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▷短歌行 ◁
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twinterrors29 · 2 days ago
even drugged, Fives was more clever than most knew to give him credit for
he knew he was cornered, the target of a very aggressive coverup from the highest levels of the Republic
so instead of trying to set up a meeting to desperately pass on his dangerous knowledge to his Captain and General, he asks Kix for help with a very different task in that bathroom
and then he very publicly faked his own death
after all, this is not too long after the whole Rako Hardeen incident, he had the best of examples to follow (for a given value of best (Obi-Wan))
he put some extra padding under his chest plate, got Kix’s help to pay off a morgue attendant, and voila
(Commander Fox was so confused, he could have sworn his blaster was set to stun, but the evidence (his brother’s body) speaks for itself)
once he’s ‘dead,’ he continued his investigation into the chips, eventually drawing Kix away from the 501st to help him with the medical side and to develop a safe and reliable way to remove the chips, as well as trying (and failing) to dig up any concrete dirt on the Chancellor
however, before they can even finalize their plans, Order 66 goes out
the war ends
the Empire rises
they failed their brothers, and the Jedi paid the cost with their lives
so for a time, the two of them disappear, waiting and looking for new opportunities to help their brothers
until one day, Fives hears a rumor about a mercenary group, seemingly operating out of Ord Mantell, that pulled off some kind of cover operation in Tipoca City right before the whole planet went dark
Fives and Kix need any data they can get about what their surviving brothers are doing, so they decide to see what this crew saw
however, all those plans are quickly derailed when Fives recognizes the grumpy but undisguised voice of one of the helmeted members, and launches himself across the room to hug his long-dead batchmate
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Hardcase: We don't need blasters, I have a lighter.
Hardcase: We get some hairspray, make some flamethrowers.
Hardcase: Let's fry these bitches.
Rex: Nobody is frying any bitches.
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zenith-darksight · a day ago
Clone Headcannons
Fives can draw. Like, REALLY draw. The man fills up sketchbooks like no one's business, and his sketches are incredibly lifelike.
He drew the icons dedicated to Heavy on Echo's armor and his own.
Once, Rex found one of his sketchbooks left open to a beautifully drawn picture of Echo, some of the lines bleeding through the paper due to the tears that had fallen on the page.
Hunter doesn't sleep well because of his enhanced senses. He just hears everything, and years of war certainly haven't helped his nerves.
Kix would spend hours preening if Jesse didn't drag him out of the 'fresher every morning.
Jesse, on the other hand, wouldn't even shower if Kix didn't remind him that they SLEEP IN THE SAME ROOM, for kriff's sake, and Kix is NOT interested in having his nose hairs singed, thank you very much.
Dogma has OCD.
Rex has nightmares about Krell for the rest of his life, and Krell severely changed the way views the Jedi as a whole. The incident made him that much more loyal to the Jedi he trusts, but unfamiliar Jedi have their work cut out for them to earn his trust.
Hardcase likes bad poetry, and he will randomly burst out in verse to the groans and protests of his brothers.
Cody drinks, like, 10 cups of caf a day. Seriously, the man has pure caffeine running through his veins at this point, and he still looks tired.
Wolffe has a very dry sense of humor, and shinies of the Wolf Pack had better learn to speak sarcasm real fast or they're never going to figure him out.
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transformersluna · 2 days ago
Rex with a hat/beanie with jaig eyes!
Tumblr media
I'll stop drawing clones in Beanies when I'm dead.
And a bonus Cody
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thememerman · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yk the more I think about it the more I doubt that Obi-Wan ever even found out about the chips. He immediately cut himself off entirely and lived on Tattooine, a place that probably saw very little Imperial activity; how could Obi-Wan know anything about the chips? Maybe Bail told him eventually, but it took a lot of time for even the clones themselves to know that they had chips; I doubt he found out for a while. In addition to losing Anakin and being betrayed by him in just about every worse way possible, did he wonder if Cody somehow hated him too? The two people he trusted with his life more times than anyone else aside from Qui-Gon both tried to kill him on the same day and he probably never even truly knew why.
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ameanstoanendor · 2 days ago
Based on the way that Wolffe reacted when he found out Kanan and Ezra were Jedi, plus the way Rex had to gently tell him “they’re not the ones who betrayed us,” we can infer that Wolffe’s chip was activated for at least a little while. Whenever he got it taken out, it was likely difficult for him to separate his own thoughts from the chip’s influence while it was acitvated.
The chip told him that the Jedi were traitors and that he had to be loyal to the Empire. We as the viewer know that that isn’t true, but because he didn’t know about the chips, that was the truth to him and he might have thought that those were his own thoughts. Wolffe, in a state of grief due to Plo’s death and the unknown fate of the rest of the Wolfpack, might have wanted to listen to that even after he got his chip out because it was easier to reconcile with that than with the truth (that the Jedi had not betrayed them and were needlessly killed, and that he and his brothers had always been slaves).
Rex, of course, tries to reason with him over the years and succeeds to some degree. However, when it comes down to it, Wolffe is obsessively paranoid due to the thoughts placed in his head by the chip that he never overcame, which is why he doesn’t show Rex Ahsoka’s messages and why he contacts the Empire when Ghost Crew arrives.
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cyareclones · a day ago
for the request a character: I'd love to see Rex!!
a little warm up rexy, for u!
I’ll do more requests now that my Apple Pencil is restored :D
Tumblr media
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Cody: Okay, if we can't do it by sheer force, we'll do it my way.
Rex: But your way is sheer force!
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dailyrex · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Clone Wars/Bad Batch preference “Them having a breeding kink” (NSFW)
(Hope you guys can enjoy this!!! Was in the mood to add Waxer and Boil 😭 Wooo more of the Clones! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)
Tumblr media
Rex-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, he’d be a bit embarrassed to admit to it and would even deny it when you’d confront him but once he’s actually in bed with you, it’s a totally different story and he’d be quite adamant and even cocky about it. In the moment, he’d be utterly possessive, clinging to you and would show you a side to him that you only ever get to see, his words being quite degrading and harsh even as he makes you understand that you can’t escape him and he’d be so into marking you that it would end up surprising himself as he sees the hickeys and bruises all over you.
Tumblr media
Cody-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, it would just come to him naturally and he wouldn’t be embarrassed about it, telling you about how it’s just a part of him to hope for a family with you one day, completely flustering you with his honesty especially as he points out how good you look full with his cum. In the moment, he’d be utterly sweet and passionate, making sure to get you in the right mood before frustrating you and making you beg for him, loving especially to keep you so close and practically breathe you the closer he gets and being satisfied to see you as he fills you up.
Tumblr media
Wolffe-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, he’d be the one to get you embarrassed about it as he teases you all day long by any means possible, in secret of course, for instance his favorite being to ask you in a whisper if you can’t wait to be filled right just to see you try and deny it. In the moment, he’d be so mean purposely edging you to the point you can’t take it, loving especially to drag out his time as he eats you out and fingers you, ending not letting you have him until you’re begging for him, finally taking you by surprise as he gets all rough and harsh with his thrusts.
Tumblr media
Howzer-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, he’d be so sweet and subtle about it and you’d almost forget about it at times, he’d always make it a point to want to take you out or spend as much time with you, only to slowly get into that right mood and find himself needing to be with you. In the moment, he’d focus on your pleasure, praising you endlessly and would be so gentle and caring, he’d also make it a point to be as close as he can to you, often holding you or kissing you to keep himself on you, only for his desire to breed you show through the closer he is as he suddenly gets rough.
Tumblr media
Gregor-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, it would always seem to bring out a more possessive and greedy side of him, spending his entire day just shamelessly flirting with you or groping you when he sees the opportunity for it. In the moment, he’d be just as handsy, giggling away at your frustration from how much he’s edging you or making you have to chase for your relief, eventually letting you turn it around and beg you to let him breed you, of course loving the back and forth between you until you’re both desperate to finish.
Tumblr media
Fives-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, he’d be a little too giddy and desperate about it, flirting with you endlessly and reminding you how he can’t wait to fill you up, only to sulk or play into it further when you’d try to get him to calm down as to not draw attention to you both. In the moment, he’d be just a mouthy and in your face about it, constantly teasing about how much you want it or how your body needs to fill his cum inside of you, pointing out here and there your needy reactions and gladly flustering you until you give in and beg.
Tumblr media
Jesse-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, he’d have no problem about admitting to it and how amazing it feels being so deep inside of you and feeling you so full, looking at you with nothing but love as he keeps going on all while of course getting turned on the more he even thinks about it. In the moment, he’d make sure to keep you on your toes, purposely edging you whether it be the way he goes down on you or fingers you just to get you perfectly desperate for him to feel you as he pounds away at his own leisure, loving to hear you whine and be an utter blabbering mess.
Tumblr media
Kix-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, he’d act like it wasn’t a big deal and would point out how it’s natural part of life, only to suddenly get quiet as his thoughts delve into imagining you beneath him begging for his cum and he’d quickly get hard just from it proving how much of a deal it is to him. In the moment, he’d take his time to cherish you as usual, showing you how much you mean to him unless you want him to turn things around which can happen pretty quick as he isn’t afraid to give you exactly what you want, growing quite possessive of you and marking you as his until the very end.
Tumblr media
Hardcase-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, he wouldn’t really think about it that way but rather would just love the idea of you being so filled with his cum, motivating him to pick up the pace and keep you so close to him in those moments, all while not really putting a label on it. In the moment, he’d be a little too eager at times, pounding away and focusing on his pleasure a little too much until you get his attention and remind him that you aren’t going anywhere and that’s when he’d calm down to take it slow, his desire to finish deep inside of you growing right that instant.
Tumblr media
Dogma-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, he’d point out that it’s his duty as your lover to do such a thing, not really catching onto your questioning about his preference, only to get a bit flustered about expressing how good it feels to be so deep inside of you. In the moment, he’d be so focus on you and making sure you’re really there with him, he can’t help but get lost in the moment and would make sure you feel the same passion as he showers you in praises and kisses, only to grow possessive and make you tell him he’s the only one for you motivating him to just want to finish inside of you.
Tumblr media
Tup-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, he’d be a bit shy to admit openly to such things but when he’s in the moment or as you’d tease him so much he can’t help but get flustered and agree with you rather ardently, only to grow confident in himself as you’d stroke his ego. In the moment, he’d always be gentle and would take things slow, wanting to pleasure you and hear you praise him, as you’d return the favor to him he’d be utterly grateful and would feel so lucky, his urge to make it up to you then coming right through as he makes sure you’re comfortable while he pounds away until you both finish and he gets to hold you close.
Tumblr media
Echo-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, he’d be utterly fascinated and in awe to feel you so close and to be able to mark you as his but would be rather subtle about it, not wanting to brag too much but would definitely tease you about it when you’re both alone. In the moment, he just wants to hear you tell him that you want him, that you need him, to see you pout or whine in frustration or in complete adoration, he’s there for it and would know exactly how to get you to that point enough to make a complete mess by the time he’s fucking you and focuses on finishing right at the same moment as you to make everything perfect.
Tumblr media
Hunter-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, it’s the most obvious thing about him, there’s nothing that turns him on more than the possibility of impregnating you and see you with his child, and not to mention how crazy you drive him when you’re so full of his seed. In the moment, he’s overwhelmed by everything about you, from the way you kiss him to the how you touch or go down on him, and he can’t get enough of it and tries to control his own impulsions to make it last longer, otherwise when he’s in control he’d make sure to make you come a few times on his tongue just to feel you desperate for his cum inside of you.
Tumblr media
Tech-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, he wouldn’t really see it as a kink but rather his preferred place to finish, which is deep inside of you as he’d explain it, of course the sight of you overflowing turning him on further and really making it undeniable that it’s his kink. In the moment, he can’t help but at times beg you to tell him where you want his cum, not finishing until he hears you whine for him to do so deep inside of you, taunting you that he isn’t going to let you come until he hears what he wants to hear, clinging to you to mark you as much as he can.
Tumblr media
Wrecker-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, he’d be easily turned on by any of your suggestions or words about how much you want him to fill you, definitely playing into it and wanting to prove himself as worthy of being the only one who gets to do such a thing to you. In the moment, he’d have a habit of clinging to you desperately and would love to make you feel so small in his arms, whispering in your ear or actually getting louder as he practically crumbles and admits to you how amazing you feel and he isn’t going to last any longer, clearly egging you on to motivate him to come deep inside of you.
Tumblr media
Crosshair-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, he’d be rather secretive about it, not mentioning it to you openly but you could definitely tell by how desperately he gets possessive of you, suddenly hell bent on marking you as his. In the moment, whether it be a rougher session or a more gentle and loving, he’d always make it a point to focus on the way he stretches you and you could tell from how focus he gets at times between your face to back to your bodies linked together, he just can’t wait to see you filled up completely.
Tumblr media
Savage-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, it would definitely show itself when he’d get into his heat cycle, desperately needing to fill you and would grow obsessed with you by every means of it whether it be your smell, your sound or the way you would look at him it would be enough to turn him on. In the moment, he’d be relentless and would make you feel like you’re his personal toy for him to use, even mocking you as he notices how lewd and desperate you become, purposely playing with you into begging for him to come deep inside of you.
Tumblr media
Waxer-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, he’d definitely be open about it and his desires to actually have a family with you, talking about it in a rather loving and sweet light, making you forget for a second that it’s his actual kink. In the moment, he’d be so playful and loving, making you forget about the rest of the world apart from him, clinging you to him at times even, only to always make you fall for his little schemes as he begs you so sweetly to let him finish deep inside of you, praising you endlessly and just being in awe when he sees how filled you are.
Boil-When it comes to him having a breeding kink, he’d be in denial and even grumpy about it, not seeing it in the way you do, but the instant you’d remind him how primal he got when he saw you filled with his cum he’d get quiet all of a sudden. In the moment, he’d be quite focus on pleasuring you and remembering every reaction of yours to keep as a memory while he’s away, only for that passion to grow and morph into utter possessiveness as he makes you tell him who you belong to, often ending up with him at that point coming inside of you and once again observing you.
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thegaucheartist · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
What a surprise… I was sketching Rex again 🙄
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