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#carol danvers

Y/N: I done even wanna talk to her until I know for sure that she’s gay!

Natasha: Hmm…

Y/N: Wait, what are you d-

Natasha: Excuse me, Carol! What color lipstick are you wearing?

Carol: Oh, I don’t wear lipstick! Just chapstick.

Natasha: Oh, nice!

*Natasha walking past Y/N*

Natasha: Gay.

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*gets captured*

*wakes up without shoes*


“I looked into the face of my enemy, and the face staring back was my own.”

“Maybe if you were more attractive it would be less disturbing.”


*multiple people staring at computer screen*

“…whats happening?”

*aliens shake head, humans sigh*

“It’s loading.”


“See, young lady, I have a special skill that lets me get into places I’m not supposed to be.”

“Call me young lady again, I’m gonna put my foot in a place its not supposed to be.”

*awkward silence*

“…am I… supposed… to guess where that is…?”


“Name your first pet.”

“Mr Snoofers.”

“Mr Snoofers?”

“That’s what I said.”


*shoots controls of ship*

“Leaving so soon? We were only just gettin to know each other.”


“Mom! You get to go on the coolest mission in the history of missions, and your gonna give it up to stay on the couch with me and watch fresh binge?”


“I just think you should consider what kind of example your setting for your daughter.”


“Just don’t kill me. That would really complicate the situation-”

“I’m about five seconds away from complicating the situation with some ugly-ass Skrull brain.”


*pissy r/niceguy yelling and screaming to an emotionless Carol about controlling her emotions and proving herself to him*

*blasts pissy r/niceguy into mountain* 


*cat stops bad guys by sprouting tentacles and devouring them whole*

“…good kitty.”

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i don’t think kamala is a legacy character because none of her powers matches with carol’s and carol is a human, whereas kamala is an inhuman. she’s not a legacy character just because her superhero identity is ms. marvel (which used to be carol’s superhero identity). i think she’s a character of her own and making her a legacy character just doesn’t make any sense.

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Carol Danvers Open Starter

Carol hadn’t intended this to take so long. She had only stopped here to get a moments rest before heading back out. She hadn’t expecting to be in a bar, rolling her eyes at everyone who approached her, but it had been a long few days and she needed a break. She sipped her drink and ignored the advances of the next person to approach her. “No thanks.” she said, not looking in the strangers direction. She let out a chuckle at the look on the man’s face through the mirror, eyebrow lifting as he reached for her wrist. “I wouldn’t if I were you.” She spoke as a warning, eyes trained on the man through the mirror still. She heard shuffling behind her and moved her eyes. “It’s been a while.” She said, lifting her drink to her lips.

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Carol Danvers | Marvel (MCU)


Originally posted by fyeahmarvel

Other Names: Captain Marvel, Vers [renounced]

Face Claim: Brie Larson

Age: 60s but appears in her early 30s

Birthday: May 13

Sexual Preference: Pansexual

Family: None

Species: Human-Kree Hybrid

Special Abilities/Powers: Carol has superhuman strength, durability, and speed as well as flight. Paired with her flight, she has the ability to move at the speed of light. Carol also has an incredible healing ability that makes her practically immortal and can also manipulate energy (usually into photon blasts in battle).


Carol Danvers grew up being told that, as a girl, she wouldn’t succeed in the things she wanted to such as racing and being in the military. After turning 18, she enlisted in the United States Air Force where, despite the criticism, she worked and trained to be a pilot. It was in one of the test flights that she and her mentor were attacked and crashed when they were attacked. Their attackers came towards them as her mentor died, leaving her in charge of protecting the light speed engine. In order to prevent her pursuers from getting the engine, she shot it and, unknown to her, absorbs the energy from within it. The people who attacked her, the Kree Starforce, took her when the left, effectively faking her death. While unconscious, she was transported back with them and had the blood of a Kree infused into her veins.

Upon waking, she had no idea who she was and was trained by the Kree in combat. She was given the name Vers and after becoming part of the Starforce she began participating in the Kree-Skrull War and found herself abandoned on Earth, a planet now unknown to her. It is here that she finds the real purpose of the Kree and renounced her place on the Starforce -and the name they had given her- while regaining her memories. She began working with Talos, a Skrull, to get him and his people a new home, which is what they were trying to do all along. With the help of her full powers, which were unlocked as the Kree attacked them, she beats them and defends Earth against an assaults by Ronan the Accuser and his troops. Not long after she left Earth in an effort to protect the galaxy.

Years later, she learns of the Snap because before he disintegrated, Nick Fury called to her using a pager. Upon returning, she found Earth the Avengers trying to find a way to reverse the Snap. She finds Nebula and Tony Stark -at the request of the heroes- on the Guardians ship and brought them back. When the first attempt to bring everyone back failed, she returned to space to help regulate the now chaotic galaxy. When the Avengers were able to reverse the effects, she returned and helped in the final battle winning though it cost each of them something different, some even their lives.

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