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#carol danvers
lesbian-deadpool · 2 days ago
(While shopping)
Wanda: See Carol, unisex. 
Carol: No Wan, you're the one that needs sex.
Carol: I had sex a few days ago.
Wanda: No Wan, U-N-I sex. 
Carol, flirtily: Well, I can't say no to that.
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maxmarvel12345 · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alex Ross’ Captains Marvel pitch
[from Alex Ross: Unseen 2020 art book.]
Design and panting artist by: Alex Ross
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clashatdemonheads · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
damn captain marvel rewatch got me hooked again
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saintlyguy · a day ago
Fun Marvel What If ideas:
What if Wanda and Vision lived a happy life together (THEY DESERVE IT)?
What if Isaiah Bradley became Nomad / Captain America?
What if Nick Fury recruited The Defenders instead?
What if the Guardians of the Galaxy were a rock band / idol pop group?
What if the Avengers were an outlaw gang in the wild west?
What if Wakanda never went into hiding and eradicated slavery and colonialism?
What if Shang-chi never went to San Francisco and became the Mandarin?
What if Aunt May became Spider-woman / Spider-ma’am?
What if Valkyrie founded the Asgardians of the Galaxy?
What if Carol Danvers became the Grandmaster?
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corhore · a day ago
Alex Ross design for Carol Captain Marvel is amazing. So much better than what she ended up with.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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viaov · a day ago
Tumblr media
Kevin Wada, Captain Marvel
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rael-rider · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Can they give Alex Ross a Captain Marvel comic because I read his pitch for this and I want it. It doesn’t have to be 616 and it doesn’t have to interrupt Thompson’s run either. But this looks pretty sweet.
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arcemo17 · 19 hours ago
Wanda: My back hurts.
Natasha: Why?
Wanda: It’s because of my scoliosis.
Natasha: Wrong. It’s because of those big mommy milkers.
Carol, watching from a distance: Jesus Christ.
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*Looks at following count.
Notices I have 500 followers.
Loses mind *
I'm sorry, WHAT?! 500 FOLLOWERS?!
Yelena: Nat! Edie's doing it again!!
Natasha: Which one? Having a mental breakdown, fangirling or losing her shit over something?
Tony: The answer to that question is yes. She did all those today.
Me: No need to call me out Tony!
Wanda: No, right now she's losing her shit over something.
Steve: Oh no what is it now?
Maria: It seems she just hit 500 followers.
Carol: See now that makes sense. I thought she found another pride pin.
Me: Y'all, I'm right here.
Clint: Oh we know.
Hope: To be fair, her reaction is reasonable.
Me: Alright you guys, time to go back now.
Hi! I'm back from that. A big thank you for 500 followers! All the Marvel characters in this post are open for request! So for 500 followers I am adding a few new prompts so look at prompt list for those. Also check out my masterpost to see what I write about/ don't write about! I also have a tag list if you want to be apart of that! Anyways, requests are open so send them in if you want to and once again thank you for 500 followers, here's to the next 500!
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natashamaximoff24 · a day ago
I Guess I'm In Love; Carol Danvers
Tumblr media
Pairing; Carol Danvers x Fem!Reader.
Summary; You and Carol are best friends.
Warnings: fluff and swearing :)
"Carol get off!' You squealed as she tickled your side. Her legs were on either side of you waist in a straddling position.
You tugged at her leather jacket, and flipped the two of you other, "You suck, Danvers."
"Get off, brat." Carol rolled her eyes.
"So mean." You pouted. Getting off of her, you pulled your ripped jeans up, "are you coming or not?"
"Where are we going?" Carol sat up. Turning to look at her, you laughed and rolled your eyes.
"Tony's par-"
"No. I'm not going, Y/n." Carol glared at you.
"Ugh! Please! I'll do anything," You got closer to the woman and wrapped your arms around her shoulders, "Wanda wants to see me, but I'm not going without you." You looked down at her, your lips pouting.
"You're a brat. Stop pouting. Go pick out an outfit." Carol rolled her eyes, bur smiled up at you. You squealed and ran off.
The two of you arrived together, Carol more stern looking than you. She was wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans, with her jacket and signature hat. You were in a red dress that had stopped barley above the knee.
Carol had eyed you like a hawk, any man that looked at you should glare at, and pull you closer.
As the two of you walked in, you turned heads. Its like time slowed down, walking in with the woman beside you. You turned your head to look at Carol and she was already looking. She stared at you so lovingly, and winked.
"Go get em, hon." Carol said, giving you a light push down the stairs. You heard Wanda's squeal and smiled brightly, trying your best to walk in the heels.
Looking up, Wanda was coming at you, and stumbled into your arms, "you look good girl," She eyed Carol behind her, "you guys a thing yet?" She whispered.
Turning bright red, you shook your head quickly. Only Wanda and Vis knew about your crush on the women, they teased you about it constantly.
Carol came up behind you, and sat her hand on your lower back before talking, "gonna go grab a soda, want anything to drink, baby?''
You blushed at the touch and the nickname, "you're not gonna drink?"
"No, I have to drive you home." Carol took a breath, your lavender scent overwhelming her senses.
"We are sleeping here tonight, Tony invited us. Feel free to drink." You laid your head back onto her shoulder.
"Alright, I'm just gonna get you your regular, alright?" Carol asked, stepping away and towards the bar.
"Ou! And one of those samples Pepper made!" You yelled. Wanda gave you a look when you focused your attention on her.
"She totally likes you, y/n! Just say something." Wanda bounced slightly.
"No. Nada." You started walking towards Natasha now.
"Fine," Wanda mumbled and ran off towards Tony and Vision.
Carol came back when you were talking it up with Steve, one of his stories aboutthe war. She had handed you the drink, wrapped her arm around your waist and listened in.
"So how long have you two been together?" Steve asked, eyeing Carols arm.
"Oh- we ar-"
"3 months." Carol said, and smiled.
"Oh," Steve said simply. He nodded awkwardly before walking away. You stared dumbfounded at the woman.
"What was that for, Danvers?" You gritted your teeth. Car searched your face, searching for an emotion. You just stared at her, upset.
"He was flirting with you, Y/n. Just thought you wouldn't want an awkward conversation. Like always. Sorry for looking out for you," Carol didn't look angry, and she stood there for a few more moments before walking away.
Carol was right, usually one of the Avengers would hit on you, and you'd try to avoid the awkward conversation on telling them you're not interested when they ask you out. She was always there to swoop in and break the news to them. Or in this case, pretend to be your girlfriend.
Wanda came pouncing up to you, as you stood there, awkwardly twiddling your thumbs. It had been what felt like hours, but in reality only about 10 minutes.
"C'mon, we are playing Truth or dare!'' The ginger yelled, grabbing you by arm and pulling you into one of the couches, arcross from Carol. The blonde stared at you, her legs spread eyes dark. Her jacket hung low. You had noticed it was only a handful of people left, The 6 Avengers, Wanda, Vision, Pepper, then you and Carol.
"Alright, Thor you ask first," Tony said, leaning on Pepper. Thor looked around, scanning the room. His eyes landed on Natasha.
"Miss Natasha, truth or dare?" Thor asked, smiling brightly.
"Mh, dare." The woman replied.
"I dare you, to give the person you find the most attractive, a lap dance." Thor smiled brightly. Natasha's eyes roamed. They stopped at Wanda's and she smirked.
"F.R.I.D.A.Y! Play dance for you, by Beyoncé." Tony yelled. The machine did as told. Natasha stood stalking over to the younger ginger. You could feel the tension in the room. Wanda had been crushing on the Russian for awhile, and when Wanda told you, you couldn't believe it.
Her face turned red as Natasha lowered herself into Wanda. You tried your best to move over so Wanda could touch Nat without you being there. That's exactly was Wanda did.
Natasha went to whisper something in Wanda's ear, as she grinded down on her. Whatever it was made Wanda squirm, and look at her with innocent green eyes.
"Alright you two, enough." Clint said, snapping his fingers. Wanda let out a small groan when the music stopped and Natasha removed herself off of her. Natasha went to sit down.
A few rounds later, with Clint having to down 3 shots, Steve revealing that he had a crush on you, and Vision having to recite every lyric to Wanda's favorite song, it was finally your turn. "Alright, Truth or Dare y/n" Vis asked.
"Shit, um dare." You messed with your fingers.
"I dare you," He looked at Carol and smirked, "I dare you, to go into the closet for 10 minutes with Carol." You glared at him for a second, he knew was he was doing.
Carol stood, and even though her mind was filled with thoughts she thought you'd never find out, like how pretty lips or y/e/c eyes, still she stood looking fine. Looking unfazed.
You stood also, your legs slightly wobbly. Wanda looked at you with a smirk, and you and Carol made it into the closet.
The closet was dark, no light switch. The only light was the light that was peaking out from under. Carol's breathing was heavy in the humid room, trying to keep her hands off of you.
"Carol," You mumbled, pressing your hands to her chest, "Please touch me. Hold me." You felt her breathing stop, and her hands move to wrap around your waist.
"Like this?" Carol asked, pulling you closer. You groaned, wrapping your arms around her neck. You nodded, and buried your face in her neck. "I'm sorry for pushing Steve away earlier- if you like him, I can back off and let you do your thing."
"No- please don't do that. Its not him I like," You started, you could see the glimpse of her eyes, "You. Carol you have been with me through every step- every moment. And I can't hold it in what I feel for you. How you hold my hand, or wrap your arms around my waist. The sweet praises that come out of your mouth when I dress nice, or just waking up. When I accidentally fall asleep in your arms watching a cringy movie. You're the one I want to spend the rest of my life with."
"Shit. Kiss me," Carol said after a few moments of processing your words. She met you in the middle, connecting your lips. Hers were soft, a deep strawberry flavor to them.
Six months later, Carol was on one knee. The middle of winter in the park. It was probably almost midnight, you haven't checked your phone all day. The two of you were walking, hand in hand. you could tell she was nervous, at the moment you didn't know why. But now you did.
"Let's stop for a second, baby," Carol had mumbled, and turned to face you m Your bose was cold and red. She giggled before pressing a light kiss there, "I am so crazy about you, y/n."
You turned red, and snuggled closer. You could feel her hot breath, and her fidgeting with something in her pocket, "what's wrong, babe?" You asked.
Carol stared at you, before slowing dropping to one knee, and staring up at you. You gave her a confused look, "God.. y/n. I've spent my whole time knowing you, loving you. Every moment. Everyday was a new adventure. The past 6 months, have felt like years. Nothing fears me when I'm with you. You make me feel comfortable, feel safe. I haven't felt that with a lot of people in a long time. But every moment, just makes me realize I want to spend another day with you, not as my girlfriend, but as my wife?" The moments the words left her mouth, your mouth went dry. The tears started to well up in your eyes, but you felt incoherent. You nodded quickly, pulling at her coat so she would stand up and just kiss you.
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