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#cardan greenbriar
ekbelsher · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I was doing head angle studies today and suddenly I’d drawn Cardan Greenbriar. I’ve managed to make him look a bit like a ferret
(He’s growing out his hair. Why draw guys with short hair when they could have long hair instead?)
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clockworkbee · a day ago
Yeah I love humble and gentle and down to earth guy characters, but the fashion loving ones ALWAYS hit different!
I mean Cardan Greenbriar? Iconic. Matthew Fairchild? the loml. Nikolai Lantsov? Smoking. Baz Pitch? Beautiful. Jace Herondale? Cool af. Magnus Bane? The Legend. And don't even get me started on Will Herondale.
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books-fall-down · 2 days ago
I will never get over the world building in six of crows and the cruel prince
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montagov-benedikt · 2 days ago
men who send their crushes expensive ball gowns anonymously are superior. yes, i make the rules.
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mydarlingvillain · a day ago
What Cardan is thinking: damn she looks hot
What Cardan says: have I told you hideous you look tonight
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rosy-drxxmer · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the folk of the air trilogy by holly black
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bitchybeegladiator · 2 days ago
Warning// this contains all books spoilers.
"My brothers are not how you think they were, Jude! Especially Dain!"
"You have no right to tell me I am wrong." Jude stayed emotionless, watching Cardan yell at throw his hands up in the air over this fight. Jude didn't even know how it got to this, but now Cardan was accusing Jude of not knowing his brothers' actions.
"Really?! I know Balekin was bad, but I told you not to kill him!"
"I wasn't going to let him live on your behalf, Cardan." Jude's eyes narrowed at the boy. "Do you have any idea of what that bastard put me through?"
"No, but do tell me." Cardan crossed his arms and waited for his wife's response. Jude hesitated to answer, did she really want to say all this? Was she ready to say the words outloud? Was she ready to see Cardan's reaction?
"Well to start off, he KIDNAPPED me. Is that not enough? Took me away and played me like a puppet, as if he had me on strings! He forced me to kiss him, and I had to do it all with intent of knowing what was happening. I had to pretend he had me glamoured. I had to hear him call me his creature, I had to repeat the words back to him." Jude stared at that candle on the table beside Cardan, if it was connected to the earth she would have sent it to burn down the entire room.
Cardan's eyes softened, listening to her words as his heart dropped hearing such things. But he said nothing, feeling Jude's urge to say more.
"Do you know how embarrassing it is? To be in love with the High King, but unaware of it. For his brother to kidnap you and make you suffer. To make you bend at his will? To basically strip away your dignity just to survive?" Jude took a breath to recollect herself, chin up as she acted as if this didn't affect her. Remembering the helplessness she felt in the situation.
Cardan swallowed hard as he walked closer to her. Jude looked up at him now, ready to meet his eyes. Cardan tried to find the words to say, what was there to say? I'm sorry? She had every right to murder Balekin, and here he was trying to justify why she was in the wrong.
Jude felt herself feel belittled underneath his gaze, looking down at her hand as she nervously picked at the scar on her palm. "What about that? Was that Balekin?" Jude scoffed pathetically and shook her head.
"No, this was Dain."
"Had to prove my loyalty somehow," Jude looked up at him again, this time her eyes were glossy. "Hurt like a bitch, let me tell you."
"Up until I had to press the knife into my skin, I did that part all on my own."
Cardan was at a loss for words again. How could he be so selfish? Of course she hated Balekin, who didn't? Dain had his ways of being negative blindly. Training himself to be commanding at his will but as if it was a good thing.
"I'm sorry," Cardan choked out. He shook his head, knowing it wasn't good enough. But it was for Jude. An apology was all she ever wished for in her life. Someone to care about her pain, but she never let anyone see it enough to let them. Cardan took her hand and pressed his lips gently against her scar, "I'm so sorry." No words could ever compare to how sorry he truly was.
His lips pressed to her scar again before it pressed to her own lips, as if it would kiss his brother away. That's when it hit him. His brother touched what was his, kissed what was his, tried to control what was his. "If that man was ever alive.." Cardan trailed off as his hands tangled into her hair and kissed her again.
"I would murder him with my bare hands."
The threat somehow sent chills down Jude's spine as she kissed him back, all arguments and vile words faded away with every kiss given and taken. Kiss after kiss after kiss until they were both drunk on it.
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Cardan: I wonder what I should do about my feelings for Jude
Cardan to himself: let’s throw her in a lake
Tumblr media
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josiecarstairs · 2 days ago
*a song has the word come back in it*
me immediately associating it with judecardan and putting it on my playlist
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feysandfeels · 2 days ago
As @bookologist phrased it, top 5 fictional men to get railed by. 👀
Thank heavens that this is only the He/they's of my fictional life, other wise I would really be in a tough spot. (DON'T GET ANY IDEAS NIKI I'M WATCHING YOU)
Tumblr media
Top 5 fictional men I'd like to get railed by
Rhysand. Daddy of Daddies, Daddy supreme. Day and Night. 24/7 365. I'll change the orbit of the planet to get more days with this man.
Dorian Havilliard. Phantom hands, sass and a golden heart? trust me ladies (gender neutral) it doesn't get any better than this.
Roma Montagov. Look at a newbie making it up through the ranks. I think he is the only one who truly manages to be violent and romantic and classy. I just man the things I'd let Roma Montagov do to me. Please know that I do age up everyone in this series because once again characters are not believable as teenagers.
Prince Wrath. Are you kidding me? I dream about how good this prince of hell is. The finesse? the raw want? the class? God has a personal vendetta against me and so he made him fictional. But we do share a tattoo so that means we are bonded through realms and it is only a matter of time he comes to claim me as his bride.
Cardan Greenbriar. His debauchery is my elixir. I would sit on his lap and be his wicked queen and let him treat me with nothing but devotion and wickedness. Fuck Cardan Greenbriar, always Cardan Greenbriar.
Bonus: Lucien Vanserra: Lucien oh Lucien Lucien Lucien..I think being objective here ladies, ship wars and stupid nonsense aside, I think we have to agree that Lucien Vanserra can get it any fucking day. Like he is easily top 3 in anyone's list. That is everything everyone wants in a partner. Equal parts filthy and classy... makes you feel wanted, desired, you can see how much he wants you and you have control, but he is not going to give control easily. I just, ladies and gentleman... lets just reread Frenzy by @moononastring
Ask me my “Top 5″ anything
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cardanapologist · 17 hours ago
Jude takes Cardan to Times Square so he can experience the holidays in the city with all the crowds, lights, the tree, and the ice skating. And the entire time, Cardan is just in complete and utter awe. He’s absolutely delighted.
“The crowds in Faerie hardly ever appear like this,” he marvels, the lights shining in his dark eyes. “Shall we host events like this too? What did you call it?”
“There are a lot of things to celebrate this time of the year, but a big one is Christmas,” Jude answers, yanking him against her when he finds himself distracted by a particularly large blown up Santa by the edge of the street. He’s been nearly swept away by the crowd twice already and she’s had to hold his hand. “It’s a holiday.”
“Christmas,” he repeats quietly to himself. “We must have Christmas in Faerie now. And it must look exactly like this.” Then he points at the Santa. “And what is this creature?”
“That’s Santa. He brings presents to everyone on Christmas.”
“Everyone?” Cardan says, looking very impressed. “What an extraordinary being! We, too, must have a Santa in Faerie.”
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helpicantstopreading · 2 days ago
Jude: I’m going to take you out
Cardan: Great, it’s a date!
Jude: I meant that as a threat.
Cardan: See you at five!
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bitchybeegladiator · a day ago
Warning // this contains all book spoilers.
"If you're tail touches my foot one more time, Cardan." Jude threatened, face hidden in his chest. Cardan pulled his tail back, afraid of what was promised after that.
"Fine, you're no fun." Cardan pouted as he continued to play with her hair. It was again silent, that's how it had been for the past hour. Cardan didn't understand why, but he let his wife to whatever she pleased.
Jude lifted her head up to look at him, eyes puffy and read. Cardan's eyebrows furrowed as he put together why she was sniffling and hiding her face. Jude rarely cried, it was less than once in a blue moon. Whenever she did, Cardan felt the urge to move the worlds to make her feel better.
"Am I doing this right?" She asked softly, sniffling again to keep her nose from running.
"Doing what? Cuddling? Yes." Cardan stroked her hair, but she shook her head.
"This loving thing." Cardan stopped to watch her eyes plead for an answer. He always had a hunch she was less experienced than him, but she never brought up problems with it. "I feel like I'm doing it wrong. But what would I know, only lover I've ever had played me for my sister." She scoffed as another tear fell from her eyes.
Cardan kissed it away, the salt from the teardrop breaking across his lips. "You're doing it just right." He responded, thumb running over her wet cheekline. Their lovestory was quite the confusing one, they got married on behalf of ruling, not love. They did not have a wedding most have, they did not have a wedding period. After Vivi and Heather's wedding, Jude started to think about her and Cardan's relationship. Was she making Cardan feel like Heather made Vivienne feel? Or was she making him feel like Locke made Taryn feel?
"You're doing it perfectly, Jude. I could never ask for a better queen and wife. Ever. Your love is the greatest gift I've ever received, and I will cherish it until the day I die."
"But you cannot die." Jude's eyebrows furrowed, too exhausted from the tears to understand.
"Exactly, my darling god..exactly." His lips pressed into her nose, feeling more tears get wiped away with his thumb. "You're all I've ever desired. You're the only one I'll ever want by my side."
Jude felt herself get overcome by the emotions, too many hitting at once. Hiding her face into his chest, she curled around him and let him engulf her into a holding position. She felt safe, hearing his heart and breathing, hearing the sweet nothings he whispered to her. She felt as if she was a kid again, behind Madoc's shield as he protected her and her sisters.
After a few moments of shedding more tears, Jude found herself asleep in Cardan's arms. Cardan took notice of the change in her breathing, and just held her as he continued professing his love. He did not care whether she heard or not, he loved her more than anything in this world, and he would shout it to the world forever.
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