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#captain ghafa
justdaphne · a day ago
*listens to You Are The Reason”
Sounds nice
*remembers this quote*
“Kaz Brekker didn’t need a reason”
*thinks about Inej*
Ay breakdown time
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seasonoftears · 5 months ago
lqvekanej on Twitter compiled all the Kanej content from today’s Empire con. 🤗😍😍
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m fine—
Narrator: She was, in fact, not fine.
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scribe-of-artemis · 2 months ago
something about Inej’s character that i appreciate so much is that, unlike a lot of other fictional characters where ruthlessness and unresolved feelings are glorified and seen as a tribute to their power, Inej is still compassionate and willing to love AND one of the deadliest in all of Ketterdam. she’s decided she can be both, and not only does she know how others should be treated, but she knows how SHE should be treated, too. literally showing us the strength and raw power that comes with empathy and love and i will never shut up about it
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kazbiter · a month ago
Nikolai: “you know, Captain Ghafa of the Wraith”
Kaz just a few short months after forcing Nikolai to find Inej’s parents or he won’t help him stop a potential world war:
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grishaverseshitposts · 4 months ago
Inej: [shoots upright in bed] I'M LATE FOR THE MEETING
Inej: Oh, wait, I'm not Kaz’s spider anymore.
Inej: [lays back down]
Inej: [sits up again] I'M THE SHIP’S CAPTAIN
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lau-in-ketterdam · 24 days ago
✨ Inej Ghafa ✨
🎨 By me
Thanks to that amazing human being that is @ravenyenn19 for writing Dealing With Our Demons because it basically made my 2021 and it inspired me so much. I put a lot of Easter eggs from that into this art ❤️
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"She was not a lynx or a spider or even the Wraith. She was Inej Ghafa, and her future was waiting above."
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vaenyyaa · 2 months ago
i see a lot of people complaining about how they didn’t like the way kaz and inej first met, how kaz only noticed inej because of her skills and he wouldn’t have cared about her if she wasn’t a great spy. 
now i agree with that but i also believe that kaz’s initial attraction(?)/ recognition of inej had more to do with the thing she said to him, I can help you. kaz is a boy who’s had to struggle with everything by himself ever since he came to ketterdam, ever since jordie died e as had to do everything alone and no one has ever offered to help him. so for inej to say that she can help him is new for kaz and something that he didn't realize he desperately needed. 
to me it feels like the duology picks up right after kaz has had enough of is self-loathing and emo shit and wants to be better for himself, inej and the rest of the crows being a very important part of it all. which is why i personally love the line, I will have you without armor, Kaz Brekker, or I will not have you at all. because in a way inej is just saying kaz’s deepest thoughts out loud, that he wants to change and he wants to be helped. 
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travellingthrupages · 2 months ago
Kanej child would be the most blessed child because their parents are two people with very traumatic pasts that have acknowledged their trauma and worked their way through it. Like what more do you need because I'm 100% sure that all of you would agree that we would have  turned out better if our parents had done the same with their trauma.
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jordiethepoolfloatie · a month ago
i’ve been thinking about how a lot of fanart (amazing fanart, i must add) depicts Inej wearing purple, and it’s the color associated with her
now don’t get me wrong, it suits her, we love our Knife Queen, and all of the artists do whatever the fuck they want bc their work is amazing.
if we think about it, purple would probably be Inej’s last choice when it comes to colors. She may associate it with her time at the Menagerie, get flashbacks etc
another version i like ( and this is more fanart-friendly): she *does* wear purple as a way of proving to herself that Tante Heleen can’t define her, she reclaims this color that suits her so well as a way of showing strength and battling her trauma.
idk, you decide
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ninazenikfanatic · 3 months ago
reminder that the only thing that got Nina over her addiction for parem wasn't her patriotism or even her love for Matthias, it was that Inej was her friend and she owed it to her.
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confused-as-all-hell · 4 months ago
Inej Ghafa
What about the nobodies and the nothings, the invisible girls? We learn to hold our heads as if we wear crowns. We learn to wring magic from the ordinary.
Inej Ghafa, lovely and honest and brave. Investment, the Wraith, Captain Ghafa of the seas. A girl who had been beaten and assaulted and lashed, who loved her Saints when nobody loved her, who had a laugh like the sweetest summer rain.
Inej might just be one of my favourite characters, not just in the Grishaverse, but in all the books I’ve had the pleasure of reading. She is unapologetic and fierce, gentle and patient, and so, so wonderful.
She knows what she wants, and moreover, she knows what she deserves. She will not settle for less, and this is such an admirable quality in a female character.
Inej was sexually assaulted, forced against her will to work in a pleasure house. She was kidnapped and sold into slavery at age fourteen. She was made to give up her values and become a killer.
Her trauma and sexual assault and pain could have made her cruel. It could have stripped Inej of her faith. It could have broken her trust in people, and ruined her love for the world. But it didn’t. It didn’t.
Inej seeks the good in people, the warmth. She cares a great deal for her friends family, and would do anything to defend them. Her forgiveness is open to all, and she will always make the choice to be kind. 
She was slightly insensitive towards Kaz’s trauma, yes, but come on. I refuse to blame her for not being able to see inside his head. All my lovely Inej knew was Kaz was harsh and bitter towards her. She didn’t wish for his trauma to vanish, she wished for his emotional walls to soften slightly.
She is allowed to want the same level of commitment she shows.
Nobody’s perfect, and the second she realized her mistake she corrected it. Inej is the last person in the world who would invalidate trauma, but I do hope this might be addressed a little more in the future, for the sake of mutual understanding. 
I love Inej, not because she’s perfect, but because she isn’t. 
She has her flaws and issues, but she never tries to minimize them. She works through her problems and never allows another to take her burden.
I love Inej, not despite her mistakes, but because of them. She is a strong, fierce, kind, sweet, religious, brown female character, and as a WoC myself, this means a lot to see Inej portrayed so well.
Captain Ghafa deserves the world, and I can only beg Kaz to give it to her.
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suvarnarxpa · 3 months ago
Inej holds a really special place in my heart because she's the first PoC character I have read that represents my culture. She's Desi, she's Indian and Hindu. And everytime I read her, I get comfort. She isn't stereotypically written, she doesn't want escape her religion, she embraced it, and that is something so personal to me because most of the time I read Hindu characters, they want to escape Hinduism (Note: I am talking about Wattpad here, I haven't read that many books yet.)
She isn't a geeky Indian, whose nationality or ethnicity is their whole personality. She's a strong, independent woman, who doesn't settle for anything less than what she wants and never backs down from a job. She is driven by freedom. And she isn't held back from her faith.
Leigh Bardugo researched really well for every character she wrote and I love her for that, because she represented us well and this is the first time I've read an Indian character whose personality isn't based around them being Indian.
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rakk-oon · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Captain Ghafa for a dtiys (link to the original in the reblog cause tumblr won’t show this in the tags otherwise)
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