact that the MCU set up Steve and Bucky to be such a perfect heartbreaking traversing-time-and-trauma romance and then went “no homo bro” with a weak ass ending to Steve’s story arc because toxic superhero masculinity for me.
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labella420 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
This is a little continuation of a fic that I wrote that you can find HERE. I’m a slut. Oh well. 🥵
Starring: Business CEO!Steve Rogers x Female Reader
Summary: You offer Steve some comfort and relaxation.
Warnings: SMUT! NSFW! MINORS DNI! Oral Sex (Male receiving). Rough Oral Sex.
Word Count: 824
Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
You wince as Steve slams the receiver down and sits back in his plush chair massaging his temples. Closing his office door silently, you slink over to him, wrapping your arms around his neck and straddling his lap.
Rough day?” Running your tongue up the side of Steve’s neck, he shivers under you, his cock stirring, straining against the front of his pants. He grabs your hips as you playfully grind down onto his bulge. “I can help with that, you know.”
Growling in your ear, Steve snatches your chin in between his fingers. He traces your soft, supple lips with his thumb before pushing the digit between your lips. “Sweetheart, you shouldn’t start something unless you finish it.”
You welcome his thumb into your mouth, hollowing your cheeks, and sucking, moving your head back until it’s pulled from you with a quiet “pop.” Swinging your legs down from either side of Steve, you stand briefly. Scratching your nails down this chest, you feel his muscles tense and release under your touch. Sinking to your knees, you push his legs apart, giving yourself better access to the prize in front of you.
“I have full intention of finishing you off, Daddy.” You’re practically drooling as you pop open the button of Steve’s pants, sliding down his zipper with ease. Reaching into his boxers, you grip his cock in your hand, pulling it free from its confines. You take a moment to admire him, all of the veins and ridges up to his perfect mushroom head.
Flicking your tongue out, you tease his slit, relishing the taste of the salty precum that has already started leaking. Wrapping a hand around his shaft, you start to tap him against your tongue. You loved feeling how heavy he was. You hum as you draw his head into your mouth, swirling your tongue around him a few times before taking him further into your mouth.
You hear a quiet gasp from above, and you know you have Steve right where you want him. Your cunt throbs as you bob your head up and down his shaft, slick soaking your panties. It was a huge turn on having one of the most powerful businessmen in New York reduced to a writhing mess of a man, especially knowing that you were the one that was responsible.
“Yes sweetheart, just like that.” Steve blows out a breath as you relax your throat and take as much of him as you can. What you couldn’t reach with your mouth, you made sure you worked him over with a tight circle of your fingers, twisting in a different direction than your mouth.
Losing himself, Steve thrusts upwards, pushing himself further down your throat, and you gag harshly around his shaft. Giving you very little reprieve, his thick fingers grip your hair, forcing you down on his cock once more. Holding you there, tears spill over your eyes as your lungs fight to take a breath. “Just a little more sweetheart, I know you can take it.”
As the black dots begin to spark in your eyes, Steve pulls you off of him, allowing you to swallow a few deep breaths before shoving himself to the back of your throat again. “Good girl,” he praises as he releases your hair, and you find yourself able to regain control. You deep throat him again, thick strings of spit keeping your open mouth and his cock connected as you pull off him quickly.
Swishing the excess saliva in your mouth you spit on Steve’s cock, stroking him lewdly as the slippery sounds of your hands on his cock fill his office. Your mouth teases his head, sucking on the pulsing tip as your tongue tickles his frenulum. “Fuck… fuck…” Steve is incoherent, his cock beginning to twitch.
Fluid is pouring from your mouth now, around your hands and down his shaft making a mess of his pants. You didn’t care, your sights only on making this man fill your belly with his seed.
“Fuck, sweetheart, I’m gonna cum,” Steve rasps. Taking him balls deep, you gulp the first few spurts that hit the back of your throat, thick ropes filling your mouth as you continue to stroke every drop from his shaft. You swallow everything you’ve caught, making sure you push any excess on your chin back into your mouth so it doesn’t go to waste.
Steve gazes down at you with half lidded eyes. Catching sight of his pants, he “tsks” as the blood rushes to your cheeks and you cover your face. “Seems like I can’t keep you from ruining my clothes when you stop by.”
Helping you up from the floor, Steve turns to the small closet in the corner of his office. Turning, you see that he has plucked an identical pair of pants from the small space, chuckling to himself as he does so. “Good thing I came prepared this time.”
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turnerpla · 7 hours ago
Sometimes it’s good to see Anthony in one of his natural state. I am definitely into his “mini fro” look. His beauty is AMAZING!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tvneon · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
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kyysis-nyx · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This was really just the best lol.
THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER (2021), 1.05. Truth, dir. Kari Skogland
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malereader-justimagine · 11 hours ago
Okay but imagine Steve's boyfriend discovering just how hairy he is for the first time
(personally my jaw would be on the floor)
You approach him slowly. He had removed his shirt after returning from a mission. And god. damn.
Pecs. Giant ones. The definition of a barrel chest. And plushy looking too, surprisingly enough. And some sinful-looking abs to boot.
But Holy fuck. That torso of his is covered in thick, fluffly-looking blonde and brown hair. There's thick swirls adorning his chest. There's a lot of it on his stomach too, specially in a thick line conecting his sternum to somewhere down his pants. You even catch a glimpse of a thick, long tuft of hair as he raises his arms a bit too. He looked DELICIOUS.
"How dare you, Steve Rogers?" you say, and he jumps.
"W-what?" he says, and you can see he got nervous.
"How dare you hide these from me?" you say, putting your hands on his chest.
"O-oh! Thought you were mad at me or something... " you can see a blush spreading through his face.
"Squishy too." you say, squeezing his pecs. "And hairy? Damn, you are my dream come true" you say, twirling his chest hair a bit.
"You l-like that?" he says, and you smirk as you see he's still stuttering. The blush has spread all the way up to the tips of his shoulders, a red and pink tint on his pale skin.
"How cute. Can't wait to see the whole thing later."
He just chuckles.
"You sure know how to make a fella feel special, don't you?"
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m4mwriting · 20 hours ago
steve rogers x m!reader
request summary: you and steve both have the serum; you disappear until you reunite in the 'future', and you and steve get it on, steve tops then bottoms (also ur besties with bucky)
warnings: wrote straight up porn for the second half 💀, reader bottoms and tops but is a dom. unrealistic prep and protection but they’re super soldiers and this isn’t real so i’m just gonna say they’re good and move on
word count: 2.3k
Tumblr media
- you’d known steve since he was a scrawny asthmatic punk who liked to pick fights.
- you, him, and bucky had always been three peas in a pod. brothers.
- well,,, you never really thought of steve as a brother.
- you always found his persistence and bravery and boyish blond hair to be charming.
- while the two of you and bucky were usually together, sometimes you and steve would go off on secluded late night walks by the lake where no one could see. you’d lay on the grass as the breeze caressed your faces, and you’d watch the moon and the stars in the cloudless velvet sky. that was when you felt most at peace.
- one of those times, when you were shoulder to shoulder, you timidly inched your hand into steve’s. he held it. you never talked about it—you couldn’t—but sometimes you caught steve looking at you, and he’d blush when you met his gaze.
- you never felt the same way about any girl who showed interest in you.
- you kissed him once by the lake, and he kissed you back. it was soft and sweet and nervous, but it felt right.
- you and steve were both candidates for the serum. not long after your kiss, you were both chosen for your bravery and selfless acts; you and steve were twin flames.
- however, they made two variants of the serum to test. steve’s serum was a little different than yours, and it worked perfectly.
- yours.. provided some unfortunate side effects. some of the side effects were similar to the ones another variant of the serum had given Johann Schmidt, the head of HYDRA. your bravery and selflessness made you a good candidate for the experiment, but some of the permutations in your serum didn’t cooperate with your body.
- Schmidt wanted to cure some of his side effects, so he had you kidnapped and brought to HYDRA HQ.
- (umm i don’t want you to look as nasty as he did because of the serum so let’s say there were other side effects that let you still look hot asf 💀)
- at first you were ill for a long time; when Shmidt's medical team helped you regain your health, he conducted experiments on you, trying to find ways to rid you—and eventually, him—of the side effects.
- a lot of it worked, but a lot of it was endless experiments that paid no mind to your pain tolerance or mental health.
- otherwise, you were locked up.
- when steve saved bucky and his regiment from HYDRA, he was disappointed to see that you weren’t there alongside steve.
- after bucky fell from the train and was kidnapped by HYDRA, you sometimes crossed paths, but he rarely recognized you, his eyes always stern and far away.
- except for the time he called out your name as he was being dragged away to be launched into his hypnotic state. his voice was desperate, confused, and it was what kept you going.
- another thing that powered you to continue was to think of steve—what you could’ve had, what he might be doing now, what could happen in the future.
- eventually, when they had no immediate use for you anymore, they stuck you in a cryogenic stasis.
- you didn’t know how long it had been when you woke to bucky sitting beside your bed. you didn’t know where you were. his hair was longer. he had a shiny arm, which you remembered from HYDRA. were you still there?
- bucky told you that when he saw steve, he remembered you as well, and had eventually gathered a team and had gone back and managed to break you out.
- apparently you were in the stark tower. no, not howard stark, which bucky clarified with a sigh.
- you didn’t really need medical attention, seeing as you had the serum. basically all of the side effects had been eradicated from the experiments HYDRA conducted on you.
- after hugging bucky finally after so long, you needed to see steve. your bones were aching for it.
- buck hadn't brought steve; he didn’t want to overwhelm you. he knew steve would rush here immediately if he knew you were back, so he hadn’t even told him the mission had been successful yet.
- he wanted to tell you more about the future first, or rather the present, so you’d have better footing, but you were desperate and stubborn. you hopped out of bed.
- “you can tell me everything i need to know later, buck. either bring me to steve or tell him to haul his ass here right now,” you ordered.
- “alright. but i’ll tell you one thing. gay marriage was legalized in 2015.”
- “what?”
- “i’m just sayin'. it’s okay, now. you can hold a guys hand and walk down the street. like, i don’t know, steve’s hand, for example.” he shrugged.
- you stared at him for a second. “how’d you know,” you narrowed your eyes.
- “like i said, i’ll get you up to speed later.” he clapped your back. “i’ll tell steve you’re here. it’s good to see you, (y/n).”
- when steve entered your room, he immediately scooped you into a hug; you cradled each other, smelling each other, feeling each other, trying not to cry
- it was easier to see steve than you thought it would be. he was pretty easy on the eyes, though.
- you voiced these thoughts to him, and he chuckled, though his eyes were a little red rimmed.
- “you thought it would be hard to see me?” he asked quietly.
- “thinking about you was one of the only things that kept me going in HYDRA. i know i love you. i’m not going to waste another second not saying that. i didn’t know how much you would’ve changed, or how much you’d gotten used to not being around me. i didn’t know if you’d… feel like that too. if you'd feel the way you used to.”
- you were fresh out of a bear hug, so your faces were close, and your arms were still on each other. steve smiled easily at you, for you, like everything he did in that moment was for you. his beating heart. his thumb ghosting over your arm. the nervous gulp before he spoke.
- “i’ve loved you since you kissed me. hell, since before that, i just didn’t know what love was, or that i could have it with you.”
- “yeah?”
- “yeah. you must’ve known a little bit, right?”
- you laughed lightly. “you weren’t very good at not blushing. see, you’re doing it now! i guess i still got it as an old hag.”
- “if you mean “it” as in me, then yeah, you still got it.”
- “that was cheesy, rogers.”
- “i have a lot of lost time to make up for that could’ve been spent flirting with you,” he grinned. the grin fell into a serious, loving look as he rested his forehead on yours. “i’m not letting you go again, (y/n).”
- before you could kiss him, you had to awkwardly peel apart because tony decided to open the door and walk right in.
- “oh, well,” he said, raising his eyebrows. “i came to ask if you needed anything, (y/n), but it seems you’ve found the village whore. i'm kidding, he’s probably more vanilla than my grandma, but hey, looks like you'd know better than i would. here's, uh, some new clothes for you, let me know if they don't fit," he placed them on your bed. "wow, cap, d’you have a fever? you’re burning up over there.”
- he eventually stopped teasing and left you to it.
- “that’s, uh, that’s tony. howard’s son. he’s just.., like that.”
- you both decided you needed to spend the rest of the day like you used to; the three of you, whatever you wanted to do, as long as you, steve, and bucky were together.
- bucky bashfully showed you his arm, and you thought it was pretty fucking cool.
- they showed you downtown manhattan, and you were amazed at the buildings and screens and all the different people walking around. it was a lot to take in.
- you remembered what bucky had said, and experimentally slipped your hand into steve's. he furrowed his eyebrows at first, unsure if you were getting overwhelmed from all the new information, but when he saw you smiling hopefully at him, he gripped your hand back and gave you a reassuring look.
- bucky couldn't be happier. finally, his two favourite dumbasses could stop pining.
- it was nearly midnight by the time you got steve alone. finally.
- you told him and bucky you were going to your room, and the two of them said they were gonna turn in as well. while bucky went off in the other direction, steve followed you; it felt natural, so you didn't say anything.
- you entered your bedroom, steve behind you, and he shut the door. you looked at each other, breathing in the moment.
- this was real—jesus christ the ground under your feet was solid and steve was watching you eagerly with his baby blue's that so many women had complimented but only you could have as your own.
- you strut towards him and kissed him with no hesitation. it was so different compared to the scared kiss by the lake so many damn years ago. it was certain, passionate, strong, and you nearly cried with how much you wanted him.
- you were surprised with how pliable steve was. he was easily pushed against the door, you easily slid your thigh between his legs, and he whined as he rubbed against it. he wasn't easy, so to say, but he was definitely easy for you. he'd probably let you do anything, not that he'd tell you that. the man needed a little dignity.
- after intense making out and needy grinding, it wasn't long before steve had been shoved onto the bed, his clothes off, your clothes off, and your fingers in his ass. nearly a century of sexual tension was bound to set off a bomb, and set it off quickly.
- you gripped steve’s arms behind his back, his veins bulging.
- you grinded your cock against his ass, sliding it up and down, your ears straining to capture every noise he made, every whine.
- using the head of your cock, you spread his cheeks open and rubbed his pink hole. steve clenched in anticipation.
- you leaned forward. “relax. i got you,” you murmured. you used your spit to lube up, and you pressed the head in.
- thanks to the serum, steve’s pain tolerance was extremely high, so as you stretched out his ass, he could handle it. he kind of liked the burn. that was the good thing about one super soldier fucking another; you could handle each other.
- you groaned as he sucked you in. you watched your dick disappear inside of him. “oh, god, steve, ’m inside’a you, stretchin’ you out.”
- “nnhmm,” steve moaned, delirious with arousal. he was drooling onto the bed, his eyes half shut. in his head, he thought how he was gonna take it like a good boy. he felt so dirty, in a good way.
- “you like takin’ my dick?” you asked roughly, sliding it in and out, slow and purposeful.
- “yes sir,” he slurred.
- you nearly laughed, surprised you were discovering his kinks so quickly.
- you adjusted yourself, holding his wrists with one hand, and gripping his hair and shoving the side of his face into the mattress with the other. you hammered into him, steve muttering “mm fuckin’ pound me” or other unintelligible things considering how out of it he was.
- your balls slapped against him, your hand tugged his hair, and he raised his ass higher for you to slam into.
- “g’nna cum, gunna–” steve spasmed, groaning, his ass gripping and ungripping your cock repeatedly.
- you pulled out, still hard, and helped steve turn around so he was on his back. his dick was still red and hard and flopping on his stomach. “oh, good,” you said, “that was purely an internal orgasm. i would’ve made you hard again anyway, but this is better.”
- “w-why?” steve breathed, blinking slowly.
- “because, pretty boy,” you straddled him, holding his dick under your ass, and whispered, “i’m gonna ride you.”
- you sank onto him painfully slow, but you squeezed your ass and shut your eyes through the discomfort.
- you looked at steve’s face; his open mouth, head tilted back, eyes clamped shut—he was completely gone, so fucking sensitive, and you were gonna ruin him—that face gave you the jolt of arousal you needed to bite down and slide all the way onto his cock, gripping and settling once you reached the base. you rocked a little, teasing him, feeling him rub so deep inside you.
- all those times you had hugged him and wanted to just... crawl inside his skin, never getting far enough, never being close enough, never being able to show him with touch how much he meant—this is what was missing.
- he was nearly crying at this point, so you picked up the pace.
- “ohhmmggodd fuckin’m bounce on m’cock,” he moaned. he gripped your hips and helped you move up and down.
- you sat up further, throwing your head back, your hips taking control—you were putting on a show for steve.
- your cock slapped against his stomach with each bounce, and your ass jiggled against his thighs.
- eventually you needed something to hold onto, so you gripped his chin with one of your hands, shoving his head down, using that stability to drill his dick into you faster. your pace was erratic, sloppy.
- steve started jutting his hips up, jackhammering into you, until you were moving at the same intense speed, synchronized, working together in the white-visioned haze of an approaching orgasm.
- you were on the very edge when steve came, jittering underneath you, filling you up. it wasn’t something you’d ever felt before. but the warmth—and the implications of steve claiming his territory that way—was what made you cum, cock untouched. you’d never let anyone else do this, and you had a feeling steve hadn’t done this before either; it was something only you would experience with him, and that thought made a flame of possessiveness roar in your chest.
- when you opened your eyes, you saw your cum dripping from steve’s chest onto the duvet. you both looked at each other, panting, your lips on the edge of a smile that said “we just did that, didn’t we?”
- after the post-orgasm haze partially lifted, steve helped you shimmy off of him. this action made some... interesting noises due to the way steve had finished, which you both laughed at.
- “i’m sorry,” he said sheepishly, “i should’ve asked if i could... do that.”
- you collapsed onto the bed, groaning at the lovely strain in your hips. “you were... understandably caught up in the moment. trust me, i liked it, and i’m not an idiot—i knew it was coming,” you assured, “but next time, ask, cause this’ll probably be a pain to clean up.”
- “next time,” steve murmured with a smile.
- you lightly hit his chest with the back of your hand. “of course there’ll be a next time, idiot. and for the record,” you said, “i seriously doubt you're more vanilla than tony stark's grandma."
- “you have no idea,” steve said.
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Hi, I love your Clint fics! Can you do a vampire Clint story? With or without pairing, idc. Just vampire Clint please!
“Bucky,” Steve said and patted his cheek. “Hey, Buck!”
Bucky groaned and opened his eyes. He lay on the ground and stared at the ceiling of the old house they had just searched.
“Thank god!” he sighed and smiled. Bucky blinked a few times and looked around.
“What happened?” he asked and Steve sat back.
“I don’t know,” he said. “You got attacked by… I’m not entirely sure, to be honest. At first I thought it was a dog, but…”
“It was a werewolf,” a voice said behind them. Both of them startled. They didn’t hear anyone appear.
“Clint!” Steve huffed. “What the futz!”
“The creature that attacked you, Bucky, was a werewolf,” Clint repeated quietly. He looked at his fingers and pressed his lips tight together.
“There is no such thing as werewolves,” Steve snapped and Clint snorted.
“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy,” he said.
“What? Are you quoting Hamlet now?” Bucky asked and Clint shrugged but came closer. His nostrils flared. He hunkered down beside him and reached for his arm, gently ran his fingers over the scratches he had there.
“I can smell it,” he whispered.
“Clint, what the fuck are you talking about,” Steve wanted to know but Clint still ignored him.
“Unfortunately,” he said to Bucky and now looked him in the eyes. “There’s nothing we can do to stop the transformation. It’s in your bloodstream already.”
“This is…” Bucky started and wanted to look away but realized he couldn’t. “... and… and what happens now?”
“You will heal,” Clint said. “The scratches will vanish in a day or two…”
“Yes, of course. He has the super soldier serum and…” Steve cut in but once again Clint ignored him.
“... and in…” he looked over his shoulder at the window. “In twenty-one days you will change for the first time.”
“Clint!” Steve snapped now and this time Clint looked at him. “What are you talking about?” He wanted to know. “There are no such things as werewolves!”
“Yes,” Clint smiled. “Just the way there are no nordic gods, green rage monsters… or super soldiers, right?”
“Are you…” Bucky started but then stopped himself. “Are you one, too?”
“No,” Clint shook his head and smiled. “No, I’m different.”
“What?” Steve asked. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“SHIELD knows for a long time that we exist,” Clint said, barely audible. “They promised to help me. And I help them.”
“But that’s…” Steve started again but now Bucky turned to him.
“Can you finally let him speak!” he snapped.
Steve closed his mouth and gritted his teeth. Clint turned around to him now, looked at him and licked his lips.
“Could you please call Natasha? He will need her… expertise,” he said and waited till Steve nodded and turned to leave them.
“Werewolf, huh?” Bucky huffed now as if someone just told him he had the flu. “That’s…”
“It will change your life,” Clint admitted with a small nod. “You… me… you won’t smell it yet, but soon you will be able to.” He cast his eyes down.
“What are you, Clint?” Bucky wanted to know and sat up, leaned his back against the wall behind him and reached out to take Clint’s hand.
Clint nodded, took a deep breath, let his tongue run over his teeth inside of his mouth and then he showed Bucky his fangs.
“You… you’re a vampire?” Bucky blurted and Clint nodded.
“I am,” he said. “And don't worry, I don’t attack humans for their blood. Dr. Cho provides me with… food. But…” Clint stopped to take a deep breath. “... our species have a long history. And it’s not a nice one.”
“Vampires and Werewolves don’t get along?” Bucky asked and Clint snorted bitterly.
“They usually don’t,” he said. “I will tell you everything you need if you want me to.”
“Why wouldn’t I want to?” Bucky frowned. “Clint, I love you and…”
“We’re different species now,” he said quietly and Bucky squeezed his hand.
“Weren’t we that anyway?” he asked with a smile.
“Not like this,” Clint said. “Not like this.”
“Clint, Steve said you…” a voice interrupted them and both men turned around. Natasha stood behind them, stopped mid-sentence and her nostrils flared just like Clint’s had earlier. “Bozhe moy.”
“Yes, indeed,” Clint said and rose. He stepped back and Bucky reached out for him but he couldn’t touch him. Clint was too fast. “He needs you.”
“Clint, please! Tell me what’s going on!” Bucky asked and Natasha turned to him now.
“Bucky,” she said slowly and hunkered down beside him. “You will only get the full impact when you changed the first time. You will… you will feel it. Clint is different from… from us.”
Bucky’s eyes went wide.
“You… you’re like…” he asked and Nat nodded.
“Yes, I’m a werewolf, too, Bucky,” she said and smiled.
“But you and Clint, you’re friends, right? How… when you… how?”
“It wasn’t easy,” she admitted and Clint could feel the heat in his cheeks. “But we made it work. And you two will, too. He’s old enough to remember a time where vampires and werewolves weren't enemies.”
Clint looked up, locked his eyes with Bucky’s.
“How… uh… how old are you?” Bucky wanted to know and Clint scratched the back of his neck and shifted from one foot to the other.
“Old,” he said. “Way older than this country,” he added after a moment.
“And… and what happens now?” Bucky asked. “With us, I mean?”
Clint came back to him and hunkered down beside Natasha.
“I love you, Bucky,” he said. “And I will do everything to make it work. But for now… we need to get you out of here and to Dr. Cho and I’m pretty sure Nick wants to talk to you, too.”
Bucky rose on shaky legs and accepted Clint’s and Nat’s help.
“I love you, too, Clint,” he said on the way to the quinjet outside. “And nothing will change that, do you hear me? Nothing!”
Clint smiled and squeezed his arm.
“I know.”
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universitypenguin · 57 minutes ago
Author's Note: Here it is, the next installment! This is how my writing is going...
Me: I'm doing a short story.
Writing muse: You mean a novella?
Me: No, a short story.
Writing muse: Good talk. We're doing a novella.
It looks like there's more to this than originally planned. Buckle up for a nice little novella. Pray for me, so I don't turn this into a full length novel.
Tag List Note: If I missed anyone on the tag list at the end of the chapter, or you'd like to be added, reply to this post. I'd be happy add you!
Word Count: 3,812
Warnings: NSFW, 18+ with explicit language, discussion of - bondage, limits, sexual themes, and cuckolding activity.
Tumblr media
Previous Chapters:
Restitution - Chapter One
Restitution - Chapter Two
- - - - -
Restitution - Chapter Three
It took ten minutes to sell Ari the painting. He didn’t quibble over the price and you pocketed fifty-five million in the easiest negotiation of your career. It was almost like he wanted to be up sold. He signed the agreement and called his bank while you contacted Annabelle to share the good news. When you mentioned the buyers wanted to take you to lunch to celebrate, she was gleeful. The chance to rub elbows with people who forked over millions for art was a chance no director turned their nose up at. Annabelle was chuckling at the museum’s good fortune when you wound down the call. Just as you were about to bid her goodbye, she made an insinuating comment about you marrying one of the buyers for his money.
“Do it for the arts! If we go into the red again, he can bail us out!”
“Goodbye, Belle. Have a nice meeting.”
The spa they took you to was a popular spot, housed in a hotel where one night cost what you spent on rent each month. You’d considered going there but hadn’t been able to afford the prices. And that was before Jackson had decimated your finances.
At the spa you were swept away to a private room and quickly realized the men had paid for the full package. Impressive. You didn’t want to be impressed by mobsters. But they were surprisingly generous, first with the painting and now expensive spa treatments. This almost felt like a lover was pampering you on a holiday, you thought after your mud body wrap was rinsed off. You followed a tech down the hall for your facial, and as serum was stroked into your skin, an uncomfortable thought occurred. This was the most thoughtful thing a man had ever done for you.
Your heart spasmed.
No, there was no need to wander down a path of self pity. It was amusing, you decided, pushing back the painful prickle of emotion. A pair of loan sharks were raising your standards. Or perhaps this was their boss’ handiwork. The third man, your mystery buyer, made you nervous. These men weren’t typical underworld characters if they paid fifty-five million cash for a single painting. Steve and Ari were connected to someone powerful. Related to him, actually. He was their brother.
“You’re all set for your manicure, dear. Then it’s off to your suite for lunch and a relaxing soak in the hot tub before your massage and pedicure.”
“That sounds awesome, thank you.”
You had no idea what she was talking about, but the words hot tub, massage, and pedicure meant a good time in your book. Then you remembered agreeing to talk about guidelines with the men and guessed they must have rented a room for privacy. When your nails were done, the tech walked you to the dressing room where a bag of clothing waited.
Inside was a bathing suit that resembled the one from the photograph in your living room. The one Ari must have seen while visiting Jackson. You put it on and covered the suit with the simple wrap dress. When you slid your feet into slides, you realized everything provided was from a brand you preferred. Had they researched you? No, that was outlandish. Who could get that kind of information? It must have been a lucky guess, or they’d pumped Jackson for information.
At the front desk, Steve was waiting. He escorted you up to a suite. When you saw Ari, salvia pooled in your mouth. He was shirtless, wearing swim trunks that fell to mid-thigh. An intriguing dusting of hair was concentrated over his pectorals and formed a thin trail down his stomach.
“How was the rest of your morning?” Ari asked.
“Lovely, thank you.”
A room service cart was waiting. You ate quietly, seated next to Steve with Ari across the makeshift table. They’d ordered for you. As with the clothes, it was a dish you typically ordered. They had to have done reconnaissance about your tastes with Jackson. It was a surprise to discover he’d known what you’d prefer. But then again, he’d been a great actor when he’d swept you off your feet. The unconscious act of piecing together the puzzling details about the day helped to soothe your nerves. You recognized how flustered you felt as your mind buzzed, picking apart every little thing.
Anxiety was festering in your belly. The proximity to both men in seclusion, given what you’d promised them, sparked an uncharacteristic apprehension in you. Most of the time you were in control. But the bargain you’d struck for revenge put Ari and Steve in the driver’s seat. This was unfamiliar to you, and not just because you’d be giving three strangers your body tonight.
This was crazy. You should seek mental health care. You were going to sleep with three men. One after another? Or all at once? Would they require that of you? The idea of what you’d promised them circled the edges of your mind. Ari pushed back from the table and stood.
“Why don’t we get in the hot tub?” he said.
“Go ahead. I’ll put the cart out in the hall,” Steve said.
Ari flashed you a smile. “I’ll go test the waters, sweetheart. Don’t be the last one in.”
He stretched, lifting his arms, drawing the skin of his abdomen taunt to reveal ridges of muscle. He grabbed a towel and headed for the balcony. When Ari was outside, Steve turned to you.
“Why are you uncomfortable?”
“I’m not, I’m fine.”
“You’re going to need to be honest if this is going to work out tonight,” Steve said.
You sighed. “I’m not sure why I’m nervous, okay?”
“Is it because you’re alone with us? Or because we’re going to start talking about sex?”
Your face heated. “Probably the second one.”
Steve smiled and held out his hand. Carefully, you laced your fingers with his and tilted your head back to look up at him. His eyes scanned your face, searching.
“Does this make you uncomfortable?”
“No, this is nice,” you said. He squeezed gently, stroking the pad of his thumb over the back of your hand.
“Good. How about we hop in with Ari? You two can sort out the details. He’s better with this kind of thing. Everyone says I’m the shy one of my family. Talking about sex when I’m not turned on isn’t the most comfortable experience for me, either. But it’s important, so we don’t hurt you, or cross any boundaries."
Your tension eased, marginally.
Steve rolled the room service cart into the hall and you removed your dress. When you climbed into the hot tub across from Ari, Steve settled next to you, his heavy arm curving around your shoulders. You turned your back against his chest and sighed as he drew his arm around your ribs. You leaned into his embrace and let your cheek rest against his neck. A sigh of contentment passed your lips and you shut your eyes.
It didn’t matter that you’d only met Steve a few hours earlier. His arm was so strong and the feeling of security when he’d wrapped it around you made you melt. He felt solid and warm. Not just physically warm, but like he was one of those men who’d been born with a soft side and kept it past puberty. His lips pressed to your temple. You felt him smile.
“Comfortable, doll?”
The bubbling water was just right, not too hot. Steve nuzzled your hair and you curled into him. You had agreed to sleep with him. He owed you this snuggle.
“You two are feeling cozy,” Ari said.
Your eyes opened to see him sprawled on the opposite side of the tub. His arms were draped over the edge, emphasizing the broad muscles.
“Jealous?” Steve teased.
“I’ll have my turn,” Ari said, his smile widening.
“Are you ready to talk about tonight?” Steve asked.
“Sure.” You tried not to tense up, but you did.
Steve spread his hand on your belly and stroked.
“Have you ever had multiple partners at the same time?” Ari asked.
“Have you ever done bondage?”
You shrugged. “Full on hard BDSM stuff, no. I’ve had my hands tied and I’ve been spanked. But nothing hard core.”
“You’re familiar with the red, yellow, green system?” Ari asked.
“I’ve used red and green.”
“Yellow means slow down. It’s your signal to us that you need a check in.”
You nodded. “Okay.”
“Do you have any hard limits I should know about up front?”
“Uh… I’m not sure?”
“For example, do you want to try nipple clamps?”
You winced, but the idea was intriguing. “Not tonight.”
Ari nodded. “That would be a soft limit. You’re not ready for it right now, but it’s not a hard pass. I'll save it for later.”
There wouldn’t be a later, but you didn’t point that out.
“What about spanking?” Steve asked.
“I enjoy some, but I’ve never gone hard enough to be left with bruises.”
“Noted,” Ari said. “Butt plugs? Anal sex? Flogging?”
“I’ve never done any kind of butt play. And I’m not into flogging. Hard pass.”
“Not my scene either,” Steve murmured when you rejected the idea of being beaten.
Across from you Ari shot an amused look at his brother. “That’s one of Steve’s turn offs.”
You glanced up at Steve. He lifted a broad shoulder, giving a sweet half smile.
“What are your limits? Can I ask that?” you said.
Steve’s baby blue eyes went soft. “Yes, you can. I appreciate it. I’m not much for the rougher side of sex. Ari and the boss tend to swing a little more that way. For me, clamps of any kind, metal handcuffs, gagging, that’s not my scene. I’m partial to spanking, as long as I’m getting a pleasurable response, but I don’t punish with spanking. Beating of any kind is off the table and bruises are a hard limit.”
You looked at Ari. “What are your limits?”
“No breath play, but that’s a soft limit. If you enjoy it, I’ll participate. Major sadistic stuff and humiliation is a hard limit. Seeing a woman in pain is an erection killer for me. I don’t mind clamps or metal cuffs. Gags can be fun, but I don’t use them often. Being called ‘master’ is weird for me and I hate it. When you’re underneath me, I want to hear my name and that’s it.”
Your lips twitched. He made a solid point.
“I enjoy a nice bondage scene when I’m in the mood,” Ari said. “But seventy-five percent of the time I’m into vanilla sex. Bondage is to spice things up and add intensity.”
“Do you want to restrain me?”
Ari shrugged. “We don’t know exactly where the night will take us. Knowing your likes and dislikes is important when we don’t have shared experience. I want to get a complete picture of your tastes. We don’t have to do bondage to need a discussion about limits.”
“In a way, this is going to be a power dynamic like bondage,” Steve said. “With Jackson watching, we need you to be comfortable enough to stop the scene.”
“What are you planning?”
“So far? A light spanking to tease you is definitely on the agenda. Let’s talk about past experience,” Ari said. “What’s the best orgasm you’ve ever had?”
Your face heated in response to his bluntness.
“My college boyfriend liked to give oral and he was good at it. He edged me one time and I nearly passed out when I came.”
Ari smirked. “Receiving oral is on the table, I take it?”
Steve tightened his arm around your ribs. “How do you like it?”
Your tongue turned into a knot and your jaw dropped. Words deserted you. His tone was carnal, hungry, and it shot straight to your core.
“Save a little mystery, Steve. We’ll find out tonight,” Ari said.
The blond chuckled. “Fine. How about anal? You’ve never tried it, but is that a hard pass or not?”
Your body had a ready answer. Against the material of your bathing suit, your nipples pebbled in spite of the heated water. You felt your breasts grow heavy and shifted nervously, uncomfortable with the sudden feeling of arousal.
Steve pulled you close to his chest. His big hand stroked to calm you.
“If it’s off the table, that’s fine. We’re genuinely asking and we’d accept no without a question, okay?”
“Give her a chance to speak,” Ari said.
His deep blue eyes glinted with knowledge and his gaze dipped to the front of your swimsuit.
“I’m interested in anal, but I haven’t had the right partner to try it with.”
“Okay,” Steve said. He couldn't hide the relief in his voice.
“You want that tonight?”
Ari nodded. “It’s up to you. But if you’re looking for the right partner, I assure you we’re up to the challenge.”
“What about pain?” you asked.
“I’m definitely not a sadist,” Ari said, his mouth twisting in disgust. “You heard my limits. I promise, we’re not going to hurt you, just the opposite.”
“I meant for anal,” you said. “I’m curious about it, but I don’t know if I’m ready.”
Ari’s expression cleared. “Right. Lubricant is extremely important. And you can’t just dive in. We’d relax you with orgasms, a round or two with both of us. Then we’d try a butt plug. That alone might be all we work up to. If you’re enjoying it, let me know. I’ll be happy to oblige. The red, yellow, green system would be in effect.”
Steve pressed his lips to your temple. “I’m going to warn you that I’m not a small man… particularly not under the belt. So if you don’t want anal with me, no hard feelings.”
You tilted your head back to study him, then shrugged.
“Why don’t we see how it goes?”
Ari’s grin was wicked. “That’s a yes?”
“I’ll try it.”
“One other important question is about being filmed,” Ari said.
“No. Hard pass,” you said, answering almost before Ari had finished asking.
Ari flicked a glance at Steve. “No recording, then?”
“What am I, a pornstar? No way. I can’t let a tape like that exist.”
“What about being watched on camera, as long as it’s not recording?”
“I thought you wanted Jackson in the room?”
“He will be. But the boss is arriving late, after we intend to get started. He’s coming back from a business trip and wants to watch the three of us. The feed would be live and unrecorded.”
“When are you expecting him?”
“Ten-thirty or eleven. What do you say? Discrete cameras, live and unrecorded, streamed to a secure iPad? Is that okay?”
“Unrecorded, I’m willing to trust you about. But will it be secure?”
“We’re not small-time criminals,” Steve said. “It will be a secure line.”
“Alright. But I want to see the set up beforehand and know where the cameras are.”
“That’s fine,” Ari said. “What about restraints? Do you mind handcuffs?”
They ran through a few other kinks, types of praises you enjoyed or didn’t, and what you liked for aftercare. Steve volunteered to spend the night with you and Ari offered to make breakfast the next morning. You were firm in your insistence that once the scene was over, you had the option to leave. Neither of the brothers were happy to lose that negotiation. Steve tried to entice you with promises of a post scene massage, hours of cuddling, and bubble baths with rose petals. You didn’t budge.
It was a boundary you needed, you decided as you stepped into the elevator to return to the spa. This wasn’t a romance. Steve was a gentleman and Ari was a wicked ladies’ man. You’d felt your heart soften at Steve’s cautious boundaries and melted at his shyness. He was polite and sensitive. With a steel core of intense protectiveness at the heart of him. He’d never harm a lover, physically or emotionally. Ari was bold and had a streak of wildness that made you want to crawl in his lap and ride him to find out just how fierce of a lover he could be. But he was a pleaser the same way Steve was - his soft limits spoke volumes. If you wanted him to choke you, he’d do it for your enjoyment. He was a man who’d take care of a woman’s every need, no matter what.
They would respect your limits and you decided to set a private limit of your own. You’d keep your heart out of their hands. Knowing the men and feeling secure with them was a necessity. But your emotions had spilled over during the conversation - not a lot, but enough to worry you. Whatever happened, you wouldn’t let your judgement be compromised by feelings.
As the technician worked on your toes, your mind drifted to the only question remaining. Who was the boss, your mystery buyer? You wondered, your mind drifting as your feet were massaged. No clear picture would form in your head of the unknown mobster you’d meet in a few hours. The memory Ari had brought up of your best orgasm had your thoughts straying, going back in time, to old heartaches.
Andrew Barber was the first man you’d loved, and the last. College had been a wild time for you, sexually, but everything had happened in the confines of a monogamous relationship. It was the happiest time of your life. You’d loved Andy so much it still hurt, even years later, to think about him. His abrupt disappearance from your life had been a blow you’d never seen coming. Since then you’d lost your sense of trust, not only in men, but in everyone. He’d pulled the rug out from under you so fast the experience had shaken you to the heart. There’d never been closure. He’d said his family was making him leave and refused to explain further. What he’d made perfectly clear was that you’d never see him again. Then he’d vanished. Years had gone by, but the event hadn’t lost its peculiarity. Until the day he’d broken things off, Andy had barely mentioned his family. Scarcely a word had been spoken about them during the three and a half years you’d spent together. All you could remember was him saying his parents were toxic, and his siblings were the only family he needed.
You shook off the thoughts. There were so many unanswered questions left in Andy’s wake that thinking about them could leave you spinning in circles for hours. It was better not to go there. Instead, you decided to focus on Steve and Ari. You were about to have the best sex of your life. That orgasm from Andy?
It would pale in comparison to what you’d be having tonight.
The short hem of the cocktail dress placed your legs on prominent display. You waited in the lobby of Ari and Steve’s building, watching for Jackson. The spa had given you a minor makeover with hair and makeup, the results of which were worth every dime. You looked spectacular. Steve and Ari had made certain you knew it without a shadow of doubt before you’d come down.
Your boyfriend walked in, looked around and gawked when he saw you.
“Damn, you look hot.”
Jackson ran his eyes up your body like your efforts were intended for him.
You stood up and moved to put more space between you and him.
“Where are we supposed to go?” Jackson asked.
“They gave me a key. Come on.”
The keycard opened a private elevator to the penthouse.
“Thanks for doing this for me,” he said.
In the background, the elevator quietly hummed its ascent. You fixed your eyes straight ahead and didn’t reply.
“It’ll be fine, you know?” Jackson’s voice was strung with nerves.
It appeared Ari and Steve had the right idea. He was like a cat on a hot tin roof.
You fuck up my credit, I fuck up your masculinity.
The elevator chimed and the doors slid open to reveal Ari. He was draped over a sofa in the living room, looking like a predator lying in wait. His long legs were stretched out and his suit jacket had been discarded. He’d turned up his sleeves and opened another button on his collar. A little of his chest hair peaked out.
Ari didn’t stand in greeting as Jackson approached with you. He didn’t glance towards the gambler, but kept his eyes on you.
“Jackson. I see you’ve brought me someone. Hello, sweetheart.”
“Ah, yeah. This is Y/N, my girlfriend. Y/N, this is Ari.”
Ari stood up when your boyfriend nudged you in his direction. He towered over you, despite your stiletto heels. His eyes glowed with hunger.
The big man pulled you into his arms. Then his mouth covered yours, hot and hard. A firm hand on the back of your head held you still as he thrust his tongue into your mouth. You grasped his shoulders for balance as the kiss turned your knees weak. He didn’t let up, taking the kiss even deeper when you moaned.
“Okay, let her breathe, Ari. She doesn’t like her face being eaten off.”
Jackson sounded pissed.
You smiled against Ari’s mouth as he pulled back a tiny bit. He curled his hands around your waist, cinching you tight against him.
“Do you not like kissing me, sweetheart?”
You linked your arms around his neck. “Mmmhh. We should keep going and then see what I think.”
He chuckled and slanted a glance towards Jackson. Then his mouth was on yours again. He flicked his tongue, nipped at your lips, stroked and teased until you sagged in his arms. Ari broke the kiss, leaving you panting. He held you tight, taking most of your weight as your legs had taken on the consistency of gelatin.
“Okay, honey. What’s the verdict? Do you like kissing me?”
“Yes, Ari. I like it a lot.”
Heat flared in his sapphire irises. Placing a finger under your chin, he turned you towards Jackson. Ari pressed his lips to your temple and ran his free hand down your side, keeping the other on your face. Jackson stared at the hand stroking over your body. He went rigid when Ari cupped your breast. You arched into the touch. He purred, rubbing his thumb over your nipple.
“Good girl. Tell Jackson. Tell him what you like.”
“I like Ari kissing me.”
Jackson flushed, but said nothing.
“Sit down, Jack,” Ari said. “Get comfortable. It’s going to be a long night.”
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