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Star Wars Appreciation Week(s)
Day 9 | Favorite Arc: Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Siege of Mandalore
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Rex: Excuse me, I lost my ARC trooper. May I use the intercom?
Fox: Sure
Rex, into the com: Goodbye you little shit
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Ahsoka and the 501st Headcannons
- Ahsoka is known for going to the barracks to comfort troopers after a campaign. She will sit with them for hours and listen to them and offer a shoulder to cry on. It’s not uncommon to find a group of shinies huddled around her on the floor
- Speaking of shinies, some of them (esp when Ahsoka was still pretty small) they’d hug onto her like she was a stuffed toy, and she didn’t mind at all. If it made her trooper feel better then she would do so happily
- If a trooper finds something cool on a campaign, like a pretty rock or a flower, they will give it to her and she keeps all the little gifts they give her
- She has lets some of Torrent play around with her sabers, and even taught Fives some of the basic lightsaber stances so they could mock duel
- Ahsoka knows what kind of music each trooper likes and will share songs she finds that she thinks they will like with them. She also was able to barter for a portable speaker that they could keep in the barracks or rec room
- She and Fives started a prank war that eventually involved all of the 501st and the 212th
- Echo helps Ahsoka study because he’s actually enjoys reading ‘boring’ stuff. Jedi temple work is actually a lot more interesting than REG manuals
- It started with Jesse, but one day while he was bored in the rec room, he asked Ahsoka (who was doing course work) if he could try to do a push up with her sitting on him (like in some of the holovideos he’s seen). She says yes. Rex walks in to see Jesse doing pushups while Ahsoka is typing out an essay on his back
- Pretty soon there is a competition between the veterans in the 501st on who can do the most pushups with Ahsoka sitting on them. Hardcase held the record until Rex stepped in and beat him by double 
- There is an ongoing debate on how tall Ahsoka is, she argues that you measure from the tips of her montrals, her men argue its the top of her forehead. 
- “Why would you measure from my forehead my mortals are literally attached to my head, the ARE the top of my head!” “even if we measured from your montrals, you still short as kriff.”
- Because Togruta don’t have hair, she is fascinated by it. Originally she only messed with Anakin’s hair but soon her men started letting her touch their hair was well. She would sit there playing with it for hours if they would let her (and many times they did because it feels good)
- They began teaching her some sayings in Manda’o and in return she taught them a few things in Togruti
- they all complain whenever they have to fly with her, but in reality they prefer her flying to their generals (and she is actually a very good flyer but they would never admit that)
- If Ahsoka hears someone insult her or say anything inappropriate about her, she ignores it, you say something about one of her troopers, she will not hesitate to jump them (Rex has had to haul her away from many brawls)
- If the troopers hear someone insult them they ignore it, if someone catcalls or insults their commander that person better pray to whatever god they believe in because they are about to meet their maker
- Ahsoka and Anakin started a karaoke tradition with the 501st but it stopped after Ahsoka left the order
- After Ahsoka left the order the clones still found themselves picking up small gifts on campaigns, and some chose to keep them with them in case Ahsoka ever came back
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Please I need Rex with a little leaf on his head 🤗🤗
He was mid speech, all captain and serious when this happened, all his troopers holding their laugh
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Day 9  >>  Favourite TV Show
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Just thinking about Echo and Fives being made ARCs and getting their kamas/putting them on for the first time and Cody and Rex are just like 🥲📸
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Jedi and Mandalorians go together like milk and cookies. Someone always gotta be inside the other 🤷🏽
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Rex: this can't get any worse...
Fives: sure it can! Just give me five minutes-
Rex: waiT NO-!!!!
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fives: so… we have good news and bad news…
rex: bad news first
fives: the fire we started in the hanger is currently out of control
rex: excuse me but WHAT
fives, pointing at hardcase walking by, eating a perfectly cooked poptart in the background: wow, you don’t even want to hear the good news???
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Auntie Soka and Little Leia (and Rex): Chapter Five
Read on AO3
Dinner is when the questions start. Some are relatively easy. Others, not so much.
“My Master was Leia’s biological father,” is an easy truth to share. “She inherited his connection to the Force, so I need to get her to the Temple for her own safety, because home no longer is.”
“Yes, her adoptive parents were unfortunately killed rather recently. We’d prefer not to talk about it.”
“Rex is with me. Where he goes, I go, and vice versa.”
That one gets her an odd look.
“I thought…” Quinlan trails off, gesturing between Rex and Fett.
Fett keeps his face impassive, but his discomfort and guilt leak into the Force. “I didn’t know Rex existed until I ran into these three in a spaceport cantina a few weeks ago.”
Quinlan blinks at him, looks at Rex again, and then turns back to Fett with a grin that might have been described as ‘saucy’ if he were less smug about it. Less awkwardly try-hard, too. “Wild oats, huh?”
“Are you shitting me right now,” Leia whispers, and Sokari elbows her.
“Language,” Sokari mutters.
Tholme coughs pointedly. “That was inappropriate, padawan.”
Quinlan’s grin fades as Fett just continues to eye him.
“Um, so—”
“How old is the kid?” Fett interrupts.
Darting eyes answer him, as Quinlan tries to gauge Rex. “Ten? Maybe twelve?”
To be fair to Quinlan, none of them are sure how old Rex is supposed to be, either. They’re going to say twelve, once official ages need to be given, just so he’s got a bit less time before he can be treated like the adult he already is.
“And how old am I?”
Quinlan’s still grinning, but it is oh so very nervous, now. “…early thirties?”
“I’m twenty-seven.”
Quinlan’s grin fades further as he does the math.
“I’d have been between fifteen and seventeen when he was born,” Fett says, tone flat. “Between fourteen and sixteen at conception. I know damn well I wasn’t doing anything that could have resulted in a kid at that age.”
That wasn’t what Silas had implied, but Sokari knows how to keep a secret, even one that doesn’t topple governments.
Quinlan rallies. “So, brothers?”
Tholme sighs loudly, hand over his eyes.
“I’m a clone,” Rex says flatly, and Sokari can feel the amusement he gets out of Quinlan’s confused shock. Captain Rex and Padawan Tano had both held plenty of respect for Master Vos, but Padawan Vos? The boy is nothing but trouble. “Harvested genetic material, grown in a tube, inconsistent aging that means I don’t even know how old I am for sure, all the bells and whistles.”
“I broke him out,” Sokari adds, which is half true.
“There was a chip in my head,” Rex tacks on, with a bright smile that’s more than a little mean. Quinlan’s discomfort grows. It’s kind of funny. “Sokari got it out. Also, lots of brothers. None of them are… around anymore. The creators were trying to make an army. They came very close to making one that could take over the galaxy, if you can believe it.”
Vos and Tholme have no response. Fett looks like he’s been carved out of stone. Leia’s just ignoring them and picking at her food.
Sokari lifts a hand and, without looking, Rex high-fives her.
“Drop your elbow.”
Sokari tries to cover her smile at the dirty look that Leia shoots Fett. Fett remains unimpressed by the glare of royalty, just gestures for the girl to do as he said.
“I know how to fight,” Leia grumbles. “I took lessons. I was good at them.”
“And I’m better,” Fett says, leaving no room for argument. “You want the Torrents to take over the rest of your time?”
The Torrents. Rex and Soka. She likes being referred to that way. Like they’re a team that never got split up.
Force, she wishes they’d never had to split up.
“Again,” Fett orders, and Leia moves through the Mandalorian kata with ill grace in her emotions and all grace in her sweeping limbs.
…as much grace as an undersized six-year-old can manage, at any rate.
“Think he’ll ask me to spar her again?” Rex asks, dropping down into the seat next to Sokari and passing her a drink.
“Maybe,” she acknowledges. “I think he’s wondering if it’s worth asking Vos to be her opponent for a bit, so she gets more experience with extreme size differences.”
“Hm?” Rex prompts.
“She flinched at Fett’s face again,” she tells him. She takes a sip of the electrolyte-laden fruity thing. It doesn’t taste good, but it’s not unhealthy. It’ll do. “The whole… thing with Boba, I guess. She still won’t tell me why Fett triggers her sometimes, but he’s not pressing her to spar with him, and there’s only so much she can get out of fighting me. Asking Tholme would be presumptuous, but Vos is just a padawan. I think it’d work out.”
“And you?”
She looks at him, already feeling a cresting wave of bullshit she doesn’t want to deal with. “What about me?”
“Are you going to spar with the Jedi?”
She should. She hasn’t sparred with a saber since she got tossed back into a body only half-familiar to her. She’s let Leia borrow her shoto to learn some basic blocking moves; the girl’s learned Shii-Cho and then, with hesitance, the first Soresu form. Another time, she loaned it to Rex to practice some attacks; they both know that the next time he picks up her saber in battle, having lost his weapons or she her grip, it will be neither the first or last time he wields a sword of light. None of that, however, is… sparring.
None of that is against someone who knows what they’re doing.
How long has it been since she sparred with anyone other than Kanan and Ezra?
(She hadn’t seen Cal in years before she joined up with the Ghost, and he’s the last she can remember.)
How long has it been since she sparred without the looming specter of Darth Vader in the back of her mind, without fear of the Inquisitors, without the knowledge that any saber held by someone other than her dwindling friends would be red as blood and twice as drenched?
(All that kyber, screaming.)
Would she be able to hold back as she fought?
(She’s managed so far.)
“I should,” she acknowledges, eyes on where Fett is nudging Leia’s feet into position for some kind of leveraging flip. She’s so small. “It would probably be a good idea to spar against a master at some point.”
“Do you think you can?” Rex asks, gesturing at Tholme.
“I never knew him,” she says. “And he isn’t Dark. It should be fine.”
Rex nods, taking her word for it. They watch as Leia stumbles on a final move, and Fett gestures for her to sit down and get a drink. She trudges over to the two of them, plops down, and grabs the drink that Rex opens for her.
“That man is a terror,” she declares.
(She’d once described him as a slave-driver. She had not made that mistake twice.)
“Least it’s not Kamino!” Rex tells her cheerfully. When Leia refuses to look impressed, he just snickers and ruffles her fraying crown braid. Naturally, Leia swats at his hand.
Sokari has a half-second’s warning before heavy boots thud to the ground next to her. “What’s Kamino?”
“Hello, Vos, it’s nice to see you too,” she drawls. “I’m good, thanks for asking, and yourself?”
The boy-not-quite-man rolls his eyes. “Hi, Torrents; hi, tiny one.”
Leia glares at him next.
Vos is unaffected. Most people are. “So, Kamino?”
“Planet by Rishi Maze,” Rex says.
“Why were you there?”
“They specialize in cloning.”
Sokari covers her mouth as the conversation drops like a stone into the same awkward gap that always happens when Quinlan stumbles into a subject he didn’t know to avoid.
“Like… you were made there, or you were researching how it works for your own—”
Sokari slaps a hand over his mouth. “Now’s a great time to stop talking.”
He licks her palm.
She bares her teeth and arches her fingers just enough to press nails into his cheek.
He bites at her palm, and she yanks her hand away.
“You’re all children,” Leia accuses, conveniently forgetting that Sokari and Rex are both over a decade older than her.
“I can throw you the length of a swimming pool,” Sokari tells her. “One of the fancy competition-ready ones that would make any Tatoo folk cry. You are absolutely the child here.”
“Using the Force is cheating, sir,” Rex informs her.
“Only if there’s a competition,” Sokari shoots back. “And proving that a certain princess is a small child is not a competition. It’s a declarative fact.”
Leia takes a large gulp of her sports drink, and wipes her mouth on the back of her hand like the child she is. “I’m going to rip open the seams on all your tops except the ugliest one.”
“Try me,” Sokari challenges. “Ad’ika.”
A low, rough cough interrupts them. “Are you done?”
Fett has his arms crossed, and an eyebrow raised. He knows they’re all adults here, and is entirely unamused. As the silence drags, the eyebrow climbs a little higher.
“Done with what?” Quinlan finally asks, thereby volunteering himself to spar in hand-to-hand with Jango Fett, as one does.
“Poor, poor Vos,” Rex laughs, watching as Fett barks out orders at Quinlan every five seconds to fix his footwork, to stop dropping his guard, to stop wasting energy on flips instead of just dodging the easy way.
“Throw him!” Sokari calls. To her delight, Fett obliges.
The thing is, Quinlan isn’t bad at brawling. He’s got training, endurance, skill. The boy—young man, really—knows what he’s doing, on an objective level. He’s just not a match for Fett, and is used enough to relying on his saber that his hand-to-hand skills are rusty.
Quinlan and Tholme are perhaps less rusty than those Jedi who don’t take questionable jobs in the Mid- and Outer Rim, and Sokari’s got a suspicion that Vos regularly gets into bar fights in his downtime. None of that is enough for him to actually do more than survive against Fett without his saber.
Even the saber wouldn’t help, if Fett had his armor.
“Whose idea was this?”
Sokari cranes her head back and smiles. “Hello, Master Tholme. Vos… volunteered.”
“Did he know he was volunteering?”
“No comment.”
Tholme snorts, crossing his arms and eyeing the spar in front of him. “I thought Fett hated Jedi. Giving us a ride for the sake of you three is one thing, but why is he teaching my padawan?”
Sokari shrugs. “Constructive bullying?”
There’s a small twitch of a smile, quickly gone. “My padawan stepped on some metaphorical toes, I’m guessing?”
“There was no way he could have known,” she dismisses. “We’re just, like, ninety-percent tragic backstories.”
“You’d think the Force would warn him,” Rex notes.
“That’s not how the Force works,” Leia chides.
“No, no, he’s right,” Sokari corrects. “The Force does sometimes step in to stop a person from saying something stupid. However, Padawan Vos is at an age where people think they are very rational, while being more irrational than they likely ever will be again.”
“Do I want to ask what you were doing at that age?” Tholme asks.
“Running bla…” she trails off, then whips around to gape at him.
He smiles, bland and unassuming. “Does Fett know?”
“Know… what?” Sokari asks, wary as she can be.
“That you’re significantly older than you look,” he says, voice just low enough that the sparring duo can’t hear him. “All three of you.”
(continue on AO3)
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UK clone wars comics compiled by a friend of mine who isn’t on tumblr, in case anyone is interested!
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A Different Kind of Clone War (3)
This, along with all of the others in A Different Kind of Clone War is a tickle fic, but pure fluff.
(1) (2) (3)
Falling Dominos
Rex was so done. He was so so done, and it was all Cody could do to hide his snickering because it was funny. The Domino Twins were a menace when they were with the 212th, but they seemed to be even more mischeivious with their home batallion, the 501st. The way they drove Rex up the wall was hilarious.
And it wasn't exactly like Rex could do anything about it, either. The two ARCs were the source of laughs in many companies and somehow got away with pretty much anything. Pranks, jokes, you name it. It just wasn't worth trying to punish them because they'd bounce right back and do it all over again.
..and Fives would just slip Echo the manuals and Echo would finish them in record time because he's already read them all. It just wasn't worth it.
Rex had just found the CG's massiff in his quarters and had had a hard time returning her to Fox and his squad, first because he had no idea how she got there, second because she almost bit his hand off and he was scared to touch her after that.
After Hound had come to extract her (she greeted him happily) Rex had found the culprits and now they were defending themselves with stupid excuses like, "She was cute!" And "But massiff's are awesome! We should get one!"
Rex would argue that no, no they were not cute, Grizzer was vicious, and they would not be getting one any time soon.
Echo shrugged. "We tried."
"Yeah." Fives shrugged in a perfect imitation of his brother. "I really thought Rex would've liked her."
"I did too."
Rex sighed and glared at the two of them before exchanging a glance with Cody.
Cody chuckled. "You take Fives and I'll get Echo?"
The two started advancing toward the ARC troopers.
Rex grinned, almost relieved. "Works for me."
Fives and Echo looked at each other in confusion and then Rex dug his fingers into Fives's sides and Cody grabbed Echo around the middle, scratching at his stomach. Thier reactions were completely different: Fives yelped and snapped his elbows against his sides and Echo started squirming desperately and choked on a startled gasp. Neither succeeded in evasion and both ARCs were on the floor in ten seconds flat. Fives kept shrinking away and curling in on himself while Echo squirmed and fought, hysterically giggling and giving Cody a hell of a time.
Rex pinched at Fives's lower ribs, a spot that seemed to be incredibly effective. The clone cackled and arched his back before curling up again, wrapping his arms around his torso and failing to block Rex's fingers.
"You ticklish, Fives? Don't think I've ever heard you laugh like this."
"Hey, you deserve this! I don't think Grizzer or I liked that you obducted her, so this can be your punishment for ticking me off."
Fives squeaked a protest that was lost in a new fit of laughter when Rex wormed his fingers under his arms.
Cody was discovering that Echo was much more ticklish than his brother and much more defensive too. He had narrowly avoided a knee to the groin and evaded a forearm to the nose, but did manage to get an elbow to the stomach.
With much difficulty, Cody managed to wrestle the ARC trooper on his back to sit on his thighs and it was all over for poor Echo.
He screamed as Cody squeazed his hips and skittered his fingers up his sides.
"Cody! CODYYHEHEHEHE!!" He finally managed in between fits of hysterical laughter.
Cody grinned at him and scribbled over his stomach, making him thrash and throw his head back.
"Sorry, Echo. I wanna see who can last longer."
"Echo! ITS ECHO!" Fives screamed. "Gahaha-REX NO!"
"No what? No this?"
Fives pounded his heels into the ground as Rex pressed into the spots just below his underarms.
Cody chuckled at how alike the two ARCs really were as he wormed his own fingers under Echo's arms, earning a shriek from the younger clone that toned down to hysterical cackling.
But where Fives's energy to fight was slowly ebbing, Echo was still struggling, despite how much more ticklish he was.
As Fives gave in, curling up and helplessly laughing while Echo continued to thrash and fight Cody, Rex huffed a small chuckle and let up. Cody squeezed Echo's sides one more time before following suit and getting off of the poor trooper.
Echo kept squirming and giggling as the sensations faded and Fives kicked him weakly. "This is all your fault."
Cody laughed and moved to sit on the floor next to Rex, who wore the easiest smile Cody had seen on him in a while. Echo pushed himself up enough to shoot Cody a glare before resting his head against Rex's leg.
Rex chuckled and carded a hand through his hair as Cody muttered, "Oh I see how it is," with a smile plastered on his face.
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what if a dawn of a doom update
Chapter 6 is now up!
Happy birthday, fleur! I told you I'd make it in time.
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My awesome friend, Longstemmed, drew this lovely picture for me and I colored it. 🥰
Tumblr media
I've added it to my story Call of the Sea on AO3.
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I love you (a Rex x reader imagine)
Word count: 848
Warnings: a bit of angst in the middle?? But fluff 🥰 and love 💕
Tumblr media
Okay, imagine this:
You’ve been working with the 501st for a while, growing comfortable around the troopers and their Captain.
So one day, Rex brings you food because he knows you skipped meal time, too busy to think about eating. And you’re really hungry so you just look at him with your eyes shining at how kind the Captain is and you mumble “thank you, I love you”.
And his hearts stops beating for a second before going full speed, he’s chocking and gasping, leaving a small whimpering sound through his lips. He swallows hard and looks at you as you start devouring the food without minding what you just said to Rex.
He can’t help but replay your words every moment he has time to take a small break and just feel his face all hot remembering your voice telling him those three sweet words. He wonders how else your voice could sound while saying them to him again and again and again.
But the next day he feels his breath stopping when he catches you telling “I love you” to Fives after he did some favor for you. And then you say it to Hardcase, and Kix, too.
He now can’t replay your words in his mind without feeling his chest heavy and his mouth getting dry, wanting to close his eyes and make your beautiful words go away.
Rex thinks about avoiding you, sure you will be able to tell something is bothering him. And he really does try, but whenever you’re near the Captain he gravitates towards you, itching to feel your body as close to his as he can. He even wants you to tell him the now dreadful phrase again, even when he’s sure it will hurt him.
And you, of course, notice something is wrong with him. And you wrap his warm hand with your fingers, and try to find someplace quiet and as private as possible. When you stop on some deserted corridor you look at Rex, getting closer to him, the tips of your shoes touching his.
Rex is trying to avoid your watchful eyes, so when he feels your fingers leaving his hand carefully and travel up his arm, slowly, it gives his skin goosebumps and he looks up at you through his lashes.
You leave your whole palm resting against his neck, your fingertips touching the little hairs at his nape. You feel him exhale a shuddering breath on the skin of your face. “What’s wrong, Captain?”
“That’s all I am? Your Captain?” And even when that word coming from your lips has woken up things in him other times, right now, hearing it only deepens his frown.
“What? No, no Rex. Of course not, I thought you knew that” you see him shake his head, “And what exactly am I supposed to know, now?” He sounds agitated, and without realizing it he grabs your hips with his hands, pressing you closer to him. His eyes are a bit on edge, just like him, and you gasp loudly on the empty corridor, making Rex close his eyes with his lips pressed together.
“Rex, look at me please” your voice sounds breathy and it’s making it hard to focus for Rex, he doesn’t want to look at you, he just wants to keep listening to your breathy voice just so he can imagine it’s him the one that’s causing it to be that way. His hands at your hips burn with want to explore more of your body, would you let him?
Your voice interrupts his thoughts, even when it’s just a whisper. “Ni kar'tayl gar darasuum” he opens his eyes abruptly “Say that again” his mouth hangs open even after talking.
His stomach feels like it’s on fire and like he just dived into a bathtub filled with ice at the same time. “Ni kar'tayl gar darasuum, Rex”. You’re biting your bottom lip nervously, chest tight, waiting for his reaction.
And maker, what a reaction.
He suddenly let’s go of your hips to grab your face, he pushes his forehead against yours, your noses bumping together, and your lips brush each other’s, the feeling like that of a butterfly batting its wings against your mouth, his eyebrows are frowned with restrain as he gasps against you with a questioning tone two single words that have your knees trembling “Can I?”
You’re not even sure if you hear it, or if you just feel his lips forming the words. You can’t find your voice to answer him so you just press your mouth to his, feeling the softness of his lips.
And Rex can’t help but let a moan escape him at the sensation, melting against you, frown still marking his face as he moves his mouth possessively, trying to mark your own lips with his while he breathes hard through his nose, pushing your face closer with his hands wrapping around your warm cheeks and ears. He can sense you burning up, but he’s sure he’s just as hot as you because he feels on fire.
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djarrex · 2 days ago
when Rex challenged a very large Wrecker by storming up to him and even having to look up at him !!! and threatened to crush him to smithereens
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i-am-1142 · a day ago
Tumblr media
This fic had me wheezing and I was inspired to draw something :D
@is-there-an-echo-in-here this fic was honestly hilarious
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captainkyee · a day ago
The Clone War was obviously a very stressful time for most beings in the galaxy. Most of all, the clones - and the last thing any jedi wants on their hands is a bunch of stressed soldiers running around. So, naturally, General Kenobi thought up a way to help reduce the stress levels of not only himself, but his troops. I present to you: Yoga with General Kenobi.
- the thing with being in the middle of a galactic war meant that they were always on the move; sometimes it was unavoidable that the meetings had to be in the middle of a campaign. therefore there was no set place where they met, and they would instead do it wherever suited best at the time... be it an old battlefield, in the hanger, the troops' quarters and even sometimes (in emergency situations) on the bridge.
- after years of jedi training and meditation practice, obi-wan was quite a qualified instructor. the 212th particularly enjoyed it; it was a nice opportunity for them to take off their armour and stretch out in their blacks.
- obviously, commander cody was the best at it. they didn't know how exactly you can be the 'best' at yoga, but he managed it.
- one thing nobody was expecting however, was the dedication of boil to these sessions. he was always there right on time, armour off, ready to begin. no matter where they were, no matter if the other troopers weren't even aware of the meeting, he'd be there. sometimes his dedication even startled obi-wan.
- the sessions would usually start with the general asking them to sit down cross legged and close their eyes, which was always an amusing test of the clones' suppleness. (most of them preferred to sit with their legs out in front of them)
- there was never an ordinary session. obi-wan always remembers that time they'd been in the middle of a downward dog and anakin walked into the room and just... stood there with a shocked face before backing out slowly.
- no less than 10 seconds later, none other than a very energetic fives burst into the room: "GENERAL SKYWALKER SAID YOU WERE DOING YOGA-"
- and from then on, when on missions together, it was inevitable that over half of the 501st would also join in (obi-wan had to find bigger spaces to do it, it was getting so crowded)
- cody managed to convince rex to join in once, and it resulted in so much teasing from echo and fives that he swore off yoga for life.
- wondering where all his troopers had disappeared to, anakin would search the base and surrounding areas until he found them, at which point hardcase's wild gesturing meant that he had to participate.
- despite being reluctant at first ("i've got THINGS to do-"), anakin soon discovered that yes, yoga was actually quite enjoyable, and it also equated to training as well, which resulted in him dragging along ahsoka.
- it would have been quite an amusing sight; walking into a room (or a field) of the finest republic soldiers completely silent and intently gazing at two jedi generals, one commander, and raising their arms above their heads whilst doing breathing exercises.
- as it happened, this did happen once, when they were stationed on coruscant. boil had been insistent that they continue the sessions (obi-wan had to admit, he had seen a drastic change in their flexibility) and spread the word.
- the clones collectively decided that the mess hall was the only space big enough, and began to move anything they could out of the way. after generals kenobi and skywalker had arrived, they began the session.
- as it happened, mace windu and master yoda needed to speak with obi-wan and anakin regarding new strategies, but they couldn't find them anywhere, nor any of their troopers. it was like they'd simply disappeared.
- after trundling around for quite some time, the two masters stumbled upon the mess hall, and what they saw when they opened the door made them freeze in their tracks.
- it was packed full of clones, armourless, on blankets and mats and anything else that was soft, in various positions, staring up at the front where obi-wan was demonstrating the scorpion pose, anakin was trying to clamber onto obi-wan's knees and see how long he could balance there, and ahsoka was staring at them, half concerned, half amused.
- nobody noticed the two masters silently watching as anakin toppled to the ground and obi-wan over balanced, flipping on top of him, whilst the hall erupted into laughter. every person in the hall looked free of stress in that moment: content, happy, simply enjoying not being on the battlefield for once.
- yoda and mace exchanged a glance; maybe the strategy talks could wait a while.
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