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#capy tag
wonderfulobsessions · a month ago
Tumblr media
[ID: a picture of two hands holding a capybara photoshopped onto them. over the image is flaming white text that reads: "FUCKING CABYBRA" /end ID.]
thank you for this gift
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capitola · a month ago
'did i say you could get out of bed?' + widobrave~~ take it however you like it *eyebrows*
I apologize for taking this in a solidly hurt/comfort direction, despite your allowances ;) Cross-posted on ao3.
“Did I say you could get out of bed?” Nott’s voice snaps shrilly when Caleb has only just lifted his head from his makeshift pillow. It’s daylight, though in the little rocky overhang where they made their camp last night (where Nott made camp after he more or less collapsed into a little pile) only a bit of summer sunlight streams in through the bushes growing outside. 
“Wasn’t planning to,” Caleb mutters, lying back down, feeling the crunch of pine needles beneath the layers of folded fabric against his head. The steady throb of his ankle makes walking seem a very, very distant possibility right now. Frumpkin is curled up against Caleb’s side, sleeping contentedly with a stray patch of sun shining on his tabby fur. There’s a warm, fruity smell in the air, and Caleb rolls his head over to look at Nott a few feet off, stirring something in their little tin pot over a fire, something that tickles his nose with memories of home. “Is that jam?”
“Rose hip tea.” She looks over to him, ears pulled back, the pupils of her yellow eyes narrow slits, as though in concentration, or perhaps concern. “Willow might’ve been better, but the rose hips were right here and I didn’t want to go too far. You were groaning over your ankle all night.”
“Was I?” Last night seems a series of bright flashes now, of being chased out of their last hiding place by a farmer and her dogs, of tripping over a root in the woods and feeling something snap in his ankle with a white-hot pain, of running, running, running until they were a safe distance off, probably miles from the road they’d been going by. Though he’d been able to ignore the pain in the rush of adrenaline, there wasn’t much else for him to focus on now, tucked up safe in a bedroll (Nott must have done that, Caleb doesn’t think he possessed the wherewithal last night to have gotten out a bedroll or assembled a little pillow) .
She comes over to lay the back of her hand over his forehead, then turns it over to rustle her thin fingers in his hair. “You haven’t got a fever, at least, but your foot’s pretty bad.”
“I could have told you that.” He tries to smile despite the pain, pulling his arm out from the blanket to take her hand in his. He squeezes it gently, pressing a kiss to her fingers. “But I’m grateful to have such an attentive physician.”
Nott seems to smile in spite of herself, cheeks flushing a brown-green. “‘M hardly even an alchemist,” she mumbles, though he can see her pupils widen a little, relaxing just a bit. She gives his hand a squeeze before returning to her brew, stirring it again before scooping some up in a cup of similar make to the pot. She helps him sit up gently, pressing the cup to his lips. “This won’t heal you up proper, but it should get you up and running until we can get somewhere where I can find something to finish the job.” 
Caleb takes a careful, slow sip, and underneath the rose hips there is a strong bitter taste that makes him screw up his nose. Nott winces.
“Sorry, there’s some other stuff in there to give it some extra oomph — thought the rose hips might cover it up.” 
“It’s…alright,” Caleb says, only lying a little bit. The rose hips lingers longer than the bitterness, and a second sip goes down easier, warmth already spreading out from his chest. “It is nice to be taken care of.”
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capybara-stan · a month ago
New York Times and USA Capybara Bestselling Series: Kapykeeper of the Lost Cities, by Shannon Messengbara
Old version I edited:
Tumblr media
New version:
Tumblr media
Please do not repost anywhere without asking me first
Reblogs are greatly appreciated
currently editing kotlc capybara au first draft 🙏
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captive-hetalian · a month ago
Your reblogs and nice tags give me life! I love seeing notes that you've reblogged it gives me the big happy! 💚💚💚
Tumblr media
Awwww this is so sweet, thank you! >////< I’m really glad you like my tags and that I can help make you happy <333
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fukuemi · 3 months ago
@nerdywriiterchild i want you to know i've been actively trying to answer your ask with the picture of baby fuyumi for like three days now but tumblr said i'm not allowed to for some reason so now it lives in my inbox forever
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wonderfulobsessions · 4 months ago
got tagged by @myclericalromance (and also @nonbinarywithaknife) to shuffle my playlist and put the first ten songs down so here!
1. know your worth - khalid & disclosure
2. curious (marian hill remix) - hayley kiyoko
3. in the woods somewhere - hozier
4. empty gold - halsey
5. magnolia - the hush sound
6. soft fuzzy man - lemon demon
7. everything goes dark - the hoosiers
8. the calculation - regina spektor
9. shrike - hozier
10. suncity - khalid
idk who to tag so anyone who wants to do this feel free to!! you can say i tagged you :)
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theswirlersisterscircus · 4 months ago
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Dimension 20 (Web Series)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Caramelinda Rocks & Ruby Rocks
Characters: Ruby Rocks, Caramelinda Rocks, Mentioned Primsy Coldbottle, Mentioned Jet Rocks, Minor Characters
Additional Tags: Campaign 05: A Crown of Candy, Death, Blood and Gore, Grief/Mourning, Crying, Regret, Angst, Hurt No Comfort, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, ruby is just having an all around bad time, if ruby had decided to attack saccharina in the final, Minor Character Death, heed the tags
Summary: pyrrhic (adj.) (of a victory) won at too great a cost to have been worthwhile for the victor There’s nothing fun about victory, Ruby finds. [or: ruby chooses to attack saccharina in the final battle. this is the bloody aftermath.]
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capitola · 4 months ago
You mentioned in ur last ask that widobrave recs could be another list on its own, and I would like to see it
Well, if you’re gonna twist my arm about it... ;)
Some of these are platonic and some of these are Caleb/Veth/Yeza; I justify including them because I think the bond between them is the most interesting part. I also write widobrave fics, but I think it would be disingenuous of me to use this list to toot my own horn.
SFW Recs
Sweeter Than Wine (currently at 8K, romantic) is a series of short widobrave AUs, including a classswap and a genderbend-ish. They're very rich on details and It's currently at 3 chapters out of a promised 6, and I am waiting on updates very patiently.
A Game of Pretend (18K) is possibly the most intense pining fic from Veth's perspective.
live your whole life on a might-have-been (2K) by @catalists is a modern roadtrip AU with pining so thick you could cut it with a knife.
Vivere, Ridere, Amare (currently at 13K, Caleb/Veth/Yeza) is an AU where Caleb ends up in Felderwin shortly after escaping the asylum, and the Brenattos take him in, to very fluffy effects. Do yourself a favor and put the title through Google Translate because it still makes me chuckle.
fireproof (currently at 17K, platonic) by @all-pacas is an AU where Bren never broke and Veth is recruited as a student to the Soltryce Academy, and how they bond under those circumstances.
Dancing Thoughts of You (5K) is a fic about Caleb and Veth sharing a dance. Veth gets most of the pining fic for this ship, so I like that this one focuses on Caleb.
Convenience (2K, platonic) by @thefandomcassandra is a daemon AU where Nott pretends to be Caleb's daemon, told mostly through the eyes of the rest of the Nein.
enemy of my enemy (19K) by @bravenot is about Nott and Caleb's travels prior to meeting the Mighty Nein.
NSFW recs
You're always welcome in my bed (6K) is one of the few dozen widobrave fics written before we learned that Nott used to be a halfling. Very jossed, but I think the early characterization is fun and interesting in its own right.
Through Another's Eyes (1.5K) by @sparxwrites is some very soft Nott/Caleb mirror sex, and one of the first fics I found when I was first getting interested in widobrave as a ship.
Last chance to see (2.5K) is a fic where Nott and Caleb end up sleeping together before Caleb changes her back into a halfling (written a few months before that happened in canon).
The Maps are Gone (So Are Our Footprints Too) (6K, Caleb/Veth/Yeza) is very detailed and sweet polyamory negotiations with smut.
If you like what you see here, I'm one of the mods on the widobrave discord server, and I'm always happy to extend an invite.
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thxmxgxcxlxnx · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
oh, to be hanging out and strolling around with Julie a.k.a. @bukojuiice
of course we can’t do that irl yet because of ~the pandemic~ so we got together in our virtual forms instead uwu
fr I miss you buddy 🥺 when this pandemic’s over, let’s get together and hang out irl too!!
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