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If the people of Forks made memes:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edit: yes there is a typo here, pls stop mentioning it
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This took so fucking long to make, but please do enjoy
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Breaking Dawn, but if Bella was allowed to choose the furniture for the cottage in the woods:
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twihard08 · a month ago
Tumblr media
i made this a few weeks ago and i feel like i should make a wolfpack one
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anarcoqueer1994 · 3 months ago
I love this meme so here's twilight
Every friend group needs
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And a
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Poly Cullens x Human Reader
➤ Obviously Alice had seen that you were coming to Forks High
➤ When she told the rest of the Cullen clan they were all confused while Alice was livid
➤Edward is excited but was annoyed that he had to share a mate with his family (let’s say Bella doesn’t exist)
➤So you met Alice first because she couldn’t resist introducing herself to you on your first day of school
➤Next, was Edward in biology class but this time he didn’t act like you stink
➤Emmett and Rosalie came third meeting them at the parking lot because Emmett dragged Rosalie to talk to you
➤You meet the Jasper at their lunch table because Alice invited you to sit with them, he tried to talk to you but he had to take a few breathers
➤Rosalie invited you over to meet their parents and beforehand Esme made Edward ask what your favorite foods were
➤Enough though you were their mate Jasper and Roselie were a little reluctant
➤Now when it comes to the whole turning process not every is so compliant to turning you
➤ Esme, Carlisle, Emmett, and Alice were fine with you becoming one of them since the Volturi wouldn’t be breathing down their necks also you guys can live with each other endlessly
➤ Jasper was content with you turning because he wouldn’t have to worry about his bloodlust anymore or being extra careful around you
➤Rosalie for obvious reasons didn’t want you to turn because she thought it was stupid to give up your humanity so easily
➤ And Edward always thought of himself as a monster and he didn’t want you to feel the same way
➤ Overall you become a vampire and whenever in public you usually go with Edward
➤ Since everyone stared when the Cullens and you interacted as if all you guys were dating
(I’m writing a Poly Cullen book on Wattpad my user is EroticDolls and the book is called Stray)
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lenoreamidala · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Twilight Characters + Style
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cherrys-angel · 3 months ago
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whendawn · 6 months ago
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Cullen Family.
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garc14swh0r3 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I agree
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dumpsterfirefuck · 4 months ago
Is it just me or does Carlisle Cullen have chemistry with absolutely EVERYONE but his wife?
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immortal-velociraptor · a month ago
I’m back on my…
✨Twilight Vampire Bullshit✨
Tumblr media
Cw: Morbius Spoilers
Emmet starred at the human before him, narrowing his eyes and raising a brow. This went on for several minutes before any of the other vampires decided to speak up. It was a simple spring morning in the Cullen house, school was out for spring break so most of the other people were out of town. But the Cullens stayed home, enjoying the company of the only human Rosalie tolerated.
“Babe, what are you doing?” Rosalie asked, crossing the room to join Emmet and sit at his side.
Before Emmet could speak however, Edward cut him off.
“He’s trying to read their mind. Let me tell you brother, that’s not something you actually want to do.” Edward smirked, assumant present in his tone.
“But that’s the thing, they’re always thinking! How do you have so many thoughts? What are you planning? Tell me mortal!” Emmet bellowed.
You finally became aware of the fact that all eye in the room where now on you. You were a lone human in a house full of vampires, and they were all starring at you. But you couldn’t tell them what you were thinking, it was stupid, you’re thoughts were never truly important. Not when you felt relaxed and safe anyways.
“What have we told you about that nickname Emmet?” Esme warned her son.
“But they like it. Tell her.”
You shrugged.
“I’m actually quite curious too. You’ve actually managed to make Edward feel something other than his seemingly endless teen angst. And don’t even get me started on the emotions you’re feeling right now.” Jasper smirked.
You let out a deep sigh.
“I don’t think I will actually, I value what you guys think of me and I don’t wanna ruin that.”
“My dear, we could never think any less of you.” Esme cooed.
“Yes, and my children are stubborn, they won’t stop bothering you until you tell them. Not sure where they got that quality from” Carlisle sent a playful glare to his coven.
“Morbius” you muttered under your breath.
You knew they had heard it, but it was evident they didn’t understand. But you couldn’t contain your excitement anymore.
“After 5 years of waiting I finally got to see a Morbius in theatre last night! And let me tell you this man is the finest vampire I’ve ever seen-“
You slapped a hand over your mouth after realising what you just said.
“You went to see a vampire movie…” Emmet started. “Without me?!?”
“I’m sorry Em, you were busy. Besides I’m pretty sure you and Rose were having quite a bit of your own fun last night anyways. Let me have this.”
“You watch vampire movies with them?” Edward asked, bewildered.
“Why are you so surprised, you’ve know him for how long? Does anything Emmet does really shock you all that much anymore? Besides it’s no weirder than me watching movies about other humans.”
“The inaccuracy makes it more fun.” Emmet shrugged, smiling at you. “Now tell me about this Morbius you traitor!”
“Alright so he’s like this doctors who’s dying of an incurable disease right? And he splices his DNA with that of a vampire bat!”
“That’s not factually accurate.” Carlisle interrupted.
“It’s a super hero movie? Are you expecting accuracy? They have to embellish things to fit their own personal narrative ok.”
“Ok so I’m assuming he’s succeful?” Rosalie asks, now curious.
It still surprised the others when she was soft with you, or engaged in conversations she’s typically find grating or useless. But she loved to listen to you talk, didn’t really matter what it was about.
“Yes, it didn’t go as expected. He was hoping to just activate the anticoagulants from the bat DNa to help cure and possibly even reverse his blood condition. But because his experiment was kind of unethical-“
“And most likely illegall” Carlisle chimed in once more.
You didn’t mind when he did this, I meant he was listening.
“You hang out with Bella’s Dad far too much…”
Carlisle finally glanced up from his book to look at you. He rolled his eyes when you smirked at him.
“Let her finish her story My Love” Esme pleaded with her mate.
He simply glanced back down at his book, prompting you to continue.
“So he had to perform the experiment on himself obviously, because you can’t be double illegal and perform human experiments on another human. like what if they died, that would make you a killer.”
“Didn’t you say he becomes a vampire because of this though?” Jasper piped in.
“Yes, I’m getting to that. But being a vampire murder and a human murderer are two different things. Different species, different rules. So anyways he preforms this experiment on a cargo ship in the middle of the ocean right, and he’s not expecting to gain the blood thirsty aspect of the bats from this universe. So he blacks out and kills all the mercenaries on this ship and then jumps off.”
“Why would he jump off the boat?” Alive finally spoke up.
“Because my sweet Alice, he didn’t want to kill the last person on the boat. The girl that helped him transform. He’s had a crush on her since like college.”
“Awww that’s so sweet of him.”
“I know right. Anyways fast forward a bit, he gets arrest as the “vampire murderer” lame, I know. And his best friend who’s like a billionaire gets into the prison and gives him blood so he’s strong enough to get out. Said best friend also took the serum and is now a vampire and has been framing Morbius for murders like the whole week right.”
“So the best friend had the same blood condition?” Jasper asked.
“Precisely! But basically to wrap it up, Morbius makes something that can kill the both of them, cause he knows he can’t live off synthetic blood forever, and he manges to kill his best friend right? But bam it’s the end of the movie and he somehow turned his lady friend, but he has no idea she’s alive and he just runs off so he won’t get arrested again. Can’t prove he didn’t commit the murders since the person who did became a vampire because of him.”
“Interesting, you’re leaving out all the details you’re excited about.” Edward jeered.
“Stay out of my head lover boy! And your parents are here, not gonna say that in front of them.”
Carlisle cleared his throat and Esme giggled, leaning into him.
“So what makes this vamp so hot?”
You pulled out a picture of him, passing it around.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The reactions varied throughout the room. And you sighed in content when the phone got back to you.
“Why does he look like that?” Edward asked
“We’ll he’s a vampire because of Bat DNA genius, so he had other bat like features and abilities. God look at those teeth.” You complimented.
“He looks like a piranha” Emmet declared.
“We’ll this piranha can eat me any day.”
You looked around the room, realising you said it out loud. Emmet was howling and Alice and Rose were snickering under their breaths. Edward looked horrified and you could see the disappointment on Carlisle’s face.
“What, his bite alone isn’t confirmed to turn anyone, so like he could just bite me and I could move on with my life. I’d be into it.”
“You’re hopeless” Jasper said, patting you on the back.
“No I think the word you’re looking for is horny”
An: this is so bad. But I genuinely really liked Morbius. Wasn’t much of a storyline but I would love to see more of him! I love a good vampire movie 🥰
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opinionatedtwihard · a month ago
Edythe Cullen or something idk I didn't read Life and Death
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black-dhalias · 5 months ago
I Will Never Die —Part I—
Carlisle Cullen Imagine
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The fiery heat of the summer burns through the Volterra, and you do not have many adjectives to describe the heat on your skin as you continue a brisk walk. After all, you are one of the oldest living vampires having been turned in 4000 BC in Egypt, you spent your first few thousand years alone. You weren't the first, but most of the Old Ones have died in recent years. Travelling without purpose, until you found a poor man in need of help. He was going to die, and you felt indebted to bring one good thing to the world and turned him around 2500 BC.
Amun became one of your confidants, someone you trusted dearly, but still that did not seem to fill in the gaps within your soul. You left him in Egypt, where he built a great coven while you continued your search for purpose in other things. Throughout the next thousand years, you would visit your old friend, but you spent a lot of your time in what became Western Europe. Civilizations rose from the dust, and then fell around you, never to be seen again. To only be mentioned later in history classes, and still, you lived on. Untouched by time.
Near the fall of Greece, you happened to bump into Marcus and Aro; although odd characters, they were aiming to bring vampires together and bring order to an otherwise broken world. You found that vision bright and unique, and from there-- you helped them build a powerful coven, all while remaining on the sidelines. You felt compelled to help, but not so much rule, and that is what the Volturi stood for. To rule over vampires, give them law and order. Someone to answer too when they exposed themselves. Something that you stood behind in the beginning.
You stand off center, to the right of Aro's throne, careful to keep yourself under the cover of Renata's shield. Over the years, you have grown tired of the games as the Volturi slowly stopped standing for law, but instead, chased power-- no matter how many covens get in the way. After the decimation of the Egyptian Coven, the one started by Amun, you almost left, but they convinced you it was a necessary evil. Now though, you doubt that and leave it to Aro's need for power. His craving to be the one in ultimate control.
"Sister, they send you to get one. And you come back with two.... and a half." This seems to peak your interest as you alert yourself, seeing Edward Cullen return to the throne room. Although when you see him, you only see his eyes, which are the same eyes of your mate. Your only love. The one you let leave because that was what he desired most, and your time with the Volturi was not quite at its end. That's your gift, of sorts, to see the length of events-- there's not so much a description or physical aspect, just seeing it. A deep feeling that stays until it is time to leave, and you just know.
It didn't work with others in the beginning, but over time, you developed your gift to see timelines. The expanses of choices, without ever knowing the choices and consequences themselves. Just time itself. With humans, it's disappointing because existence to them is so short. Yet with vampires, it doesn't really have an end. Just a path, that could grow shorter— cut short seems like a more description.
"What a happy surprise! Bella is alive after all, isn't that wonderful?" You find your attention on the human, rather simple, but she seems to hold a powerful ability within her. Over the years, you developed a knack for that; seeing potential in humans. One that you are curious to see develop. You stiffen as Aro moves towards them quickly, feeling a growing protection for the Cullen, but you push the thought down as quickly as you can manage. Edward may be able to read active thought, but Aro can too and he is taking Edward's hand, which means your thoughts are vulnerable.
"I love a happy ending." Your eyes flicker back to the human, who doesn't seem scared, but still, it has you wondering. As you focus, you see her time as a human is coming to an end, her humanity ticking away, and you wonder if she chooses this life. Or if it is forced upon her. "They are so rare.... La Tua Cantante. Her blood appeals to you so much, it makes me thirsty." There it is, you feel it in your gut, the cut. The sensation of your time with the Volturi coming to an end, and Aro's eyes flicker to you momentarily, but return to Edward. "How can you stand to be so close to her?"
You maintain your composure, control over your thoughts is absolute pertinent, you cannot risk Aro stopping you. They have to let you go willingly. "It's not without difficulty." The conversation seems to become an afterthought, the image of your beloved there. Someone you shared a short history with, but cannot seem to forget.
"I wonder, let us see if she is immune to all our powers-- shall we Jane?" Chaos seems to erupt as Edward moves towards Jane, but he drops under the influence of the sadistic girl's ability. You find yourself unable to look, ashamed of what the Volturi has become and what you helped build it to be. But it is the human who shouts for Jane to stop, begging and you admire her courage. Again, she stumps you. Never have you seen a human exhibit such bravery in the presence of such cruelty.
"Jane?" Now you step forward, moving to the side of the human girl. "Go ahead my dear?"
"Aro, there's no need--" He silences you with a wave of his hand, and you find yourself staring him down. Not particularly angry, but not happy either-- you are disappointed that he let all his potential, turn into this. Nothing happens though. Jane is completely powerless.
The rounds of applause seem to bounce off every corridor of the Volterra as the three great Kings enter, and you, stand off to the side— not particularly fond of parties, you often choose to stay away from the center. Not much of your existence has revolved around parties, but the Kings had asked you to attend. No one speaks as Aro raises a glass, filled with blood— you can smell it, and grimace. They are simply not pleased with just pretending, they have to go out of their way—kill unnecessarily. You used to consider yourself a friend, but the loss of Didyme shook you to your core. You two were close, and her death, well it changed the dynamic of the Volturi greatly. The power core was once Aro and Marcus, but now Caius has weaseled his way into the mix.
“Welcome my dear friends. Tonight we celebrate a great victory, the abolishment of the Russian Coven who threatened the existence of all of us.” You glance at Eleazar, the pair of you having shared your concern over the growing lust for power. You wanted to believe they could change, that you held influence that would guide them in the right direction. “They believed they could accumulate power without consequence, and that’s not how it works. So tonight, let us raise a glass in honor of this accomplishment. And let us welcome, our newest member, Carlisle Cullen. An oddity in our race, but a friend of the Volturi.” This perks your interest, not just his name, but Aro calls him an oddity. You cannot remember the last time anyone peaked your interest to this degree—your friendship with Eleazar being the greatest surprise of this last century.
“Aro, I think I’m going to go dance. If you’ll excuse me.” He smiles, his hand shared with Marcus as you offer a curt excuse to leave. You wonder what this Carlisle Cullen looks like. What color hair? Whether he’s short or tall? Slim or muscular? You wonder what makes him so different from most vampires, enough to get Aro to bring him into his little collection.
You reach the floor, the stairs easily conquered without much results as you look for the unfamiliar faces. Which is difficult with masks involved.
“Milady Y/N, I see you’ve decided to join us common guard.” You offer a sweet smile at Eleazar, greeting him with a hug. He listens, curious to hear the many stories that come with being around for so long. The struggles and victories, to watch humanity grow and fall one after another.
“Eleazar, you and I both know I’m not known for my ability to remain on the balcony.” Referring to the time she jumped from the balcony onto the floor, when a rogue vampire made an appearance.
“Perhaps, but it is good to see you.” He bows, holding out his hand. “May I have the honor of a dance?” Gliding with Eleazar is easy as you make casual conversation, until a hand lands on your waist and you switch partners rather suddenly. Forced to meet unfamiliar and intriguing golden eyes.
Aro's laughter is toxic and over the years, you still are not numb to the sound; in the beginning, it was not so harsh. However, now there is nothing, but harshness. You admit that you wish things would have gone differently, that you would have been able to walk away all those years ago, but now there is nothing left to lose. No one she loves more than the one she has been apart from for the last century. More than that, considering you spent centuries alone before he was even born. So now, with the ties broken, it is time.
For a moment, Edward's eyes meet your's, to which you curtly nod in response— subtly, because today is your last day with the Volturi. There is no more need for death and destruction, and you refocus on the human. She is closely tied to Edward, but more than that, her time as a human seems to be slipping away. You quirk your head just a tad, fascinating— the fact that your gift seems to work and other's seems to have no effect at all. Why? You do not let the thought linger as Aro seems to grow more ruthless, no longer fronting his curiosity.
"Remarkable. She confounds us all. So what do we do with you now?" You stiffen, glancing at the floor— knowing that this is not the end for Bella Swam, but it still does not sit well to know that other vampire's thoughts.
"You already know what you're going to do, Aro?" To hear Marcus say it, you feel your insides twist and turn.
"She knows too much. She's a liability." You abruptly turn your attention Caius... something more than just distaste bubbles inside of your chest, at the blonde haired king. You zone out for a moment, lost in thought. Remembering how things used to be— you remember them as kind and loving, ambitious, but not cruel. That was when you cared for them. When they still held onto their humanity, but now, you see no humanity in them at all.
Felix is moving faster than a blink, following the orders given to him by his King— you seem to flinch as he turns his attention to Bella, and then there's Edward. You do not know him, but you know he is important to your love. Someone that is a member of his family, and yet Felix flings him like a rag doll. The large vampire grips Edward's neck, turning it upward and just as you're about to step in— it is once again the human.
"Please!! Please?!" She is begging, you can hear her pleas and feel the pain, and that moment where you almost felt Edward's ties to this world break— they restrengthen and it eases your mind. "Kill me. Kill me.... not him." You seem to move unconsciously behind Felix. If he goes to break Edward, you prepare to break him— rip him apart before he even has a second to think about what he is doing.
Yet it is not Edward you have to be concerned with, it is Bella as Aro stalks closer to her— the words seem to hang on your lips, prepared to slip free. Prepared to protect the human, something you have not done in the last several centuries. May your gods forgive you for the sins of your past.
"Wait! Bella will be one of us... I've seen it. I'll change her myself." Alice, the seer, and one of the Cullens that Aro wants more than anything else on this Earth. He is a collector, one of the most ruthless, willing to kill anyone to get what he wants.
"Mesmerizing. To see what you have seen before it has happened." He pauses, "But how can we be sure?" You take this as your cue, the moment when you have to defend this human. This girl that perplexes you more than anything else in your existence.
"I feel it... Miss Swan has much to give this world, and will be here for a very long time." Perhaps this is the first time the human has noticed you, but you see the appreciation even if she does not say it. "Let me show you." There is a degree of grace to your movements as you give your hand over Aro, a familiar movement. Yet with a gentle curiosity, he nods curtly. Nervously. You are not someone to disagree with, ancient beyond them— stronger. You are leaving today, whether he agrees or not.
"You're gifts will make for a very intriguing immortal... Isabella. You must go now." He pauses, waving off Felix, to which he drops Edward, "Make your preparations."
"Let us be done with this. Heidi will arrive any moment. Thank you for your visit.” Marcus has to be able to see your loyalty shift in that instant, nearly gone completely. How odd it must be for him? Unlike others that break slowly, unwinding— yours is in an instant. A choice. Your gifts so close in ability that it is easy to confound even him, requiring no effort at all. “Goodbye Lady Y/N. These centuries have been a pleasure.” You smile at Marcus, one that he does not return.
"We will return the favor. We advise that you follow through on your promise. We do not offer second chances." He smirks, looking at you with a sadistic grin. He changed the Volturi, Aro always was looking for power, but Caius was able to use that to his advantage. His own sociopathic needs. “Hope we meet again, Lady Y/N.”
"Goodbye my young friends." Aro glances at you, as you begin to match pace with the trio. An odd one out, which confuses Bella even more— having missed the silent conversations between gifts. “Goodbye for now, dear Y/N.” How long is peace going to last with Aro around, but a second with Carlisle will make it all worthwhile.
"Nice fishing Heidi."
"Yes, they do look rather juicy."
"Save some for me."
"This way please... Stay together."
Edward, hurry…. You think of the screams, the aches that come with drinking from humans. They’re just tourists here for a tour of an ancient castle, blissfully unaware. The screams start, they echo and you push yourself to keep walking forward. This is the last time you ever have to hear the sound of a human scream.
Something about Forks feels perfect, and in all your existence, you have not felt this at ease. Yet as you draw closer to the Cullen home with Alice, you feel antsy. And if you had a heart, a physical heart, you'd expect it to be beating rapidly. "He talks about you all the time." You quirk a brow, glancing in the direction of the pixie like vampire, petite and yet one of the most powerful.
"I only hope time has not changed him." Some part of you still imagines him to be the same man. You want him to care for you as he did all those years ago, that night when you met him— you had never been so entranced by someone.
“I’m sure it’s changed you.”
“Alice, I’m the oldest being on the planet. I have not felt the effects of time in a long time.” She seems to accept the answer, but smiles nonetheless as they turn into a driveway. Edward had taken Bella home, so it was just you and Alice— and Carlisle within running distance. Close enough to feel. Close enough to smell.
“He’s missed you.” You swallow, smiling nervously at her words.
“Not as much as I’ve missed him.”
Once the house comes into view, he’s already there at the edge of the patio— he looks the same, dressed differently, but so are you. Moving with the time, but otherwise he is the same. The same golden eyes that have this insatiable curiosity, and casual posture that does not reveal just how good he is. How kind. How gentle. How strong. The car does not have time to stop before you are in front of him, smiling softly. Tired of trying to imagine what it feels like to touch him, to hold him— you hesitantly reach out to touch him. Running your fingers from his hands to his for arms, it feels the same— everything about him perfectly preserved as you finally meet his eye. No glass. No worry. No more goodbyes.
“Y/N…” He sounds nervous, you can hear the waver in tone as if he’s afraid you’ll disappear. He reaches out, pausing unsure if he’s ready— scared he’s dreaming or dead, or anything that does not actually involve you being here with him.
“Carlisle.” He smiles, your voice rings and fixed all the wounds. All the nights and days spent missing you, gone— couldn’t matter at all, because you’re here. Carlisle cups your cheeks and kisses you lightly.
“My Y/N.” No amount of time prepared you to hear him say that again.
Standing with the Cullens, you feel something natural, although you stand out with your eyes— will it be difficult? To give up the only lifestyle you have ever known, no, but to keep Carlisle's arm around your waist— you'd give up everything. Turn off the sun, or never drink again— just to keep him at your side, and you're never going to let him go again. Once more you look at the human girl, who looks at the supernatural world with courage and bravery that you have not seen in quite some time. It is as if she fears nothing, and you find that admirable.
"You all know what I want. And I know how much I'm asking for. The only thing for me to think of to make it fair is to vote." She hushes Edward. "Alice?"
"I already consider you my sister. Yes."
"I vote yes. It would be nice to not want to kill you all the time."
"I'm sorry. I'm really sorry to both of you for how I acted and I'm really grateful that you were brave enough to save my brother.But this isn't the life I would have chosen for myself. And I wish someone would have been there to vote no for me. So no."
"I vote hell yeah. We can pick a fight with these Volturi some other time."
"Why are you doing this to me? You know what this means."
"You've chosen not live without her, which leaves me no choice. I won't lose my son."
Bella turns her attention to you briefly, but then her eyes grow more sure, and certain... "What do you think?" For a moment, you smile softly— and Bella is no longer afraid of the crimson sparks in those eyes.
"I think that you will make a wonderful immortal... but I do not have a vote." You glide towards her, holding out your hand so that you can bring her close. "I have been on this Earth long enough to know that the choices we make, tend to stick better, than the choices made for us." You smile, "Only you can make this choice." You drop her hand, and tuck yourself back under Carlisle's arm, the missing pieces that had slipped away all those years ago; finally, beginning to find their places once more.
You stand with the Cullens once more, shifters opposite as they take in the Cullen clan. You were expecting four or five, but there’s at least twelve in front of you— amazing. You wonder what prompted their shift, because they’re not werewolves. Not like any you’ve ever seen. Carlisle keeps close, your eyes a dead giveaway that you’re new— the red undertones still very visible in your slightly gold eyes.
“They want to know about her.” You smile, but Carlisle holds you protectively.
“She’s one of the oldest living vampires, an expert on newborns-” He smiles in your direction, “And my mate.” Carlisle kisses your temple and Jasper gestures you forward, along with Emmett.
“A newborn army doesn’t need thousands like a human army, and no human army could stand against them.” You nod, keeping your distance— nervous, but ready to show off a little. Training with the Volturi was always about killing in the dead of night for a cause, but this is about protecting the family Carlisle built.
“There are two rules: first, never let them get their arms around you. They’ll crush you instantly.” He gestures you to the front, “And second: never go for the obvious kill. They’ll be expecting that, and you. Will. Lose.” Then he gestures Emmett forward, who looks psyched to be opposite to you. You take this as a moment to speak up.
“Emmett best simulates a Newborn; impulsive, relying primarily on brute force.” You smirk as he readies up, but you don’t make any effort to prepare yourself. “Don’t hold back.”
“Not in my nature grandma.” You quirk a brow, curious and curiouser— his confidence astounds you, and yet you are unfazed by his quick advance. Sidestepping him just slightly as he makes a leap, not even giving him a chance to grab you. He turns sharply, going at you quick with a hand which you block with the outer part of your wrist, and do the same with his attempted second blow. Using his momentum, you throw a hard kick into his chest— creating space to go on the offensive. He stumbles, and you fall into a comfortable crouch.
“Cmon slowpoke. I need a challenge.” You antagonize, which gets him going— you see the snap. Similar to that of a newborn, intriguing. He swings and you counter, over and over, until you throw a palm into his neck. You’ve taken entire newborn armies on your own, old enough to remember the first time vampires weaponized newborns to do the dirty work. Having had to deal with it on your own long before the Volturi was even a thing, not even a thought.
“I’m not slow.” You smirk, having both his wrists in your palms as you flip over— keeping him in your hold with your teeth barred against his neck.
“And I’m bored.” He groans as you drop his arms. It felt like every time he threw something at you, it was impossible to get ahead. You always seemed ready for every attack. “Now newborns tend to act first, think later. Blood. Taunts. Anything that riles them up, makes them an easier target.” You face the wolves, “Strategy will always overpower brute strength.”
Carlisle welcomes your hand into his, as he leans over: “You’re still just as breathtaking as that first night.”
“You must be Carlisle Cullen.” He grins, twirling you around as he brings you in close— his eyes seem to put you under some strange spell. Making it impossible to look away, wondering what makes his eyes such an odd color. Such a beautifully odd shade of gold.
“And you are easily the most beautiful person in the room.” You can’t remember the last time someone flattered you, and you felt the familiar flutter in your stomach.
“Coming from someone as peculiar as you. I’m inclined to believe you might be telling the truth.” He smiles, you could imagine your heart pounding in your chest had it still been alive— you feel alive as he leads the dance.
“I saw you on the balcony, and maybe I’m too bold, but I just needed a dance. And perhaps a name?” You switch your hand just a little, allowing your fingers to intertwine as you bring yourself closer.
“Y/N…” There is some hesitance.
“Y/N.” Your name has never sounded so beautiful, or perfect, his voice soft and dulcet. Kind. You can’t remember the last time anyone was kind, even Eleazar took weeks to warm up to you. People fear those with more time, more experience, and more power. “I take it you’re not just a member of the Guard?” You shake your head, “A wife of the Kings?” Again you shake your head, this time with distaste.
“Unmarried.” He nods, using one hand to guide you in a twirl away from someone trying to steal you away for a dance. “All those centuries, and no ones ever caught my interest.” He makes a little face, but collects himself— you try to memorize every facet of him. “What about those eyes, Carlisle? Peculiarity is both intriguing, and I can’t remember the last time anyone surprised me.” At least three decades, perhaps more.
“Animal blood.” He grins, continuing his questions. “Centuries? I take it you were changed by the Kings?”
“How very strange. I thought it was possible, but never had the guts to try. Too worried. Too busy. Too bored to care.” You take the lead in the dance, switching it up on him. “Oh no, I’m much older than the Kings. I’ve seen many Kings.”
“How old are you? If you don’t mind me asking.” You lean in close, lips hovering over his ear.
“Old enough.”
Waiting for the Newborns seems to take an eternity, the longest moment— all of you perfectly still, near each other. Protective. You glance at Carlisle, you’d protect him at all cost. Give everything. “Don’t leave my side.” You hear the newborns grow closer, hearing his whisper.
“Never.” You work together, with him pinning as you behind— careful to have each others back, moving quickly. In perfect tandem. You wish you hadn’t have missed all those years. You whisk around his side, grabbing a newborn by the throat, crushing it between your fingertips. You see another newborn approaching Carlisle, shouting to point them out, but it distracts you. Just for a second. Enough for a newborn to wrap his arms around you. You struggle— clawing, but they have you on the ropes.
It’s Carlisle who sees, you had never seen him move so fast— ripping the newborn off you by it’s limbs, ripping them apart before you wrap your arms around him. A weakness. One that’s now very much exposed. Everything had flashed for him when he saw you struggling, it changed everything in his mind. Losing you wasn’t an option.
Jane, Alec, Felix, and Demetri enter with a careful complexity—a planned entrance no doubt. You stand beside Carlisle, where you belong. Watching the Volturi guard’s posture. Everything that they do, or say— or don’t say is an insight into what they are doing here.
“Seems we missed an interesting fight. It’s not often our purpose are rendered necessary.”
“If you’d arrived twenty minutes sooner, you would have fulfilled your purpose.” You feel Jane watching you with force, but you just watch her in return.
“Edward, if the Volturi had known, they would have handled the situation long ago.” You say with care, “Isn’t that right Jane?” She stiffens, bowing her head—you may not be Volturi anymore, but you would be dangerous in opposition to them.
“Seems you missed one.”
“She surrendered.” Carlisle speaks, the girl Brie seeming to be no older than 16. Maybe 17. Too young to be forced into this life.
“The Volturi doesn’t offer second chances. Something Lady Y/N is very familiar with. I’m sure Caius will be interested to know that she’s still human.” You humph, speaking up— Carlisle wants to help this girl, which means you’ll stand with him.
“We’ll take responsibility for her. Teach her control.” But Jane only smirks, her sense of formality going out the window.
“Oh no. You don’t get to give orders.” She grins, “You’re nothing anymore.” You grind your teeth, feeling Carlisle hold onto you tighter— he wouldn’t hold you back physically. They’re testing you. Pushing you. Hoping you’ll throw the first blow.
“Dear Jane…” You force a smile, “I’ll always be more than you. I don’t have a shield and your gift is useless on me. I’ve seen gifts like yours, and they all fail. So please, remember your place.” You weren’t prepared, having forgotten who stands at your side. Carlisle. He drops to the grass on his knees, screaming— “CARLISLE!” You kneel down, cupping his face trying to will away his pain. He cries out and then goes silent, leaning into your body. Breathing heavily.
“Remember what it means to have a mate. It means your heart will always be exposed and I may not be able to hurt you physically, but I will hurt the heart and that’s infinitely better.” You close your eyes, back to Jane as you continue to kneel with him. Suddenly, he stiffens, spine curving as the pain courses through him. No one can say a word.
“I’m so sorry.” You whisper, threats are threats until they turn into action. Brie dies and you remain beside him, with him— Jane teasing just a little bit. Poking at him. Poking at you, every-time you see him wince. “I’ll-” He shakes his head, taking the pain. You just want to end them all, but that’s what Aro wants— a reason to rally a force against you. One that you can’t stand against.
Then they’re gone. You shudder, “I shouldn’t have pushed Jane. She-” It’s Edward who corrects you.
“She’d be planning that before she entered the clearing. She wanted to make you hurt.” You run your thumbs along his cheeks, just as he stands— pressing your forehead against his for a moment before embracing him close.
“Sadistic bitch.” Carlisle laughs, there is strain… He’ll need to hunt, Janes gift can really do a number on someone— you’ve seen her do it time and time again.
Carlisle lies with you on the couch, his back in the arm as you lay on top of him. His fingers tangled in your hair as you sit in silence for hours, these have been a long few days for both of you.
“I wish I could have taken all of your pain.” She doesn’t move, just living in the moment with him.
“I’m glad it was me.” She doesn’t sense deception in his tone. He meant it.
“I could take it though.”
“But if I had to hear you. It would have broken me. I would have ran across that field to Jane right there. I would have gotten us all killed.”
“You wouldn’t.”
“I would. You give me too much credit.” He pauses, “I have resisted many urges. Blood. Even you, but letting you hurt, my only urge would be to end that suffering. By any means.”
“Your family?”
“I like to think I’d prioritize them, but for that second, I wouldn’t think clearly. I know I wouldn’t. You are the only thing that I can’t resist. I can’t keep away from any longer. The only thing that makes set control impossible.”
You don’t say anything for an hour, you’d be asleep if it was physically possible— never having felt that calmness. “You are my Achilles heel. But you are the thing that has given me new life, in this family you built. I have loved you for several centuries, and I plan to love you for all the centuries to come.”
“Marry me?”
“That was quick.”
“You’ve loved me for centuries. As long as I’ve loved you. Marry me? It doesn’t have to be today, or tomorrow, but I want to marry you. Call you my wife.” He pauses, “So marry me…”
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justafairytailofinnocence · 4 months ago
Hello!:) Just wondering if I can request a reader getting super jealous about a girl talking with Jasper and how he would react?? And if you have extra time a separate oneshot of the reader telling jas she loves him for the first time :)
TYSM buddy!! 😁😁
Hey dear thanks for the request 💖
I thought about going all the Cullen's since it would be interesting.
How they would react to you being jealous💢
Tumblr media
Edward Cullen ✨
Tumblr media
- he would be talking about how Bella would be kind to him.
- you would be rather annoyed and he wouldn't figure out why.
- he realised you were jealous and pulls you into a kiss stating he's in love with you.
Jasper hale🤠
Tumblr media
- he would be talking to Alice and you knew she had feelings for him.
- you seemed rather jealous and stormed off.
- jasper would reassure you he wasn't in love with her and you. He would change your emotion just to make you happy.
Alice cullen🛍️
Tumblr media
- she would be talking to jasper and you always liked Alice.
- she would sense your jealousy and jump on you hugging.
- she would kiss your cheek stating your her one and only.
Rosalie hale💅
Tumblr media
- she is normally jealous but seeing you jealous is quite funny. She was teasing Emmett.
- you could feel the heat rising within you.
- Rosalie smirked and came up kissing you enjoying your torment.
Emmett Cullen 💪
Tumblr media
- this jock often gets along with everyone and when Rosalie was teasing him you went ballistic.
- you end up pouting as he teases you about it.
- for revenge you end up talking to carlise about his most recent embarassing moments.
Esme cullen🎀
Tumblr media
- she was talking to carlise and drinking wine.
- you ended up growling jealous coming up and kissing her cheek.
- carlise ment no harm and wandered away. You put your arm around the woman.
Carlise cullen⚕️
Tumblr media
- he was enjoying talking to some of the nurses including Esme.
- you could feel yourself growing annoyed when suddenly he comes up and kisses you.
- you often feel very comfortable after that.
Anyways that's all I have for now:
Ta Ta💫
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jedimandy · a year ago
Me: There is literally no reason for me to still be following the Twilight movie Twitter account. I can probably unfollow.
Twilight: Hold my beer
Tumblr media
Me: Godamnit
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edworm-cullen · a year ago
What if vampire skin looked like opals in sunlight instead of diamonds? The colors would shift and change with movement and each individual would be conpletly unique. There are so many different colors in opals, from pastels to highly saturated ones. Also the warm colors would look a lot like flames in sunlight
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Having so much color just below the surface of the skin would also provide some contrast against the cold and motionless nature of vampires. The colors would still be there, though almost unnoticeable, in lower lighting. This would still be unnerving to humans even if their eyes couldn’t quite process what was wrong with the vampires
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hey-zoeyyy · 4 months ago
Alice: Hey am gonna be hosting a graduation party.
Edward: ...
Jasper: Are you sure Alice.
All thinking about the last time Alice hosted a party...
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fandomthoughts26 · a year ago
Its a family name.
This is a fun little story I created when my friend reminded me that Carlisle Cullen is richer than Tony Stark. Anything that doesn't make sense for either fandom plotline just ignore it this is for fun.
I just imagine Tony one day coming across a BuzzFeed Top 10 richest men article and feeling so smug until he sees he's like just behind some random ass doctor from Washington and he spends weeks complaining to the rest of the team about it like,
Come on guys, something is clearly up with that family they have 7 kids and one working parent?? No doctor is that good, no offence Strange, but seriously Washington isn't even that long a flight
and they're just so fucking over it like,
Tony leave them alone their a normal civilian family living their lives let them be.
Then the Cullens are there at the same time fighting the newborn army setting that shit on fire.
Tony then googles their family tree cause we know that man wouldn't drop it, and he sees a trail of money going from account to account every 60 years or so for like centuries under the name Carlisle Cullen. Eventually, he flies to Washington and confronts them and the Cullens obviously know he's coming i mean they've got Alice and Edward on that immediately and Tony is like
So, Adams family, what's the deal.
Carlisle is just like, yeah man it's a family name Idk what to tell you. he points to jasper or someone and is like, this is my kid Carlisle. And hands him some fake birth certificate cause he's a doctor he could and tony can't find anything wrong with it so he just gives up and leaves.
Years later, the Avengers are about to fight Thanos or whoever and Nick Fury comes in saying he called in a favour with some old friends and before they come in he tells the team about the existence of vampires and werewolves and everyone is shocked af and tony has long forgotten the Cullens until they walk in and Carlisle is like,
Yeah, sure we can help but we're gonna need someone to look after my granddaughter.
They bring out their freaky little toddler looking baby and Clint is like, oh cute I have kids too, what's her name? and Carlisle looks Tony right in the eye and says
Carlisle, Carlisle Cullen. It's a family name.
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ironicandpunny · 3 months ago
i may act okay on the outside but on the inside I’m really thinking about eternal/otherwise long lived nonhuman characters with a soft spot for humanity (LONG POST)
- The Ineffable Husbands themselves, Aziraphale and Crowley. Alive since the beginning and still love humanity so much! I love these boys.
Tumblr media
- Legolas!!!!!! The only elf worth my time in LOTR I swear to GOD. He has such a full and pure love for humanity, it’s tooth rotteningly sweet. A good boy.
Tumblr media
- Gandalf. He loves humanity in that tough love kinda way your war vet grandpa does. Adore him, especially the Grey.
Tumblr media
- Cullen Family! Special shout out to Carlisle who loves humans so much that he started the trend of not eating them and saves lives for a living. Go white boy go!
Tumblr media
- Castiel!!! My sweet baby. Too good. Too pure. Loves humans (especially the Winchesters) too much.
Tumblr media
- Princess Bubblegum. I know Finn is *technically* the only human in Adventure Time so let’s just use humanity as a general term and say she loves her people so much! She clearly adores surrounding herself with them.
Tumblr media
- Marceline!!!!! See the above except instead of her own people she loves Bonnie’s (and, of course, Finn). I love her.
Tumblr media
- FINALLY…. THE DOCTOR!!! The Doctor is old. Ancient. Been around forever and has seen humanity at its lowest but that does not stop them from loving it! I’m certain this is what got me into characters of this archetype, and I adore them so much.
Tumblr media
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gisellelx · 3 months ago
Hi! For the sake of not making one post too embarrassingly long, I'll ask instead of reblog.
In this post you say the kind of Christian that Carlisle is would be fine with murdering non-innocent people. I respectfully disagree, but you have my curiosity peaked, so if you don't mind elaborating, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
- Vinelle
So this rests on a central presupposition that is not explicitly stated in canon, which is that by what SM has laid out, Carlisle was raised as a nonseparating Puritan.
But I also want to be clear about the rephrasing here. What I said was that by all accounts "for the kind of Christian he was raised to be—murdering non-innocent people would’ve been totally fine." Which is not the same thing as "Carlisle would be fine murdering non-innocent people." This disconnect is actually something I consider central to his character and the way that I write him--if you combine actual history with what Meyer laid down, the kind of Christian he was raised to be should not have big hang-ups about murdering people who "deserve it" but Carlisle does and that tells us a lot about who he is.
Nonseparatists, who arrived to the US as the Massachusetts Bay colonists (as opposed to the earlier migration of separatist colonists who settled Plymouth) in the 1630s, made up over 70% of the Church of England clergy in the 1600s when Carlisle was born. They came later and many were still in England in the 1640s, making it perfectly reasonable that Carlisle's suddenly widowed dad hadn't attempted to make the jump with this kid he barely knew what to do with. They didn't aim to denounce the Church of England, but rather to reform it from the inside. They recognized many things as capital crimes, including many things we would not consider to be capital today, like blasphemy, counterfeiting, and adultery.
So if Carlisle really was an "obedient son" (TW 331), all signs point to him being obedient to the laws of Puritanism, which should've included being perfectly fine with some people dying for their egregious sins. So either he wasn't Puritan, or he isn't obedient. Let's test these in turn.
Q1: Was Carlisle a nonseparating Puritan?
We don't have a lot here--there are only a handful of pointers in the saga, even including Midnight Sun, which in instances where it Josses the original canon, I am inclined to side with the original canon, messy as it is.
We know the following about Carlisle's upbringing:
He was born in the sixteen-forties (TW 331)
His father was an Anglican pastor (TW 331)
His father was "enthusiastic in his persecution of Roman Catholics and other religions....and believed very strongly in the reality of evil" (TW 331)
The other thing we know about Carlisle is that he was born "just before Cromwell's rule" (TW 331). Vampires supposedly lose their human memories, except for the strong ones. So...let's assume for a second that Carlisle does not actually know when he was born (which makes no sense whatsoever, but fine, Stephenie, it's your world) but what he remembers and passes on to Edward is his birthdate relative to Cromwell? Well either his father hated Cromwell, which does not jive with the "persecution of Roman Catholics" part, or he loved Cromwell, which suggests he was in support of Cromwell's Calvinist reforms of the Anglican church.
In the sixteen-forties huge swaths of the Anglican priesthood in Britain believed in Puritan ideals, and these usually went hand-in hand with the latter two bullet points above. Add that to the Cromwell thing, and what SM has described, inadvertently or not, is a Puritan minister, not an Anglican priest who considered his fidelity to be first and foremost to the Church of England.
This boy is as Puritan as they come.
Q2: So why isn't he okay with killing sinners?
I attribute this to Meyer just fundamentally not bothering to research or think much about what she was writing until it spun out. She not unsurprisingly took a very LDS approach to murder, ignoring the fact that even by her own writing, there were lots of reasons that Carlisle should think it acceptable to murder someone (and maybe he did! We never did get inside his head about what happened after Edward returned!)
What I take issue with is Meyer's seeming thinking of the idea "he's a Christian ergo good and compassionate" when that is incongruous with the very brand of Christianity she otherwise laid out. Puritans were not interested in compassion and goodness, they were fundamentally interested in righteousness.
So it’s not because all Christians are good; many are not. It’s certainly not because Carlisle was taught to be against murder at all costs; he was not. Carlisle is not down with killing people…because he’s Carlisle.
And this gets you to why I'm still writing about this goofy series that on balance, I think was quite poorly written, going on 14 years after I read it for the first time. It's the disconnect between how Carlisle was likely raised and the man we meet in canon that actually gives a ton of insight into his character. From this break you can infer that he's not a milquetoast "Every life is sacred" kind of person (which is what I think SM had in mind and how he is written and acted in the movies), but rather that his whole life has been a struggle against people who thought that at least some lives were beneath them--first his father, then Aro, then Edward, and as you've pointed out, the rest of his family to a certain extent.
"So I didn't agree with my father's particular brand of faith" (NM 36) doesn't even start to explain this guy. He is fundamentally a rebel; a stubborn man driven by his own internal compass and not by what other people tell him is acceptable, and that's the kind of characterization that I find rewarding to sink my teeth into.
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