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#carlos sainz
pinsaroulettes · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
SOCHI, RUSSIA - SEPTEMBER 26: Yuki Tsunoda, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, Pierre Gasly, and Carlos Sainz on the drivers parade during the F1 Grand Prix of Russia  
(Photo by Peter Fox/Getty Images)
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thepavementsings · 2 days ago
“Not many people coming behind managed to improve me. Only my good friend Lando that did obviously a very good job”
“How’s it gonna be joining your muppet mate on the front row tomorrow?”
“It’s going to be good fun! Carlando front row as somebody told me.” 
- Carlos Sainz on the Carlando Front Row in Sochi 2021 Qualifying
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ishepretty · 2 days ago
"this quali result is homophobic" the front row literally fucks and the guy in p3 is basically a lesbian. come on
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chilliandmilk · a day ago
That soft smile he only reserves for Carlos 🥺❤️
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the-pitwall · a day ago
Every race that Carlos Sainz has got a podium at Charles Leclerc has scored 0 points
Brazil 2019 DNF
Monza 2020 DNF
Monaco 2021 DNS
Hungary 2021 DNF
Russia 2021 Outside Points
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mushroomlance · a day ago
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after all the heartbreak, we did get a sexy backwards hat carlos
2021 russian gp
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pinsaroulettes · a day ago
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Charles and Carlos message after the Russian GP
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Well done, cabrón.
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spookyfreakturtlefire · 2 days ago
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Nah cuz Lewis was excited for his son’s first win.. then he didn’t…
Lewis was definitely proud that lando could hold him back for half the race at least.
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unatifosaungherese · 2 days ago
Mattia really just said "¡Cabrón, que cabrón!" to Carlos😂
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mahixa · 2 days ago
Carlos Sainz appreciation post, because while that team full of clowns told him they will aim at P5, he still managed to get to that podium. Go Chili!
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f1slash · a day ago
Anyone can find the moment when Charles has gone to side hug Carlos before the start after the anthem? I can't find it anywhere!
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