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kevinbolk · a day ago
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The third card in my Saturday Morning Tarot is The High Priestess. This card represents intuition, spirituality, creativity, and the divine feminine. That last one was the main reason I chose Rainbow Brite for this card with the spectrum replacing the crescent moon of the original. As a child, I viewed her as a divine figure and her mission to bring color to the world as a benevolent religious crusade. Now that I'm an adult and an artist, I see her as almost a patron saint of color and I wanted to convey that in this piece. You'll see there was no shortage of bright colors as I post the rest of the Major Arcana, so thank you once again, Rainbow! :) 
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hues-of-purple · a day ago
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I made an ace card deck! 40 cards
(minus the 12 Jack, Queens, Kings… might do those next week)
Please do tell me what you think! This took me so long asfgxgx
(No reposting! Reblogging is always appreciated though’h
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weirdchristmas · 2 days ago
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Aggressive invitation.
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dissociative-queer · 2 months ago
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I made a set of Ace and Aro themed Ace cards. I saw the pun and simply could not resist. If you want/need larger file sizes, message me.
Feel free to use however you want!
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friberchi · 8 months ago
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“I rather thought I would wake up dead. Or not wake up at all, as the case may be. But I see you haven't killed me yet.”
A stylized card for Zevran because... yes.
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hellenistic-pagan · a month ago
What is cartomancy?
Cartomancy is a form of divination using a deck of regular playing cards. Cartomancy has been a common form of divination since the 14th century. This form of divination uses the same card lay outs as tarot readings.
Why Practice cartomancy?
A deck of playing cards is a lot cheaper than a deck of tarot cards.
If you are in a household that does not support your beliefs playing cards are a very sneaky form of divination.
The meanings are very informative and a lot easier to remember than tarot in my own experience.
What does each card mean?
Ace of hearts: Home, love, friendship, possible start of romance.
Two of hearts: Success and prosperity.
Three of hearts: Caution, typically in saying something you may regret in the future.
Four of hearts: A change or journey.
Five of hearts: People around you may be jealous. Hesitate before making rash decisions.
Six of hearts: Good luck.
Seven of hearts: Unfaithful partner. Someone out to get you. Broken promises.
Eight of hearts: People may be coming to visit you or you are being invited somewhere.
Nine of hearts: Some wishes may be coming true.
ten of hearts: Good luck and happiness.
Jack of hearts: Good natured person. Close friend.
Queen of hearts: Kind friend.
King of hearts: Good natured young man. Good advice.
Ace of diamonds: Receiving materialistic gift.
Two of diamonds: Unapproved romantic relationship.
Three of diamonds: Legal or home problems.
Four of diamonds: Inheritance or receiving large sums of money.
Five of diamonds: Success.
Six of diamonds: Relationship problems.
Seven of diamonds: Good news or surprise.
Eight of diamonds: Marriage or travel later in life.
Nine of diamonds: Money surprise.
Ten of diamonds: Financial change.
Jack of diamonds: Reliable friend.
Queen of diamonds: Out going and social friend.
King of diamond: stubborn and influential friend.
Ace of clubs: wealth, health, love and happiness.
Two of clubs: Gossip  and disappointment.
Three of clubs: Marriage or commitment to a wealthy person.
Four of clubs: Change happening for bad. Something bad will happen.
Five of clubs: New friends. New love interest.
Six of clubs: Business success.
Seven of clubs: prosperity and success or a warning.
Eight of clubs: Trouble in relationship.
Nine of clubs: New achievement or new partner.
Ten of clubs: Good luck..
Jack of clubs: Reliable friend.
Queen of clubs: Confident friend.
King of clubs: Honest and generous friend.
Ace of spades: Emotional confliction or obsession.
Two of spades: Separation, deceit, change in relationship.
Three of spades: Unfaithfulness, parting ways, be cautious of relationships.
Four of spades: Illness, bad business, bad money.
Five of spades: Interference, reversal in relationship, could possibly lead to good.
Six of spades: Small improvements over time.
Seven of spades: Loss and sorrow.
Eight of spades: A friend is letting you down or disappointing you.
Nine of spades: Bad luck, depression, anxiety, low energy, distraction, death, pain, and loss.
Ten of spades: Misfortune, worry, unwelcome news.
Jack of spades: Immature unreliable friend.
Queen of spades: A friend who has lost a partner.
King of spades: Ambitious and authoritative friend.
Joker: New development, fresh start, taking risks.
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nobrashfestivity · 11 days ago
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Astronomia Playing Cards (1829)
1829, London
Published by F. G. Moon Borders: Square, striped pattern Composition of Deck: 52 [4 seasons, each with a zodiacal sign, a luminary, and the planets], instruction booklet, 1831 edition. Notes and References: The zodiacal sign cards are of greater value than the other cards. The composition of the suits is as follows: Spring (blue): Aries, Luna, Jupiter, Saturn, Herschel, Tellus, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Pallas, Juno, Ceres, Vesta. The remaining suits are composed in the same way, except for the first two cards: Summer (red): Cancer, The Sun; Autumn (yellow): Libra, The Comet; Winter (white); Capicorn, The Orbits. Packaging: Slip case: ASTRONOMIA / [woman with scientific instruments looks at the moon] / LONDON / PUBLISHED BY F.G. MOON, 20, THREADNEEDLE STREET / 1829 / [zodiacal signs]; outer slip case, black. Process: Engraving, hand coloration. Suit System: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Yale University Library
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weirdchristmas · 2 days ago
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That’s not how you... I don’t think you should ride... Just... have fun.
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