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#car problems

We were hoping to make a vlog update for YouTube today, but @MaculaPravus dropped some @Mewtique packages off at the Post Office this morning and on the way home he noticed one of our tires was a little flat.

Now we’re spending the day trying to fix that because if the car isn’t fixed by Monday we’re going to miss that appointment that cancelled on us on Thursday. Driving an hour each way on a spare tire sounds terrible. So.

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Whew. You know that cliché saying about “When it rains, it pours?” Yeah. Yup. That.

Last week I had the transmission go out on my main driving car. It did it near home, no tow truck required. I’m in a privileged enough position that my hubby and I have a back-up vehicle for things like this. Cool.

On Friday I had the low coolant light come on in the back-up car. I was told by the spouse to “Just add coolant and check the other fluids, it will be fine.” So I get up this morning and add coolant, top off all the fluids. Start up the car and the light is still on. I also don’t have heat. Also, oh hey, there is a giant puddle of antifreeze under the car. It is not fine.

The husband has the last vehicle and he is all ready at work. Today, I am stuck at home. Its not the worst scenario. I’m not stuck with a dead car out on a country road on a cold morning. Still.

The real kicker? I’ve been trying to have my septic tank and drain field replaced all summer. The company doing that for me is finally supposed to come out today and do that this week. So I am stuck at home with NO TOILET.

This is a rant post. I’m not looking for money or sympathy. I’m just irritated and typing it out.

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So I had a roller-coaster of a day.

Brought a new car today. I was so exited, its a 4 wheelchair drive, has a bullbar, winch, roof racks, heater seats, even a sun roof.

Correction it HAD a sunroof.

On our way home when we got away from the roadworks that are Melbourne roads keeping us at a slow 80kmph, we finally were able to speed up to 100kmph, when the sunroof glass decided to yeet itself off the car.

Thankfully noone was behind us at the time. And no other damage was done to the car.

But now instead of a sunroof I now have a sun hole.

And a week of rainy days ahead.

My step sister agreed to let me store it under her carport to wait out the storm coming through tomorrow evening. With a tarp for some extra protection.

So yay.

Found out the sunroof was under a recall so hope that I may be able to get it replaced free of charge, however that’s still a maybe as the website says that the glass replacement is free of charge, where as the whole thing will probably need replacing.

AND the closest place that replaces them is an hour away. Not far on Australia’s standard, but did I mention the WEEK OF RAIN AND THE HOLE IN THE ROOF OF MY CAR!

So tomorrow I’m going to bunnings and picking up a plastic table cover and some ducttape. And hoping for the damn best, to try and make sure I dont have a surprise interior wash while driving it to get it fixed.

Wish me luck!

Oh also to add insult to injury i found out the heated seats, one of my must haves in a car (bc chronic pain and cold do not mix) dont work either, possibly, hopefully just a blown fuse or switch, but still omg.

So here’s to that!

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Hey no one! Sometimes I worry about my dads sanity, not that he’s crazy or is dangerous but he is just wayyy too chill. His truck needed to be worked on in the city so he had me follow him but before we left, he said if my truck explodes just slow down and pick me up. And im like wait what explodes?? He said yes its possible, just pick me up if it happens, ok let’s go!

Like uhhhh how can you say it so nonchalantly

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Alright, so I took a gap in the rain to check the battery. Looks like my next step is to try to charge it, with the hood sheltering the charger from rain. Naturally, it turns out I parked the pickup one foot shy of where the extension cords can reach the charger cord. So my actual next step is to try to find another extension cord to add to the chain…

And honestly, for all I know the battery might not hold the charge….or it could be something worse.

(Meanwhile my text to my brother asking the number how to get ahold of Mom at the hospital remains unanswered. And my internet keeps flickering.)

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I think I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to poke around more under the pickup hood, because every time I open it it starts raining again.

Unfortunately the easiest thing, wire brush to the battery contacts, didn’t do the trick. Which means I need to check the battery itself next…once I find the darn volt meter.  

Yes, I’m moaning here. Look, I have no one else to moan to and I’ve still not figured out how to call Mom. It’s either you or the animals and they have all taken shelter out of the rain.

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The annoying thing about the pickup? 

I was driving it around to switch vehicles before going to the post office, and I realized I’d forgotten my mask. Rather than switch vehicles first I drove back to this house and ran in to get the mask. When I got back not more than 2min later it wouldn’t start. 

If I’d switched vehicles and THEN driven back for the mask I’d least have a vehicle that runs with me!

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So I guess my car wanted to die tonight

Its a new-ish car that my late grandfather left for me and just today the battery died on it and it being mostly electrical it has a dumb idea of shutting everything off 🙃

Once parked to figure out what to do, my husband and I decide we should just throw it into neutral to push it into a better spot (it was in a no parking zone on a busy street). But. What ho? We can’t put it into neutral???? The battery must be at full otherwise nothing literally works!!!!

So calling the in laws my father in law does probably the most sketchy menuvers with a separate car battery in the passenger seat ,hooked up with jumpers to my car battery, that way they dont have to push the car 🙃

It worked but parallel parking while my car slowly died and sputtered was not fun 😑 😢

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Car ‘troubles’ x’D


Me:*Leans against the door when tired*

Somebody:*F*cking opens it*

Me:*Almost falls out*


Mom’s new car:*Unlocks all the doors when she unlocks the trunk*

Me:*Locks my door every time because I never know if she’ll for some reason open the door*


*Repeat this a few times at the dentist until I get out of the car to stretch my legs while we wait to go into the waiting room because you have to call ahead and get permission now*

*Then the trunk opens…*

*This happens again about 7 or 8 times with Mom becoming increasingly annoyed at the dollar store*

Me:*Notices that the trunk makes an unlocking sound EVERY time she presses the button*

Me:*Snrk*?! :'3 *Tests it out*

*Trunk doesn’t open again*

Mom:*Comes back to the driver’s seat to press the button again*

Me:*Red in the face, laughing with tears building in my eyes*

Mom: What?

Gramma:*Laughing at me*

Me: It isn’t working!!!! X’D

Gramma: She’s laughing at you and I’m laughing at her

Me:*Continues laughing, but I don’t lock my door this time*

*Trunk opens*


Mom: What?


Mom:*Comes back to the driver’s side door to reach in and playfully (but slightly hard) slap my leg a few times as she tries not to laugh* SERENA! WHY?!


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