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#cardin winchester

CC!Cardin keeps a little black book in a pouch beneath his brestplate. 

Inside said-book is a list of everyone he every bullied or insulted whilst at Beacon Academy. As he travels with Ruby and later the rest of team RWBY, he finds time to apologise to those few individuals whom they cross-paths with. When he does, he puts a little ‘tick’ next to their name.

The only two names in the book that will never be ticked-off are Jaune Arc and Pyrrha Nikos.

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Blake: So... Cardin's coming with us from now-on, huh?
Cardin: Ah, right, about time we got around to this.
Cardin: *Ahem*
Cardin: Blake Belladonna, I would like to formally apologise to you for my poor behaviour and attitude during our school years. I was pig-headed, bigoted, and wrong. I am sorry.
Ren: 'Seems genuine-enough to me.
Blake: Yeah, seems like it. Have you apologised to Velvet yet?
Cardin: Not yet, she's on the 'to-do' list.
Blake: Good. Anyway, welcome to the team, I guess.
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Cardin has no semblance. He was born with aura too weak to support one

Russel’s semblance is called ‘rush’, which is a short burst of speed that generates a minor sonic wave. This semblance is why he eats so much, as it takes a lot of energy

Dove’s is called ‘lie detector’, which is the ability to sense a beings heart rate, thus sensing lies and movement

Sky’s is ‘flash’, he teleports up to a five minute walk away. It sometimes activates when he panics

a friend helped me with figuring out russ and sky’s semblances while dove’s was inspired by an old fic that’s no longer with us

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[Weiss steals glances at RWBY heading off for a mission]

Velvet (Weiss) -  [stressed] I don’t know ….she doesn’t seem to be acting differently but maybe she’s just a really good actor. She’s really smart you know…Yang and Jaune would be able to tell…they’d know not to say anything

[Weiss sits down  and starts to hyperventilate, giving a passing Cardin just the right opportunity to pull her ear]

Velvet (Weiss) - [cries out] CARDIN ! That  HURTS

Cardin - Good you faunus bitch [walks away with his team, thinking] Damn…Schnee worked fast. 


Writing Requests are OPEN

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Hey, anon! So I did some rummaging, and it sounds like as of yet they aren’t confirmed dead. I think I was misremembering Team BRNZ (of which Nolan is the sole survivor, the poor boy), cuz I’ve currently only read the books once each. I’m sure part of it is also that I simply wish to never perceive him or his team again. I’m not exactly a fan of bullies.

I do think it’s worth noting that after the Battle for Beacon, we don’t see them again. I skimmed After the Fall and Before the Dawn, and I couldn’t find an appearance that would indicate where they’re at or if they’re alive (e.g. they’re not in the “Beacon Brigade” scenes). So while they aren’t confirmed dead, I’d say their status is more…“Ambiguous” at this point. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see them in the background when we finally get to Vacuo or return to Vale.

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Becoming AU:  [ Piece 1-5 ] [ P: Weiss ] [ P: Yang ] [ Piece 6 ]

logo-comics asked: What about an AU where everyone had somehow been under the mistaken assumption that Ruby was a professor at Beacon? For a laugh, Ozpin rolls with it whenever he’s asked about it.

// Yes you can! Here ya go. Also, Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it! Also Cardin vs Ruby. Yes. - lilac

Perspective : Pyrrha

The pairing system had picked Ruby and Cardin to fight in the sparring ring, which was a shame because she really wanted to give the guy a second beating today. However she wasn’t feeling too much loss, because she’d finally get to see how the girl who stole all the spotlight from her would perform.

Not that she was jealous or anything – well, a tiny part of her that had gotten used to the adulation might’ve been, but for the most part, she felt relieved and grateful. She wasn’t the one who had to carry the weight of people’s expectations anymore; it was Ruby who bore it instead. Despite how grateful she felt, she still wanted to fight the other girl – wanted to experience how the presumed professor-in-training fought.

Beyond their brief interaction in the Emerald Forest, she didn’t really know Ruby – the girl who’d been the center of rumors since her arrival, and it was hard to distinguish truth from lie. Maybe this spar, Ruby’s first public debut against another Hunter-in-training, would help elucidate things.

Now Cardin wasn’t a bad fighter by any means – a bad person, yes - but he knew his strengths and could leverage them well. However, her own strong points coincidentally met Cardin’s strong points perfectly; his strength and tenacity might’ve matched hers, but she had far more agility and flexibility. Combine that with subtle uses of Polarity to magnify the strength of her strikes, it was easy to turn a parry into both a disarming blow and quick surrender.  

However the strong points that served Cardin well countered Ruby’s strongest point, her speed. And the sparring ring was not suited for long range combat; it would be a tightrope walk if the younger girl wanted to employ guerilla tactics.


It’ll be interesting to see how Ruby would approach this.


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Last Names, Part 2
Guard: Okay kids, I'm going to need your names for the registry.
Cardin: That's no problem, sir.
Ruby: *ready, this time* Yep, no problem!
Cardin: Cardin-
Ruby: Ruby-
Both: *at the same time* RoseWinchester
Both: *quickly look at each other, horrified at this slip-up*
Guard: Oh, hey, double-barrelled names! Y'know, I thought those went out-of-fashion when Atlas quit using them. So, you kids are Betrothed, huh? That must be scary!
Ruby: -Yes! Uh, yep! That's me! Us, rather!
Ruby: *links her fingers in Cardin's hand*
Ruby: Y'know, I wasn't so stoked that my mother recommended it, but he's a real 'catch, isn't he? And he certainly makes up for it in the bed-
Cardin: Ruby!
Ruby: Sorry, hubbie! Anyway, officer...?
Guard: Yep, that'll be all. Carry on.
Cardin: 'Good in the bedroom'?
Ruby: We will never speak of this again.
Cardin: *winking* No problem, 'wifey'~
Ruby: Arghhhh-!
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Last Names, Part 1
Guard: If you don't have passcards, I'm going to have to take your names. Just a formality, you understand.
Ruby: I'm not sure if that's such a-
Cardin: -It's fine. She's just a little nervous. We've never left Mantle before, and with the fall of Beacon? Scary times for everyone.
Guard: Ah, I understand. So, names?
Cardin: Cardin Rose. 'Pleasure.
Ruby: :O
Guard: No problem, Mister Rose. And yourself, Miss...?
Ruby: *stammering* R-Ruby Winchester! N-nice to meet you.
Guard: No problem, welcome to Caspios Settlement. Have a nice day, Mister Rose. Miss Winchester.
Cardin: Uh, so, I probably should have said-
Ruby: *blushing madly* L-Let's just get those supplies.
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We will not be doing a redemption arc for Cardin. We’ve discussed something of a callback to his actions with Velvet and possibly Jaune. Even if he becomes better, he isn’t a focal point past the Beacon arcs. He may pop up in an offhand comment about apologizing to Velvet, but that’s about all the focus he needs. He was, in short, a high school bully, and not every bully learns the error of their ways.

-Bo & Connor

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Cardin: *'aced a combat exercise in class*
Weiss: *snorts*
Cardin: What's the matter, Schnee? See something impressive?
Weiss: I'd be more impressed if you picked up a book instead a 'dumbbell, you blockhead.
Cardin: *angry grumbling*
Weiss: We don't want you on this journey. You're inefficient, unreliable, and untrustworthy.
Cardin: But Ruby-!
Weiss: -Ruby and Mr Branwen vouch for you, but neither myself, nor Blake, nor Yang do. You are not suited for where we are going. Leave.
Cardin: Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Weiss: H-How do you...?
Cardin: You once told me to pick up a book, a lifetime ago. I did. And if I can change then, I can change now. I can only change, adapt, and strive to be better.
Cardin: But I have come too-far, to be pushed aside now. So like it or not, I will remain.
Weiss: *smirking* Poetry, though?
Cardin: *grinning* Honestly, it seemed like the most impressive thing to memorise at the time.
Weiss: *rolling her eyes* Thank the stars, still a blockhead.
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Ruby: Hey, I made you a friendship bracelet during the drive today.
Cardin: I'm not really a jewellery person.
Ruby: *a little hurt* Oh, that's okay. You don't need to-
Cardin: *instantly regretful* Nope, I'm gonna wear it now, it's mine.
Yang: *smirking* Ha, nice bracelet-
Cardin: Not. One. Word.
Blake: *cocking an eyebrow* Or what, Winchester?
Cardin: Or I'll tell Ruby what 'Ninja of Love' is actually about.
Yang: You're bluffing.
Cardin: The scene with the Shogun in the courtroom, in chapter seven, book two? Very delightful. I never knew a Peacock Faunus could use their feathers like that-
Blake: He's not bluffing.
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(Another SUPER early one, I guess I just felt inspired XD Enjoy!)

“Glad we have everyone here. Now we can begin.”

Ruby was thankful the teacher didn’t do any call outs. It wasn’t her fault, Crescent Rose needed some extra maintenance due to a training exercise gone wrong, and she tried to get here as fast she could! Ruby took her seat near the front, next to Cardin Winchester, as Professor Blake Belladonna continued.

“As you know, this is the Faunus History Studies course.” The Professor explained. “With special permission from the Menagerie council, I will be teaching facts about the Faunus and their culture, their history up to and including their encounter with the humans.”

“An easy A,” Cardin smirked. “There probably wouldn’t be much of a culture to talk about given who they are.”

“Oh?” Blake narrowed her eyes slightly. “You would be wrong. We will begin in pre-Great War period, with the establishment of the first Faunus tribe.”

Ruby watched in awe as the Professor presented various images and symbols from the Faunus. Traditional dances, loose government, the Faunus had such a vibrant and energetic culture. They had some surprisingly severe punishments for those who committed crimes, like being stoned to death, but that was common even among human cultures at the time. It was truly fascinating.

Sometimes Ruby would catch glances at the Professor herself. Blake Belladonna wasn’t a traditional huntress, having never attended any combat schools, but her work in granting Faunus rights and bringing reparations was commendable enough to be granted an honorary licence. Ruby wouldn’t lie, Professor Belladonna’s courage was one of her inspirations for becoming a huntress. With her raven hair and golden eyes that seemed to glow, Ruby thought she was also… pretty.

“It’s so amazing… I wonder what happened to all of them?”

When she realized what she asked out loud, it was too late. The teacher, surprisingly not looking offended, stopped talking and stared at Ruby.

“It was all lost when the humans came. They took their land, made them slaves and scattered them across the four lands that would eventually become the Kingdoms. The old tribe became several tribes and nothing would be the same again.”

“Bah, the Faunus had it comin’.” Cardin said. “You just pointed out they stoned their own people to death!”

“And tell me, Mr. Winchester,” Blake said calmly, “Did they deserve to have their entire culture wiped out and destroyed?”

No response.

“I question why you would even be here Mr. Winchester, considering your attitudes towards the Faunus students. If you expect an easy A you better walk out of here right now.”

Cardin looked like he was about to say something, but chose not to. He remained on his chair.

“What about you Miss Rose?” Professor Belladonna continued. “What did you come here for?”

Ruby looked to her left and to her right. The class was on her now. She sighed.

“I became a huntress because I wanted to make the world a better place. For everyone.” Ruby said firmly. “How can I do that if I don’t know anything about the people I want to save? That’s why I picked this as an elective. To have a better understanding.”

The Professor, for the first time Ruby had seen her (which was admittedly just half an hour ago when the class started), smiled.

“Very good Miss Rose.” She said. “I hope this course brings you the knowledge that you seek.”

As the class continued, Blake told herself that she would keep an eye on Ruby Rose. The girl reminded Blake of herself when she was younger. She would ensure Ruby grew up to be a wonderful huntress in time.

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Cardin Winchester ‘beats the ever-loving p*ss out-of Jacques Schnee for being absolutely terrible to Weiss.

Like, the second Cardin that learns how terrible Weiss’ upbringing was (and how it’s awfully similar to his own upbringing) that’s like a green-light for him to f**king UNLOAD.

Every horrid and oppressive thing Papa Winchester ever did to Cardin? Well, every feeling and emotion tied to that manifests into a torrent of whirling punches and kicks delivered to the CEO of the SDC.

Is it healthy? Probably not. Would the other members of his group, or Ironwood, pull Cardin off-of Jacques? Probably. But Cardin’s got some personal sh*t to get off his chest, and (let’s be real) Jacques totally deserves it.

Weiss will get the last laugh, of course (I mean, her whole arc is putting the screws to her stepdad after all), but I just can’t pass on the opportunity presented by this AU to turn Cardin into a Hunter-Killer Missile ‘aimed squarely at Jacque’s b**tard testicles.

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Well we all need an action mom in our lives ~ Green

Crocea: Jaune you should eat more, you’re so lanky.

Jaune: Will you please stop that.

Crocea: No, now enjoy the fresh baked cookies I made for you and your friends.

Nora: Jaune your weapon makes the best cookies!

Ruby: They taste like nostalgia.

Weiss: There’s no such thing as a nostalgia flavor.

Cardin: Heh that’s suppose to be your weapon not your mommy Arc!

Crocea: *turns and smiles at Cardin only there’s no warmth to it and she’s giving off a scary Aura* What as that Mr. Winchester?

Cardin: *yipes* Nothing!

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