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I for some reason feel the need to follow more people. So if you like any of the following, reblog this please!

- Cillian Murphy

- Marvel (Mostly Captain Marvel and Loki)

- DC

- The Umbrella Academy

- Motionless in White

- Sherlock

- Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit


- Disney

- Supernatural

- K-Pop/BTS

- Jenna Marbles

- Emo bands (MCR, P!ATD, etc.)

- The Beatles

- Riverdale

- Palaye Royale

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You and your S/O take your kid or step kid trick or treating on Halloween.


Trick or Treat

Loki x female!reader

Word Count Goal: 500

Word Count: 452

“So we just go out and beg other midguardians for.. Candy?” Loki asked watching me do Eisa’s hair for her Tinkerbell costume. “Yup,” Peter said walking out of the bathroom. “What do you think?” he asked doing a little spin in his Peter Pan, I smiled “you look adorable Petey.” Peter smiled and looked down at Eisa who was currently sucking her thumb and watching a movie on my phone. “Hey, tink,” Peter kneeled down to her level causing her to smile at him. “Okay she does look quite adorable, and Peter doesn’t look too bad either I suppose,” Loki said with a small smile. “Thanks, Loki,” Peter said picking up Eisa. “Ready, Princess?” I asked Eisa, laughing when she clapped her hands out of excitement. “I believe that is a yes,” Loki said picking up the backpack and opening the front door to our little house. 

I smiled watching Peter take Eisa up to the front door of the next house. “I have to admit, the idea of this holiday was a little confusing but seeing the joy it brings you and Eisa, I look forward to next year,” Loki said kissing my knuckles. I smiled “glad you warmed up to it, handsome” I responded. “Daddy look!” Eisa said excitedly opening her bag and showing Loki her candy, “I see, princess! You’re getting quite a lot of candy, don’t share any with Peter he’ll get a sugar rush” Loki said causing me to laugh. “Hey!” Peter smiled. “No canie for Petey!” Eisa said smiling at Peter. “Keep walking little lady we’re not done yet,” Peter said taking Eisa to the next house. “I’m happy,” Loki said smiling at me as we followed Peter and Eisa. “good, honey. So am I”.

I picked up the last couple of candy wrappers from the table as Loki picked up Eisa from the couch she and Peter had fallen asleep on. “I’m going to take her to her bed,” Loki said walking towards Eisa’s bedroom. I laughed quietly as Peter let out a quiet snore and covered him with a blanket. “He’s out cold,” I said turning to look at Loki as he closed the door to Eisa’s room. “I believe it’s our turn,” I said putting my arms around his neck once he had reached me. Loki smiled. “What movie will we watch tonight?” he asked. “Hmm maybe, scream?” I ran my fingers through his hair. “Anything you’d like my dear” Loki smiled taking my hand and leading me to the bedroom. He stopped and turned to look at me. “Did you call and tell May that Peter is staying the night?” he asked concerned. I laughed and said, “yes I did Loki, don’t worry”

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Is it just me, or are Spider-Man: Homecoming and Shazam! the same? We got:

  • [Biggest Superhero in the Franchise] Jr. edition!
    • Young hero who seems older but acts young and dumb at root when in the Power of a God Mode
    • So they have well-known, classic toys, mostly as a symbol of their relationship with others
    • Friendly, neighborhood (maybe your very neighborhood!), stops very common robbery for the first bit, but can stop a bus with their hands
    • In fact, they’re so relatable and hometowny that they’re a super hero who supports small business in this Major Northern Eastern Seaboard City
    • But there are considerably more suburbs featured than in other Big City movies in this franchise
    • In a city that is actually real (not “Smallville” or Largeville Townsville “Metropolis”)
    • A city which, in living there, seems to have a lot fewer fairgrounds in which to set Act III
  • But they also got discovered on YouTube (relevant and relatable, amiright?)
    • But people still call them the wrong name
  • The sound design is real music, but like, cool and edgy music high school demographics will just love!
  • The Young, Plucky, Dorky Sidekick
    • The Guy in the Chair best friend who’s a little different and not a conventionally attractive actor (point to DC Fawcett Comics! for having it written that way) knows about superheroes since they already exist in the Solve For x Cinematic Universe
    • Are we sure they can keep the secret? Yeah we’ll probably be fine 👀👀👀
    • “My friend, the protagonist, knows [red-and-white-colored superhero]!! And he’s gonna show up and show you, the stereotypical, rich bullies, that I’m not even lame!! Like you guys said I was!!” “hey shuT UPpP”
  • With an old man villain
    • Much older, balder villain motivated by The Rich (but like, vibe)
    • Also, the villain is motivated by the prologue that happened in enough time to let the kids one grow most of the way up and the grown up one not age visibly at all
    • But they’re cool, so cool that the villains that you won’t know unless you already know this character’s lore (very deeply in the case of Mister Mind) who also happen to be poisonous-arthropod-themed visit them in prison to have a little villain powwow in the after credits sequence
    • I suddenly remembered that all I need to do to win this Final Bossfight is remember the short and memorable phrase that was told to me by an older, wiser superhero earlier to figure out that the solution was mounted to the wall next to Chekhov’s gun
    • Turn this fight around with the power of finally catching a punch since in all reality I’m much stronger than you
  • Should you have that much power?
    • Woah! I didn’t know I could shoot that (possibly electrically-charged) out of my hand!!! That’s dangerous!!!!!!! Cool!!!!!!!!!!
    • Real neat suit-up sequence from literal child to godling-man
  • But plenty of regular tropes to go around
    • Yeah, I’m an average Asian-American kid. Yeah, my power is knowing a lot about technology. Which means mostly I’m the only character with Google. So what?
    • You’ve disappointed your adoptive-but-not-quite paternal figure, but he forgives you, and isn’t that what it’s all about?
    • Superhero movie, which can be found under the “comedy” section
    • And it all works out in the end even though we didn’t really resolve the family being concerned about our young hero as their superhero problems show through in their school work and attendance until the denoument, or later
  • Obvious, hokey, but loudly branded references to the more important and expensive superheroes by literally featuring the toys of former team-up movies onscreen
  • And as a result of allllll that, the credits are hand-drawn animations of superheroes fighting. How quaint.

I mean, I know most if not all of these movies’ plots are the same, and that I’m probably gonna like them anyway (especially if DC keeps getting better, in my personal opinion), but this seems a wee bit closer than most. Right?

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So, quick question: if Howard Stark pulled the tesseract from the ocean (where it fell from Steve’s plane) how did it end up in Mar-Vell’s possession?


Originally posted by prison-mikes-bandana

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LEGACY: A Tony Stark Daughter Story



< previous (make sure you’ve read the previous chapter. even if you think you have, double check.)

Word Count: 1,725ish

Summary: Steve goes to return the Stones.


Over the next few days, our yard and the forest around us started to become home to the homeless Avengers. RV trailers were brought in and everyone found a place to call their temporary home. I could tell that Pepper appreciated all of it, the friends and the distraction to help. Clean up of the destroyed compound also started, with Rhodey heading it. Bruce and I got the nano bots out of my head as well as built another quantum portal with Rocket’s help. Rocket, the other Guardians, and Thor left for space soon after that. It was a hard good bye. But Nebula and Rocket gave me a device so that I could get a hold of them anytime I wanted to. 

We all supported each other, all of us understanding that none of us should be alone. Everyone was especially attentive to Morgan, making sure that all her needs were met. Bucky was the best with her, surprisingly. Always willingly playing with her and making sure that she was okay. I could tell that sometimes he was just doing it to appease her. She was definitely a Stark, pushing other peoples limits. Bucky also kept a careful eye out on me. It was all very much appreciated. 

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I don’t draw…not really…I’m not great at it, and I haven’t taken much in terms of classes…but I do love to draw…

As I took time to draw some more today, I thought I’d share some of the drawings I’ve done recently that I’m proudest of!


I was quite happy with how this Supergirl turned out! (Though I did forget a cape at first 😂)


A little Alex Danvers, DEO agent!


I tried drawing Captain Marvel. Didn’t turn out super great, but still ok I thought

And then I drew Lena Luthor in a fun style!
I followed that up by digitally drawing on top and then trying to make it pop with PS a bit


Hope some of y’all might enjoy my little drawings.  :)

EDIT: I really should give some credit where credit is due, though. As I’m still not that good at drawing, I rely heavily on photos or like, other art as reference. So I used some already made pieces of fanart as inspiration.

I would hardly say that I just 100% copied them, considering my very amateur level, but nevertheless, I recognise that I should give credit.

  • The Captain Marvel piece was based upon a piece done by roogomes
  • The Supergirl piece was based upon a piece done by @ danielkordek
  • The Alex and Lena pieces were based on a piece by tumblr user and artist Nathana Ribeiro


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