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So Natasha released all the HYDRA and S.H.I.E.L.D files. Along with these the one about Bucky killing Tony’s parents had to of been released too, right? You’re gonna tell me that Tony NEVER ONCE looked at ANY of those released files? Especially ones dealing with his parents? If we’ve learned one thing about Tony it’s that he’s very snoopy, especially with S.H.I.E.L.D. Yet he never looked any of the files up or anything. Okaaaaay, right.

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I honestly don’t understand how you can logically be Team Iron Man for any other reason than you like Tony Stark and company. He was supporting an illegal document that overstepped jurisdiction and violated the US Constitution. By all rights, the Accords should be declared invalid by the US Courts. I agree that accountability is important, but you can’t institute checks illegally.

(And no, I’m still not over how much of an idiot Tony was when he said they could change the Accords after they were signed.)

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Must be a good Tuesday if some of your favourite fanfictions has been updated, on the same day.


@shreddedparchment and @peeterparkr every time I see your fanfics has been updated, I’m so happy. Love your works.

Fanfic update day today it seems.

Another great author and fanfic. Love your work @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan

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what are your opinions on seb and chris (evans) leaving the US to other countries? personally i think it’s very irresponsible but i wanna know what you think. put it in my asks or rb this.

also - in the US do you have you guys been using the phrase “stay home, save lives”? because a lot of people don’t seem to understand that basic concept lol

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i know tony went to MIT and all but does anyone else think it’s odd how much promo the school gets in the mcu? it’s a lot of lip service and probably worth millions of dollars of advertising for MIT. like imagine if they made it a plot point that Steve was a co-founder of Coca-Cola and we all went with it. idk it’s weird and i just noticed how weird it is 

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I’m barely 30 minutes into CA:CW and I’m so annoyed. lmao like, Tony is trying to right their mistakes and do what’s best for everyone, with their limited options. Steve is making it out to be that his word is law. That whatever he says is best for everyone in every situation. I’m not saying that Tony is always right or that he knows best or whatever, but at least he is aware enough to know that he and the avengers aren’t always in the right. (Funny how everyone talks about Tony’s ego, but what about Steve’s??)

Personally, if a bunch of highly lethal, barley humans were flying around and shit, saving the day but also doing it however the fuck they wanted and destroying my shit, that wouldnt be cool at all.

117 countries is a lot of fucking people. Super powered humans pose a threat and I’m not saying the Accords were right (neither did tony) but they could be of benefit, were they written properly. And that was the plan, to sign and then fix them. If there are people playing hero, there should be rules and regulations to follow. Especially when they are stationed in one specific country and come and wreck other countries.

Also, this scene just came on and I swear they put the Peggy funeral in this movie just so you’d feel bad enough for Steve that it kept it a pro Captain America movie because everything out of his mouth is so fucking stupid. And Sharon’s speech is great. Awesome and all but how can steve misconstrue it so badly and apply it to his situation. It’s just. It’s so stupid.

I rarely watch this movie bc it’s just not good lol but I felt the need to rewatch it anyway


Originally posted by sargebucky

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So I’m finishing up my Fourth of July Captain America Marathon (his full storyline, so the Avengers movies as well as his title movies) and I noticed something in the Endgame final battle that was kinda cute… ya know… before it becomes heartbreaking.

If you remember the airport battle in CW, Clint is fighting T’Challa and is all “We haven’t met. I’m Clint.” And T’Challa is savage with his “I don’t care.”

Flash forward to The Final Battle, Clint has the Gauntlet, running through the carnage, when he runs into the one and only… T’Challa!! And what does he say? He says “Clint. Give it to me.”

Maybe he did care a little about Clint’s name, considering this is the very next time they met. Or maybe the writers just forgot. I like to believe T’Challa remembered the smart ass archer’s name was Clint.

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The Marvel Cast

Chris Evans and all his characters and seb stan are the main ones but ask away and I’m sure I can make it work if I know the person or have seen the film or whatever. I write for EVERYONE!

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