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- elizabeth olsen as wanda maximoff in the infinity saga!

- sooooo sorry for being inactive, with starting college my life has been so hectic and busy, i’ve just not had any free time!



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Daydream | b.b

summary |  reader choses steve’s side during the civil war, joining her team right before the airport battle. nothing is out of the ordinary, until she meets the handsome sergeant who’s only supposed to be a daydream.

pairing | bucky barnes x reader 

word count | 1.7k 


Originally posted by sebbystanfann


“How about our other recruits?”

All eyes watch as Clint strolls to the white van’s door and yanks it back, “Got two, actually, giving us an unfair advantage, but who’s complaining? The first one’s raring to go, but she’s asking that we pretty please make sure she doesn’t get grounded by her dear ol’ dad once all this shit is over,” the archer announces. And it doesn’t take long for the two men to realize who he’s talking about.  

Steve and Sam shift their weight between both feet, glancing at each other in uncertainty as their little sister clambers out of the van, playfully whacking away Clint’s out-stretched hand.  

“Hey, boys,” F/N greets cheerfully, flicking a hair strand out of her face and biting back a snort from the look plastered on the two’s faces. “I’m not here by choice, by the way. Legolas here actually kidnapped and threatened me into fighting for y’all. He plays super dirty; I don’t feel safe in his presence anymore.” Clint snorts, pinching the side of her waist, and Wanda giggles. “I didn’t threaten you, you little liar. I specifically remember promising you a marathon of Game of Thrones and your favorite meal, why don’t you mention that to them?”

She waves her hand in the air, dismissing his words as if simple smoke, “Yeah, yeah, whatever, Merida, not the point right now.” F/N meets Steve’s detached gaze, and she sighs, pressing forward to stand in front of him. She can read his face easily- he doesn’t want her here, caught up in this family fight, where she could be possibly injured. But neither do Tony and Natasha, who begged for her to stay at the tower and cuddle with her black kitten, to reorganize her crystals and care for her little plants.

To forget she’s an Avenger for the day.

However, did she listen? No. Did they expect her to listen? No as well. She’s proven to be just as stubborn as the rest, perhaps even more. 

“You’re my brother,” she begins, and glances at Sam, the corner of her mouth lifting “-both of you are, but that’s no new news, huh? Listen, in the immortal words of Lilo and Stitch, “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind,” so wipe that look off y’all’s faces. I’m staying.”

Steve glowers at her with hard, steel-blue eyes, “And what about Tony, F/N? Isn’t he family too?”

(F/N)’s shoulders shrug, and she gives him the same goofy smile he’s seen a thousand times and more, the one he adores with his entire heart. The one that makes him genuinely believe all is right in the world. He’s missed that smile; it makes his heart wrench within his chest. “Yeah, you’re right, and no one knows that better than you and me. But he taught me to fight for what I think is right, and that’s what I’m doing.”

I hope, she adds, but in her head.

“So, just make sure he doesn’t ground me in the end, capisci?”

“I must’ve forgotten but aren’t you an adult, sweetheart?” Clint calls from behind, a teasing smirk curled on his lips, “Because last time I checked, nineteen-year-olds are adults-”

“-Yeah, but have you met Tony? I can be thirty, a mother of two, and he’ll still ground me,” F/N interrupts, snickering. “But, like, whatever, amirite? Yolo this shit and pack it into the files of ‘super cool stories to tell the grandkids’,” and she finishes with a wink and a noisy click of her tongue before joining Wanda on the side.

Seconds later and Sam eventually folds, shooting her an appreciative glance, which F/N happily accepts. They need all the help and support they can achieve. 

However, Steve’s stature remains rigid, shoulders pushed back a little too stiff as his eyes keep darting between her and the second recruit Clint begins to introduce. He wants more than anything to tell her no, to go back to the tower and remain safe and sound, which is plain ridiculous, he realizes immediately after. Cause, despite her young age, the girl is a skilled Avenger, one of the finest within their little, crazy family, and truthfully? He is proud she decided to join their side, even though she has never met his friend before. 

He’ll introduce the two after all this shit is done. Something deep within tells him they’ll get along just fine. 

“Had to put a little coffee in him, but…he should be good.”

A semi-incoherent Scott Lang tumbles out of the van, mind still awakening from his interrupted nap, “Man, what time zone is this?” Clint doesn’t answer, instead tenderly shoving him forward with a c’mon that gets the man ambling towards Captain America and the Falcon, a star-struck expression jammed among his features.

“Captain America,” he breathes, reaching forward to shake hands with Steve.

“Mr. Lang.” 

F/N watches their interaction, inwardly cringing at how long Scott knowingly shakes Steve’s hands before he turns around, looking back at her and Wanda like their newbies as well, “Captain America- I know you two too, y’all are great!”

Wanda beams at the compliment, and F/N certainly would’ve too if she didn’t feel the weight of unknown eyes heavy on her form. She nonchalantly peeks around the group until her gaze lands on staggering sky-blue eyes staring quite intensely as if she’s the eighth wonder of the world that’ll vanish if he dares look away.

F/N doesn’t need Steve to introduce the man. 

No, she easily recognizes him from the various history books, articles, and the multiple photographs Steve parades around his bedroom.  

Sergeant James “Bucky” Barnes. A WWII veteran, a former officer of the 107th Infantry Regiment, and the person she shamelessly wrote an A+ essay on for her AP American History class three years ago. In fact, she still remembers the conversation she had with her teacher.

“Your essay was exceptional, Miss L/N. Truly amazing. You undoubtedly captured and composed the ever-lasting honor of Sergeant Barnes during WWII,” Mrs. Anderson gushes, distributing back the five-paged paper with a large, proud A penned at the corner, “Have you ever considered pursuing a career as an author? You have the gift for it, I must say.”

F/N laughs, but her cheeks still flush apple-red, “No, actually, I already have my career planned out, and you can take a guess on what it is. Writing is just a hobby of mine, and Sergeant Barnes happens to be one of my favorites from that time-period-” she leans over the disorganized desk, finishing in a hushed voice and a wink, “-Don’t tell Captain America, though, he gets jealous easily.”

Mrs. Anderson giggles, crossing her fingers over her heart. 

“Cannot blame you, my dear. He was awfully handsome back in those days. I envy the girls that captured his attention…” 

Her student nods, agreeing 100% with that, because deep in her heart, not that she would ever confess out loud, she has quite the infuriation with the deceased sergeant.

“Must’ve been something to go on dates with him,” F/N adds wistfully, clutching the essay to her chest as her features twist into a dream-like state. “Although I cannot help but just wonder what he would’ve been like if he was alive right now…” 

Her lips press into a thin line and, just for a split second, she imagines him chasing after her, ignoring the fact that she’s practically his best friend’s little sister. A girl who’s ‘off limits’ to any guy in a miles radius.

But F/N’s a young girl, and young girls will always daydream. 

And that’s all F/N does because that’s all she can do.

She wants to laugh at that memory, at this entire ordeal, because standing behind Stevie and Sammy and that awfully hideous beetle, is Sergeant James Barnes, alive in the flesh and still as handsome as ever. Though he looks rugged, with stubble painting his chin and lower cheeks and disheveled, dark hair blowing ever so softly in the breeze, his eyes are so incredibly vibrant, beautiful, and filled with a multitude of emotions. 




F/N’s heart beats savagely, tripling in beats per seconds. She maintains steady eye-contact with him, not one to ever back out, but his is red-hot and extreme, swiftly coloring her cheekbones and collarbone.  

“We’re outside the law in this one, so if you come with us, you’re a wanted man,” Steve’s voice breaks her out of their little staring contest, causing her to look back at the conversing men, meanwhile attempting her absolute best at ignoring the still staring sergeant.

Scott scoffs a little, “Yeah, well, what else is new?”

The girl raises her eyebrow at that but doesn’t get the chance to process such. 

“We should get moving.”

F/N’s attention instantly wanders back to Sergeant Barnes, who finally speaks up, despite being within their little party for a good while. His lips press against each other, and he looks towards Steve and Sam, Scott and Clint, and not her. It’s ridiculous, absurd, even, but she already misses his eyes on her, though she won’t dare confess such to anyone. Except then Wanda suppresses the tiniest giggle from beside her, and F/N knows that her fellow witch sister has read her thoughts.

I’ll get you back, F/N quips, and Wanda’s smile only grows. I detect some loovveeeee… she says.

Hush and pay attention, Wanda. 

“We got a chopper lined up,” Clint notes before the parking garage’s silence is shattered by a shrieking siren.

Dies ist eine Notsituation. Alle passagiere müssen den Flughafen sofort evakuieren,” an airport PA declares, and it takes a mere few seconds for the younger witch to translate everything as everyone glances around. “They’re evacuating the airport, guys,” F/N reveals, swallowing heavily. She looks at Sam and he looks at her and both of them interpret each other’s minds.


“Stark?” Scott echoes Sam, wide-eyed in awe, but no one pays attention to him.

F/N looks at Barnes one final time before looking at Steve, noticing him staring her down with a face all too familiar. She’s seen it at leave twenty-dozen times, all before missions handed minutes beforehand by Fury or Tony, and she already knows the words that’ll be leaving his mouth.

“Suit up,” and he turns back around, heading out with Barnes, leaving the young witch to stare after their retreating forms.

Oh yeah, definitely detecting some love.

Will you shut up? C’mon, Stevie said to suit up. I spied a bathroom around the corner that we can use. Grab the duffle from the backseat. 

Ok but don’t think we’re finished with this conversation, Wanda laughs, matching F/N stride to stride as the girls cross towards the ladies restroom. Cause we just began. Oh! What is Tony gonna think?

Nothing! F/N shouts a little too quick for her liking, Absolutely nothing because there was absolutely nothing there those two minutes ago and there will be absolutely nothing happening in the future. I can assure you that.

Except even then she realizes she’s damn near lying to her own self, because standing there, eyes locked with his decade-old blues, she felt everything and more. The shivers, the butterflies, the spark, as cliché as it sounds; everything she read in fictional literature for teenagers that make a young girl blush beet-red and sigh on top her bed.

Because F/N is a young girl, and young girls will always daydream.

Until their dreams come true.


A/N | My first attempt at writing & publishing a fanfic one-shot here on good ol’ tumblr. I don’t expect this to blow up whatsoever, but to whoever reads this, I hope you enjoyed it! maybe I’ll compose a sequel if the masses reeaallyy crave it. Feedback & support is ALWAYS welcomed with open arms! 

hugs & kisses

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