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talksaboutracing · 2 days ago
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f1incorrects · 2 days ago
Charles: I'm covered from head to toe in glitter. Don't even ask.
Carlos: Don't ask because it's embarrassing?
Charles: No, don't ask because I don't even know why. This kind of stuff just happens.
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theskyskye · 2 days ago
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the old driver briefing videos are absolute blessings, ive been starving for jense and danny crumbs
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parkersarrow · a day ago
I'm sorry for the rant ahead it's just something has been bothering me for days now.
I honestly don't think the drivers are that bad. sure, they are a bunch of privileged rich men who grew up under the glass bell with silver spoons in their mouths so of course their view on world is skewed and different from most of ours.
none of us were born with already set moral compass. as we grew/are growing/will grow old, we learn certain things. whether it's through our own experiences and research or through others educating us on certain topics.
how many of the drivers made mistakes? said things they shouldn't have? expressed themselves in the wrong way? did something that hurt other people? now, how many of them also apologized? learned from their mistakes? tried to do better?
yes, it's bare minimum. but given the ecosystem they all live in (and most of them also grew up in), even that bare minimum is a start.
this isn't me saying you must forgive a driver if they said/did something that hurt you. you always reserve the right to not forgive them. however, it's not fair that some people don't acknowledge (not gonna get into the fact whether that's intetionally or unintetionally) the apologies and drivers trying to learn from their mistakes.
I've seen so many people over the past few months bring up shit drivers did/said months or years ago - shit they apologized for and never did again. and those same people then completely ignored and slept on other drivers who not only did/said bad things, but they also never apologized/acknowledged their wrongdoing AND were caught doing the same thing again.
either keep up same standards for all drivers or don't say anything in the first place
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realnosts-blog · a day ago
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sweet-marvel · a day ago
More ice baths are on their way!!
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dizzyduck44 · 6 hours ago
I know people have various reasons why they think F1 is having it’s pre-season session behind closed doors. However I can’t help but feel it’s something a little more than not wanting the new cars to be seen to break down and become objects of ridicule.
The end of last season the eyes of the whole world were on Abu Dhabi. The FIA and F1 made a show of themselves, even 6 weeks later my feelings about this have not changed.
If you were a Mercedes fan it is hard to forget that Lewis had his 8th title taken from him by a decision most of us still don’t understand.
If you are a Red Bull fan you should be angry that after all the work Max put in last year, a decision he didn’t play a part in, means that Championship will forever have a question mark next to it.
For a fan of every other team and driver, who themselves were on the receiving end of some wildly inconsistent decisions last year, you never want them to be in that position.
So not only do F1 need to make sure the new generation of cars aren’t going to end up as an embarrassment, they could also do with the time to get their house in order so the next time the world sees them, they aren’t the shitshow we saw in Abu Dhabi.
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artemispt · a day ago
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Carlos hair looking 👌
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fcb-mv33 · a day ago
So F1 decided to bring in sprint races cause apparently less people were watching and the normal format wasn’t a vibe…but they won’t show the first preseason testing with basically brand new cars??
Like where is the logic…just say it’s cause Bahrain paid more…it’s obviously all money based?? We aren’t stupid like, trying to make it out like it isn’t ‘testing’ when it absolutely is.
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car24 · a day ago
Does anyone have good fanfictions to recommend abou F1? I feel like I’ve read everything that is in here and now I need more! I don’t really care about what driver it’s about.
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the-obsessedone · a month ago
Funny how we joked all year long about there being 19 drivers and now we really just have 19 drivers
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multifandomboii · 28 days ago
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maxielonceagain · a month ago
love just pure love ❤️
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editss4life · 29 days ago
“I take equal third, especially with Lando!”
Oh my carlando heart- can you hear it screaming
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winlaren · a month ago
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2021 Abu Dhabi GP | Ferrari Recap
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sweet-marvel · a month ago
What this day proves:
That Max Verstappen is definitely a hugger
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countingstars-17 · 3 months ago
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Who's the best looking?
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cloudiness · a month ago
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