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#carole and tuesday

Pjoter really did a shoutout to Ru huh

He’s so much

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Cybelle was better :/

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Ahhhhh it’s been so long since I’ve heard all these VAs working together ;v;

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Love how andro cybelle is

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Roddie is the realest homie 😭

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Bones really went off

It’s been so long ;v;

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OG: Bulldog had me yelling and snapping


Originally posted by chen-ni

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hello ! i am jules and i have decided to create a side blog called “jules cafe”


✧ this blog is dedicated to writing oneshots for anime characters ! i write both sfw and nsfw .


✧ i am very dedicated to the aesthetic of this blog and i will substitute certain words to fit the aesthetic of this blog better .

✧ this is my current wording system

✧ maid = anime character

✧ maid’s department = what anime the character comes from

✧ maid’s service = description of the one shot .


here is a list of characters i write for ! :

-byakuya (danganronpa)

-aizawa (bnha)

-shigaraki (bnha)

-dabi (bnha)

-most of the students (sfw)

-all ohshc characters except for honey senpai (only sfw)

-all characters from carole and tuesday (only sfw)

-all death note characters

-all banana fish characters (only sfw)

-kusakabe and saijou from doukyuusei (only sfw) (only with each other)

-sebastian (black butler)

-undertaker (black butler)

-grell (black butler)


my requests are always open unless i openly state that they are not ! if you would like to request something please tell me which maid you would like , their department , and their service ! i will be refusing your request if any part of it makes me uncomfortable. you can request one shots and headcannons


thank you for listening , best



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Carole & Tuesday is so good and definitely ranks as one of my favourite anime

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“It was pratically a Miracle. What happened on this day would later go on to be The Miraculous 7 Minutes. However the miracle didn’t happened here. No, It happened inside the hearts of everyone who listened to their songs."⠀

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Originally posted by princessofharte

Ok so I remembered watching Carole and Tuesday and wanted to make a list of my personal best songs in the show.

Best Carole & Tuesday songs

  1. Mother
  2. After the Fire
  3. Hold me now
  4. Kiss me
  5. All I Want
  6. Give you the world
  7. Breathe Again
  8. Lights go out
  9. Army of two
  10. Unbreakable
  11. Dance Tonight
  12. Loneliest Girl
  13. Move Mountains
  14. Light a Fire

Anyway, I suggest checking out the anime on Netflix. Certain episodes will make you cry from both happiness and sadness. It definitely reaches more emotions for most, well for me it did.

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Today’s anime dog of the day is:

Tobe’s dog from Carole & Tuesday (2019)

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‘Cause you are unforgettable ; I need to get you alone.

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I have not cried more than I cried on “Mother” from Carole and Tuesday!!!!

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