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if you ever feel bad for how your favorite female character is written at least she didn’t go from canonically the strongest character in the entire cast who was the secret weapon necessary to defeat three final bosses in a row to an angry latina ex gf stereotype
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assassyart · 24 days ago
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Insta gave me 4 ships here they are! happy pride month.
images on their own under the cut!
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gameboydemakes · a month ago
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Fire up the Cooper van because it’s time to hop from location to location in this infiltration sensation that’s sweeping the nation! The destination? Why it’s the pages of the thievius raccoonus, and it’s up to none other than Sly Cooper and company to reclaim them! 
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noeggets · 16 days ago
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it would seem me and @ssxdz2 are onto something
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esmaelj · a year ago
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Just replayed the original Sly Cooper trilogy and I really wanted to "redesign" some of the characters. 
Mostly I just added more clothes, even as a kid I thought this level of anthro requires pants...
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the-carmelita-collection · 4 months ago
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"It's going to be okay."
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ruinxhood · a month ago
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acab but i love carmelita 🌚
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galactic-dragoness · a month ago
I'm burnt out have a dumb meme
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mx-kit · 8 days ago
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disneysooner · 6 months ago
I’m also sensing strong similarities between these couples….
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(Also, I still have hope for a Sly Cooper 5……..)
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teallaquin · 2 months ago
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carmelita montoya fox, my beloved 🧡
got ~*inspired*~ to crank out a quick one of Carmelita bc I absolutely adored Sly Cooper growing up and like. I don't think I've ever done official fanart.
anyway. big fan 🧡🧡
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starglosss · 3 months ago
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Some Redraws of Carmelita 💖 The Cel shading style of the games is so fun!
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dogemote · 7 months ago
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my childhood 😩💕
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zededge · 8 months ago
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Sly Cooper and the gang in: ''TROUBLE'' 
I just love these guys so much.
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psychedelic-lemur · 8 months ago
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some slyfox moments of the trilogy
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the-carmelita-collection · 11 days ago
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Things been rough lately, so not a lot of sly cooper drawing at the moment 😅
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ravenwitch45 · a month ago
Flirty X Angry Couples
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No I don't take criticism on this, But feel free to add more with this awesome dynamic.
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soniccrash378 · 2 months ago
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I used my far-from-perfect GIMP skills to conjure up some wacky crackships (some are inspired by others):
.DianeLita- Diane Foxington (The Bad Guys) X Carmelita Fox (Sly Cooper)
.DickBotnik- Dick Dastardly (Wacky Races) X Dr. Robotnik (Sonic)
.GrawlX- General Grawl (Planet 51) X Mr. X (Amphibia)
.JimmyPower- Jimmy Pesto (Bob's Burgers) X Miss Power (WordGirl) (inspired by https://pinksakura89.tumblr.com/post/678852644062838784/my-crackship-that-i-come-up-with-and-also-au)
.MiriBur- Miriam Mendelsohn (Turning Red) X Wilbur Robinson (Meet The Robinsons) (Inspired by https://baikitty.tumblr.com/post/680424072482521088/miriam-mendelsohn-wilbur-robinson-crackships)
.MistyGail- Misty Luggins (The Bad Guys) X Abigail Finn (TMNT 2003)
.RedDora- Snow White (Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs) X Dora (Sonic Unleashed)
.ScaryLee- Ming Lee (Turning Red) X Scary Godmother
.WaveRantula- Wave The Swallow (Sonic Riders) X Mrs. Tarantula (The Bad Guys)
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assassyart · 9 months ago
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Happy Anniversary to Sly Cooper and happy SlyFox week :D and happy bi visibility day
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disneysooner · 2 months ago
Zootopia 🐰🦊 x The Bad Guys 🐺🐍🦈🕷🐟🦊 x Sly Cooper crossover 🦝🐢🦛🦊 headcanons I have floating in my head (I color-coded names by what fandom they belong to):
All three crews would get along with respective members of each crew:
Sly, Nick, and Mr. Wolf would get along nicely, but I could see them bickering with who among them is the smartest at coming up with plans.
Those three would also want to try pulling a heist together; or even compete with who can come up with the best heist plan.
Judy and Carmelita would get along being women on the police force who were given rough starts, but wound up being two of the best. Plus, with their boyfriends having been thieves/conmen, that gives them something to bond over. They would also hesitate liking Diane at first due to her being a beautiful vigilante fox, and worrying their boys would have the hots for her quickly, but after seeing Diane and Mr. Wolf together, they know they have nothing to worry about.
The girls would then bond about their attempts to help their boys go from bad to good.
Nick, Carmelita, and Diane would have a lot to talk about with all three being foxes. They would talk about their childhoods and compare stories.
Nick and Mr. Snake exchange Hawaiian shirts to see how they’d look.
Bentley and Mr. Snake would bond, and plus they’re both reptiles. They also talk about their friendships with their best friends, Sly and Mr. Wolf.
Bentley and Mr. Shark would talk a lot about disguises and what would work best for missions. Dimitri would try to give his fashionable opinion when he could.
Bentley and Ms. Tarantula would really bond out of everyone due to their technology fascination and capabilities. They’d be teaching each other new tricks.
Murray and Mr. Piranha would get along over their bravery and willingness to fight.
Murray would also get along with Mr. Shark being the biggest members of the team.
Chief Bogo, Director James Barkley, and Chief Luggins would compare their police teams/forces and talk about all the cases they’ve stopped.
Share your headcanons if you have any! I could easily see this crossover becoming an AU.
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