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#carmen sandeigo
  • Carmen: I hope she finds her mom and has a good relationship with her
  • Player: It would be cool for him to meet Team Red in person under good circumstances (by that I mean that they don’t meet him irl for the first time on a rescue mission)
  • Zack: An episode to himself where he saves the day
  • Ivy: How she builds her cars maybe? Or like any inventions she made for Carmen because that’s cool.
  • Shadowsan: I want him to have a full talk with Hideo and be on good terms with him again.
  • Chief: Though I doubt it will happen, I want her to realize how Carmen is good and that she was wrong about her.
  • Chase: 👏He👏needs👏a👏scene👏to👏apologize👏to👏Julia👏for👏always👏ignoring 👏her👏and👏shutting👏down👏her👏ideas👏just👏because👏he's👏a👏senior👏officer👏
  • Julia: I’m hoping that she joins Team Red
  • Zari: A smile mayhaps?
  • Brunt: I want to see her get payback from Carmen for the end of Season 1 and the train scene is Season 2
  • Maelstrom: Maelstrom on a mission the way Brunt was?
  • Bellum: Weird but I want to see her eyes since she always wears goggles.
  • Cleo: I think it would be funny if for whatever reason she has to wear casual clothing instead of her usual pointy elegant stuff.
  • Roundabout: Sass. He seems sassy and I want to see more of that.
  • The Cleaners: A background to them. They’re very mysterious and I feel like there’s something important that we need to know about them.
  • Paper Star: Good teamwork with Tigress.
  • Tigress: Also good teamwork with Paper Star.
  • El Topo: I just want to see my boy is safe this season (cause he wasn’t in the trailer)
  • Le Chèvre: Maybe something like a change in morals (as in “maybe VILE is worse than I thought”)
  • Mime Bomb: More spy stuff
  • Spinkick: Not really sure what to expect but maybe some of those back and forth conversations with Carmen during a fight?
  • Flytrap: Her using the bolas but accidentally trapping a teammate
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Julia, getting dressed for a party: Do you think I could pull off red eye shadow?

Dash: Girl, you could pull off anything. *He raises his hand* Up top! We’re style geniuses!

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Player: *Sips Sprite* If someone were to not know that a group of wolves is called a pack and decided to call it a “wolf gang,” no one would know if they are talking about said pack or famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


Julia: Why are you right about this?

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(How Team Red asks people out)

Shadowsan: Would you like to get some coffee sometime? I know a good café.

Ivy: Do you listen to girl in red?

Zack: This shirt is boyfriend material.

Player: What if I… put my Minecraft bed

… next to yours? Haha just kidding… unless?

Carmen: You, me, stealing from the super rich and giving to the poor at 8?

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Player: You should stuff a xylophone under your shirt.

Zack, getting ready for halloween: Why?

Player: Cause you can play Spooky Scary Skeletons as though your ribs are the xylophone.

Zack, rushing to get one: You’re a genius!

One hour later

Ivy: Damn, the speaker’s busted. Now what?

Zack, taking out mallets: I may have a solution to that-

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Julia, singing to Beyoncé: If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it-

Carmen, running to her with an onion ring: HI I LIKE YOU. CAN I PUT A RING ON YOUR FINGER?

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