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#captain america incorrect quotes
Steve, talking to the avengers: And that concludes the battle plan. Buck, you’re up!
Bucky: Alright, time to see if you little shits were paying attention [Kahoot music starts playing]
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Bucky: I want to be a caterpillar
Steve: Why??
Bucky: I mean, I eat a lot then sleep for a long time, then I wake up a little more beautiful than when I fell asleep.
Sam: But you’ll only have a lifespan of a week
Bucky: You’re only sweetening the deal
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fandomfriend33 · 24 days ago
Steve: What’s a thot?
Peter: *sweats*
Peter: A thoughtful person
Steve: Can you pass the salt?
Tony: Yeah, here you go.
Steve: Thanks, Tony, you’re such a thot!
Tony: *chokes*
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slytherclaw2005 · 26 days ago
The End of CA: TWS
Steve: He cares about me. He pulled me out of the lake. :D
Sam: Wasn’t he the reason you fell into the lake?
Steve: I recognize what you have said but given that it was stupid, I elected to ignore it.
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slytherclaw2005 · 27 days ago
Steve: You bought a taco?
Sam: Yes.
Steve: From the truck that hit Bucky?!
Sam: Well me starving ain't gonna help him!
Sam: Also they deserved a reward.
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slytherclaw2005 · 27 days ago
What really happened at the beginning of Captain America: FA
Bucky: I got us a double date. (Points towards two girls who are literally kissing)
Steve, done with life and just wants to fight: Which girl am I going with?
Bucky: Girl?
-A few moments later-
Bucky, whispering to the girls: So apparently Steve is a dumbass so I need one of you to be my date the other gets the dumbass.
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Bucky, thinking: It appears I'm a good guy now. So no more overthrowing governments, no more tricking people with my semblance and attacking them and no more stealing.
Bucky: Alright, guys, what do you want me to do?
Steve: We need to overthrow the government, so you have to trick Tony again, attack him and steal his weapons
Bucky: I got you
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steve rogers, about to yeet himself out a glass elevator: yea this TWO FOOT shield will break this 200m fall. sCieNCe
me, a physics student: sCieNCe
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clandestineloki · 9 months ago
Bucky: Oh God, Steve, I felt second-hand embarrassment from that.
Bucky: And I don't even have a second hand.
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varosemariehathaway · a year ago
Bucky: I’m totally into dark humour
Steve: //turns the lights off// wanna hear a joke? ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)
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sometimes bucky speaks russian and makes steve confused.
bucky: я убью любого, кто посмеет ранить тебя.
steve: what?
bucky: i'm tired of you.
bucky: меня сбивает с толку то, что ты заставляешь меня чувствовать.
steve: you know i understood nothing.
bucky: not my problem.
bucky: мне приятна твоя забота, и я хочу заботиться о тебе в ответ.
steve: can you repeat?
bucky: you're a pain in my ass.
bucky: ты красивый.
steve: bucky, please!
bucky: oh, fuck off
plot twist: steve starts learning russian from nat without telling bucky.
bucky: мне кажется, я люблю тебя.
steve: i love you too, jerk.
*i kill anyone who dares to hurt you
**i'm confused by what you're making me feel
***i like your concern, and i want to take care of you too
****you're beautiful
i think i love you.
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