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#carnival prize
thriftrescue · 2 years ago
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California Raisin is NOT IMPRESSED  by your immaturity at thrift
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greasystuff · a year ago
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Keep it up, Loverboy
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katsartshop · 3 years ago
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I think my hands are getting used to this tablet~!
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anatomy-lesson · 3 years ago
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“Hamilton Lad Gets 2 Years,” The Globe and Mail. December 4, 1937. Page 07. --- Admits He Stole Doll Covered with 25 $1 Bills --- Niagara Falls, Ont., Dec. 3 (CP). - Sam Stone, 19, Hamilton, was sentenced by Magistrate J. B. Hopkins to two years and three months in Kingston Penitentiary today. He pleaded guilty to the theft of a doll, covered with twenty-five $1 bills, from a display window. Stone also pleaded guilty to theft of a car and of a bag containing bowling trophies. He was sentenced to a year on each of these charges, to run concurrently with the other sentence.  Detective George Hughes testified that the car was stolen, then wrecked and cost $146 to repair. Cost of replacing the plate-glass window of the store was $42. The doll was a carnival prize.
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nextstopparis · 9 months ago
k so when r we gonna talk about merlin telling tristan that he won a sword for arthur. when are we gonna have that Discussion
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221bbakerstreet · 4 months ago
hands down the best part about verocky is the concept of vera visiting kitaki cakes almost daily and yes the sweets are good and yes she likes to gesture draw random people out but also wocky is almost always there when she comes and she likes to talk to him.
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acesgroupchat · 5 months ago
Distance Drabbles Day 396:
54: Midnight | County Fair 7: Mei Changsu/Lin Chen/Xiao Jingyan
On Wednesday, Xiao-Shu catches Jingyan in the hall. “Whatever happens on Saturday, we have to keep Lin Chen away from the carnival games.” When Lin Chen rounds the corner moments later, Xiao-Shu kisses him with a fervour that tastes like a lie.
Jingyan spends the rest of the week surreptitiously googling gambling addictions.
They make it an hour at the fair before Lin Chen slips away from them. They chase after him, but they are too late.
Lin Chen finds them before they find him. He is carrying an obscenely large stuffed frog.
“Changsu! Look what I have for you!”
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jhnnysilverhand · 21 days ago
12, 16, 52
12. What's their ideal vacation like?
It'd just be a long roadtrip across the NUSA with Dum Dum, doing a tour of amusement parks and carnivals and haunted houses and every stupid roadside attraction they come across from coast to coast. An occasional hijacking on the way, maybe even a full robbery of some rundown little place just for the fun of it. They drive through nights and stop to stargaze and warm up with some light arson. Every once in a while they'll stop in a bigger city and get a nice hotel room on someone else's dime and maybe catch some shitty punk show in a tiny bar before they hit the road again. A simple and wholesome time.
16. How would others describe them?
As violent as he is deranged. Insufferable. Scum of the earth. A snake who can’t be trusted. Someone to be avoided. Pathetic little man desperate to look big.
52. What's their diet like?
Bad in that most the time he doesn't eat, and when he does its more than likely from a vending machine. If he does eat a ~proper meal, its either dripping with grease from a NC street vendor, or like only a half-cooked possum flayed over a chemical fire in the Badlands.
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iheartliquor · 5 months ago
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comradekatara · a year ago
What’s your opinion on comic Toph?
obviously flanderized, but not as egregiously so as sokka or katara. basically, gene yang saw the writing for the ember island players and was like. this but unironically.
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ravenpoefan · 4 months ago
Ben taking his kids to an amusement park because they wanted to go and he watches them go on all the rides and smiles because this is the first time he’s seen them so genuinely happy.
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fairyshoppe · 4 months ago
Infinity Train Lucky Cat Car Moodboard
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🎡 🎡 🎡 ★ 🎡 🎡 ★ 🎡 🎡 🎡
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