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#captain puffy
deyageka · a day ago
Community Garden AU Log Entry 7
(AU starts here) (Log Entry: 0/ 1 /2/3/4/5/6/)
Finally getting this part out! Whew, It’s been a while, what’d I miss? 😀
((Sidenote: a refresher to those who forgot about this AU, this AU takes place around the beginning of season 3 right after the disc saga ended))
Anyway, Niki joins the party!
Tumblr media
And with that, Team Rocket makes a comeback
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sigh,,,don’t you guys know that planting invasive species can cause harm to the environment >:|
Moving on, Tubbo finds… a gun?!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
((Sam I am so sorry I keep beating u up in this AU. This won’t be a running gag I promise 😖🤞🏽))
Also, in this AU, Fundy got the gun from his time away from the server. I head canon that he was on a wacky adventure with 5up and Crumb. How he got the gun taser, who knows? ((Mama Eret doesn’t approve.))
Don’t play with guns kids
More below ⬇️
Tumblr media
Don’t worry guys, he’s a doctor👌🏽
Tumblr media
Tubbo, that’s two strikes.
Also, during the Manberg vs Pogtopia arc, Ponk was a scam doctor that sold essential oils. I miss Doctor Ponk :,3
And Poor Ranboo, he didn’t mean to paralyzationizedtatate Sam eueueueue😔
Anyway let’s get to actual gardening this time…
Tumblr media
( ;;;O___O) …..
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Techno joins the garden??👀
Let those cobblestone towers go Tommy they aren’t aesthetically pleasing 😪
Hoooly crap. I am so sorry this was late. This month has been packed with college stuff and personal events so my posting schedule is irregular atm. I’m also taking two art classes this semester so my focus, motivation, and interests are all over the place.
Idk when the next entry will be, but hopefully I’m able to draw at least one more before this month ends😅
Support me on Kofi ❤️
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accio-slytherout · a day ago
Hello! Hope you have a great day or night ahead of you! Could I have some HC's of the reader and TommyInnit's platonic marriage. Like, the reader wants a whole wedding ceremony because that's just how they are. The reader is a minor (of course), gender neutral (I don't care about pronouns), and just have a happy-go-lucky personality :D
aowiaiwoawioaw im so sorry ive been inactive on tumblr,, idk how long ago this request was but i just opened tumblr and saw this, my apologies, i also havent been watching alot of mcyt recently, so im very sorry if this doesnt really make sense!
Pairings: p!TommyInnit x gn!reader
characters: FoolishGamers, Awesamdude, CaptainPuffy, Tubbo, mentions the whole dreamsmp basically
warnings: mentions of murder in video games, swearing, mentions of explosives, in game explosions
summary: a full blown wedding ceremony seemed a bit extra to tommy, but hey, they are an extra ball of sunshine in his life. one that he would kill for. literally. so the wedding does happen.
note; I have never written headcannons before, so my apologies if it doesnt make sense!
Tumblr media
"I'm sorry, what?"
Tommy nervously looked at his webcam, letting out uncertain chuckles while glancing at what chat was saying. They were all trying to convince him to do it.
"I said, i want a wedding that is hosted in an elegant venue, with chandeliers, everyone invited and a whole firework show. here. on the SMP." (Y/N) deadpanned, before letting out a little laughter.
"Uhh- you sure? i dont think i'll really be able to do anything near to building things like that-" Tommy hesitantly started, being cut off by an uncharacteristically calm voice of his best friend saying "I don't care, Tommy. I want one."
Tommy was slightly intimidated. okay, no. he was terrified. not that he'll ever admit it.
"O-okay, sure." he found himself saying. They let out a squeal of excitement, ecstatic at the thought of a whole ceremony for their platonic marriage.
"Ooh! we should make a place for bees! like an exhibition maybe, or a flower field!! or- or-" Tommy tuned out of their rambles, and immediately thinking oh fuck, what did i get myself into?
he has, most definitely, without any doubts, regretted his decision. but hey, who in here could say no to that ball of sunshine.
wait, he thought. I'm going to have to convince people to build these for them.
before his train of thoughts caught up to him, he heard the cheery voice that he has found himself listening to for months calling out to him.
"-ommy? Tommy? you there buddy?"
"huh? sorry i zoned out for a bit there"
(Y/N) let out a series of soft giggles and tommy thought that yes. he will do anything for this bestfriend of his. even if that meant threatening his other friends.
before the wedding
Foolish would definitely be the first one tommy would contact, cause hey, he needed someone to build a wedding venue.
i feel like foolish would be a excited over the idea of a wedding
after a good amount of convincing, he agreed to build a venue
next is sam
Sam had turned towards his camera in surprise when Tommy asked if he could make a firework show for a wedding
he was confused
chat was there to provide context!
"Listen, Sam, if you don't do this i will murder you and take all your stuff."
he started chasing sam around
sam said yes.
Puffy was the officiator
she volunteered, seeing as the bubbly teenager was undoubtedly her favourite person on the SMP, aside from Niki of course
the venue took around 3 weeks to complete, surprising. i know. but i dont do builds so i dont know how long it would take to make those.
The wedding
With everyone from the SMP invited, chaos was bound to happen
you were using a matching skin that a fan made for you guys
the first parts of the wedding went well, in the elegant venue that still screams "tommy and (Y/N)"
but then when puffy officiated the wedding fireworks were supposed to explode
but tubbo decided it was a good idea to put lots of tnt instead of fireworks in there, successfully breaking the redstone and the venue at once.
how he got them in, noone knows.
somehow, everyone but puffy died. shes built different.
atleast they were officially married now
cue tommy whining
boom! an argument starts
(Y/N) giggling in the background, cheering on the fight
in the end they were all happy!
except foolish who was devastated that his build was destroyed just like that
(and they definitely didnt make puffy fix the land. nope.)
thx for reading! i wrote this at 12 am, forgive the spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. I'm really sorry if this doesn't make sense.
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mebbrrr · 4 hours ago
Puffy my beloved?
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orphan-oblitirator · 23 hours ago
Puffy: I’m bi, paypal me $200.
Niki: I promise we’re not all like this.
Eret: Some of us want $350.
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puffy-updates · 2 days ago
Minx wishes a happy birthday to Puffy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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vaulthuntersmybeloved · 10 hours ago
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c0ttonberries · 2 days ago
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redlover411 · a day ago
Happy birthday sheep dad!
I made a animatic as gift for pouffy ;v;
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nyctobun · 2 days ago
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It's great and rare to see people who happens to be youngsters have good taste of 80s. I thought this one might flop so bad for obvious reason lol, but wouldn't it be cool if someone made fanart based on this like go ahead. Go crazy with their style.
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doodlepuffy · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
frog cult by the ONE and only  carbonated cody
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stolentragedies · 15 hours ago
hc that puffy raised dream in the community house it only became a community house later when more travelers joined thats why puffy rebuilds it constantly it like she wants the rebuild her relationship with dream
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puffy-updates · 2 days ago
Puffy found a cobblestone tower, so naturally she thinks of the dream smp.
Tumblr media
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