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I don't want you to shake your head at me and i'm a bit curious so what about Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea and My Neighbor Totoro ?

Oh yes the mighty head shake scare everyone! Thank you!

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea: Favourite fairytale?

I don’t have one absolute favorite, but I guess I’ve always loved the Little Mermaid. Also, Beauty and the Beast.

I remember having lots of fairy tale books when I was a child, so I’ve read a lot but I fear I’ve also forgotten so many great ones…

My Neighbor Totoro: Favourite mythical creature?

Oh dragons are my all time favorite, but I also have a soft spot for griffins! Some of that is because their name in Finnish is so cool sounding: Aarnikotka. A treasure eagle.

>> studio ghibli asks

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For the "hi, I’m not from the US” ask set, how about 7, 16 and 19 ? ;)

7 three words from your native language that you like the most 

Ooh, okay, technically my native language is English, but where I grew up they speak a dialect called doric which has some fantastic words. However, they rarely have ‘proper’ spellings, so they end up being written phonetically. Driech is always good, it’s when the weather is really grey and miserable and it really sums it up well. Um, fooshtie is a good one too. It means when something has gone off or stale, or you know that smell in the attic or a charity shop? That’s fooshtie. For the third one I’m going to cheat a little, cause technically it’s two words, but I’m going to go for hairy fit. Having a hairy fit means going mad about something. You know, that feeling when your favourite character does something stupid and you’re like, what the hell are you doing, moron?! That’s a hairy fit.

16 which stereotype about your country that you hate the most and which one you kind of agree with

Oh man. Scottish stereotypes? Sooooo many! And to be honest, most of them are pretty true. We don’t all have red hair, that’s about it for being false and I don’t hate it (I would love red hair). As for agreeing with them, I agree with most of them tbh. The one about most Scots hating the English is, unfortunately, true in many ways. Which I dislike. Like, I was at a Miranda Lambert concert in Glasgow and one of the band members was English, and the audience booed him. Properly booing, not as a joke. It was uncomfortable.

19 do you like your country’s flag and/or emblem? what about the national anthem?

Ooh, boy. There’s a can of worms! I personally am totally neutral about the flags. Whether you’re going to the Union Jack, or the saltire, or the lion rampart (we have a lot of flags), I don’t really care either way. Ah, the national anthem… So, technically as part of the UK we’re covered by God Save the Queen, which is a total durge. But whenever you’re talking about Scotland on it’s own, they use Flower of Scotland. Which is… meh. It’s so funny whenever you’re at the rugby though, because most of it is mumbled until you get to the bit about beating the English then everyone knows the words to that bit! 

Thank you for the ask! 

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Pass the happy! 🌻🌈 When you receive this list 5 things that make you happy and send this to 10 of the last people in your notifications!💖

Thank you dear! :)

1. All the lovely fandom people who for some reason decided to follow me?? I’m. speechless.

2. It’s getting colder, so I get to dress accordingly (all the scarves!!)

3. My parents’ dog who is always happy to see me. :’)

4. My friends

5. No panic attacks in months

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captainfrostedcherry replied to your post “hey i need to start clearing out my gdocs because i’m starting to run…”

PLease, do it.

starkexpo replied to your post “hey i need to start clearing out my gdocs because i’m starting to run…”

doooooo it :)

kernezelda replied to your post “hey i need to start clearing out my gdocs because i’m starting to run…”

Gosh, yes, please. I love your writing.

thanks guys!! :’) i will try to work on making sure it’s coherent and getting it posted sometime this week!

jackyjango replied to your post “hey i need to start clearing out my gdocs because i’m starting to run…”

*holds knives in both the hands and chants in Barbarian voices* We want it! We want it!

shdskdjfsf screams

niniblack replied to your post “hey i need to start clearing out my gdocs because i’m starting to run…”

Maybe dump it with a last chapter that’s like “rocks fall everyone dies”

lmfao And Then They Died 

i wouldn’t do that but the potential indignant/outraged reactions would probably be funny

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