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I finally had pierogies yayyy🥺😋 it’s been months as I said in my last post I think?

Also got to go out and shop by myself it’s been a while and I got these!!!


The coloring books and the tray!!! I already had the candy and the crayons except you can’t see it but on the tray was a little fruit roll up from a pack I just got as well!~

Thank you Dollar Tree!! ☺️☺️☺️💕🖍🍬👸

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The Last Laugh is one of my absolute favorite UtM episodes.  There are way too many little moments in it that I absolutely love.  

One of them is this part.  I’ve always loved it when Funshine goes, “It WAS funny!” and makes that little frowny face when he turns his head.  It’s just completely perfect.

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I made a Care Ber cousin oc :D


Meet Patient Heart Cow^^

Their nickname is Fuzzy


This is their Belly Badge^^

It represents how they’re very patient (like cloud watching) and will wait as long as it takes to give love to someone, or have someone accept love into their hearts, and not give up on them!

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2-D (Age 4) watching Care Bears Big Wish Movie.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I had to do this!

I do NOT own any of the artwork!

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Rams one of my cursed interests into one of my wholesome interests without any regard.

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Care Bears Fan Series project


So I have been less active on Tumblr and Deviantart, since I’ve been busy with other projects. But I finally unveil to you my Care Bear fan project, Care Bears: Caring for the Multiverse. Originally this wasn’t supposed to be up, since this was originally a Sub Arc with Ness from the Earthbound series and Loyal heart dog in my other work, “A Gentle Heart”. But I decided to make this more of an extended plot. If you’ve read Chapter 2 of “A Gentle Heart”, I mentioned that The Care Bear Family could go to other universes and world’s to help different kids, so I basically I used it to make this story. So now with Slight modified version of the Rainbow Rescue Beam, the Care Bear Family can now help anyone in the multiverse. And including it would have underrated characters from the series having a more equal appearance. And maybe rewrite some old episodes. But anyways this will be begin while im also busy with the other story. I hope you will love it.

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