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Hey guys!  

Due to pandemic situation and due to personal circumstances I need money. My family and close pals lost their job/got unpaid so they count on me as I am a freelancer. Also the cost of the funeral of our passed friend is gonna hit us hard. 

So if you will commission me in the first half of April you will get a bonus sketch! It’s not depending on type of commission so if you will order a sketch commission - you will get two sketches then - commissioned sketch and bonus sketch. 

If you have any questions just ask I don’t bite! 

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Two Caribou on the Denali Tundra (Denali National Park & Preserve) by Mark Stevens
Via Flickr:
While on a bus ride from the North Face Lodge along the main park road in Denali National Park & Preserve. This was a view looking to the northwest not far from Sable Pass. While I could have pulled out my large Tamron zoom lens, I decided to keep the Nikon lens that I typically use for hiking and capture the entire setting with the two caribou more or less in the image center.

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How's Wano jail Luffy?(in anime)



Page Reads:

Luffy: ef off kid. Bruh. Only Dumplings. Hungry. I need meat. What a hippocrite. Gonna beat kaido. Waitin on the nin nin. Got to get back to work. I sense something. Raizo hurry. Also there’s no meat.

Caribou: take me with u

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Dan Snaith’s Caribou material has been the source of some of the most delicate indietronica of the last decade or so. Suddenly continues in that vein, an album that is both plaintively wonderful on first listen and yet, reassuringly, takes rather a long time to really, truly get one’s head around.

At the crux of that quality is the amount of detail Snaith puts into Suddenly. Every track is essentially made up of minute details, but never feels overloaded. Whether it be more fragile tracks like ‘Sister’ or punchier, larger tunes like ‘You and I’, the detail makes every listen as engrossing as the last.

Suddenly sees gentle plunderphonics and indietronica brush up against heavier house tunes and, though as a whole it’s never quite as consistent as its best tunes, it frequently amounts to really, exceptionally beautiful music. Tracks like ‘You and I’, ‘New Jade’ and ‘Magpie’  are some of the best of this style I’ve heard in years, and a particular highlight is the twisting, unfurling ‘Like I Loved You’.

Though Suddenly is imperfect -some of its stylistic swings can feel a tad random- it’s nevertheless another remarkably strong Caribou record from Dan Snaith. One of those albums that blossoms with increasing brightness and colour on every listen, he continues to produce music that defines him as one of indietronica’s most essential contemporary names.

Pick: ‘Like I Loved You’

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