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Your writing is good, Carley 💜 and I don’t know, I feel comfortable talking to you even if we’ve just followed each other 😊

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i’m always really conflicted over whether to side fully with kenny and have him like me in the end, or to side with lilly up until her departure bc… idk i just like season one lilly? and also it feels kinda messed up to kill her dad in front of her when kenny kills him either way?

god and don’t even get me started on choosing carley or doug… i swear season one is the best season like, as a game for so many reasons, but my favorite thing about it is i choose differently on the big choices almost every time i play. later seasons i always choose the same things, i try and keep people alive as long as possible, i pick the same romance options, etc, and the big decisions are pretty easy for me to make. i mean i used to pick different endings to s2 but my last playthrough i chose the wellington ending, and i’ve decided that that’s the one i’m probably going to default to.

but yeah i digress. i love season one because even though i know the choices don’t really matter, and i’ve played the game so many times, i still pick differently all the time. it’s such a good game.

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Think of this: imagine if Lilly hadn’t shot Carley/Doug. Instead, Ben came out and admitted to the raids (or Lee manages to get Lilly to stfu b/c this is Ben we’re talking about). Imagine how different the rest of the game would be? What if Lilly dies because Carley (or Kenny if you chose to save Doug) can’t take her anymore, and then there’s no threat in S4.

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TWDG would have had much stronger characters if it didn’t rely so much on determinant deaths. Haven’t done determinant characters right since Carley and Doug, but they don’t put in that dedication anymore. It’s clearly difficult for them to carry determinant characters that haven’t died in people’s playthroughs, It causes complete pauses in a character’s development, and then they die anyway (Nick, Sarah, literally any character). All it does is disappoint players.

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dude i’ve been replaying twdg s1 (as u do) and making an effort to make choices i don’t typically make/haven’t made in a long time. which, at this point, means i saved carley instead of doug, and i’m being entirely loyal to kenny. i forgot how much i loved carley oh my god, and siding with kenny makes him a hell of a lot more likeable. still feel SO shitty whenever i kill larry, because season one lilly has always been one of my favorite characters and it sucks having her pissed at me. and then she kills carley and i feel slightly less bad, but like… still. i love them all. why are my faves killing each other. please chill ma’am.

anyway, other thoughts - i still fucking love ben. i remember when i first played the game and thought he was like. in college lmfao. to be fair i was ten and couldn’t tell an eighth grader from an adult, but still. it’s so weird that he’s literally just a teenager. people rly were overly harsh on him (both in and out of universe).

and it’s so weird seeing clem as a little kid again oh my god. like, playing through all the games, her growth feels mostly natural (and the changes to her character that feel off and are mostly due to different writers’ interpretations of her can be attributed to timeskips in-universe), but jumping from tfs to season one is wack.

also lmfao someone’s probably definitely brought this up before but there are some neat parallels to lilly in the scene where she shoots carley/doug and marlon killing brody in tfs. down to the whole “i was trying to protect all of us” bit. kind of makes their interactions in tfs (or i guess, prior to it, but u know what i mean) all the more interesting. these are two people who are willing to make certain sacrifices for the good of “their people”. and clearly they have a very, VERY short list of people they’re actually, genuinely loyal to, since the people they’ve both hurt the most were within their own group. like i really cannot see lilly killing larry if he was stealing supplies, or marlon trading away louis. but when they felt the rest of their group was at risk, they both chose to make the sacrifice of someone else who was within it to (in their minds) eliminate the risk for the time being. idk that was rambly but whatever. i just really like flawed characters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anyway season one is still great that is all

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fight my battles

a/n: hi y’all 😳 it’s been a hot minute since i posted any Content, so here’s this i guess. i started it on the 4th of july, got halfway through, and gave up. found it in my drafts about 20 minutes ago and finished it sooo it’s a crap shoot for quality luvs xx

edited: who do u think i am

warnings: uhh sum fighting?? not graphic or anything, prolly swearing im too lazy to check, and allusion to verbal abuse (it’s not mentioned AT ALL but it’s kind of an unspoken back story i guess. i’m just a bad writer wtf this makes no sense y’all)

word count: 1293


the sounds of shouting and cicadas filled the humid, north carolina air, and pope, kiara, and jj sat on the porch of the chateau in silence, listening to the argument ensuing just beyond the front door. it had been going on for almost twenty minutes now, y/n having stormed inside earlier because of a snarky comment thrown her way by john b, who said he was going to apologize. obviously, it didn’t go as planned.

jj’s mood had been sour all day, and this latest scuffle really hadn’t helped whatsoever. work had sucked. he had to stop by his house, which meant that he had to see his dad, which sucked. and now, at the only place in his life that wasn’t supposed to suck, his girlfriend and his best friend were suddenly going at it.

it sucked.

he let out a huff as he listened to the yelling continue. finally, he shook his head angrily and stood, making pope and kie’s eyes snap up to him.

“i’m going to break it up,” he announced, making his friends roll their eyes.

kiara frowned. “i’m pretty sure that you trying to get them to play nice is just going to make them more angry,” she reasoned, and pope nodded dejectedly along.

jj ignored them, making his way into the house only to stop cold after only about two steps, the screen door slamming shut behind him. john b and y/n were still going at it, both red in the face, bodies tense as they screamed at each other. it made jj’s brain hurt just watching.

“how am i supposed to know you ‘didn’t mean it like that,’ huh? you sounded pretty sincere to me, john b!”

“well, how was i supposed to know you would actually get so fucking offended? it’s not like i was rewriting your resume so you could find a job at hooters or something!”

“oh, fuck off! you know things like this are a sore subject for me and what did you do? you pushed anyways!”

sighing, jj slowly made his way over to y/n’s side, placing his hands reassuringly on her shoulders. she jumped and john b’s eyes widened in surprise, both of them obviously not noticing his presence until that moment. 

“can you both calm down?” he pleaded, resting his chin on y/n’s shoulder, but flinching away as she shook her head angrily.

john b rolled his eyes, groaning, as y/n defended herself. “not until he apologizes! and agrees that he shouldn’t have brought it up in the first place,” she added, glaring daggers at the boy across the room.

mulling this over, jj hummed, crossing his arms over his chest. “well, what did he say to you that made you so upset anyway?”

y/n scoffed. “he called me a whore.”

a sudden silence hung heavy in the room. jj’s eyes bore holes in the wall across the room, his jaw clenching and unclenching.

“jj,” y/n warned quietly, too late realizing what was going to happen. “jj, calm down.”

his nostrils flared, and he slowly brought his blue eyes to her worried ones. for the first time since the pair of them had started arguing, jj got a clear view of y/n’s face. tear tracks streaked her cheeks making his gut twist in anger.

y/n was known to cry kind of a lot, so much so that it was almost a running joke. when she were sad, frustrated, laughing, and like right now, angry. jj knew that these tears weren’t because of what john b said, only because of how upset she was, but he couldn’t help the rage that boiled in his stomach. at least, he hoped he knew for sure that was the reason.

“did he make you cry?”

jj’s question caught her off guard. his voice dangerously quiet and his gaze is now trained on john b, almost daring him to say something. 

y/n took a shaky breath before answering, weighing the consequences of being honest.

“jj, i overreacted, it’s not-“

“did he make you cry?”

he asked again. if possible, jj’s voice was more dangerously sharp and void of emotion than before. john b’s face remaind slightly angry and passive, but his eyes gave him away. it was rare to see jj this angry, but it never ended well.

a long, heavy pause saturated the air, and the three of them could almost see the space quivering with tension and anticipation of what might ensue.

y/n took another slow, shaky breath before finally answering, still not meeting jj’s eyes.

“yes,” she whispered, so quietly she hoped jj couldn’t even hear her.

the tension continued to waver for a split second, and as fast as it came, it was gone. jj’s fist made solid contact with john b’s cheek, the noise reverberating throughout the space.

everything felt like it was going in slow motion. y/n felt frozen. her feet wouldn’t move and she just stared, open mouthed as the two boys swung at each other.

hearing the sudden increase in commotion, kiara and pope cautiously make their way into the house, eyes wide as they take in what’s going on.

the rest of the scene felt like a blur. y/n watched in shock as pope pulled the boys away from each other, everyone’s shouting not making it past the ringing in her ears.

panting, jj stormed out of the room, sporting a new shiner and a few dozen bruises. after a moment, y/n slowly turned to follow him, preparing herself in front of the just-slammed bedroom door before knocking.

there was no answer, so she pushed it open, slipping in and shutting it softly behind her. jj was sprawled on the bed, already entangled in a mess of limbs and sheets. y/n made her way slowly towards him and sat on the corner of the mattress cautiously.

feeling the bed dip, jj turned his head to the side so his cheek was resting on the pillow, wincing as he accidentally found a new bruise. the silence between the pair was thick and deafening.

after a painful few minutes, jj finally sighed, his eyes closing. y/n’s gaze was still directed at the floor, but her ears were at full attention.

“i’m sorry,” jj mumbled, reaching up to drag a hand down the side of his face. “i shouldn’t have done that.”

y/n lifted her eyes from the floor to study jj’s battered form. feeling her stare, he opened his eyes and looked back. after a moment, he stuck his tongue out of the corner of his mouth, causing a small laugh to escape y/n.

she ran a hand through his hair, sighing. “it’s okay. i wish you wouldn’t try to fight all my battles for me, though.”

it was jj’s turn to chuckle lightly, twisting his neck a little more to get a clearer look of his girlfriend.

“yeah? but then what kind of boyfriend would i be, not taking care of my princess?”

y/n scoffed, rolling her eyes before standing up and tugging on his hand.

“alright, come on then, big, strong boyfriend. let’s get you cleaned up.”


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