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do you ever write something and then have a clear visual in your head about what the scene would look like? basically, i felt there would have been a lot of shots of my oc’s shoes in the last few moments of this chapter in the rp i’m running, so i drew them.

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Kiss me goodbye
Pushing out before I sleep
It’s lower and slower now
The strangest twist upon your lips
But I don’t see and I don’t feel
But tightly hold up, silently, my hands
Before my fading eyes
And in my eyes: your smile
The very last thing before I go

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I just want a cute person to go exploring in the forest with and catch frogs and swoon over beetles and collect rocks. I want to sit in a bed of moss and hold them close and feel safe and loved.

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Carmine and Lionel - Jose’s fishy friends. They’re boyfriends

Carmine is a great white shark that is much larger than his partner. He’s surprisingly caring and can seem a bit overbearing. He can and will get in your face if you insult anyone he cares about. Those teeth aren’t for show, you know

Lionel is… in short he’s an asshole lionfish, but he’s the kind that grows on you, and tones himself down when he realizes he’s towing the line. He’s also a bit in your face, like his partner, but he comes off as much more harsh. He’s not afraid to go right for your damn throat. 

Jose didn’t actually know they were a couple until recently, which is hilarious, considering he’s been visiting them for over 5 years

Lionel belongs to the impeccable @cynderarts

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