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#captive prince
ano-ka-ba · a day ago
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Title: The Hunter & The Naiad Artist: anokaba Characters: Damen/Laurent Summary: Deep in the forest, a hunter stalks his quarry - weaving through thick trees and dense bushes. At last, the deer stops at a pond to drink. Carefully inching closer, Damen leans against a tree, steadies his breath, grips his bow, and -
A/N: I've had a yearning to draw a greek mythology AU captive prince for what seems like ages! So here's Damen as a hunter who comes across a beautiful naiad in the forest. There are misunderstandings, Laurent is prickly and kind, and Damen is soft and strong, and there is drama and injuries and flirting, and they fall in love, THE END.
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lovely-laurent · a day ago
When Laurent and Damen first meet, they hate each other. They're both polite, or, as polite as they can manage. The relationship between Vere and Akielos is tentative, and neither of them want to destroy a treaty before they get a chance to sign it.
Auguste tries his hardest to urge Laurent to be nicer. But Laurent can't stand Damianos. They agree on absolutely nothing, on opposite ends of the spectrum on all political matters and way too stubborn to concede to the other.
They argue. It's passive aggressive and full of insults and back-handed compliments. Everyone knows they hate each other, and it puts a strain on the festivities. Auguste eventually tells them both to take their arguing somewhere else. Its not the most diplomatic of moves, but he's sick and tired of hearing them argue, and hes still trying to convince the veretian Council that the treaty is going to be good for Vere.
"Somewhere else" ends up being Damen's room. Things get worse, until they're full-out screaming at each other. They're calling each other names, flinging insults to one another. They're being absolutely nasty with each other.
And then. Somehow. They hate-fuck. Laurent is kindve confused at the end of it because Damianos was actually really good in bed but also he thinks hes dumb as a rock. Damen is even more confused, because in hindsight he has no idea why Laurent consented, since he hates him so much. He doesnt know why he consented to it either, other than the fact that Laurent is drop-dead gorgeous. He didn't think he could get past Laurent's terrible personality, but somehow he did, and the sex was good, he thinks. Maybe? He doesnt really know. Laurent is very confusing and hard to read.
They still hate each other, but they end up fucking every day while Damen is in Vere. Sometimes multiple times in one day. Damen feels like hes been hypnotized. Nikandros thinks hes an idiot. Auguste is furious with Laurent. Laurent and Damen continue to do it anyway, though.
Eventually, Damen and his group have to go back to Akielos. He and Laurent still absolutely hate each other. They start writing each other. However, their letters are angry, mean, and hornier than all hell. Damen writes to Laurent that he'll shove his cock in his mouth just to get him to shut up. Laurent writes back that hell fuck him so hard he'll walk with a limp for a week.
Somehow, they start hating each other less. They start to find common ground. Laurent realizes that Damen is poetic, and Laurent loves poetry. Damen realizes that Laurent is actually really funny. Apparently, they like the same books, and discuss them in their letters in between filthy promises of what they'd do to each other next time they see each other.
After a long time, and many many many sexy yet intimidating letters later, Vere goes to Akielos. Something shifted between Laurent and Damen. They fuck, and it's hard and rough and loud and mean but then Damen shows him around the palace. They know each other now. At least a little bit. Damen knows that Laurent loves pomegranates, and for some reason, feels a need to surprise him with a basket full. Laurent knows Damen loves sports, and agrees to let Damen teach him to wrestle. Its fun. They laugh a lot. Though they dont notice it at first, they realize that they've started to meet in the middle on certain political matters. They even change their minds on a few things. The sex is still great, rough and angry, but over time their anger outside of the bedroom starts to diminish, until they're not even angry, and the rough sex is simply because they like it.
Towards the end of the trip, they both panic because they realized they dont hate each other, but actually really really like each other. Like a lot. Auguste and Nikandros have known this since day 1 in Akielos and are very frustrated with them. Eventually, Vere has to leave Akielos. Damen and Laurent are both sad about it.
When Laurent is back home, he and Damen start writing again. It's different though. Damen writes him poetry about his eyes in between detailing his rough sexual fantasies with Laurent involving tying him to his bed. Laurent sends him gifts of flowers and clothes and art with his letters, which also include thorough accounts of how he touched himself while thinking of biting Damen until he screamed.
Eventually, Damen comes back to Vere. It's a surprise, he was only able to give a few days notice before arriving with a small group of people. He shocks everyone (including Auguste, but mostly Laurent) by asking for his hand in marriage. Auguste gives him permission, and Laurent accepts the proposal. They embrace and kiss each other, Laurent has tears in his eyes.
Laurent is sad to leave his brother in Vere to relocate to Akielos with his husband-to-be. Auguste promises to visit at least once a year, and to write often. The wedding is grand, both Damen and Laurent having long forgotten about hating each other. Nikandros and Auguste didnt forget and still have absolutely no idea how they got there.
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deripmaver · a day ago
laurent is a good person - book 1 meta
one of the most amazing things about captive prince is how the reveals in book 3 recontextualize all of the scenes leading up to them, including about laurent himself. in book one, all we see is damen pov as he’s being abused and humiliated by this supposedly spoiled, vile ice prince. when the regent comes to damen and subtly (and not so subtly) insults laurent, calling him unfit to rule - well, why would he think anything different? laurent has insulted him, had him whipped within an inch of his life, and even attempted to (and later successfully lmfao) have him raped while drugged out of his mind. 
after book 3 we can reread most if not all of book 1 as a very traumatized boy who has finally been confronted with the man who killed his brother, leaving him alone with his abusive uncle, and who he clearly has made into a complete monster in his own mind. damen of course sees him as a complete bitch, but there’s textual/subtextual evidence that laurent is well liked, and that his behavior during book 1 was actually pretty out of character for him. i’d like to provide some examples of that now!!!!
“Laurent had stopped dead the moment he had seen Damen, his face turning white as though in reaction to a slap, or an insult. Damen’s view, half-truncated by the short chain at this neck, had been enough to see that. But Laurent’s expression had shuttered quickly.” Captive Prince, Chapter One
i couldn’t resist adding this one in hehe. laurent recognizes damen!! he’s come down, knowing his uncle has devised another truly horrendous and triggering “gift” and that he’ll lose support if he calls it our for what it truly is, only to find out that it’s fucking damianos of akielos sent to him as a sex slave. a jab at laurent’s trauma about auguste and also a jab at laurent’s frigid sexuality - which ofc is completely the regent’s fault. fuck that guy so much lmfao 
“‘It’s so rare to see you at these entertainments, Your Highness,’ said Vannes.” Captive Prince, Chapter Two.
this is right before the fight between govart and damen in the ring, of course. damen sees laurent as depraved and vile as the sexual sadism on display by the veretian court, and considers him to be a willing purveyor of it. this is wrong, of course, as said by vannes here. laurent has only shown up because he wants to humiliate damen lmfao.
“He did remember being supported by two of the guards, here, in this room, while Radel stared athis back in horror. ‘The Prince really . . . did this.’ ‘Who else?’ Damen said. Radel had stepped forward, and slapped Damen across the face; it was a hard slap, and the man wore three rings on each finger. ‘What did you do to him?’ Radel demanded.” Captive Prince, Chapter Four
this scene, to me, was the most telling lmfao. it’s right after damen is whipped. you could argue that radel is just a servant in the employ of the royal household, so is of course going to be loyal to the prince, but he seems genuinely surprised of the prince’s cruelty towards damen. not only that, but he slaps him and immediately assumes damen must have done something. which - i mean, technically he did lmao. not necessarily enough to deserve having the skin flayed from his back, but you know. if laurent was in the habit of torturing pets and slaves, why would the overseer react this way?
“The men guarding him were the Prince’s Guard, and had no affiliation with the Regent whatsoever. It surprised Damen how loyal they were to their Prince, and how diligent in his service, airing none of the grudges and complaints that he might have expected, considering Laurent’s noxious personality. Laurent’s feud with his uncle they took up wholeheartedly; there were deep schisms and rivalries between the Prince’s Guard and the Regent’s Guard, apparently.” Captive Prince, Chapter Four
laurents relationships with his guards are also some of the biggest indicators that he isn’t just a spoiled brat, but can insire a deep loyalty in his men. even if they do all want to fuck him. ah, sexual harassment. it’s also hilarious that damen immediately assumes they’re loyal to him because they want to fuck him - nice projection there, dude. we know a bit more about laurent and his guards thanks to green but for a season, but this little bit here is interesting.
“Laurent was indeed good at talking. He accepted sympathy gracefully. He put his position rationally. He stopped the flow of talk when it became dangerously critical of his uncle. He said nothing that could be taken as an open slight on the Regency. Yet no one who talked to him could have any doubt that his uncle was behaving at best misguidedly and at worst treasonously.”  Captive Prince, Chapter Five
idek what to say here. laurent my beloved <3333
“‘When someone doesn’t like you very much, it isn’t a good idea to let them know that you care about something,’ said Laurent. Damen felt himself turn ashen, as the threat sank in. ‘Would it hurt worse than a lashing for me to cut down someone you care for?’ said Laurent.” Captive Prince, Chapter Seven
this isn’t really relevant to my thesis lmfao i just love this exchange bc it gives SO MUCH information about laurent and his uncle in just three lines of dialogue. what has the regent done, who did he cut down just to hurt laurent? when and how did laurent learn that? p a i n 
“Laurent’s fussy horse began acting out again, and he leaned forward in the saddle, murmuring something as he stroked her neck in an uncharacteristically gentle gesture to quiet her.” Captive Prince, Chapter Nine. 
HORSEY NO- lmfao this scene just hurts so badly on the reread. especially later on, in book 3 i think, where laurent says something like “i provoked my uncle.” he’s really blaming himself for his uncle KILLING HIS HORSE, his horse that his murdered brother trained, one of the only living connections to auguste... all because his uncle could not let a single miniscule plan laurent had set go through without some kind of repercussion. literally all laurent did was do something to stop an innocent group of people from being abused, nothing to undermine his uncle’s rule, but because the regent is VILE he could not let laurent have even this. he’s so good with her, too. he must have known by this point and also known that there was no way to stop this. P A I N
“‘I know that you have somehow arranged this,’ said Erasmus. He was incapable of hiding what he felt, and just seemed to radiate embarrassed happiness. ‘You kept your promise. You and your master. I told you he was kind,’ Erasmus said. ‘You did,’ said Damen. He was pleased to see Erasmus happy. Whatever Erasmus believed about Laurent, Damen wasn’t going to dissuade him. ‘He’s even nicer in person. Did you know he came and talked to me?’ said Erasmus. ‘—He did?’ said Damen. It was something he couldn’t imagine. ‘He asked about . . . what happened in the gardens. Then he warned me. About last night.’ ‘He warned you,’ said Damen. ‘He said that Nicaise would make me perform before the court and it would be awful, but that if I was brave, something good might come at the end of it.’ Erasmus looked up at Damen curiously. ‘Why do you look surprised?’ ‘I don’t know. I shouldn’t be. He likes to plan things in advance,’ said Damen.” Captive Prince, Chapter 9.
this is the first in-text confirmation we have that laurent has a good heart beneath his layers and layers of trauma-induced lashing out. book one often skeeves people out because of its graphic and, honestly, yes, kind of sexualized depiction of rape, slavery, and depravity, but beneath it all you meet these two protagonists who are going to have all of their most deeply held views about each other challenged. laurent from very early on is shaken to his core when damen refuses to rape nicaise in the ring - it cracks the very foundations of the person he’d built up in his head as this horrible monster who killed his brother in cold blood. and damen keeps defying laurents expectations by being a good person through and through. on the other hand, laurent spends the first part of the book taking out years of anger on damen, but here for the first time we see him do something just because its the kind thing to do. yes, torveld is an ally against his uncle, but laurent has clearly been scheming with him for a while now, and he’s now overlooking his hatred of damen and working with him just because none of the slaves deserve whats happened to them. it’s such a sweet moment.
“One of the other men, eyeing them, approached a moment later. ‘Don’t mind Jean. He’s in a foul mood. He was the one had to stick a sword through the mare’s throat and put her down. The Prince tore strips off him for not doing it fast enough.’” Captive Prince, Chapter Nine.
HORSEY NO- pt 2. this is just another really sweet and sad detail - laurent being so upset that the horse’s death could have been more painless. it must have hurt so much to see her in pain, and to know that the only way for that pain to end was being put down as quickly as possible. i wuv him. im sad
that’s it, though there are still a few more chapters left in the book. this isn’t providing any new information, of course, the path of the three books is to show that laurent isnt the man we meet in book one, that he’s actually sweet, and earnest, and he’s been fighting his own battle practically alone against his abuser since he was fifteen years old. also, the reveal that laurent knew who damianos was from the start makes it clear imo that all of his violence in book 1 was supposed vengence, not... him being evil. he apologizes explicitly in-text, and also, all of the acts of violence he commits cause serious problems for him in terms of his future alliance which he then needs to fix. i just love how layered these books are, how there’s so much information in them that makes rereading almost more fun than reading them for the very first time!
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"To gain everything and lose everything in the space of a moment. That is the fate of all princes destined for the throne."
-C.S. Pacat, Kings Rising (Captive Prince #3)
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x-em · a day ago
"Because he was false" said Damen, "and you are true.
I have never known a truer man."
Me reading the e-book
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amberneonlights · a day ago
Tumblr media
“What bliss than to die in a lovers arms”
i felt extra dramatic today again, so gave more sad Nik x Auguste content
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laurentspup · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I need you all to know how much I love run the spring // paramedic!damen and paediatric doc!laurent au by @damiaanos so I made this !!!! The bathtub scene lives rent free in my mind because really, it’s just so beautiful. 
to damiaanos, thank you thank you thank you for the whole series and especially the bathtub scene. and the crunchy knees. especially the crunchy knees. I hope you like this little gift!!!!! <3
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razielim · 2 days ago
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So many palaces, so little time. Damen and Laurent are determined to use every corner. Part 5/5
With a new era of peace and prosperity and only lots of paperwork on their plates, the couple finds new and improved ways to enjoy a bit of adrenaline.
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fanfictiongreenirises · 2 days ago
what do I even Do with myself now that I've finished captive prince
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lu-natics2 · 22 hours ago
Damen: Let’s discuss about that stupid plan
*Laurent shows up with akielon clothes*
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Tumblr media
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veretianstarburst · 2 days ago
Started writing my Nikandros/Laurent mafia au + arranged marriage fic idea
Most people married for love, got to choose the person they would be spending the rest of their life with. That wasn’t the case for Laurent. For the sole sake of an alliance, he was going to be married off to the Akielon mafia’s Underboss.
Nikandros was a strong and powerful person, not just because of his position, but physically, too. If one believed the recent rumour going around, he had killed a man using only his bare hands.
Tonight, Laurent would be meeting him in person for the very first time.
His chest felt tight with a mixture of emotions—anger, despair, anguish, nervous—as he sat in the chair, wearing his nice midnight blue suit and letting Auguste intricately braid his long blond hair.
Eyes on the clock hanging on the wall ahead of him, he watched as the seconds noisily ticked by. There were only ten minutes remaining for him to finish getting ready.
“All done,” said Auguste, his voice low and full of sombre.
Taking a deep, shaky breath, Laurent stood up, smoothing out any wrinkles from his suit jacket with both hands.
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anch0ram · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Catch of the day
Prone to seasickness and attached to the finer comforts of life, Laurent decided at an early age that he'd be better off assisting his brother with the family's major merchant fleet with both feet on land. His distaste for the sea only grew stronger when she swallowed his brother and father in what should have been an easy summer voyage from Marlas to Ios.
However, left alone in the care of his uncle Laurent soon enough came to discover a life far more stifling than what a mouldy cabin below deck could come up with.
At fifteen Laurent is too old for his uncle’s bed and far too young to make claim of what is rightfully his. In a bout of desperation he does what many boys his age in a city by the sea might do, and enlists on a merchant schooner as a cabin boy. 
When the schooner is apprehended by pirates, Laurent decides that his own desire for survival weighs much heavier than whatever loyalty he might have had for the ship’s captain. At the offer of one Pirate Prince Torveld he jumps ship. and leaves the line of the law behind. 
Under the attention of Torveld, Laurent soon comes to realise that he has a knack for navigation and planning a ship’s course, despite the fact that anything less than fair weather will leave him green in the face. At twenty Torveld grants him a ship of his own, finally accepting that Laurent holds no romantic interest for him.
Four years later, Laurent and his L’Enfant Terrible are notorious for their quick attacks and an uncanny ability to always know when a ship is at its most vulnerable. Suffering the biggest losses are the ships belonging to the highly esteemed shipping company Vere, and rumour has it that its owner has accused his own nephew of the attacks - leaving him wanted for piracy across the entire Ellosean coast.
Happy Mermay! The (unsurprising) follow up to my Nicaise portrait :)
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