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What do you think of Dr. jart Dermask Ultra Jet Peeling Solution? Have you tried it or do the ingredients look promising?

never tried it! like many kbeauty products, the whole 2-step, bubbly-mask deal  really seems to deliver on the skincaretainment department, but well. let’s look past that at the actual ingredients and see what it does.

the ‘peeling essence’ step seems to actually be an oil- and silicone-based sugar crystal scrub supplemented with a salicylic acid derivative and an enzyme (papain). sugar provides physical exfoliation, salicylic acid clears blackheads and sebum, and papain helps break down flaky dead skin bits. i’m generally not a fan of sugar scrubs; although sucrose is a good humectant, if the crystals are large enough, their sharp edges can leave micro-lesions on the skin and irritate it, so if you are prone to acne or hyperpigmentation it could cause issues. however, since i’ve never used this product in particular, i can’t judge whether the scrub phase is coarse enough to be problematic for the average user.

the second step is named ‘pH balancing’, which… is it meant to neutralize step 1? bring the skin’s pH to 7, or to its own natural ‘neutral’ point of 4.5-5.5? it contains acids, so i assume it’s the latter. i’m mostly fine with the ingredients here, it’s got lactic acid and citric acid (AHAs), which also loosen up dead skin cells, as well as humectant (water-delivering) sugars like xylitol and its derivatives. the citrus extracts and such would be more worrisome if they were essential oils, and while we’re on that topic, i wish neither step would have the essential oils they use for fragrancing (rosemary and rose flower), which do nothing useful and can increase the irritation potential of the product, but at least it’s just those two; it’s still very common to find long EO lists in many skincare brands’ ingredients, even among kbeauty ones.

whether the bubbling action (carbonic acid/CO2) does anything towards detaching dead skin as the brand claims, i’m kinda skeptical about that. but it’s fun, and there’s no harm in having some fun just for its own sake! overall, it doesn’t seem like a terrible product unless your skin is prone to inflammatory acne (papules and pustules and angry red zits rather than just whiteheads and blackheads), rosacea, or very sensitive. it’s also on the pricy side (in my opinion) for a one-time-use kind of product, from which you shouldn’t expect any miracles or benefits that go beyond the temporary. whether that’s worth it for the entertainment value and the in-the-moment boost, that’s up to you to decide!

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