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Carlton managed a soft smile. Today was particularly rough, for the both of you. You couldn’t stomach anything solid the whole day, your stomach rejecting any food he’d cooked knowing it was your favorite. You looked flushed, weaker, more tired, taking longer naps through the day. You hadn’t even woken up when he changed your IV drips. In the lab, Carlton hadn’t been able to find anyone who could take on a symbiote. He had to try it on strangers, random people he couldn’t give a second chance thought about, because if he’d tried it with you, it could kill you, faster than the disease already was. He was doing this all for you, to save you your life, beat the odds. No one could tell him there was nothing he could do. There was, he’d find a way to save you, cure you.

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Trope Prompt: Fairy Tale

Words: 2053

Fandom: Venom

Summary: You search for your friend and fellow reporter, Eddie Brock, only to find a mysterious mansion where the CEO and founder of the missing LIFE Foundation had been cursed with a creature that will consume him entirely if he can’t find the cure. Beauty and the Beast AU


You rolled up to the imposing cliffside and stopped at the deadend in front of a wide clearing that overlooked the ocean. You double checked Eddie’s GPS signal that confirmed that it was indeed coming from this location. The weather had been fair that day and it only seemed to grow cloudier the closer you went to the cliff. You slowly climbed out of your car, spinning around to take in your surroundings, hoping to see Eddie pop out with a sheepish grin, explaining that he had been chasing a lead but came out empty and was left without a ride back.

It was quiet on the cliffside. A gentle breeze brush through your hair, the smell of salt and earth and the impending rain filling your nostrils. You zipped up your jacket and trudged upwards.

“Eddie?” you called out.


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Originally posted by mvrvl

Inspired by/Mood music: Losing Interest by Shiloh // I’ll Keep You Safe by Shiloh // Slow Dancing in the Dark by Joji (so the lyrics in this song kinda related to Eddie. imsosorry.)

Pairings: Carlton Drake x Reader, Eddie Brock/Venom x Reader (eventually?)

Summary: Your lifelong friend, Eddie Brock, has come into your life and you two plan to catch up. Nothing ever goes as planned, though. 

Pearlie: AAAWWW YISS here’s that drama fic, guys. omg I am so glad I can finally get this thing out of my crusty documents. Enjoy this garbage! also, p.s. Anne is referenced, but at this point, in my story, they have already broken up.


You leaned over the counter, peering at the small tv. The Eddie Brock report was on, and you always tried to watch it, as you promised Eddie you would never miss an episode. Sometimes it was the only way you got to see him. You two had hardly spoken since he became a journalist. You weren’t upset that he was following his dream, no, you just wish he still had some spare time for you. 

You and Eddie go way back. You two had met during your first years of preschool. Some bigger kids were picking on you and taking your things and Eddie tried to be the hero, only for him to get picked on as well. You two just stuck together, and as you both got older, Eddie got braver (even if it meant getting into serious trouble) while you stuck to focusing on work. 

You and Eddie had planned to go to the same university and everything, and you worked extra hard to make sure you would make it. But after graduation, money became and issue, so you had to stay behind to work a job or two to save spare change. Eddie was way more broken up about it than he would admit, but he promised he would come back and they’d buy a big house and nice car, dogs, cats, the works. 

You hate to admit it, but you dreamed about that all the time. You wanted to have a life with Eddie more than anything in the world. You’ve been in love with him since middle school. You always got jealous when he got a new girlfriend, but you never said a word because you wanted him to be happy.


Your chin was resting on the palm of your hand as you stared at the tv, losing yourself in a daydream. You felt like a lost puppy, and you were waiting for the day for Eddie to just come around, even if it was just for a couple of minutes. 

“Y/n/n? Hello?” 

You snapped back to reality and moved back from the counter, “What?” 

You eyes landed on a familiar face, a crooked grin was plastered onto it. It took you a minute to register that Eddie was actually in front of you. You let out a noise of excitement as you ran around the counter and put your arms around him. He returned the hug, chuckling, “You seem a little too excited to see him.” 

You move back and look at him, “Of course. I’m overjoyed, gosh, it’s been-”

“A year.” 

“Yeah. A year..”

Eddie took a seat on one of the stools and you sat next to him, “So, how are things?” 

You cleared your throat and twiddled your thumbs, “Oh… You know. Uhm. The same. Boring.” 


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I have a Venom fic/series idea in mind that involves Eddie, Drake and Reader.

No spoilers: eddie and reader has been friends since age 7.. but eddie fucks up one night by standing reader up on a dinner date. drake swoops in like mr. stealyogirl and the reader winds up with him.

drama ensues

ive been thinking about it for so long that i have to write it

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Words: 1908

Warning: Implied smut if you squint really hard, a load of cheesy fluffiness

A/N: Guess who’s been watching Crazy Rich Asians again and replaying the wedding scene?? I’m tempted to write a CRA AU but idk which character I should write it for. Carlton?? I have too much wips, I’m surprised I was able to do this one-shot.

It’s a modern AU where they all knew each other from high school/college and Carlton is still CEO of a company.


You stood with the rest of the bridesmaids, gripping on to your bouquet tightly. Eddie and Anne were finally getting married and you were the maid of honor while Dan was the best man. You could see Eddie shifting around nervously, fixing his tie as the music started playing. You gave him a reassuring smile and nodded over down the aisle where the double doors opened, revealing Anne in a beautiful white dress. Two little flower girls skipped in front of her, flying pink flower petals down the aisle, followed by a little boy carrying the black velvet box. Dan knelt to his level and took it from him, taking out the ring and handing it over to Eddie. He patted him on the back and stepped away. Eddie’s breath caught in his throat as Anne began to gracefully walk down the aisle, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down as he swallowed.

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Words: 2839??

Warning: Some fluff, ruined by angst

A/N: Here it is… the final chapter of A&C. I knew it was going to have a bittersweet ending because of what happened in the movie, but there’s a sequel to this small series 😉 I’d love to hear your feedback and reactions to this series and this final chapter. I was a bit iffy the longer I made this series and I wasn’t sure how readers were going to take the direction it was going. There might be a cameo of someone and something added waay in the end of the chapter.

You moaned as you indulged yourself on the last pieces of the restaurant’s black pepper crab that was bigger than your hand. Carlton chuckled at your reaction, knowing how much you loved seafood. This wasn’t even your first time eating black pepper crab that week, but you enjoyed it every time. The appetizers were long gone, making room for the main course that arrived a few minutes ago.

“With all this eating, I’ll have to start exercising again,” Carlton said.

You took a sip of water. “You just want an excuse to wear those tracksuits that you love so much,” you accused playfully, pointing a shrimp at him.

He shrugged. “They’re so useful, you can wear them anytime, anywhere. You can wear them to sleep, to exercise, to go out- “

“Please tell me you’re not going to wear them to work.”

“You just want me to wear those button shirts and ties all the time,” Carlton shot back, mimicking you by pointing a crab leg at you. “Why can’t I wear my tracksuits in peace?”

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[Carlton Drake x Fem!Reader]

Request:  Hey! I love your work and I was wondering if you’d like to write some nsfw Carlton Drake x reader, where she is from Eddie’s reporter team and when they pack their stuff after he threw them out, he decides to invite her to his office. Thank you very much, have a nice day 💕

Warnings: NSFW, Orgasm Denial, Fingering, 18+!!!

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Originally posted by semisweetshadow

you heard him enter the lavish penthouse apartment and from the sound of him tossing down his briefcase followed by the soft thump of him collapsing onto the couch, you knew it had been one of those days. 

you poured a drink and left the bedroom to join him on the couch, handing him the drink then sitting next to him, looking at his face, “tough day baby?”

he laughed slightly, taking a sip of the drink, “yeah.”

he didn’t elaborate so you knew he didn’t want to talk about it. “here, put your head on my lap.” you instructed, taking his drink and setting it on the table. he moved so his head was on your lap and you began running your fingers through his hair to calm him down while he looked up at you with those big beautiful brown eyes.

“how did i ever get so lucky?” he asked.

you smiled down at him, “who says i’m not the lucky one?”

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So, you finally decide to write some Carlton Drake imagines, huh?

Hey, anon! Yeah, I made a promise like three weeks ago and I finally had time/inspiration to write it. Also I know there aren’t many Carlton x reader imagines here and I like writing for small fandoms so I hope it will make at least a few people happy 🙂

Actually, I was planning to write the next part for that soon but I want to finish another one first. But I already have ideas.

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Pairing: Carlton Drake (Venom 2018) x implied female! Reader

Author’s Note: please be gentle i am a purple yam who just wrote her first x reader. english isn’t my first language kskskdksdk. also riz ahmed did so well as carlton drake and i’m so proud of him!

The founder and creator of LIFE itself. He was /something/. He wasn’t the scion of anything - he forged his own legacy from the ground up. He had the brains and the determination. He held his fate in his hands. And you trusted him, once upon a time. He spoke about his ambitions and goals and future with a steady cadence and he sounded like he knew exactly what to do about everything. He was so sure. And you trusted him. The cause was noble and the path, at the time, was straight. Hell, you were so sure of him.

“Would you harm a human being for the sake of progress?” You asked him one afternoon over teriyaki and beer at a small restaurant downtown. Other people would give you that look. ‘Seriously?’ That look would say, 'You’re asking me this at a teriyaki place with a bunch of kids?’

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