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maxricciardo · 28 minutes ago
how it feels when i, a max fan, calling max a mediocre white boy: loving, kind, a self-deprecating joke all max fans can enjoy, a laugh, an emotional hug, a shared joke, bit of banter, vibes, amusing
how it feels when non max fans calling max a mediocre white boy: conflicting, spiteful, jealously is a disease darling get better soon, a war declaration, a crime i shall remember for the next 10.000 years, upsetting on all levels including whatever dimension charles leclerc lives in
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philaphixo · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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missalfun · 11 hours ago
*Valerie, Lucas and Jake are arguing and can not share something between them*
*Caramel watch them maliciously while sipping their soda*
Caramel: I think there's going to be a fight right now)..
Tumblr media
"Yep, it happened."
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sxltedcxramel · 13 hours ago
And parents say don’t learn anything from streamers
We’re watching a short dinosaur documentary on Tubbos alt stream >:) so hA
How you like them apples
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sxltedcxramel · 13 hours ago
Can I rant about tubbo lore here
I w i l l
Read under cut I don’t want to spoil it for anyone
Also this post makes no sense cuz Im tired 🥱
This isn’t twt but I just wanna specify
Im a writer and I like to dive deep into shit so meh but like I said im tired and my points aren’t really showing much.
So not to long ago Tubbo ended his stream after doing semi-unplanned lore and it was amazing. Ok so twitch chat was a bit divided but I kind of expected that. So apparently the cookie outpost is on Quackitys land “apparently” there aren’t any boarders and he never specified anything ;-;
Tubbo was so badass man, Remember when Big q said that Tubbo should put his opinion over anyone else thats what he did. He stood his fucking ground, Quakity wanted to have the outpost under Las Nevadas and Tubbo was like hell no Quackity wanted to make an embassy which was stupid you can’t claim buildings that aren’t your own. Now if there were boarders my opinion would be totally different. Maybe. I dont like Quackity right now or Sam- (but it isn’t about him rn)
What he did to Purpled
I know people think Dream deserves the torture but I don’t (and no Im not a dream apologist I just have human decency) I feel like some people forget Dream isnt the only person who did shit. Yes he did horrible stuff but he isnt the only one but getting onto my point Quackity has changed obviously and he’s turning into the new Dream he wants Tubbo to go under his rules which isn’t right. He doesn’t want to expand into the forest because he doesn’t want to deal with Wilbur and Eret has pyramids on the other side
If Im being honest I couldnt care abt anything Quackity does Im on Tubbos side and someone needs to take Purpled and and Foolish away from Big Q.
Petition to get Quackity and Sam in prison
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missalfun · 13 hours ago
*Valerie is asleep*
*3 a.m.*
*Suddenly, Caramel abruptly enters the room with a toy snake*
Tumblr media
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