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lesbian-deadpool · a day ago
Steve: Do you like tall guys or short guys?
Carol: Women.
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incorrectquotesmcu · 2 days ago
Yelena: Carol has this planner that she puts all of her upcoming events in.
Yelena: It’s got a rainbow on the cover. She calls it her “Homosexual Agenda”.
Yelena: She never goes anywhere without it.
Yelena: If we ask her if she wants to come out for drinks, she always holds up her hand and says “Let me consult the Homosexual Agenda”.
Yelena: Every single time.
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marvel-wandamaximoff · 2 days ago
Wanda Maximoff, Stephen Strange and Clea had threesome in Marvel Comics, specifically in New Avengers: Iluminati issues #3 where the Beyonder offer each Iluminati members their deepest desires, and his offer to Stephen was this particular scene. Also not to forget Stephen has slept with Elektra and Carol Danvers ( Captain Marvel ).
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nats-dreamland · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x Reader | Carol Danvers x Reader | Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff (platonic/brief mention of romantic)
Summary: Natasha and her flower shop were a household name within the local community. She had spent many years working her way to the point she’s in now. You were an up and coming small business owner and florist who decided to open up a shop across the road from Natasha’s. You manage to catch Natasha’s eye from the moment you introduced yourself to her. Not everything is as easy as it should be, You and Natasha definitely make it harder than it should be. Is it true that love is stronger? Or will deception outweigh and ruin everything?
Notes: Florist AU. Potential Slow Burn. Mutual Pining. Soooo this will be a series and it’s already become my baby with what i’ve already written for it. This will be coming soon after my current celebration is over florist/flower shop au’s are my favourite thing ever
*coming soon*
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multi-muse-transect · a day ago
If Amphibia was in the MCU Headcanons
Anne, Marcy, Sasha, Mr and Mrs. Boonchuy alongside the Waybrights and Wu’s were one of the victims of the Snap. When the three came back, they had to repeat middle school with Anne and Sasha saying “Curse you Thanos!” (Thanks @enter-the-new-multiverse) 
Marcy’s favorite superheroes has got to be Iron Man and Hulk, Sasha loves Black Widow and Captain America while Anne’s favorites are Thor and Vision.
Anne’s other favorite hero was definitely Wanda Maximoff who visited her school for some charity event. She stopped liking Wanda after Westview. 
Marcy was one of the people who were trapped in Westview, she was visiting her cousin there and she was terrified wanting to either be set free or wanting to die at the same time. When it ended, the doctors said that Marcy might’ve suffered psychological damage and trauma with her focusing on work and video games to get away from it then it culminated in her deciding to trick Anne into opening the calamity box.
Sasha’s mom is John Walker’s twin sister. She was horrified at what Uncle John did and had tons of spiteful stares in school after that.
When the girls were pulled into Amphibia, Strange was casting his spell meaning that they know Spiderman is Peter Parker since they were off universe at the time. Anne was so confused when she returned home that her mom and dad don’t remember when Mysterio revealed his identity. 
After the “Hardest Thing To Do” Anne tried to look for Kamar Taj since she wanted to learn magic with Marcy doing the same too because Dr. Strange is also her favorite hero.
Nick Fury told Anne that next time something like this happens, it’s best to talk to the government agent instead of running from him.
Mr. X was a former member of SHIELD and a friend of Jimmy Woo. 
Captain Marvel saw the whole Christmas parade incident. 
Hop Pop often wonders how the heck did Earth survive all of this.
Mr. Boonchuy tried to be a wizard before he met Mrs. Boonchuy, he still keeps in contact with Wong and is knows some magic while still keeping his sling ring (which he forgot at home)
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noteescapesdemi · 8 months ago
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youngavengerscameos · 5 months ago
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Kate and America in It's Jeff (2021) #12
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danversrambeau · 9 months ago
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CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) + Letterboxd, as requested by anonymous (insp.)
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marvelgifs · 3 months ago
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Captain Marvel (2019) dir. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck
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existential-queeer · 9 months ago
Nothing but respect for ALL my captains
Tumblr media
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marvelladiesdaily · 2 months ago
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Captain Marvel dir. Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck | 2019
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macaroni-with-hotsause · a month ago
kate: im sure y/n is religious
nat: why would you say that?
kate: because! she doesn't do anything "bad". no lewd or dirty jokes. no 18+ movies
carol: they don't swear either
yelena: it's true. y/n is quite appropriate
nat: *raises an eyebrow*
wanda: you don't believe us? watch this.
[ she magics a small rope and y/n trips up on is and spills their juice ]
y/n: shnookerdookies! where in the devils house did that come from!?
tony: oh my god *shakes head in disappointment*
sam: *laughs* someone's gotta teach this kid
natasha: you guys obviously didn't hear anything last night. so many extremely sinful words and actions were said and made, so much so that if steve found out, he would probably never speak to us again, and start taking therapy *smirks*
the guys: .............
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marvelslag · a year ago
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Possible sneaky addition:
Tumblr media
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tvandfilm · 7 months ago
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Who are you? Darcy. Big fan!
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frodo-sam · a month ago
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I saw you crush 20 of my best men with your hands bound.
CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) dir. Ryan Fleck, Anna Boden
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sersi · a month ago
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no thoughts, head empty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
starring: Loki Laufeyson in LOKI (2021 - ) 1.03: Lamentis | Carol Danvers in CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) | Bruce Banner in THOR: RAGNAROK (2017) | Wanda Maximoff in WANDAVISION (2021) 1.07: Breaking the Fourth Wall | Phastos in ETERNALS (2021) | Gamora in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 (2017) | Stephen Strange in DOCTOR STRANGE (2016)
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mintyisdrawing · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
In a way, Thor is a Disney prince! He reminds me of Prince Edward from Enchanted, so goofy yet charming!
I couldn't choose who to draw for this episode so... this happened. I love this episode so much, you could tell 😂
IG: mintysarts
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crazyyfilmyfreak · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Also Speaking about Today's episode there are so many Special and Best moments but i will mention a few of my personal favs which i really enjoyed Ep7 was a fucking Wild and Fun Ride and it was nice to see Barbie Thor being back onscreen After a very long time and i can't express how glad i am seeing him Happy ( yk after everything thor's been thru in mcu 😭 )
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
even tho it was only for a very small brief moment of time i actually really Enjoyed Thor and Jane together , they were really cute and the way the chemistry was working bw them was INSANE unlike uhm uhm the mcu jane & thor
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also I feel the title of today's Episode Should have been What if Odin was a Decent Father instead of What if Thor were an only child 😏
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captains-simp · 5 months ago
Truth or dare with an innocent obliovus (sub) reader and she's playing truth or dare with dom nat, dom carol and dom wanda and they start off as innocent harmless dares until they start daring virgin, inexperienced reader who's never touched herself before, to do some very naughty dares .. and reader does it because she doesn't realize that it's smutty and she's shy and so adorable 🥺
Reader's a lucky gal
1k words
Warnings: innocence kink, masterbation, virgin reader, dub-con (including it just to be safe), fingering, oral, physical restraint and gagging
[ masterlist ]
Buy me a coffee ☕️
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Dare." You said confidently as you looked between your friends, trying very hard to keep your line of gaze above their collarbones. It was difficult, especially when you had already caught multiple glimpses of the defined muscle on Carol's arms and abdomen. The delicate lace of Wanda's red bra was just as tempting to give your attention too. And you couldn't forget the way Natasha's thigh muscles flexed everytime she moved. Just the thought of your friends in front of you made the uncomfortable aching between your legs throb. You didn't understand what that was about, you never had.
Your seemingly harmless game of truth or dare with the trio had soon rid Carol and Wanda of their shirts and you and Natasha of your pyjama bottoms. You had been shy at first but grew increasingly more comfortable the more the game progressed to more truths. It had been a while since you had chosen dare and after a few teasing comments, you gave in.
"I dare you…" Natasha looked around the room thoughtfully before catching the eye of her friends. You didn't catch the knowing looks they passed between one another, only seeing the small smirk on Natasha's lips. "To touch yourself. Right there." She said as her eyes darted down to the space between your crossed legs that your shirt hung over.
"What?" You asked, baffled at why she would ask you to touch such an intimate place, especially in front of them.
"You know the rules." You looked to Carol who seemed deadly serious as she watched you in anticipation. Wanda didn't say anything, only leaning back on her hands and biting her lip softly as her eyes fixed on where your hand should have been.
Tentatively, you dropped your hand to your legs and let it disappear beneath your baggy shirt. Carol groaned and told you to lift up your shirt so they could see and you did so with a flush to your cheeks. You weren't sure exactly what you were meant to be doing, so you rubbed beneath your waistband first then down further when you received no indication that that was right.
Your breath hitched slightly when you unknowingly touched your clit through the fabric and felt your wetness seep further into your parties. You blushed more, praying your friends couldn't see it.
"Fuck." Wanda husked. A soft whimper fell from your lips at her response, revelling in the way her voice dripped with lust.
"Press harder." Nat ordered. You moaned at the pressure and bucked your hips up to meet your own hand.
"Ah ah." Wanda tutted and shuffled on the carpet to sit behind you, placing you between her legs. She held onto your waist firmly as you sat flat against her front. The brunette dipped her head forwards and hummed into the crook of your neck, nipping the sensitive skin that made you forget all about touching. Luckily for you, Natasha was more than happy to pick up where you left off.
The widow held your thighs in her strong grip, allowing Wanda to free her hands as her friend ripped the front of your panties to expose you to her completely. You shuddered at the cold air hitting your pussy.
"That pretty pussy would look so good with my strap filling it up." Carol mused allowed but huffed when Natasha blocked her view by licking a long strip of your folds.
You gasped and frantically tried to lift your hips to chase your friend's tongue but she held you down stubbornly. Wanda shushed your whines as she massaged the soft skin beneath your shirt and cupped your breasts gently. She gave them a testing squeeze as Natasha parted your lips with her tongue and slipped it further through your folds to collect the wetness that had her taste buds tingling.
A slightly calloused hand gripped your chin and tilted it upwards to look at Carol who smirked down at you.
"Such a precious little thing." She mused and stroked your parted bottom lip with her thumb.
"She'll look so pretty when she falls apart." Wanda added.
"She's definitely a keeper." Natasha chuckled against you. You whimpered, somehow feeling forgotten while being the subject of their conversation.
"You make such cute noises, princess." You preened at Carol's work and leant further into her hold. "Let us hear them all." She pushed two fingers passed your lips easily and watched as your eyes widened. She stroked your tongue with her digits before pushing them further towards your throat. The length of Carol's slender fingers had never gone unknown to you, but that moment when the pads brushed your gag reflex made you appreciate them more.
You gagged on the blonde's fingers as Wanda pinched your nipples teasingly and rubbed the hardened peaks between them. Natasha was still teasing your entrance with her tongue until she suddenly wrapped her full lips around your throbbing clit and sucked. You moaned around Carol's fingers and squirmed in pleasure.
"You like when Nat makes you feel good, baby?" The Captain asked and you nodded eagerly. She smirked as you continued to moan breathlessly, drooling down her hand.
Natasha quickly started to fuck you with her tongue while relishing in the sweet sound you were making because of her actions. She thrust her tongue and curled to tease your g spot and hummed against you everytime she knew you felt it with great pleasure.
Your stomach started to tighten and your breathing became increasingly laboured. Your moans were louder and you tried harder to buck against Natasha's hold. You didn't understand what it was you were feeling and you were worried it was bad.
"I think she wants to cum." Wanda said with a tease, reading your body better than you could. You squirmed more as your high grew closer.
"No holding back for us, malishka." Natasha spoke lowly, sensing how you were trying to hold off.
You clenched desperately around her fingers as you shuddered in Wanda's hold and moaned around Carol's fingers. "That's it." Wanda cooed as you came hard, head fuzzy from the pleasure that hit you like a bullet.
You were limp in Wanda's hold as Natasha sat back and Carol withdrew her fingers. "What was that you were saying about your strap, Carol?" The brunette asked, already planting the idea in her friend's heads.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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danversrambeau · 9 months ago
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AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019) + Letterboxd, except it’s just the Carol reviews (as requested by @katiecasey)
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