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I’ve no clue! I think Cara Liss was inspired by the fossil mashups Galarian scientists made back in the 1800s. Whatever the case, she had no sense of ethical restoration at all.

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Aside from Cara Liss’ horrible actions and what she put those poor hybrids through, it was a wonderful visit. I spent most of my time on Route 6 in the facility caring for the hybrids, but I did see plenty of wild Pokemon in the desert. Silicobras loved to sneak into the facility to cool off.

My Pokemon enjoyed it for the most part, except for my Liepard, Pepper is very glad to be home. Pixie spent every moment she could gathering data, and Zoe just spent her time screaming in my ear like usual.

Blitz definitely enjoyed it the most. He’s never seen the desert before, and he just adored the sand, even though it kept getting stuck in his joints.

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LH: Bill gets along with most people, so yeah, an actual encounter between the two would go either way. I say “actual encounter” because we briefly met while I was touring Galar and my partner was indisposed when it comes to talking to humans. I also say “would go either way” because I can’t quite tell if Bill would be angry about Ms. Liss’s treatment of fossilized pokémon … or if he would try to rehabilitate her somehow.

Bill: Oh, come now, Lanette. I’ve met people worse off than Cara Liss, and they’ve turned out to be wonderful members of the administration circle!

LH: You wouldn’t call any of them careless, though.

Bill: …I don’t follow.

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The DNA she used were extracted from fossils found in Galar. Unfortunately scientists have yet to fully sequence these Pokemon’s genomes, which is probably why she resorted to creating hybrids.  

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Hello everyone, Harper here! Sorry for the hiatus on this blog, things have been really busy here at the facility and I honestly didn’t have much time to go online. However things have started to calm down, as we only have three hybrid fossil Pokemon left here. (Aside from my Maisy.)

Ever since Cara Liss’ arrest and trial, me and the International Police have been doing our best to find the remaining fossils from her “lab” a home; whether it be at true fossil labs, sanctuaries, or with trainers willing to provide these guys a home. It has been wonderful to get all of these hybrids a home, however that means my time here in Galar is almost over.

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Get ready for Pokémon Dyna Sword and Dyna Shield!

Dead ass here’s a numbered list on what needs to be done to get my dollars

  1. Natdex. Fix the fuck up before release.
  2. Return cut moves
  3. Challenge mode seriously the easiest thing, allow HA on starters higher levels and battle items
  4. Remove Sworbert and Shieldonovan
  5. Fix ladders
  6. Fix draw distance and pop in
  7. Better Pokémon camp
  8. Return GTS
  9. EXP share option
  10. Consider how EXP candy makes catching limits pointless.
  11. Fix move pools. Seriously Cinderace needs a TR to learn Blaze Kick WTF
  12. Arrest Cara Liss (but add more chaos fossils tho)
  14. Complete the battle frontier project
  15. Completely fix the Story.
  16. PWT needs to return ffs
  17. Bring back multi battle
  18. Of course with every game these next three are never gonna happen
  19. Fix male customization being shit
  20. Bring Ball seals back COWARDS
  21. Following Pokémon shouldn’t be a “surprise feature”
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