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#captain marvel
bad-comic-art · a day ago
Tumblr media
Captain Marvel #33 (2021)
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alalasp · a day ago
Tumblr media
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clueless-sapphic · a day ago
Hi can you please do a jock!carol x f!reader we’re carol wants to be close to reader and love has reader on her lap or carrying her around because she is much smaller then carol if you can thank you <333
Close to you
Jock!Carol x petite!reader
a/n Sorry this is a bit short. I hope you like reading this anon, i loved writing it <3
You manoeuvred your way through the crowd in the living room until you caught sight of your girlfriend sat on the couch. Wanda sat at the end, saving the seat next to Carol for you. But before you could sit there Carol snaked her arm around your waist and pulled you down onto her lap. Her hand drew lazy circles on your hip that immediately had you melting into her touch. She took the drink from your hands and hummed in delight at the taste.
The two of you made idle conversation with your friends until you grew tired of the stuffy room that was flooded with the stench of alcohol and sweat.
You turned around and tapped Carol on the shoulder “Can we go outside for a while?”
She nodded silently and took your hand in hers, her large hand easily engulfing your much smaller one. Your taller girlfriend easily made her way through the crowd, unlike you who always seemed to struggle. However, it still took a while to reach your destination since people kept coming up to Carol to congratulate her on her recent game. Once you got outside Carol narrowed her eyes at you.
“You’re not wearing a coat, you’re going to freeze”
“Don’t worry about it, it’s not that cold”
She ignored your statement and swiftly pulled her jacket off and lay it on your shoulders. You rolled your eyes at her, Carol loved seeing you wear her clothes since it emphasised just how small you were. You on the other hand felt slightly embarrassed since you were basically drowning in the piece of clothing. But you weren’t complaining, you enjoyed the smell of her cologne that welcomed you and the warmth it brought.
Carol wrapped her arms around your waist and pulled you flush against her front, not missing any chance to be close to you. You sighed as you relaxed into her. It was nice to be away from the constant noise from inside the house.
By the end of the party your feet were absolutely killing you. You complained to Carol about how heels were a pain in the ass and you were never going to wear them again. Before you could comprehend what was happening Carol’s hands were underneath your thighs and she was lifting you up so she was giving you a piggy back ride.
Nobody thought anything of it, most were too drunk to care and many just saw it as Carol being her usual silly self.
“You never miss an opportunity to carry me, do you?”
“What can i say, it’s second most favourite thing to do, after you of course” she smirked
Although she couldn’t see you Carol knew you were probably incredibly flustered right now, which you were.
tagging: @witlessficcer @winters-witch-bitch @thebijesus @evilcr0ne happy reading <3
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eternal-olympia · a day ago
Tumblr media
Brie Larson
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cloudycera · 2 days ago
Honestly let's talk about the potential for friendship that Billy Batson and Damian wayne have.
Damian becoming friends with someone who's down to earth, not an assassin and close to his age is a good thing actually.
And Billy is already used to Batman nonsense.
Damian going on about how the Batman mantel is his heritage and Billy shatters that with "You ever wonder that the only reason you became a hero was because you were given no other choice."
And Damian cries Internally while calling Billy stupid.
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why-i-love-comics · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Death of Doctor Strange #2 (2021)
written by Jed MacKay art by Lee Garbett & Antonio Fabela
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lotsoffandomimagines · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
carol danvers + all the things she said by poppy for anonymous
pairing: carol danvers x reader
warnings: [n/a]
fandom: marvel
lyric: “wanna fly to a place where it's just you and me. nobody else so we can be free”
“How did you manage to convince the base to let you borrow one of their planes?” You asked Carol as she helped you into the craft.
To your dismay your girlfriend chuckles before giving you a questionable reply. “Oh, they don’t know I’m borrowing it”. That makes your eyes turn into huge ovals. “What? We’ll have the plane back before they notice anything. We’re just taking it out for a spin”.
You’re not sure how much you buy that but Carol’s already got your strapped in and she’s slipping a helmet on to your head. Could you really debate with her further? Besides, you were kind of excited to go shooting up into the air.
Oh boy and did you. After getting herself situated in front of the aircrafts controls, Carol takes off. Before long you’re floating amongst the clouds. You can’t stop your eyes from growing wide at the sight.
“Wow, this is amazing” you gasp. A part of you wanted to reach out and touch the fluffy white masses but you opted to just stay in your seat. Carol chuckles at the awe in your voice.
“You think this is cool. Wait until I show you what I can really do” Carol replies before making the plane to a massive spin. You feel a little dizzy but you laugh all the same. “There’s plenty more where that came from” Carol promises. “Just hang on”.
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anigerrrr · 2 days ago
I really love how happy she was in this interview
Tumblr media
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clueless-sapphic · 12 hours ago
Hi can you please do one where reader has her wisdom teeth taken out and jock!carol takes care of her and can the reader at first thinks that carol is someone else and she says that she has a girlfriend already but then learns that it is carol and can carol have major abs and major biceps in this please and thank you <333
Girlfriend or not?
Jock!Carol x gn!reader
a/n this was so fun to write, thank you for requesting, i hope you like this <3
Slowly, your eyes fluttered open but you instantly shut them at the harsh white glare that met them. Wait, a white light? Oh no…
“Am i dead?” you blurted out, your words coming out slightly slurred.
A distinct chuckle could be heard from next to you and you open your eyes to find the source of it. Next to you sat the most gorgeous blonde you had ever seen. She had blue eyes which were slightly crinkled at the corner due to her smile. Her hair was short and framed her face perfectly, defining her sharp jawline. Your eyes raked over her muscly biceps. And then it hit you, you had a girlfriend.
“Done staring princess?” she asked cockily
You huffed “I wasn’t staring”
“Sure” she grinned
Natasha’s voice cut through the air “You guys ready to go now?”
Carol nodded “yeah”
She put her arms under your shoulders and supported your weight as you stood up. You didn’t know who this was but she knew Natasha so you trusted her.
Your hands went up to your mouth touching the gauze that lay in there “What’s this?”
Gently, Carol pulled your arm away so you couldn’t take the gauze out from your mouth “It stops the bleeding”
Your eyes widened in panic “Why is my mouth bleeding?”
“Don’t worry, they just took your teeth”
“Like the tooth fairy?” you asked
Carol smiled “yeah, like the tooth fairy”
After a few steps you stumbled in Carol’s arms, but she was there to steady you. When it happened a second time, Carol scooped you up into her arms and carried you bridal style.
Your eyes widened slightly as you muttered “Am i dreaming?”
It seemed the sedation had made you incapable of keeping your thoughts in your head.
“It’s real, i’m like your knight in shining armour” Carol joked
“No, my girlfriend is my knight in shining armour”
Natasha snickered from beside you as she recorded the whole thing, she needed blackmail against you because you had somehow gathered a lot for her. It was the only reason she had agreed to accompany Carol.
You saw the camera and posed “Do i look pretty ?”
Carol nodded “So pretty”
Natasha sat at the front of the car, whilst Carol sat with you at the back. Immediately Natasha turned the air conditioner on since the heat was absolutely killing her.
She dropped you off at Carol’s house as you were in no condition to be alone right now. You had only just entered the house when Carol took her top off due to the unbearable weather. Your eyes widened as you took in the sight of her abs.
“I have a girlfriend, I have a girlfriend” you muttered
Carol laughed as she walked closer to you “I am your girlfriend”
You thought about her words for a moment. She did have the same striking blue eyes and toned body.
“That’s me baby” she grinned
“I missed you” you mumbled
Carol’s laughter flooded the room “I’ve been here the whole time”
She pulled you flush against her and you found your hands drifting to her abs.
Carol smirked “Having fun?”
“I’m so glad you work out every day” you breathed out
tagging: @witlessficcer @winters-witch-bitch @evilcr0ne @thebijesus happy reading <3
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eternal-olympia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Brie Larson
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blair-stuff · 2 days ago
Reporter Billy Batson going to other cities and end up being saved by the heroes.
Billy goes to Gotham , Wayne Enterprises and then the place is attacked by the Joker or Ivy.
Which end up in billy being saved by the Batfam.
And so in other cities being saved by Superman , the Flash, Green Arrow etc.
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cloudycera · 2 days ago
Billy starts working at a Lex company.
Superman: But why did you do it?
Bruce: Yeah
Billy: Okay, I don't wanna be poor.
Billy: Yes, I Don't wanna be poor. We don't all want to live off welfare checks for the rest of our lives.
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