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#captain rex
keldabekush19 hours ago
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"I hate it when you visit me. Why are you so weird. Go back to space." "I'm telling Cody you're bullying me." "It's a public service. Somebody has to do it."
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ollovae310 hours ago
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Rex is happy they're back but also simultaneously regrets the decision 馃槀馃ぃ
Echo and Alive!Fives being GOOFS and teasing Rex as Rex contemplates a smile or a scream of annoyance. 馃槅馃挅
Hope y'all like how it turned out!! See y'all later!! Hopefully Tumblr doesn't eat this one too??
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three-fold-symmetry2 days ago
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I redrew this old drawing of mine because looking at at makes me cringe, but I still like the idea of it. I'm glad I made some progress in the last half year.
Changes made:
1. Drew more good 2. More intricate background. Also less claustrophobic thanks to window. 3. Tightened up composition 4. Cody has collapsed even further 5. More colours! Because jeez, the old version was so damn grey. 6. Actually got into the habit of signing my drawings, woo.
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skyplokesa day ago
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there's so many more characters that could fit here so please feel free to complement this chart if you want
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kamino-coruscanta day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Worried big brother Rex
The Clone Wars 7.04 | Unfinished Business
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phantom-of-the-keurig2 days ago
Alright y鈥檃ll It鈥檚 time to settle this debate; is captain Rex a natural blonde or not?
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Please reblog with your reasons for why or why not, I really wanna get everyone鈥檚 thoughts on this!
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blacklothwolf2 days ago
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Hey guys! Look, the Batch have taped even MORE positive affirmations to your bunk wall! However, this time they roped in a few new contributors!
I promised I would make another Bad Batch stickynote picture, and this time I did my best to make it a wallpaper! I hope you enjoy, I鈥檓 still learning GIMP and how to size/shape things correctly. I鈥檓 always up to making these, so there may be more in the near future! Feel absolutely FREE to tag anyone and everyone you want! Spread the LOOOOOOVE! I love you! 馃挏
Tagging some people I love: @d1n0-dan @all-hallows-evie @monako-jinn-stories @nahoney22 @a-dorin @ashotofspotchka @howie-ner-cyare @moonstrider9904 @mintywriteswritings @baba-fett聽@minx067 @queencousland101聽@cosmic-rich @morelikekitfistme聽
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hootydoot18 hours ago
Please, let me do this; let me carry him myself. He at least deserves that small respect.
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My headcanon is that after Fives is shot, Rex insists on carrying him out of the warehouse, insisting that he owes that much to one of his best friends. It's obvious that he felt responsible for his death, especially after his comment to Echo in TBB, so I feel like he would definitely want to have this kind of personal, respectful send-off for poor Fives.
I also have a version with anakin in it, but I wasn't as happy with it
Tumblr media
I am having Big Sad feels over this show lately, so there will most likely be some other sad stuff I post in the not-so-distant future
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shukruut19 hours ago
I'm trying to understand how to draw kids so here's Rex and Cody as members of the backstreet boys cadets
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ivl3n21 hours ago
unfortunately i got very sick, so there will be no full drawings in the near future, but i'll try to post sketches like these :)
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Tumblr media
i love headcanon that Alpha was a big bro for commanders, so i think cody could copyied his behavior(and then rex started copying cody lol)
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incorrectclonequotes22 hours ago
Rex:聽Fives isn't the problem this year.
Echo:聽When are you gonna get it? Fives is ALWAYS the problem.
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clonehuba day ago
Rex breaks down after the pithy funeral he holds for the legion of brothers he couldn't avoid murdering.
"It's not murder. You didn't kill them, Rex." (Rex does not believe her)
He's inconsolable. Agony had never had a taste before. He'd never worn grief like he wore his armor, familiar to the point where he was scared to take it off because he knew then he would be left with nothing.
"You need to get up, Rex. We have to go."
Get up for what? The Republic is scattered under the shallow graves before him, blood swallowed by impassive grey dust on the moon it was lucky to crash on.
"Rex. We need to go."
Ahsoka tries her best to heft him, grunting in pain and frustration and sympathy when he doesn't move. Maybe she could throw him over her shoulders the way she'd had to carry some of the bodies off the destroyer. He can smell the blood and char on her montrals.
Rex is on his feet. Ahsoka's hand is in his, as cold as the moon around them. Ahsoka asks him a question he doesn't answer because he no longer has a voice. Rex is as thin and sparse as the dust that blows across the mounds laid out before them. Rex is grief that's sickly familiar the way his brothers' now-dead language is.
He's on the starship, leaving Rex discarded and empty, laid before Jesse's grave like a final apology.
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clonetobera day ago
Hello world and welcome to the official Clonetober 2021 account!
We鈥檙e still moving in and getting things settled, but we wanted to reach out to let everyone know we have some cool prompts headed your way for the month of October. We hope to have the prompts posted very soon!
Every day will have specific clone or group as well as a secondary scenario prompt, and we鈥檙e excited to see what you amazing people can come up with! You are welcome to fill as many prompts as you鈥檇 like, picking and choosing, or braving the entire month-long challenge! OC clones are welcome and most encouraged. We welcome any form of art or writing to fill the prompts!
We will be reblogging as much as we can from the event tag #clonetober2021, as well as posting reminders of the daily themes!
NSFW art and writing is welcome, as long as it is appropriately tagged as such!
If you have any questions, don鈥檛 hesitate to message us and ask!
Reblog to help spread the word, and tag your clone simp friends!!
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